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JPeopleMeet Review: Not a simple dating site but a soulmate finder

JPeopleMeet Review: Not a simple dating site but a soulmate finder
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 94%
Popular age 26-42
Beauty 72%
Profiles 165 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The audience of JPeopleMeet is united by similar intentions;
  • Transparent pricing policy;
  • Unique profile layout;
  • Promised two-minute registration process;
  • Browsing photos & live chat available;
  • Opportunity to find friendships as well as serious, committed relationships;
  • Informative articles on Jewish dating & online safety.
  • Limited features for users with free accounts;
  • Weak verification of profiles increases the chances of encountering a fake one.

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A similar religious view plays a vital role in establishing strong relationships. JPeopleMeet is designed for daters who want to find someone who shares the same views, ready to raise kids without fighting about baptizing them or not. All the Jewish singles are welcome to visit the site and see how many people are looking for similar things in life. Online dating has reached new levels, and a lot of hazards have disappeared in the process of developing. It is safe to date, and thousands of people create families using the JPeopleMeet website annually. The platform welcomes users of all age categories and backgrounds.

What are the languages of JPeopleMeet interface?

Taking into account the geographical location of users, the site delivers the interface in English only. Most users reside in North America and speak English. It is either their mother tongue or a second language. Besides, the interface is pretty simple to grasp without having an advanced level of English. JPeopleMeet website does not have a feature that provides translations. As an option, users can always resort to any free online source.

Is JPeopleMeet a part of a larger holding?

Whether you are new to online dating or not, you have probably heard of People Media. The company has a sparkling reputation for creating international niche dating platforms. The holding has a successful media presence; it cooperated with the popular talk shows in the USA and won multiple awards for being the leader in the Internet technology industry.

If the user residing in the USA needs to contact the JPeopleMeet team, it is possible to send them a letter to the office in Dallas, Texas. There is a P.O. Box 25472, and the addressee is Match Group Legal.

Where is the headquarters of JPeopleMeet?

The company has an office to which the customers address their issues and complaints, and it is located in Dallas, Texas. The website’s moderators, admins, and customer support work online.

What is the history of JPeopleMeet launch?

The JPeopleMeet website celebrated its launch in 2000. It makes the site an old-timer and the pioneer in the niche.

Does JPeopleMeet have a global outreach?

Since the website originated in the USA, the primary interest was the local audience. Over time, the site gained popularity in Canada. So, it is fair to say that now it is a leading platform in North America. You can access the site from most areas of the globe. However, the interface is aimed at English-speaking customers, so take that into account.

Special Features

JPeopleMeet Special Features

The user appraisal is always the most reliable source to look into. JPeopleMeet reviews indicated the significance of certain features that are peculiar to this platform only:

‘Promote me’

This feature is an excellent chance to get into the spotlight for a short period and get your attention and matches. It lets you come up as the first candidate when the users type in their searching criteria.

‘Messages Templates’

They are prepared for you in case you have a poor imagination or hesitate to text someone. A tip is not to abuse the templates, not to seem like a bot.

The ‘Echo’

The feature helps you stay aware of the people who are interested in you. It sends you a notification when the user likes you back.

‘Connect me’

This is an additional feature that takes your communication to another level. It lets you leave the online chatting box and hear the voice of the person. Meanwhile, all the sensitive information you don’t want to share stays private since the site covers your phone number.


This section lets you in the calendar of the community. You can get your invitation to the real-time meetings and celebrations conducted in various locations.

Audience quality

JPeopleMeet Audience quality

JPeopleMeet’s review of the audience shows a relatively homogeneous membership pool. The males to females distribution is equal, and most users pursue similar intentions of meeting a partner and settling down. Note that the platform caters to adult users only, so you need to be 18 y.o to set up the account.

Although the site does not provide the interface in multiple languages, it is possible to find users from European countries, Israel, and Africa.

Age distribution

The JPeopleMeet review of profiles shows that the two largest user categories represented on the site are people of 28- 35 y.o, and 36 – 43 y.o. There is no age limit for senior users. If you are 60, 70, or older, you are free to join, and there will be enough matches for your age category.

Fakes and scammers

As much as the site strives to secure the space and encourage proper behaviors, scammers and fake profiles are rare. To identify one, get acquainted with the ‘Safety Tips’ section in the bottom menu on the homepage.

Mobile app and Website

JPeopleMeet website, as well as an app, are simple in design but have a good quality of functions. The site runs smoothly regardless of the device and browser. It requires minimal Internet data to load perfectly.

JPeopleMeet App

To start using the app, you need to download it from the online store. It is not large in size, so it will not eat into your phone’s memory. Click on the app icon, and you will see the instructions on registration and logging in. The app works without bugs and gets regular updates.

JPeopleMeet website

The primary version was the website. The app was designed later since there were a lot of requests from users. It is convenient to use the website from any laptop or P.C. The site has not been updated for quite a while in terms of design, but all the features work smoothly.

Can I use the app using my computer?

The app is designed to be used on mobile devices solemnly.

How about JPeopleMeet compatibility with the browsers?

Whether you are using a mobile device or PC, JPeopleMeet is going to work well. It is compatible with iOS and Android browsers.

Why does JPeopleMeet not let me log in?

The first reason for problems with logging in can be your location. Some countries block the site. The second reason is the incorrect login details. Try to note them down and do not copy them when you log in but type in manually.


JPeopleMeet Interface

Since the website is not in the most expensive category of services, do not set your expectations from the design high. It is modest. The site is designed in blue and navy blue colors. The information is presented in simple fonts. To be specific, there are two fonts used for the site. It is a bit confusing for the users to find the registration button. The homepage contains information about the services. Then, on the right side, you can find two windows that encourage you to click the Browse button. When you click Browse, you are taken to another form that says ‘Browse for free,’ After that, you will see the window with the initial registration form. Excluding the tricky registration, the site is user-friendly and lets the user feel comfortable.

Registration process

JPeopleMeet Registration process

Open the homepage of the site. You will see a call to action button that offers you to browse right away. It is not that simple. Before browsing, you need to sign up. Click to browse, and you will see another button with the option to browse. The third window you see is the registration sheet that asks you for your age and intention. Indicate whether you are looking for males or females. Then, you will be offered to indicate your country and zip code to be taken to the step of filling in the name, password, and finally, email. The form is short, but every field is presented to you in a separate window.

Can I remove the match on JPeopleMeet?

It is not a compulsory requirement to look through the list of matches sent to you daily. If you do, you have an option to accept the match or remove it. Even if you accept the match, you do not have to initiate communication, and you can even block the user.

Is there an age limit for the users who wish to join JPeopleMeet?

Although there is no sensitive content, the site does not violate the laws that qualify the type of services it provides as forbidden for underage people. Hence, you can register as soon as you are 18 y.o.

How does account verification work?

Upload the photo and indicate a valid e-address. It will speed up your account verification.

How does email verification work?

The procedure of verifying emails was introduced as a safety measure. It prevents users from creating multiple accounts. Hence, when you register, check if you can access the address you are providing. Without verification, you cannot access all the features of the site.

Can I use my Facebook profile to sing in?

Unfortunately, the service does not offer registration via social media accounts. It ties your account to the email only.

Do I need to register to get access to the website?

Without the registration, you can access the homepage and read all about the site and services. You will see the offers to browse for free, but these are marketing tricks. The site does not give you access if you are not a member.

Profile set-up

JPeopleMeet Profile set-up

JPeopleMeet reviews of profiles are diverse. Not all users treat their profiles seriously and provide a lot of information. However, there is a fair share of profiles that will impress you. The layout of the profile is traditional. It has a photo on the left, messaging options on the right, and the description below.

The profile’s quality depends on how much information the user gave in and how many photos were uploaded. In most cases, the members are generous with the photos. It is different when it comes to descriptions. The site asks for the basic appearance descriptions and interests. There is also a field for writing down your thoughts and expectations.

How do I erase a profile photo uploaded to my JPeopleMeet?

Click on the photo you want to get rid of, and you will see the menu with options on top of the picture. Select deleting it.

Is it possible to edit the displayed name on the JPeopleMeet profile?

All the options that let you manage your account are located in ‘Settings.’ Since the displayed name should be unique and is assigned to every member, it cannot be changed later. You can change the password and profile description only.

Can I erase the JPeopleMeet profile completely?

JPeopleMeet allows you to delete the profile. The option to delete it is located in the Settings (top right menu). When you click on the section, you will see the menu that has ‘Account’ options. Click on the ‘Account’ and proceed to the ‘Account Status -> Remove Profile.’ If you delete the account, you lose all the data and the history of messaging in particular. Hence, if you have some unfinished business, inform the users about your decision.

How does the invisibility mode works on JPeopleMeet?

Proceed to your ‘Account -> Settings’ and turn on the invisibility mode. By enabling that feature, you hide your profile from other users. It means that you will not come up in the searches, and your photos will not be visible. You can limit the access of all users or certain users to your profile.

Is the information given to JPeopleMeet editable?

It is your right to edit your profile whenever you want to add some photos, text, or delete some information that is not valid anymore. Updating your profile is possible via your profile settings.

JPeopleMeet Member search

Despite using the search bar and manually selecting the criteria for matching, you can use the prepared daily matches and approve/disapprove them. Note that you can change your location if your matches do not satisfy you. Go to your profile settings and select the new location.

How can I see JPeopleMeet profiles I liked?

There are two sections that help you with that. First of all, the section ‘Who I Liked.’ The other one is ‘Who I Viewed.’

What searching tool does JPeopleMeet offer?

You are free to resort to the search bar to find a match. Select the needed filters, and you will get the right results. Another option is to use the feature ‘Who Do you like.’ In this section, you get the suggested matches based on your preferences.

Can the users with the free account see who likes their profiles?

The section ‘Who Likes Me’ is located on the left side of your profile, right under the ‘Inbox’ section. To see your admirers, you need to get a membership.


JPeopleMeet Messaging

JPeopleMeet works similarly to the popular social networks you use daily. Treat it as your Facebook account. Find people, make friends, and start talking.

How to start messaging someone on JPeopleMeet?

Assuming you are a premium member, you have access to the messaging feature. You can see your ‘Inbox’ on the left side panel. If you have messages, click on them, and the window to reply will open up. Another way to start messaging is to search for profiles and send messages via the ‘Send Message’ button.

How does messaging on the site work?

Find the profile you like via the search bar. Click to open the full profile and see all sections. On the left side panel, you will see the photo and two buttons to its right. These will be options to send that user a message or a flirt.

How can I avoid paying for sending a message?

JPeopleMeet website does not have a free messaging feature for the free account users. If you have a membership, you are not limited in your messages. However, if you have a free account, try sending out flirts and like photos to show your interest. If you send a flirt to premium members, they can use the feature ‘Reply for free’ and enable you to answer their messages without paying. In that case, the premium user covers the expenses.

Where is my ‘Inbox’ on JPeopleMeet?

Log in to your profile via the homepage. You will be taken to the main page of your profile, where on the left, you can see the tab ‘Inbox.’ It contains all your messages, as well as likes and favorites.

Can I use my camera on JPeopleMeet?

The website does not support a video connection between users. So, you do not need to use the camera.

Is there an option to categorize the messages I receive?

All the messages located in your inbox are marked. They get the status of new, and as soon as you read them, the color changes. You can see the difference between read and unread messages. There is also an option to filter them according to the date or sender.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Although you can register a free account and access the site, your actions will be limited. For a better experience and real results, you need to get a membership. JPeopleMeet website membership packages are the following:

  • The one-month premium package for $13.99;
  • The three months premium package for $26.97;
  • The six months premium package for $38.94.

The payment is processed online, and the options you can use are credit and debit cards. In case it does not work for you, try PayPal or a money order. To receive detailed instructions on how to process money orders, contact the support.

Free Membership Features

JPeopleMeet does not charge any registration fee. You get a chance to set up the full profile, upload your photos (30 photos is the limit), and browse to see the users. There are no messaging options for this type of account, but there are other interaction tools. These are flirts or winks.

Premium Membership Features

  • ‘Profile Pro’ means getting assistance with writing your profile description. JPeopleMeet website team will take care of polishing your page and making it more tempting.
  • Unlimited messages in instant chat online & via email;
  • Commenting on pictures of other users;
  • Access to the sections that show who visited your page, liked your profile, and even added you to their list of favorites;
  • The search filters extend, and your precision in finding matches improves.

Are there paid membership plans on JPeopleMeet?

JpeopleMeet website designed a couple of membership plans. They differ in duration. Depending on what intentions the user has, there is a chance to get the shorter one month plan or the longest for the whole six months. The payment conditions are written down in ‘Terms of Use,’ so if you want to know the details, check them out.

Can I stop using the paid membership package?

JpeopleMeet website is flexible in terms of managing your profile. You can pause the subscription yourself via the ‘Account Settings.’ In case you have trouble doing it, drop a letter to the support.

Is the JpeopleMeet subscription set to auto renewal?

Yes, once you get the first subscription, it will be prolonged for the same duration unless you stop it. To do so, visit your account settings and select the option that manages subscriptions.

How does the refund work on the website?

If your subscription became effective, you cannot terminate it and refund the money. There is still an option to negotiate the solutions with the support by sending them an email explaining your request.

How do “donations’ to JpeopleMeet renew?

It is not a compulsory requirement to donate every month. You manage your subscriptions via the profile settings. The auto-renewal feature can be turned off manually.

Is there a money-return policy in case the customer is not satisfied with JpeopleMeet?

The site guarantees the delivery of the services. The description of the services is presented in Terms of Use. Hence it fulfills the commitment. A money-back policy is not present.

What is the name of the company indicated on the bill?

JpeopleMeet is a legal platform that delivers transparent and legit services. Hence, the name of People Media or JpeopleMeet comes up on the receipts.

How can I donate to other JpeopleMeet users?

JpeopleMeet gives you the option to use the feature ‘Reply for free’. If you like a user with a free account, who has limited messaging functions, you can initiate a conversation with the user and cover the expenses on his behalf. You can also send virtual presents. In general, the site does not facilitate financial aid to other users or any kind of charity, so you need to discuss them personally.

Is it possible to pay for a month only?

Yes, you can purchase a subscription that lasts one month. Turn on the auto-renew, and you will not be charged for the next month.

Is JpeopleMeet Really Safe?

JpeopleMeet’s review of the security measure and confidentiality policies shows that the platform cares about the protection of every user. A firewall and an SSL certificate protect the website. If you want to read more about the security arrangements, visit the section ‘Security’ located at the bottom of the homepage.

Privacy on JpeopleMeet

The website takes care of every user and protects the chats, profile info, etc. The protection by an SSL certificate and firewall does the job. It is safe to upload the photos to the site and have private conversations. If you wish to have more protection, you can limit access to your account and select the circle of people you want to talk to.

Does JpeopleMeet have a system of encrypting chat messages?

You are free to use the site on any device since it has an SSL certificate. The chats are encrypted and cannot be accessed by any third party.

Does JpeopleMeet observe your activity?

JpeopleMeet does not get into your private conversations. It collects the data on the frequency of visiting, features used often, in other words, data for stats. Your type of device, whether you use an app or website, and the type of browser are also vital for the site. If you search for the matches nearby, the site saves your location.

Can the data from the JpeopleMeet account be traced by the police?

The messages are encrypted, and even the site moderators do not access them. The police cannot get hold of your conversations on the site.

Whom to address to sort out the issues with confidentiality on JpeopleMeet?

If you encounter a gap in the JpeopleMeet website privacy & confidentiality measure, send an email to security@jpeoplemeet.com. Contact the support to report the issue as well.


It is important to stay on guard every time you use online services, especially if you are using public devices. The website protects your privacy and does not share your information with other users. Hence, your contact details are secured. As long as you avoid sharing private details with other users, you will have a positive experience.

Is there any kind of moderation on JpeopleMeet?

The security team of the website controls the outside threats and tracks malicious software attacking the site. Besides using a machine operated automatic moderation, JpeopleMeet employs a team of human moderators. For example, every photo uploaded to the site is verified. The guidelines on the photo uploads are located in the section’ FAQ-> Profile & Photos.’

How does the person who demands money on JpeopleMeet get punished?

To start with, the website blocks the user and removes the account irreversibly. Depending on the type of abuse, the victim might complain to law enforcement bodies.

Banned account

If you cannot access your account and you have tried all the standards recommendations to restore password, etc, address the support of the site. Your account may be banned.

Why am I having difficulty logging in to JpeopleMeet?

It is possible that your account was blocked or deactivated. To find out that information, contact the support agents. Before that, try to restore the password and check if your login data is correct.

Can my account be blocked and for how long?

JpeopleMeet reviews have not specified the blocking of accounts. The only ‘block’ button on the site lets you block a certain user from accessing your profile. In case of violation, the site terminates the user account. To find out the rules and community guidelines, visit the homepage of the site.

What is the procedure of reinstating the blocked account?

To find out whether your account can be reinstated, you need to contact the website’s support team to receive detailed instructions on your account. Prepare the information you indicated during the registration if the support team asks you to confirm that it is your account.

Protect yourself

In case any user acts suspiciously, do not enter the argument and avoid further contact. Take screenshots of the conversation and send them to the support team.

What is the protocol for reporting and blocking a scammer?

If you encounter a person with suspicious behavior and doubt someone’s profile validity, click the block button on the profile to limit their access to your account. Drop a line to the support agents to draw immediate attention to the scammer.

What data is considered to be sensitive and should not be displayed on the JpeopleMeet profile?

Avoid sharing the data that puts you at risk of being stalked or scammed. Hide the contact info, especially your email, if you used it for the registration. The most sensitive data is your payment details, so make sure to protect them.

Help and Support

Feel free to get in touch with the support agents via the form on the site. It is available via the section ‘Contact Us.’

Real-life review

JPeopleMeet Real-life review

“The most luring feature of the site is the membership pool. JpeopleMeet reviews unanimously state that the members are great, and the user activity rate is always high. It is always busy there since users never stop browsing and never get bored. The scammers are a rare case, so you don’t need to worry. In case you encounter one, don’t hesitate to block and report the profile; the site’s administration reacts immediately.” – C.J., 38

Can JpeopleMeet be classed as the Premium service?

It depends on your expectations from the site and your understanding of the premium class service. The site services its function; it enables communication and works on security measures constantly. Despite having some drawbacks, it is still beloved by thousands of people.

Are there special security measures JpeopleMeet applies?

No extraordinary measures of security are present. However, the site controls the content and regularly checks the reports from users. In general, it is a safe platform to use.

What kind of relationships can I expect to find on JpeopleMeet?

The website is tailored to the needs of the Jewish community. It is up to users to communicate their desires and expectations, and the site does not force you into a serious commitment.

Is JpeopleMeet a free of charge service?

JpeopleMeet is free to register, but it also offers a set of fantastic features that are included in the membership packages.

How does JpeopleMeet function?

It takes a moment to go through the registration and start searching for a partner. Set up your profile and enjoy the adventure of meeting perfect Jewish singles.

Are there scammer on JpeopleMeet?

The site has a strong verification procedure and moderators. However, the chances are that the scammer will get through.

Alternatives & Competitors

  • Tinder is a service that caters to the audience with all possible views and tastes. Finding a Jewish single is a quest but possible.
  • eHarmony is created for mature people seeking tranquility and settling down—an excellent place to look for a nice Jewish lady or gentleman.
  • Match.com is a PeopleMedia project as well. It is not a niche website but gathers enough users to find a match.

Contact Information

Company: PeopleMedia

Address: P.O. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA.

E-Mail: Customer Support Contact Form


Use the search tool to do your search for a soulmate, friend, and partner. With the set of features the platform offers, you can rock the Jewish dating world and find decent relationships. You do not have to commit to the first person you meet on JPeopleMeet. Instead, you have all the time in the world to be picky.

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