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Join the LocalsGoWild Website and Spark up Your Love Life, Like Never Before

Join the LocalsGoWild Website and Spark up Your Love Life, Like Never Before
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 24-36
Profiles 480 000
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Visit rate 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The sign-up process takes much less time.
  • The phone app is faster than the original website.
  • Easy-to-use usability for all the members.
  • There are a lot of female members on the site.
  • Paid plans are a bit pricey.
  • As the site gathers members from other romance platforms, searching for local users becomes difficult.

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For lovers, the definition of love, romance, and sex changes with each passing day in this modern world. Back in time, people used to fall in love and then take a step further towards sex. However, now, the scenario is quite different and better. These days, falling in love is not mandatory for sexual relationships. You can quickly join multiple sites like LocalsGoWild and change your hookup game altogether. LocalsGoWild website is one of the major dating sites used by today’s youth. This place is great for finding multiple casual hookups with hot girls. Before you make your mind and join their community, make sure you read this entire LocalsGoWild review to find out all about the site. Delve into the guide now!

LocalsGoWild Overview

You can easily search for the official website of LocalsGoWild on any browser as per your choice. As you enter the site, you will be welcomed by a decently designed homepage. The homepage consists of a lady’s picture wearing hot red lipstick and the regular sign-up space. It is a site where most members are too cool about their motive and do not try to cover it up with a fake show of shyness. The platform contains a bunch of gorgeous women who readily agree to casual hookups. The LocalsGoWild app is more popular due to its fast service. No matter where you stay, this app will help you find the best local interests. Are you excited to find out more about this fantastic dating site? If yes, then read on!

LocalsGoWild Overview

How does LocalsGoWild Work?

Like most dating sites, the LocalsGoWild website also aims to unite two passionate souls who can help burn the fire inside each other. To become a part of this excellent portal, you will have to log in to their site first. The website will help you find the best matches as per your preference. Most of these matches will be within your locality, but you can also change the distance radius and connect with the beauties that live at the far end of the city. The platform comes with both trial and premium memberships. Hence, you can choose to pay more for using better features. Further in this LocalsGoWild review, we have talked about the sign-up process, features, usability, and a lot more. Stay hooked to know all!

Signing up at LocalsGoWild Website

This platform is often known for its quick and easy registration process. While registering on its portal, you have to provide basic info like the mail id, username, password, location, and so on. Ensure you provide an active email address because it will send you a verification mail, which must be confirmed for further use of the LocalsGoWild website or app. The site further decreases your trouble by automatically identifying your location with the help of GPS. But in case their prediction does not match with your exact location, you can alter it anytime.

After completing the login process, the users are redirected to a page where they can put up a new profile photo. Even though you can skip uploading the image, we recommend you upload it to increase your credibility as a real person. Provide all correct info and sign-up at ease!

How to Contact the Members?

Most members who join a dating site have high expectations from the communication facilities provided by the site. However, there are a lot of platforms that have a good design and features but fail to fulfill this basic desire. It is heartbreaking! But with LocalsGoWild, you do not have to struggle much for connecting with new users every day. You can explore members of your choice by applying search filters. The site will provide you with thousands of results that match your specified preference. Then start looking for the ‘one’ who can satisfy your desires the most.

Once you match with interest, the platform will let you communicate via text messages and live chat. You can also join chat rooms for making multiple friends at a time. As per most LocalsGoWild reviews and ratings, the website does not have a hard time finding and communicating with the best match!

How to Contact the Members?

Member profiles on LocalsGoWild

The member profiles on the site consist of both men and women. The number of ladies using the platform is excellent, making it easy to approach the lady of your choice. However, following the recent complaints, our experts have noticed a rise in bot accounts here. Most such accounts portray themselves as women when they are not. However, there are also a lot of genuine members on the LocalsGoWild website waiting for new users. Therefore, you can learn how to avoid fake accounts and connect only with those who are real.

The site is a part of a larger platform called Together Network. Hence, the member base of their website is much larger compared to the other dating portals. More members imply more matches and more hookups!

How to Avoid Fake Profile?

Be it on social media platforms or dating sites, fake profiles have become a significant concern in the modern generation’s digital world. Users try to fake their identities for deceiving people. Follow our expert tips so that you can avoid such bot accounts with grace. Read below:

  • Please pay attention to the minute details of the account: When connecting with strangers online, you can sketch their true identity based on their profile. Do not judge an account by seeing it just from the outer cover. Dig deeper to find out the reality. Try to pay attention to the minute details of the profile. See whether a person talks just about sex on their bio or mentions a bit about their personality as well. The ones who speak of juicy hookups only are most likely to be fake accounts seeking attention!
  • Look at the photos: Does the person who matched with you have a real and clear profile photo? Ask yourself this question when inspecting a user’s account. If the images look fishy, then you can assume that the person’s reality is faker than it seems. Hence, stay away from the crap!
  • Chat and know more: Well, until you meet a person in real, all you can do is chat with them for a better understanding of their true character. Therefore, use the texting feature to find out the most about the user.
  • Meet in public for a coffee date: No matter how much you like a person, do not agree to a private meeting on the very first date. Ask them to meet in public first. If they say no, you should avoid their company further.

Keep these tips in mind and apply them once the LocalsGoWild review is over!

How to Avoid Fake Profile?

Design and Usability

The overall LocalsGoWild website and app have an eye-catching design that looks entirely professional yet friendly. The design will give you cool vibes and set your mood for becoming the Romeo or Juliet of the day. People who have used their platform praised the design highly on the LocalsGoWild reviews. The usability, too, is excellent, like the design. Even though the mobile app has better usability, the website also runs without lags. Hence, the site has done a commendable job in structuring the design and usability of the pages!

LocalsGoWild App for Mobile Users

These days, very few people prefer using laptops over their mobile phones, especially when dating online. That is why most platforms make sure they have a personalized app for their site. This brand, too, has made its app available to users. The LocalsGoWild app can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users. It runs quite well on both devices. The app is known to perform better than the website. Hence, if you prefer a phone over desktop, download the application today!

Special Features of LocalsGoWild

Special features of a dating site attract every kind of user irrespective of how new or old their membership is. Now, we are going to discuss the unique features of the LocalsGoWild website. Have a look below!

Search Feature with Filters

The search feature of the website helps in filtering the search results of the users. The standard filters you get to apply on the search are gender, age, caste, religion, distance, etc. Even though these filters are much less than the popular dating sites on demand, they do the essential function of helping users with the results that match their preference.

Live Chat and Chat Rooms

The LocalsGoWild provides multiple chatting opportunities to its users. If you want to text someone privately, you can do so using the website’s live texting feature. In case you are someone who likes to connect with multiple people at the same time, the chat rooms are made exclusively for you. There, you can connect with many users and then choose a mate out of them.

Robust Mobile App

As we have already said before, the LocalsGoWild app performs better than the website. This feature will appeal to those people who love using the phone more compared to other devices.

These are a few unique features of the LocalsGoWild. The features are nothing rare, yet getting so much under one roof is the best part of the website!

Robust Mobile App

LocalsGoWild Pricing Details

The LocalsGoWild website can be accessed at different price points. You can use the messaging feature only when you pay for the app. Hence, buying a subscription is compulsory. Read below to know the pricing details of the brand:

Plan Price($)
3-day trial $ 2.97
One month $ 27.30
Three months $ 45.90
Six months $73.80

Basic Membership

The basic membership is a three-day trial for those who are new to their sites. It is a plan that costs the least and gives you a tour of the features available on the platform. If you are new to dating, this plan will work the best for you because it will help you understand the site’s uses and features. Once the trial period is over, you can decide whether or not you want to continue the subscription. We have discussed the premium plan below; keep reading!

Premium Membership

The premium membership comes in three varieties. The features that the user gets to experience are the same on all the types. However, the price differs due to the difference in the subscription period. Our experts suggest that you invest in the trial plan to see your liking towards the LocalsGoWild website. If you like the features too much, you must go for the six-month program because you will get to experience the site’s awesomeness for a long time with that subscription. You will also get more time to connect with new people for hookups. The features include unlimited texting, limitless connections, matchmaking tools, and so on. In case you are not sure that it’s worth the money, we assure you it is. Go for the premium plan!

LocalsGoWild Coupons

Discount coupons will help you pay less for the premium membership plans. Discounts are a great way of enjoying the same features at a more affordable price. Such coupons are mostly available on various review websites. A few coupons are also available on the official site of the brand. You will have to keep an eye on different places for the best coupons available on the market. They will indeed help you save a decent amount of money!

LocalsGoWild Coupons

Verification and Safety of the LocalsGoWild App and Website

The LocalsGoWild website and application is a secure corner for lovers. Most LocalsGoWild reviews and ratings also prove the same. Hence, our experts believe the website is an entirely verified place for steamy relationships. You can keep all your doubts aside and join the community whenever looking for love!

Is LocalsGoWild Scam?

As per our research, this site is not at all a scam. It does not cheat its users by taking away their money or leaking their info. However, there are multiple members on the site, scorching girls, who pretend to be real people but, in reality, are not. These are the profiles that cheat on many users and try to deprive them of their money. Most of these users do not have a decent profile picture or bio. We have already discussed this above in the LocalsGoWild review. Follow the tips and be careful of such fake accounts!

Is LocalsGoWild Website Legit?

The website is secure, verified, and scam-free, which means it is legit! You can share all your info with the site and rest your worries about losing them. The website, like many other fraud sites, does not use your data for illegal benefits. They respect customer security and privacy, which is a great plus!

Is LocalsGoWild Anonymous?

No, the site is not anonymous and does not allow its users to hide their identity like many affair websites. Hence, if you want to keep your identity a secret, this might not be the best place. We feel that users should be real on every dating site because, be it a long-term companionship or casual sex, honesty comes first. Therefore, we support this decision of the LocalsGoWild app!

Is LocalsGoWild Anonymous?

The Problems with LocalsGoWild Website

We have already shared with you a few cons of the site. Now, we will discuss the same in more detail. Read below to know the problems of the LocalsGoWild:

  • The site mainly focuses on finding local matches for the users. However, as it is a part of a bigger platform, Together Network, the search results’ suggestions are not from a close distance. It disturbs the entire motive of the site. Customers often complain about this issue because they want to connect more with the neighborhood beauties and not those who live at the far end of some other city.
  • The premium plan of the site is a bit costly. Multiple platforms provide better features at the same or lower price. The users on the LocalsGoWild say that the options are quite basic compared to the high fee charged by them. Due to the cost, many members refrain from using the site.

These are some serious problems that need to be resolved soon by the brand team. Once these problems are solved, more customers will get attracted to the website!

Help and Support

The customer support team is available 24X7 and is quick enough to solve all the users’ issues. Even though the support team is quite speedy, we recommend you do a bit of research before mailing questions to them. You can easily search for FAQs on Google and use them to increase your knowledge about the platform. That will help you avoid asking multiple useless questions and instead use that time to connect with more members. But if you fail to find the answer to your queries, then the LocalsGoWild customer support team is always there at your service!

LocalsGoWild Alternatives

The various alternative sites for the LocalsGoWild website are as follows:

  • IWantU: This is a hookup site with more or less similar features and is an excellent alternative to LocalsGoWild. The site comes with an additional facility of chat rooms.
  • Ashley Madison: If you are looking for some of the best hookup opportunities, you cannot miss joining this site. It is one of the most popular platforms for casual sex hunts.
  • Seeking: This is a place where rich people look for love and sex. If you belong to the aristocrat class of lovers, then be a part of this site!

If you want to try some other websites in place of LocalsGoWild, go for these!

LocalsGoWild Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have tried to solve the most common queries of the users. Keep reading to know!

What is the LocalsGoWild Website Used for?

Lovers use the site for meeting their beloved to whom they can make love with fierce passion. A website is a place for casual hookups and fun sex.

Is LocalsGoWild a Real Dating Site?

The LocalsGoWild app is a real dating site for genuine passionate souls. It is free of scams, perfectly legit, and an excellent spot for casual hookups.

How to Delete LocalsGoWild Account?

Follow the steps below to delete your account:

  • Click on your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose ‘settings.’
  • Scroll down.
  • Click on ‘remove your account.’

Contact Information

Company Address: P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers

Email id: support@localsgowild.com

Phone Number: 18008396430


We hope this LocalsGoWild review has helped you learn a lot about the site. As you have read, this is a legit website where you can find real hookup partners. They have a vast member base; therefore, you can connect with multiple members every day and strike a steamy affair with them. You can ride the roller coaster of a great sex life when becoming a part of this community. The girls here are super gorgeous and flirt with men like a pro. They will instantly make you feel comfortable and talk about their desires openly. So, you can indulge in an erotic affair without playing coy for long.

Now that you know so much about the LocalsGoWild app, when will you join the site? We are eager to learn!

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