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Compatible Partners Review: Great Dating Site?

Compatible Partners Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 30%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-40
Profiles 350000
About Site
Visit rate 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Great for long-term relationships
  • Uses a personality profile for compatibility
  • Comprehensive matching algorithm
  • Assisted communication feature
  • Special features for safe communication
  • Not ideal for casual relationships
  • Long signup process
  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Inability to search for personal matches
  • Limited features

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Compatible Partners website is a niche online dating platform for the gay and lesbian community. It provides matchmaking services to single gay men and lesbian women of all races and religions interested in building a sustainable, long-term relationship. Any member of the LGBTQ community who needs love or seeks a long-term relationship can find what they are looking for on this platform. If you are single, divorced, or widowed, and long for a gay partner to build a long-term relationship with, this dating site can match you with singles around you.

While there are many online hookup options for gays and lesbians, only a few promises to deliver accurately compatible match suggestions, compatible Partners is one of those few matchmaking sites that go the extra mile to find the best matches. It uses a detailed personality matching algorithm to bring together individuals who are compatible and who share similar interests. By putting together your commonalities and similarities to identify the ideal dating partner, this dating site promises a high chance of success for you to meet your soulmate and enjoy a fantastic long-term dating experience.

Is the platform a great place to find love for the gay and lesbian community? This comprehensive Compatible Partners review will answer that question for you. Read our review to find out if it is a great dating site or not.

Compatible Partners Review

How Many Languages Does Compatible Partners Support?

The platform is available in the U.S. and in Canada, so it is not surprising that it supports only one language, the English language. If the dating site has any plans of expanding to other regions of the world in the future, chances are supported for more languages will be implemented on the platform. Considering that English is the official language in both the U.S. and Canada where this site operates, it’s highly unlikely that the one-language use in the system will affect user experience.

How Many Languages Does Compatible Partners Support

Who Owns Compatible Partners?

The gay matchmaking platform is one of the oldest sites in the online dating industry. In fact, it was one of the most popular gay and lesbian matchmaking hotspots in America and Canada. While many dating sites tend to hide their owners’ identities, the Compatible Partners website doesn’t flinch in providing information on who owns the company. A quick search online reveals information about the site’s owners, including the company’s headquarters. Our research found that the dating platform is owned and operated by EHarmony, Inc, a company registered in Los Angeles, California.

Where Is Compatible Partners Based Now?

This platform is available only in the United States and Canada. The dating site caters to gay men and lesbian women in the U.S. and Canada. It has amassed quite a wide fan base from the LGBTQ community, considering that it provides matchmaking services tailored to that niche. It is yet to expand to other regions of the world, but considering its popularity and the growing membership base, it may open doors to the LGBTQ members in the global arena soon (maybe).

Where Is Compatible Partners Based Now

When Was Compatible Partners Website Founded?

This same-sex matchmaking site is one of the oldest players in the game. It was founded in March 2009, and since then, it has built quite a reputation for its brand. It is trendy in the U.S and Canada, and its membership base continues to grow.

Is Compatible Partners Available Worldwide?

Unfortunately, the gay dating site is not available worldwide—sorry, LGBTQ community outside of America and Canada. You cannot access its matchmaking services (for now). Even though the platform is not available worldwide, it caters to single gays and lesbian women living in the U.S and Canada only. However, because of the rising popularity and membership base, the site enjoys, access to the platform will likely be expanded to other countries in the future. However, as it is currently, only users within the two countries (U.S. & Canada) can enjoy its matchmaking services.

Are There Any Special Features on This Platform?

If you’re looking for a serious same-sex relationship and want to be matched with a compatible partner, this platform could be what you need. It offers matchmaking services for gay men and lesbian women. The dating site focuses on your personality traits to identify individuals who share similar interests with you, and it uses a complex matching algorithm to select potential matches for you. To achieve its objective of matching single gay people, the Compatible Partners website has a few extra features that are unique and useful. These special features include the following:

Are There Any Special Features on This Platform

Effective Match-Making Algorithm

Let’s be honest. Not many dating sites in the gay and lesbians niche provide quality dating partners ideal for a long-term relationship. Many gay dating platforms focus solely on casual hookups and sexual encounters, which explain the lack in quality of matches made by most of these sites. However, because Compatible Partners focuses on serious relationships, it goes the extra mile to identify the right partner for you. The platform makes use of your personality profile and a complex compatibility algorithm to provide comprehensive matches and increase your chances of finding true love.

Incognito Mode

On this platform, you can browse other users’ profiles, and you can also see who has viewed your profile. But what if you don’t want someone to know you are interested in them? The Compatible Partners website has made it easy for you to browse through potential matches’ profiles without exposing yourself. By toggling the incognito mode on and off, you can choose to browse the member profiles anonymously without leaving traces of your visits. With the incognito mode switched on, owners of the profiles you visit will not know you viewed their profiles.

Incognito Mode

Secure Call

We value privacy, and even in online dating, you may not want to give out your phone number or location. Compatible Partners have this cool feature that lets you contact other users on the platform while remaining anonymous. The feature is called Secure Call, and it allows you to make anonymous calls to other gay members using your personal phone number but without revealing the number or location. It is a great way to maintain your privacy and to stay anonymous while searching for your perfect gay partner on the platform.


We can agree that initiating a conversation with a potential dating partner is quite challenging, especially if you are new to the dating scene. The good thing for users on the Compatible Partners website is that the platform has availed icebreakers, which are simple, short messages members can use to initiate conversations with those they fancy on the platform. You can now easily contact your person of interest and start a conversation with them on this platform using these icebreakers.



The problem with many matchmaking services online is that there are many fake profiles such that you can’t be sure the person you’re talking to is real. Even on this platform, it is a problem; in fact, many Compatible Partners reviews online claim that fake profiles are present on the dating site. However, the good thing is that the platform has taken measures to curb the problem of fake profiles.

The platform has the RelyID feature that verifies members’ information to make sure that you’re talking to a real person. Once you get your information verified, you receive a badge on your profile to indicate that your information has been verified and that you are a real person. Keep an eye out for this badge on member profiles, as this will help you see the members whose information has been verified and avoid fake profiles (those without a badge). The RelyID feature helps provide a safe and secure communication platform for gay dating platform members.

Audience Quality

As one of the longest-serving matchmaking websites in the gay niche, the Compatible Partners website has built quite a reputation for itself. It has amassed a large following from the LGBT community. Since its founding, the gay dating site has accumulated a large membership base of over 1.3 million in 2 countries. It operates mainly in the United States and Canada, where many of its members are found.

The platform caters to single gay men and lesbian women interested in starting a serious relationship with other like-minded persons. It uses an advanced matchmaking algorithm to find ideal partners for you to establish a long-term same-sex relationship. Because the site focuses mainly on developing serious long-term relationships, many of the users on this platform are those interested in same-sex marriages. They desire love and/or a committed relationship, and they don’t want casual encounters. If all you want is a casual hookup, this gay matchmaking platform is not ideal for you.

Therefore, if you live in the U.S or Canada and are interested in finding a potential same-sex dating partner to build a committed relationship with, this platform would be an ideal place for you.

Audience Quality

Age distribution

Compatible Partners has members from 18 years to over 65 years old. The majority of users on this platform are between 25 and 35, which is the ripe phase for marriage. You can find members as old as 65 years, and these too can be very good dating partners. Many of the registered members are interested only in a serious relationship, which makes it an excellent place to find the right partner with whom you can start a long-term relationship.

Fakes and Scammers

One of the problems online dating site users have to deal with is fake profiles and scammers. Going by the many Compatible Partners reviews online, there are fake profiles and scammers on this platform. While this problem affects virtually all online dating sites, many have taken the initiative to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for singles to meet and date. On this platform, genuine profiles are verified and are given a badge to indicate so. To avoid fake profiles, you can choose to contact only the profiles that have the verification badge to ensure that you communicate with real people only.

Mobile App and Website

The gay matchmaking site provides access to its services on two platforms: mobile and desktop versions. The following is a breakdown of how both platforms operate.

Compatible Partners App

The platform prides itself on being the only same-sex matchmaking service with a patented compatibility-based matching system. If you are interested in starting a serious gay relationship with a likeminded individual, the site will match you up. It will find potential partners on serious dimensions that extend well beyond your physical attributes. After creating your account on the platform, you can view possible matches using the Compatible Partners dating app.

The app is free to download from the app store, and it is compatible only with iOS devices. This means, only members with iPhone and iOS devices can use the app. While it is free to download, it features some premium add-ons that must be paid for.

The way the app works is simple. You can create your account, complete your relationship questionnaire, scroll through your matches, view profile details, engage other members in conversations, upload photos, and stay connected with activity updates.

The Compatible Partners app lets you enjoy the convenience of accessing the dating platform while on the go from your iOS mobile device (iPhone). It is easy to use, and it provides a pleasant user experience. Navigating the platform using the app is a walk in the park, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Compatible Partners App

Compatible Partners Website

The gay dating service was founded in 2009, and a decade later, in 2019, the website was changed from CompatiblePartners.net to eHarmony.com, which provides dating services to all singles interested in long-term relationships. Currently, the matchmaking platform does not have a functioning website, and all site visitors are directed to eHarmony.com, which also provides matchmaking services.

Can I Use The Compatible Partners App On My Computer?

You cannot use the app on your computer, as it is only compatible with the iPhone. If you want to use the mobile app, you can download it from the App Store using your iPhone and enjoy the gay dating services of the Compatible Partners website. As of now, you must have an iPhone to use the app.

Which Browsers Support Compatible Partners?

The website for this dating site was changed in 2019, from CompatiblePartners.net to eharmony.com. While the latter caters to all single people looking for partners to start a committed relationship, the previous is focused on providing gay dating services through its mobile app. You can access the matchmaking services of Compatible Partners through its mobile app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The app works only on an iPhone.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site?

You cannot access the CompatiblePartners.net site because the original address was changed in 2019, from Compatiblepartners.net to eharmony.com, which provides dating services to all singles interested in long-term relationships. All visitors who want to go to Compatiblepartners.net are directed to eHarmony.com. However, you can try to access gay dating services via their mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. Yet, you must know that the mobile app is compatible with iOS only, so you must have an iPhone to use it.

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site


When you access the Compatible Partners website through the app, you can’t fail to notice that the platform’s design makes for easy navigation and smooth user experience. The mobile app and its features are designed to be extremely comfortable to use and easy to browse. The layout of the interface makes it a breeze to scroll through your matches since it has displayed profile photos for easy identification of members. Furthermore, you can quickly create your profile and upload photos from your phone or Facebook profile, which speeds up updating profile information on the site. Besides, the fonts are clearly legible and easy on the eye; you won’t struggle to read your mobile phone content. The layout makes the process of filling out information through your phone a walk in the park. The site’s interface is well designed, such that accessing the platform using the app is convenient, easy, and exceptionally smooth.

Registration Process

To get started in your Compatible Partners experience, you must create a profile. To register, you’ll need to provide a username, your full name, and generate a strong password. Also required for registration are your gender and current zip code. This information will help the site to match you with the singles living within a certain radius from you.

As noted from the various Compatible Partners reviews online, the signup process is quite lengthy. You will be required to fill out the relationship questionnaire to create your personality profile. This step is crucial because the site’s matching algorithm will use your personality profile to assess your compatibility potential with other users. The questions asked to revolve around your education, religion, employment, physical attributes, personal characteristics, interests, living skills, communication style, and matching information.

To complete the profile, you need to upload your photos. You can upload pictures from your phone or use an email to send the images to your account.

What Is The Minimum Age To Register On Compatible Partners?

To create a profile on this gay dating site, you must be 18 years and above. Virtually all dating sites that provide matchmaking services for long-term relationships require a user to be of legal age, which is 18 years. There is no maximum age limit, so it is not surprising that the platform has members who have clocked 65 years and above. Even though they say love knows no age, you must have reached the legal age to create a platform profile.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Compatible Partners is a premium service, meaning you have to pay to access some of the platform’s features. As such, you cannot use the site without first creating an account. While the account creation process is lengthy, it helps the platform’s algorithm to identify potential matches based on your personality profile. Once you create an account, you can check out your potential matches without paying for a subscription. However, you will not be able to view members’ pictures, and communication features will not be accessible. Also, you will not see who has viewed your profile. Most of the platform features are hidden behind a paywall. Therefore, to enjoy the platform’s maximum functionality, you must sign up and pay for a subscription.

Profile Setup

On Compatible Partners, setting up your profile takes close to an hour. It is a lengthy process if you compare it with other online dating sites. Even though the process seems quite cumbersome, it is worth it to fill out the questions the right way because the information you give out will be used as the basis of how the compatibility algorithm will pick matches for you.

You need to set up your profile, including your name, gender, zip code, email, and password. You also have to indicate your marital status: single, divorced, or widowed. Your personal interests are also worth mentioning, and even more important, what you are looking for in a partner. With this information, the site’s algorithm will match you with potential partners who meet your personality profile. You also need to add pictures to your profile.

Can I Delete A Photo That I Uploaded On Compatible Partners?

If you want to remove a picture from your profile, you can do so easily without any hassle. All you have to do is simply click on the trash can icon next to your photo. If a photo is no longer attractive to you or you don’t want it on your profile anymore, just go to the “Organize Your Photos” section and get rid of it.

How Do I Edit My Username On Compatible Partners?

It’s very easy to do this. Just head over to your account settings and search the field with your username—just edit it.

Is There An Option To Delete Your Compatible Partners Profile?

If you’re finished with the dating site and want to delete your profile, you first have to cancel the auto-renewal for your subscription, and once the subscription expires, you can then close down your account. To delete the account, just go to the account and billing settings, where you will see the option to close and delete your account.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On Compatible Partners” Option?

If you are not in the mood for dating and want to turn to match off, you can set your profile to be invisible so that new matches will not see your profile. Setting your profile as invisible will prevent new matches from being able to see you. However, this does not mean it will avoid new matches from showing up for you.

Can I Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To Compatible Partners?

Yes, you can delete the information quickly and relatively easily.

Compatible Partners website uses your personality profile to identify ideal matches for you, and it then sends potential partners your way for you to make a choice. You receive match suggestions daily, but it is upon you to decide whether or not to reach out. However, the platform is limited when it comes to doing manual searches. You cannot perform searches.

Is It Possible To See The Compatible Partners Members Whom I Liked?

Yes, you can do this relatively easily—Head over to the recent history.

What Are The Different Options Of Compatible Partners Search?

The platform does not allow you to search since it uses an advanced algorithm to match you.

Can You See Who Likes You On Compatible Partners If You Are A Free Member?

As we have mentioned before, most of the features are hidden behind a paywall. They are accessible to paid members only. If you are on standard membership, which is the free membership, you will not see who has liked your profile. Only those on paid subscription can see who has viewed their profile.


Compatible Partners allows you to communicate with other members on the platform, provided you are on paid membership. Without a paid subscription, you will not be able to communicate via email or secure call.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On Compatible Partners?

We understand it can be frustrating to initiate contact with someone you like on a dating site. However, on this platform, you have many options for making contact, so long as you have upgraded your account to a paid membership. Depending on your subscription plan, you can send and receive messages from other users via email and use a secure call to communicate with other users while maintaining your contact information’s privacy. To start conversations, you can use the icebreakers. These are simple; short messages members can use to initiate conversations with those they fancy on the platform.

How Can I Message Someone?

You can use the Icebreakers.

Is Sending Messages Free?

Communication features on Compatible Partners are hidden behind a paywall. Therefore, sending messages is not free. You cannot send and receive messages from other users while on the standard (free) membership. However, with a paid subscription, you can communicate with other users on the platform.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On Compatible Partners?

You will receive a notification on the main menu.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

There are basically two options on this platform: free membership and paid membership. Both have different user experiences, as highlighted below:

Free membership features

You can use the platform without paying for a subscription, but most of the features will be locked from access. With a free membership, you can create a profile, but you will not be able to view members’ photos, you won’t be able to communicate with other users on the platform, and you won’t see who has viewed your profile.

Premium membership features

You will enjoy the platform’s full functionality with a paid membership, although it comes with a cost. The basic plan has four subscription plans, as follows:

  • One month for $59.95
  • Three months for $39.95 a month, billed in one installment of $119.85
  • Six months for $29.95 a month, billed in one installment of $179.70
  • 12 months for $19.95 a month, billed in one installment of $239.40
  • The total connect plan has three subscription plans, as follows:
  • Three months for $44.95 a month, billed in one installment of $134.85
  • Six months for $33.95 a month, billed in one installment of $203.70
  • 12 months for $23.95 a month, billed in one installment of $287.40

Alternative Sites like Compatible Partners

The gay dating site is facing competition from similar platforms that have either better features or better services. Some of these alternative sites include Grindr, a popular social networking app for gay people; Scruff, a top-rated gay app for dating, travel, and social networking; and Zoosk, a place you can find singles looking to date.


Compatible Partners is undoubtedly an excellent place to start for LGBTQ community members seeking love and affection in a long-term relationship. You will need to pay to enjoy the full functionality of the platform. Even though it is a bit costly, you’ll find comfort in knowing that paying members are serious about starting something meaningful relationship-wise. Moreover, the matchmaking algorithm is extremely useful in providing great matches. Compatible Partner is a great site to start if you want to start a serious long-term relationship with a gay partner.

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