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Connecting Singles Review In 2021

Connecting Singles Review In 2020
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 79%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 5.894.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Availability of mobile app
  • Free registration
  • Advanced search using tags
  • Zipcode locator
  • Send Flowers option
  • Trustworthy profiles
  • Easy navigation
  • No live chats are possible
  • The site layout might be difficult to understand
  • The profile is put to review for 24 hrs
  • No instant hookups or casual one-night stands
  • Brief profile with basic details
  • Users respond less to strangers on direct messages
  • Technical issues

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This review intends to explore the dating community of Connecting Singles, which claims to offer several featured services that transcend the traditional notions of dating. It provides an excellent opportunity for users to acquaint themselves, which requires time and patience to find out if they are compatible with each other.

Connecting Singles is designed extensively to help you find love and a desirable relationship and connect and know your partner better by indulging in games, quizzes, forums, articles, blogs, poetry columns, etc.

How Many Languages Does Connecting Singles Support?

Connecting Singles is only available in the English language.

What Is The Name Of The Parent Company Of Connecting Singles?

The company is ConnectingSingles.com that was invented to provide quality services to singles all around the globe for free.

In Which Country Is Connecting Singles Based?

Connecting Singles is based in Minnesota, United States.

In Which Year Was Connecting Singles Founded?

The dating web portal of Connecting Singles was founded in 2001 and had been performing well since then, with a growth rate of 24.1% per year and 438,570 visits per month.

Can Connecting Singles Be Used Worldwide?

Connecting Singles can be used by people all across the globe to find someone who has the same hobbies and interests that helps them build a relationship based on mutual choices and comfort.

Special Features?

Special Features?

The Connecting Singles website offers a wide range of activities to encourage participation and meaningful interaction of the users in a unique manner. The platform does not merely guarantee sexual pleasure, but a means to make like-minded friends who share similar interests. The users can build quality relationships and connect on a deeper level through forums and games. The huge collection of events, e-cards, polls, quizzes, tests makes social intercourse exciting and gripping.

Audience Quality

It is not just an ordinary dating site meant for hookups and one-night stands. It comprises of a wholesome community of people who are genuinely interested to know each otherbetter. It is a holistic platform to enjoy each other’s company, have fun, and engage in a real manner before coming together for a relationship.

Age Distribution

In accordance with the Connecting Singles reviews, the website is used 7% young people who are below the age of 17. 23% of the people using the platform falls under the age group of 18-34 while 31% of the users are between 35-49. There is also a considerable indulgence of 27% from adults above 50 years of age. The gender odds are 1.27 men/women.

Fakes And Scammers

Every dating website has a certain number of people who are frauds. It is always advisable to look out for yourself and ask for help if you suspect a privacy breach or violation of consent. However, the demanding process of verification ensures profiles that are mostly real and appropriate.

Mobile App And Website

Connecting Singles has a fully well designed easy to navigate website. It also has a mobile application that is free to download.

Connecting Singles App

Connecting Singles also has mobile software that is appropriately designed to stay connected in a fitting manner. Although because the site offers a variety of diverse features, the app might look crowded. Nevertheless, it makes connection easy and convenient.

Connecting Singles Website

The website is very convenient to use due to its well-laid features and design, which is quite easy to navigate. Its uniqueness truly sets it apart from other dating sites. It allows for the possibility to interact socially through forums and a multitude of other activities where dating becomes fun and exciting.

Is It Possible To Use Connecting Singles On Your Computer?

Connecting Singles has built a fully responsive web design suited to use on any laptop, computer, or tablet without any complications.

Which Browsers Support Connecting Singles?

Connecting Singles websiteis supported by all the browsers. The site is easily accessible on all the devices, including your mobile browser (ConnectingSingles.mobi).

What Can Be The Reason For Having Trouble Entering The Site?

One of the most common reasons for denied access is that you entered wrong login credentials or forgot your password and typed an invalid one. The other can be because your account was removed due to the detection of violation of code of conduct or non-adherence to terms and conditions laid out by the website.



Connecting Singles has worked very hard in creating a space that is simple yet appealing. The features listed below make it the most suitable website for online dating, as it serves as a multifunctional platform.

  1. Profile tags help to connect with people having desirable interests.
  2. Users can schedule and post a group event for meetups.
  3. You can write and post thought-provoking articles and read and comment on others.
  4. Profile reviews allow you to track who viewed your profile.
  5. The users can rate each other’s pictures.
  6. You can send e-cards to people you like.
  7. The flower shop gallery allows us to pick and send flowers to other users.
  8. You can both participate and post a poll of your choice.
  9. There is an option to post video content that will appear on your profile.
  10. For die-hard romantics, there is a section where you can post poems.
  11. It allows you to share your favorite music, movies, and books.
  12. Forums are an excellent space for debates and discussions on diverse topics.

Registration Process

The process of registration is unique but uncomplicated. You can simply register yourself using your Email address or Facebook profile. It will automatically forward the section where you can make your profile and describe the personality type that will attract other users to know you better and approach you.

Is It Possible To Unmatch Someone On Connecting Singles?

Connecting Singles is not a stereotypical app where you get matches and decide based on appearance and a brief description of whether you want to connect. It is a classy hard-counted platform. You may receive profile suggestions, and it is entirely your choice to revert or ignore and move-on.

Is There Any Age Requirement On Connecting Singles?

To use the facilities provided by Connecting Singles, you must be an adult of a minimum of 18 years of age.

What Are The Ways To Verify Your Account?

Connecting Singles takes the process of verification very seriously as it follows an entirely new protocol. After successful registration, the users are allowed to explore the site and fill the other significant profile details. Still, certain services like communication and messaging are restricted for 24 hrs during which the company verifies your account.

How Can You Verify Your Email?

After the process of registration, Connecting Singles will automatically review and verify your profile within 24 hrs until it is ready to use to prevent fraud.

Is It possible To Register Via Facebook Account?

Yes, you can register using your Facebook profile on Connecting Singles. Post this, and you will be redirected to the page where you can build your profile.

Can You Use The Site Without Signing Up?

No, you cannot access the services provided by Connecting Singles without verified signing up. You cannot connect and communicate if you can visit the site and explore and know about the various features offered.

Profile Set-up

Profile Set-up

The profile is the most significant part of the online dating process. An attractive profile helps to display your personality to other users. Also, on Connecting Singles, the profile is not limited to just a picture or short description, but the members have a legit admin page where people can contact you, send you flowers, comment on your posts, and rate your photos.

Can You Delete Your Profile From Connecting Singles?

Yes. Visit the webpage, and under profile, section clicks on My Account and scroll down and select “Cancel Membership.” This will open another page where you need to enter an Email ID and password linked to your account and the captcha required. Click on login, and you will be redirected to the account deletion page.

What Are The Steps To Edit Username On Connecting Singles?

Head to the Profile section, and under the dropdown menu, scroll down to select My Account. You can choose the detail that you want to edit from a list of items and log in with your details to be able to do the same. It is as easy as that.

How Can You Delete Uploaded Pictures On Connecting Singles?

Connecting Singles has a very convenient site design that is very easy to use and understand. To delete your pictures, go to your profile, and under My Account section, you will see a display menu on the left-hand side. Scroll down and select the option Edit/Delete Photos.

What Are The Steps To Delete Information Submitted To Connecting Singles?

On Connecting Singles, it is very simple to edit/delete the information provided/uploaded earlier. The desktop version provides a top navigation bar that has the Profile button. Under that, the My Account section allows you to either change the previous information or permanently delete it.

What Happens If You Chose To “Hide Profile” On Connecting Singles?

The hide profile feature will make your profile disappear temporarily. Your profile will neither be visible on the Connecting Singles website nor displayed in the search results. Your data will remain intact, but others will no more be able to post or comment on your profile.

It takes 24 hours on Connecting Singles to approve your account. After that, you can start searching for compatible partners through specific locations, personality traits, or hobby tags/keywords, which filter out people and lets you view members who are most like you.

How Can You See The Members You Liked On Connecting Singles?

On the top navigation bar, click on the Inbox button and select “Likes” from the dropdown menu. This will display a list of people who have liked you. To see the likes that you have sent, click on the “You Like” button on the top of the page.

How Can You See Who Likes You On Connecting Singles If You Are A Free Member?

How Can You See Who Likes You On Connecting Singles If You Are A Free Member?

On visiting the “Likes” section in the Inbox menu, you can see a list of all the other members on the site who have sent you likes.

What Are The Possible Ways To Conduct Connecting Singles Search?

Connecting Singles offers many ways to search for members in the dating community. Following search options are provided to users for free-

  1. Advanced Search
  2. Username Search
  3. Site Search
  4. Browse by Location
  5. Astrology Search
  6. Browse Pages, Contributors, Lists, and Connections
  7. Browse using Tags


Once your account gets verified, you can use the messaging feature on Connecting Singles for free communication and interaction.

What Is The Process To Start Messaging Someone On Connecting Singles

You have to register on Connecting Singles as an authentic member to start using the messaging service.

What Are The Steps To Message Someone?

Once you become an authorized member, you can start searching for other people’s profile. If you want to establish contact with them, simply click on the “Send Message” button on their profile and compose your message and press “Send.” Your message will appear in their inbox.

How Do You See The Received Messages On Connecting Singles?

Your onsite inbox on Connecting Singles will display all the messages that you have received.

Is The Messaging Feature On Connecting Singles Free?

According to Connecting Singles reviews, the best part about this online dating platform is that everything is available free of cost, including the messaging feature.

Is It Possible To Filter Who Can Message You On Connecting Singles?

You can easily filter out members from Connecting Singles based on their location, age, or marital status. In this way, these people will be restricted from sending you messages.

Does Connecting Singles Has A Video Call Feature?

No, Connecting Singles does not provide the members with this feature.

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods

The details given below acquaint you with the services provided by Connecting Singles and their cost.

Free Membership Features

The following features are available for free use on Connecting Singles.

  1. Access to Profile Tags
  2. Instant Messaging
  3. Participation in Forums
  4. Games, Quizzes, and Online Tests
  5. Post Articles, Blogs, and Poetry
  6. Initiate Debates and Discussion
  7. E-Cards and Flower Shop
  8. Who’s Viewed Me Feature
  9. Profile Reviews Option
  10. Unlimited access to Music, Movies, and Video Content.
  11. Create Polls and Groups
  12. Birthday Lists
  13. Top 10 Lists
  14. Upload and Edit Pictures
  15. Create and attend Singles Event

Premium Membership Features?

The Connecting Singles is the only online dating community that provides exclusive features otherwise paid for no extra charges. The Connecting Singles website that accesses the events and features of the dating community is free for all the members. In a nutshell, this website is providing premium quality features and much more with no additionalcost.

Does Connecting Singles Provide Premium Membership?

No, there is no Premium Membership offered by Connecting Singles. Also, there are no in-app purchases. The website is 100% free to use, as advertised.

Can You Cancel The Membership Plan On Connecting Singles?

Yes, you have the option to do so. You can visit the My Account section under the Profile dropdown menu. It will open another page where you can scroll down, and on the left side, click on the “Cancel Membership” option from the list of items displayed.

Is Connecting Singles Membership Auto-Renewable?

Since the membership on Connecting Singles is available for free, there is no option to auto-renew. However, the users can deactivate or hide their profiles temporarily and log in again with the registered details to reactivate their accounts.

Can You Generate Refund On Unused Membership?

Can You Generate Refund On Unused Membership?

No, there is no provision to generate refunds as Connecting Singles does not provide a paid membership in the first place.

If You Are Not Satisfied With Connecting Singles, Can You Initiate Refunds?

No. In case you are not pleased to be a part of the dating community, you can cancel your membership or deactivate your account.

Does Your Support To Connecting Singles Get Auto-Renewed After Every Month?

There is no option for the users to provide monetary support to the community of Connecting Singles. You can just actively participate and make the most of your time on the website and make other members feel comfortable.

Can You Send Support For Just One Month?

No, according to trusted Connecting Singles Review, there is no such thing that you can do.

Is It Possible To Support Other Members On Connecting Singles?

You cannot support any member financially on Connecting Singles. And if any member asks for funds, then it probably is a sign that he/she is a scammer, and the website strictly prohibits such activity.

Will The Connecting Singles Support Appear On Your Credit Card Bill?

The site does not require you to make payments or use a credit card at any stage of your membership. There are no in-app purchases as well, so no credit card bills will be generated.

Is Connecting Singles Safe To Use?

Is Connecting Singles Safe To Use?

When it comes to safety and security, Connecting Singles takes the matter very seriously. It lays down extensive terms and conditions, and a violation of any kind of rules and regulations will directly affect your membership. The website itself admits that sometimes fraudulent people slip through the registration process, but the professional team offers complete help and support.

Privacy In Connecting Singles

According to the privacy policy of Connecting Singles, all the data and information of the user is collected to provide desired services and is completely safe with the website. It only uses the information to create a public profile to help you connect with other members.

Are The Chats Encrypted On Connecting Singles?

The chats are not end-to-end encrypted, but your account is password-protected, and the management practices ensure total confidentiality.

Who Should You Contact Regarding Privacy In Connecting Singles?

You can visit the help center and report any unwanted disturbance on the Support Section provided at the bottom of the web page.Select “Help” and click on the tab that represents your complaint. The administrators will get back to you as soon as possible. You can alsoclick on “Contact Us” for further queries.

Is It Possible For Connecting Singles To Track You Down?

Connecting Singles automatically collects all your information from your browser, including your IP address, postal code, birth date, and time zone. The information is not revealed to the general public butcan be used to track you down in case you violate the Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement. Also, your personal information can be disclosed if required to do so by law to defend the property rights of the website and the security of the users.

Is It Possible For The Police To Trace Connecting Singles?

All these years, the site has been running successfully and has not been reported to hamper any legal framework. Although the website can be viewed from many locations worldwide, it clearly says that it only complies with US, Federal, and Minnesota state laws.


When it comes to safety, Connecting Singles takes the utmost care and reserves the right to take action without notice. It monitors the information that you choose to share with the public and display them on your profile. It can also monitor your private chatrooms in case you are suspected of infringement.

Are Connecting Singles Forums Moderated?

The Connecting Singles reviews guarantee that the discussion forums and event pages are safe and secure. The website highly recommends that you do not disclose any personal information on public forums. It supervises all the social activities and tries its best to prevent any sort of scams and cybercrimes.

What Are The Consequences Of Using Connecting Singles To Solicit Money?

Connecting Singles gives a detailed description guide to the users on how some scammers can create fake profiles and breach the security and safety policies to solicit money. It demands you look for signs that may seem disturbing or inappropriate. You can take the matter directly with the organization and report the issue. The company ensures immediate action, the consequence of which will be that the account reported and found guilty will be banned without notice.

Banned Accounts

It is very common for dating sites to have certain accounts that are not real and are created for ulterior motives. Such accountsare removed to protect the well-being of other users. As mentioned by one of the Connecting Singles reviews, such critical measures and highly responsive technical team makes it a popular dating website that eliminates all kinds of fear and stereotypes associated with online dating.

What Can Be The Reason Behind The User Not Being Able To Access The Account?

If you cannot access your Connecting Singles account, then it might be the case that someone reported your account and the site terminated it on the grounds of disobedience and transgression of terms and conditions laid out by the website. If you are a legit member and have not been involved in any unlawful interest, you may have just entered the wrong password. You can click on the forgot password link on the login page and reset it to resume your services.

How Long Are Connecting Singles Accounts Banned?

A breach of privacy concerns can lead to a permanent ban from the website.

Is It Possible To Reactivate Your Banned Account?

No, the user cannot, by any means, reactivate the account that has been banned.

Protecting Yourself

Although Connecting Singles takes all the necessary precautions to maintain a healthy environment for its users, you need to be extra careful while connecting with people who seem to indulge in any kind of unaccepted behavior, ask for personal information, or money directly or indirectly in the name of donations. You are required to bring this issue in the light of authorities as soon as possible and block or report the account to prevent misuse of your data that can easily be accessed through your profile.

What Are The Steps To Report Or Block A Suspected Scammer?

You can report or block the suspected scammer with a single click on Connecting Singles.

What Kind Of Information Should You Never Post On Connecting Singles?

Users should never post personal information on public forums. Also, while building the profile, Connecting Singles advises the users to fill certain fields with false information such as-

  1. Real name
  2. Contact information (Email ID, phone number, postal address)
  3. Real names of children if any and their ages

Help And Support

Connecting Singlescommunity has a full-fledged support system and can be easily reached out in case you have any relevant issues.

Real Life Review

Connecting Singlesoffers quality services that, too, with no charges. It is interactive, safe, and easy to use. Moreover, the users do not have to worry about their security and can enjoy all the amazing features.

Is Connecting Singles Suitable For Hook Up?

Connecting Singles is a space for consenting adults who are unmarried and looking for potential partners. If you intend to only encounter casual hookups, then you will be disappointed.

Is Connecting Singles Safe?

Connecting Singlesis absolutely safe. Around 50,000 people use this website with at least 10,000 active each weak.

Is Connecting Singles The Best Available Dating Site?

It is undoubtedly one of the best social communities that not only aid in the matchmaking process but also offer a variety of indulging activities. Here you can spend quality time and know other members better to decide how compatible you are based on your mutual interests.

Is Connecting Singles Free To Use?

Yes, you don’t have to spend anything at any point in your membership. It is completely free of cost.

How Does Connecting Singles Work?

Connecting Singles comprises of a very interactive social and dating community. It offers many diverse platforms where you can show your preferred skills, knowledge, and experiences and simultaneously view and comment on what other members post. You can also choose to interact through personal messages or play games and quizzes online, which is fun and exciting.

Does Connecting Singles Have Fake Or Scam Members?

Yes, some accounts are a fraud. However, the website suggests its members stay careful and ensure their safety and report any illegal activity as soon as possible. Connecting Singles has a special “Scam Warning” section to guide its members against unlawful practices. You can also click on the link provided at the bottom of the website to Report Abuse and Error.

Alternative Sites Like Connecting Singles

You know, that there are others dating sites. Each of them has its special features. But there are five alternative sites, that can be named as the most useful. They are:

  1. Bookofmatches.com
  2. Luvfree.com
  3. Singlesnet.com
  4. Okcupid.com
  5. Metrodate.com

Contact Information

Company name – onnecting Singles, Inc.

Blog – Connecting Singles

Facebook – Connecting Singles


Connecting Singles is not your conventional dating app. It is a decent platform where you can enjoy while looking for potential dates as it offers a wide range of options for everybody.

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