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First, let’s have a brief review before the price list. is a dating space dedicated to singles. The site focuses on singles who are yearning for a long-established commitment. Since its launch in 1995, it has created successful attached relationships for tens of thousands! While the site has such a goal, some members also search for mutual yet casual relationships. is accessible for 25 countries around the globe. In addition, the site welcomes members of the LGBT community. You can find a variety of people from distinctive backgrounds. For more convenience, you can download the Match mobile application on Apple or Google Play Store.

Members on the Site

If you’re a serious romantic, Match com membership can be the answer for you. In addition, the site is packed with more than 20 million active members. A rough number of 11 million members have subscribed to find a significant other. With such a large member base, your chance to meet someone new is high!

Registration Process

Due to earnestness, the profile creation process may take a while to finish. For several minutes, you have to fill in questions about your basic information and typical romantic partner preferences. Also, you must write a summary of yourself, upload pictures, and share other necessary things. It is in line with the site’s algorithm. It ensures to get you the most compatible matches.

Profile’s Quality

The profile builder of allows users to create a more detailed profile. It shows the users’ self-written profile summary, photos, and interests. It shows the percentage of both you and the member’s compatibility. It is calculated based on your interests and what the two of you are looking for in a relationship.


Members on take the lead in matchmaking. After the profile creation, you can directly see a set number of compatible profiles in Discover. You can like many accounts as free members. However, you can’t converse with them unless you offer free limited messaging up to three profiles. has excellent features for online dating. You can do a voice call and have a video date with others. Moreover, the site lets your profile be in the limelight of other’s potential matches. Those features are open to the paid Match com membership. Also, you can search for specific members based on location, basic information, and physical appearance. The site is sure to fulfill your preferences in a committed romantic partner.

Safety Measure commits to guarding your basic and financial information. You don’t need to worry because the site enclosed the said information to others or third parties. However, cyber dating can be dangerous should you not pay attention to romance scams. You must take part in securing your data. Don’t share anything that can pose as sensitive information about yourself.

In addition, Match is famous for its members’ profile quality. There are a few fakes since the profiles are detailed and require specific preferences. To avoid unnecessary troubles, you can block and report members who show inappropriate actions on the site. You can send a report by contacting customer service. To stop some members, you can find three vertical dots on the right side of someone’s profile. Then, click on it.

Price List

Move to the price, subscription offers two different packages. The premium and standard plans tender distinct benefits. If you choose the standard plans, you’ll notice that the site also provides mini packages. For more details, let’s view the following tables.

Premium Plans

Duration Price/Month Total
12 Months US $6.99 US $83.88
6 Months US $8.99 US $53.94
3 Months US $11.99 US $35.97

Standard Plans

Duration Price/Month Total
12 Months US $5.99 US $71.88
6 Months US $7.99 US $47.94
3 Months US $9.99 US $29.97

You can choose one of the plans. Then, it will direct you to complete the payment. The subscription plans receive payment through your Credit Card or Paypal. The system of subscription is continuous billing. Meaning, if you don’t cancel it manually, the site will extend it for the next period of your initial plan.

You have to cancel at the near end of your subscription time. Moreover, it is necessary to discontinue the next extended subscription period. Or else the site will continue to charge you.

Power Up Your Profile

The Packages Price/Month
Reply for Free US $3.33
Private Mode US $5.00
Message Read Alerts US $1.33

The mini packages offer an additional feature that doesn’t come with the Standard Plans. You can let free members reply to your messages, be anonymous, and get the read alerts. These packages will follow your initial subscription. In other words, it costs you a 3-month payment if you choose to have a 3-month Standard Plan.

The Difference of Standard vs. Premium Plans

Pricing Match com comes with two packages. Both have a similar duration of the subscription; 12, 6, and 3 months. However, there are slight differences between the packages. With Standard Plans, you can enjoy the availability of the paid version of the features, such as:

  • Converse with an infinite number of profiles
  • Connect to the Instant Messaging feature
  • Receive, reply, and send messages
  • Remove other profiles from the view section
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Search for other profiles using search filters
  • Your profile appears on the search results
  • Post pictures
  • Receive SingleOut matches
  • Search a particular type

Under the same benefits, the premium Plans present special and exciting additional features. You can view and receive the read alert of your messages. The site will let you browse in a private mode. You can surf through profiles while being secretive at the same time. Last is voice calls or “MatchPhone”. You can do an anonymous voice call with others.

Both Standard and Premium Plans let you use’s exciting features. You can utilize these features for a passionate date with someone!

  • Boost – gives members a chance to rank their profile as the top suggestion for an hour.
  • Real Talk – a numerous topic for your first conversation.
  • Reverse Matches – a list of people you are not compatible with.
  • Matched By Us – a matching system for your most compatible partners.
  • Date Check-In – a safety feature if you’re uncomfortable in dating.
  • Video Call and Date – a means to connect you virtually with your matches.

Is It Possible to Enjoy Services without Paying?

Yes, there is! After the registration, you’re a free member. You don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy services. However, as it is not a paid Match com membership, you have restricted the features.

Free members on can’t send messages or converse with their matches. That’s the shortcoming of free members on the site. Without starting a conversation, you won’t be able to know someone new. In short, you can only do the following acts if you’re not going to subscribe:

  • Search for other profiles
  • Your profile appears on the search results
  • Post pictures
  • Receive SingleOut matches

Does It Worthwhile to Pay for Subscription?

It is worth paying the subscription should you’re so hell-bent on getting into a long-established relationship. is serious about opening up a possibility for your successful dating. Even more so, the site has many exciting features for you to use.

It will be a waste of time if you’re only surfing through profiles. Profiles on have detailed explanations of their intentions and preferences. Most of them are open and direct to be in an attached commitment.

In addition, has its 6-Month Guarantee Program. The Guarantee Program aims to help you find a significant other within the additional and free extended period. So, join in if you do not worry about spending a little on the dating platform. The site will give you the same access to the benefits.

To get additional free time, you must follow certain rules from the site. For example, you should create a genuine profile with photos and visibility. After that, you have to converse with the minimum number of five unique profiles per month. The site’s service will give you a list of special accounts. Don’t forget to unsubscribe from the Guarantee Program. The site will charge you again if you don’t.


Of course! You still have questions about cost and services. provides a specific section of FAQs on its official website. Visit the site for more detailed answers about the ins and outs. If you want to take a glance, we have selected the most asked questions below. Check them out!

If I Don’t Want to Pay yet, Can I Enjoy Free Trial?

Absolutely, yes!’s price range is average in comparison to other dating services. However, you can get a free trial without a credit card. Some of us don’t like to take losses, and that’s okay! It’s better to know how the site operates before paying quite a sum. has two offers of free trials. They differ in duration; seven days and three days. Each of them gives the same benefits as a paid membership. You can view photos of single people in your area and create connections!

You can also get a free trial for by signing up for its membership. There are also various ways to get a free trial. If you’re not satisfied with the three- or seven-day free trials, try signing up for a free account. You can also find promotional codes on other sites like or

The thing with a free trial system is, it will charge you at the end of your trial period. The payment suits your initial plan during your registration. You must cancel the free trial plan hours before the auto-renew subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your account settings and clicking the “End Your Trial” link. It will prevent you from being billed for the service that’s about to expire. Pay attention to this! Because some members on have filed complaints about the auto-renew of a subscription after a free trial.

What Are Fees per Month in the UK? offers three packages of subscriptions in the UK. For a month paying, the site will charge you £29.99. The 3-Month will cost you £19.99 a month. The last is the 6-Month which costs you £9.99 monthly. The site might offer a different range of prices. You can check for the latest update on the site directly.

Where Can I Get Promo Codes? promo codes are available for various occasions, such as free trials and subscription plans. It offers promo codes for future members and existing members. You can get the codes from or a third party.

You can check the site promotion and discount for more detailed information. In addition, you can subscribe to their email channel to get the news about the promo codes. The steps are:

  • Go to your Settings
  • Choose the Email Preferences
  • Select the email type that you want to receive. In this case, you can check on the “Match Offers.”

Another way to get the codes is through a third-party website. You can surf the internet to check the available promo codes. You can type “ promo codes” on your search engine to quickly get available promo codes. The coupons sites sometimes offer the best deal for you, such as,,,, and many more.

To use the code, you can click on the “subscribe” button. After this, the site will direct you to the paid membership plans. Next, there is a question on your right side, “Have a promo code?” Click on this, then enter your code of free trial without a credit card!

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