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Milfaholic Review: Are There Any Real Smoking-Hot MILFs Over There?

Milfaholic Review: Are There Any Real Smoking-Hot MILFs Over There?
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 82%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 18-45
Profiles 9.786.000
About Site
Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Many female participants are registered on Milfaholic. As the number of users is imposing, it would be easy to find someone nearby, even if you are a small village citizen.
  • This way, you can meet someone to your taste, and what is the best here — a MILF living next door.
  • Easy navigation — the design of a site is captivating and classy, and even a person who is not an advanced user could cope with it.
  • The Milfaholic website requires fewer of these polite games that people play to get into a relationship. The site is for people who know what they want and are initially ready to make a statement about it.
  • Fast and easy registration process.
  • Girls on the site are open to communication and support the dialogue.
  • Bad load times, and if you open too many tabs, your browser can crash.
  • Bots created for automatic communication try to lure you into buying a paid subscription.
  • The site is flooded with random fake accounts that are created to attract users.

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Milfaholic is an online dating site dedicated to meeting hot moms. If you are bored, you are not alone — there are plenty of “bored” ladies around. On the site, all your graduation class fantasies about the hot mothers of classmates will come true — because the site is teeming with similar ladies. Many of them are “hungry” and smoking hot, so if you have a full course meal for them, you should give it a try.

Unlike the other Milfaholic reviews, this one has a lot of information that you cannot find elsewhere. Let’s investigate and find out if this site is worth your attention.

Languages That Milfaholic Support

The site supports only English, as it is designed exclusively for the English-speaking audience. If you don’t understand English, you can easily translate the text using the automatic translation feature built into some browsers.

The Owner of Milfaholic

Unfortunately, the information about the site owner is not known, as well as if the site does belong to a family of similar dating sites.

The Place Where Milfaholic Is Based Now

The information is not known.

The Date of Milfaholic Foundation

From the date of registration of some site members, it seems that the site has existed for several years already, but the exact information about when the site was founded is not known.

Can You Log In to Milfaholic From Any Point of the World?

The site is accessible from anywhere but is mainly designed for the USA since most of the audience of the site is from there. Most of the guests access the site from Western European or American IP addresses.

Special Features

Special Features

The site has many features that you will not find on other sites of a similar nature. This makes the user experience unique, and staying on the site is unforgettable.


This function resembles Tinder’s analog, but here your intentions to press this button are crystal clear. By clicking this option, you can choose a partner with the same goal. The photos of erotic nature are mainly published in this section, but the ordinary images of the pretty faces of hot moms also could be found here. If your preferences match and you like each other, then who knows, maybe a quickie will take place in real life.

Private Photos

Add some spice ー create albums with private photos that can only be seen by those you decide to give access to. On this site, women send pics to attract males. The exchange of intimate photos and videos is a kind of “game” for those who want to bring new emotions to the relationship, and Milfaholic provides this opportunity for everyone. This feature can add a fire that ignites both of you with dizzying emotions. The ladies of this site are flirting this way, presenting something sweet for dessert, and who knows, maybe the cherry on her cake will go to you.

XXX movies

Pornography remains the most popular industry on the Internet. Almost every one of us has at least once clicked on the watch button for a clip with spicy content. Forget about prejudice and rules – this is what Milfaholic promotes! The site owners decided to create a category to find the appropriate content without going to third-party resources. On Milfaholic, it is posted to get in a playful mood for the upcoming acquaintance with the ladies of the site. With the help of such inspiration, you can prepare for a responsible date when the relationship goes to a different level: a small dose of arousal “received” at home helps to overcome the excitement and focus on the main thing ー finding a hot MILF. Such a warm-up will be an excellent aperitif for the upcoming date with the hot inhabitants of the resource.


Thanks to this feature, you can see what hot moms are capable of online.

First of all, webcams are not just about nudity, but about communication. Actually, like any other online stream. But here, everything is more honest. The webcam is like a movie trailer that you choose, and it makes communication with the one you like livelier. To be with a person in the same bed, at least you need to get to know them. Getting to know each other through the site, you can make the acquaintance even denser by seeing what your MILF is capable of using the webcam service.

Member Tweets

In this section, site visitors leave short messages in which they try to attract other users. In general, this function adds dynamics to the site, and it becomes even more noticeable that you have a great opportunity to choose both the person and the vibe they carry with their short messages.

Audience Quality

Audience Quality

Mostly the site is used by those who need sexual intercourse. Pure sex, without expectations and attachments, sometimes turns out to be an ideal relationship: as they say, “you are attractive, I’m attractive ー why to waste time.” Most often, visitors of this site are interested in an endless series of new women, and women on the site need the same thing.

There are many women on the site; usually, their age has exceeded forty, sometimes significantly younger, who are consciously looking for sex, saying that they do not want to get married. They are independent, their life is established, the children have grown up (or they don’t want them). It happens that a woman needs sex without love, without continuation, without commitment. Sometimes even without dating. Many women on the site do not need a serious relationship but only need a man to realize all the dirtiest fantasies.

Most users of the site are English-speaking and are located in the USA or countries of Western Europe. Of course, you could meet hot representatives of other nationalities, but mostly they are the immigrants to the countries mentioned above.

Age Distribution

Visitors of this resource confirm the classic phrase that people of all ages want to love because the people of entirely different ages use the site.

Women who post their profiles on Milfaholic are 30 years and older. But despite their age, they are equally beautiful and look like a well-aged wine, which will be a great addition to a full course meal that you have to offer them.

Fakes and Scammers

Unfortunately, the site, like many others, has some fake users. They were created to attract the attention of users and lure them to register on the site. But it’s easy to save yourself from fakes and scammers ー be careful when communicating with them and not be fooled by too sweet talks and appearance. Undoubtedly, the Milfaholic website is full of beautiful and, most importantly, real women whose hotness is hard to describe in words, but being more careful will not hurt.

Mobile App and Website

Milfaholic website has a web-version as well as a mobile application. You can browse through the list of the ladies from your phone. Milfaholic website is mobile-friendly, but its structure and navigation when viewing on mobile are a little simplified.

Milfaholic App ー Is It User-Friendly and Up to Date?

The mobile app is available for Android phones. We were not able to find it on the AppStore.

When we tried to enter the downloaded APK file for the Milfaholic app, the screen showed the disappointing bugs and the sad message that the app is outdated, so we cannot use it on the modern Android phone. Judging from the small size of the app, it should not have many features available on the site. It seems that the Website owners rely only on the Website and don’t want to make their site mobile-friendly, or maybe there is no demand for this.

Milfaholic Website

Milfaholic Website

In this paragraph, you can get to know how you can use the Website through your PC, with the help of which browser your experience will be the best, and so on. We will answer all the questions which might arise about your usage of the site.

Can I browse the Website Using My Computer or Tablet?

As the Website is not mobile-friendly, it seems that the only opportunity is to use it from your computer. Even though, if you don’t want to log in on your PC, you can access the web version of the Website from your Android or Apple device, as the site has a web app.

Which browsers are best for accessing the Milfaholic website?

We tested the site from several of the most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Thor, and it worked perfectly through these browsers. Our advice is to use the site, choosing browsers that offer the highest speed with well-thought-out functionality and interface, and the safest for you as a user.

Which browser to use is a matter of taste, requirements, and your habits.

Reasons Why You Might Have a Hard Time Entering the Site

If you can’t reach the platform on your computer, there might be many reasons for this. Firstly, the breakdown on the site itself is possibleー then you just have to come back later. If the site does not work only on a particular computer, there might be some computer or network issues.

You might have a hard time entering the site from the outdated browser.

Some of your browser settings may not be correct. If so, try to open the site in a different browser. If the site still does not open, reset your browser.

It is impossible not to mention the most common reasons you can’t access the site ー it may be a forgotten password, or you forgot to click on the link from the email confirming your registration.


The design retains the user’s attention with its simplicity and ease of use. People will ignore designs that ignore people. In the case of Milfaholic, the site is so user-friendly that despite the limited time that you can spend on the site due to your business, you want to stay on it some more time. The site has the user’s convenience in the foreground, and the information on it is competently structured for the user’s convenience.

Registration Process

To activate the account, and automatically generated links and passwords are sent to the email of the person who wants to register. By clicking on the link, the future user thereby activates an account and gets to the profile page, where the users can specify all the additional information about themselves, change the password, and so on.

Most of the profile information that you enter is the data that is already familiar to anyone who ever registered at a dating site. They want to know when you were born, where you live, your education, and how much you drink. A set of questions determines what you are looking for in a relationship.

If the account is not activated by the link, the entered email may be deleted from the database after a day. No login is needed because the username will be the email.

Is It Possible to Unmatch a Milfaholic Member?

You can unmatch the member the same way as you matched them, clicking the unmatch button on their page. Another way to unmatch the person who doesn’t seem to be as good as they seemed is to block them.

Age Restrictions: What Is the Minimum Age to Register on Milfaholic?

You can register on the site if you are at least 18 years old. However, no one requires an ID during registration. It is best to follow the site’s rules so that your account is not deleted by the administration if you do not meet the age limits.

What Are the Possible Ways to Get Your Account Verified?

You can verify your account using email verification. To do this, you need to enter your email and password and follow the instructions that will be sent to you at your email address.

What Are the Ways to Verify the Email?

What Are the Ways to Verify the Email?

Everything is as easy as shelling pears ー for this, just follow the link that will come to your email. By clicking on the link, you verify your account.

Can You Register Using a Facebook Account?

Unfortunately, the site does not provide for registration using a Facebook account. You can register your account only by entering an email address, as there is no Facebook login form on the site.

Is It Possible to Use the Site Without Registration?

You cannot use the site without logging in since the site administration takes care of its users’ security and privacy. You can see what is happening on the site and its users only after verifying the profile.

Profile Set-Up

How to fill out your profile? All the information to manage your profile settings.

How to Delete a Photo Which Was Already Uploaded at Milfaholic?

If suddenly you don’t like one of the photos that you uploaded to the site, just go to the My profile ー Photo manager tab. There will be three possible actions with your photos, and the last option will be to delete the photo.

Is There Any Possible Way to Edit a Nickname on Milfaholic?

Unfortunately, you cannot edit your username, as the site’s administration does not provide this option.

How to Delete a Milfaholic Profile?

You can easily delete your profile on the site. To do this, you need to log in to your account and go to your account settings. Then click on the button “Account settings.” After this, you can choose the “Remove my account” option. Your profile will be removed from the site. The site’s administration warns you that you should better just hide your account than delete it completely, as you might have a tough time registering again after you delete it. If you delete your account, it is permanent and cannot be undone.

What Is Going to Happen If You Choose the Option Not to “Show Me on Milfaholic”?

If you select this option for your account, it will become invisible to other users. You will also “disappear” from the site even for those with whom you have already corresponded.

If the Information Uploaded to the Account Was Submitted Already, Can It Be Deleted From Milfaholic?

You can easily delete any information, including your photos and other personal data from your profile, by going to the account settings ー ‘Edit my profile’ section.

Member Search ー All You Need to Know About the Search on the Site

In this section, we will answer all the questions you might have about finding users among the site members.

How to Find the Milfaholic Members Who You Liked?

Those you like could be found through the friends/favorites list. Click on the tab ‘My favorites,’ and there you will find a complete list of users that you have selected.

What Are the Milfaholic In-Site Search Opportunities?

You can search by the next parameters ー the online members, by username, by members who are online now, or by the matches who are the best for you. It is also possible to search for the members who paid for the featured status or search for members who want something hot like Private Chat from the very beginning. The other option available if you don’t want to travel miles for the MILF of your dreams is a Near Me feature.

If You Have a Free Account on Milfaholic, Can You See If Someone Likes You?

Unfortunately, without upgrading your profile, this feature is not available.



Everything you need to know about messaging on the Website is in this Milfaholic review ー just read below. You can learn how you can start a conversation with the other members as well as if you can send messages for free. You can get informed on how you can filter those who messaged you on the site.

How to Message a Specific Milfaholic Member?

To start messaging with someone, click on their profile, and select the ‘Send mail’ option. After this, you will be able to start a conversation.

How to Start Messaging?

You can message any member by selecting their profile and clicking the ‘Send mail’ button. After this, you can send a message, but for sending messages to any member of the site, you have to update your profile to a premium.

Is Feature of Sending Messages Free?

Unfortunately, this feature is only available for those who’ve paid for the account. Otherwise, you will not be able to chat with the hotties.

How to See Who Sent Me a PM on Milfaholic?

You can see the ones who messaged you on the Website through the menu. On the top, select the ‘Messages’ option. You will see the profile photo of the one who sent you a message and the subject of a message as a preview.

How to Allow the Usage of the Camera on Milfaholic?

You can enable using the camera through the cams settings. There you can let the site accessing your web camera.

How to Put a Filter on the Milfaholic Inbox?

To filter the ones who can message you, you can click the ‘Email and Notification Settings’ and choose to set my message acceptance feature.

What Is the Price of the Privileged Membership?

Let’s discover how much should you pay for the gold membership and what features you can access through the free membership.

Free Membership Features ー Is It Enough?

Free membership only allows you to understand what functions are available on the site. Without paying for the golden or solver status, you cannot use the site to the full. By filling out the profile and adding a photo, you can send messages and view profiles of other users, but in a limited number. Free membership on the site only allows you to see if you need to pay for resident status with all the benefits.

Premium Membership Features ー What Does It Have to Offer?

There are some benefits to a paid account, such as:

  • Possibility to text on the Cell Phone
  • Personal Matchmaking and Multiple Search features ー get a perfect match for your criteria
  • Private Friends Photos ー you can view the hidden photos which users want to show only for ones they like
  • Unlimited Profile Views

Below, you can learn how to cancel the membership and all the information, like auto-renew, getting refunds, or paying for the other’s membership.

Is It Possible to Get a Premium Membership at Milfaholic?

You can get a premium membership. The price varies depending on how long you want to stay on the site. It starts from 3 days trial to 6 months. To understand all the perks of the site and if you need to invest more, you can buy a three-day membership for just $2.97. One month on the site costs 29.95, 3 months cost $49.95, and the best deal is the six months membership, which is $69.90 in total.

How to Cancel My Milfaholic Membership?

The administration of the site offers multiple easy ways to cancel the membership. To do it fast, you can use the live chat button. You are also enabled to cancel the membership through phone or email support.

Is Membership on Milfaholic Auto-Renewed?

Is Membership on Milfaholic Auto-Renewed?

If you buy a trial membership and leave your card number accordingly, it will be automatically upgraded to a standard monthly membership unless you cancel within the trial period.

In Case of a Decision to Cancel the Membership, Can the Unused Time Be Refunded?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund for the unused time, which you can read in terms and conditions. Once you pay, you pay, and it doesn’t matter if you decided to cancel the membership ー you’ve already paid and had a right to use it till the end.

Is Milfaholic Subscription Automatically Renewed After Its Expiration?

Yes, unless you cancel your subscription, it will be automatically renewed.

What to Do If You Are Not Satisfied With Milfaholic? Money Refund Opportunities

If you are not satisfied with the site, you can ask the customer support service to cancel the billing to stop the future charges, but please be informed that the cancellation will not reverse any payments made.

How the Payment for Milfaholic Membership Will Be Displayed on the Credit Card Bill?

Don’t worry about that ー the discreet billing is offered to the customers. It means that the description in your statement will not match the name of the dating site you signed up with. The name of their billing processing company will be on the statement.

Can I Pay for the Membership of the Other Milfaholic Site Members?

Unfortunately, no, you can only pay for your membership and cannot support the other site members.

Can I Pay for Someone’s Membership for Just a Month?

You can’t pay for anyone else’s membership at all.

Milfaholic Safety ー Can You Rest Assured Your Data Is Secure?

Here, you can get informed that your privacy won’t get invaded. You can feel safe on the site enjoying all its features without fear.

Privacy in Milfaholic ー Can You Trust the Site With Your Data?

The site is highly private, so you can use it assured that the chats would be encrypted, the site won’t track you down, and the information from your profile won’t leak anywhere. You can about questions regarding privacy below.

Is There Encryption in the Milfaholic Chats?

All the chats are discreet and encrypted by the latest encryption technology methods.

Is It Possible for Milfaholic Administration to Track You Down?

As the chats are discreet, you cannot be tracked down using the website.

Can the Police Trace Me Using the Milfaholic?

No, unless you are violating some laws, and they are required to do so by the law regulation.

Who to Reach If I Want to Ask Something About Milfaholic Privacy?

You can contact customer support; they will kindly help you with all your questions about privacy.

Safety on Milfaholic

Can you write anything, or the administration will delete the inappropriate messages? What to do if there are scammers hunting for your money? What to do if your account was banned? How not to violate the rules to avoid being banned? Read below.

Does Anybody Moderate Milfaholic Forums Threads?

The forum threads on the Milfaholic website are not moderated.

What to Do If Another Milfaholic Member Is Extorting Money?

If such a situation happens to you, simply click the link at the bottom that says, “Click Here to Report this message as Site Abuse/Scam.”

Banned account

Sometimes you can get banned by mistake. You can learn what to do, no matter if it is for a reason or by mistake below.

What Are the Reasons I Can’t Reach the Milfaholic Website?

Sometimes we can violate the rules of the site ourselves. To avoid this, just read the site terms and conditions before signing up.

How Long Do I Have to Stay in the Ban on Milfaholic Once My Account Was Banned?

The ban can last a few hours until the administration decides to unban your account for violating the rules.

What Are the Ways to Reactivate My Banned Account?

If your account is banned, you can reactivate it by contacting customer support, and they will assist you by telling you what to do step by step to reactivate the profile.

Protect Yourself

Learn how to treat scammers and where to report, and what you should better not post on the Milfaholic website.

How to Report a Suspicious Scammer Account and Get It Blocked?

If you suspect that the user you are talking to is a scammer, click the link at the bottom that says, “Click Here to Report this message as Site Abuse/Scam.”

Which Information Is a “No-No” to Be Posted in Your Milfaholic Profile?

You shouldn’t post photos that include contact information, children, or animals.

Help and Support

The help and support service on the site is very communicative and quickly responds to any potential issues which might arise.

Review in a Nutshell

As the users state, the site is quite safe and respects anonymity. The users are friendly, and scammers are easy to detect and report. If you are good with internet communication itself, you will be safe on this site.

Is Milfaholic the Strong Competitor to the Similar Sites?

In our in-depth review, you can obviously see that a site can easily withstand competition with other similar sites, as it is a quality that has been proven over the years. Whether you can hook up with a lady is up to you.

Is Milfaholic a Hook-Up App for no strings attached acquaintances?

On Milfaholic, many users looking for NSA types of relationships could be found, so it would be easy to find a juicy pie for today’s dinner.

Is Usage of Milfaholic Free?

You can use some free features, but they are rather to get you acquainted with the site and don’t give a full impression.

Does Milfaholic Work Properly?

The site works perfectly and is bugs-free, with helpful and friendly support who can assist you at any time of the day.

Are Fake or Scam Members Present on Milfaholic?

Some fake users have been created as chatbots, which is stated in the terms and conditions.

What Are the Alternatives to Milfaholic?

You can flirt with the hot MILFs on such websites as Milfshookup, Milfdating site, X Milfs, Milf’s Affair, just cougars, and many more.

Contact Information

You can contact the site through the customer service option given. There you can chat through a live chat or a toll-free call.

Phone number: (800) 564-9432


Our Milfaholic review shows that you can have some bold NSA type of relationships and date with MILFs casually. If you are interested in such types of relationships, you can try your luck on the website, which has a giant MILF database with many active users. This way, the chance that you will meet a perfect match on Milfaholic is quite high.

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