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Mixxxer Review: Great Dating Site?

Mixxxer Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 1 260 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free hookup services for casual sex
  • Has an app and a website
  • You can reveal or hide your location
  • Anonymous identity
  • Quick and free registration
  • Impressive database
  • Many followers around the world
  • Versatility and tolerance
  • Mixxxer has a high reply rate
  • Beauties and handsome boys
  • Threesomes, foursomes, etc.
  • For swingers too
  • Suitable for polygamous and polyamorous couples
  • Good rating
  • Fairly young audience up to 35
  • Location-based sex finder
  • Low scammer index
  • Not for dating purposes
  • Not a lot of social features

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Mixxxer is an app and a site that lets you find partners and couples for casual sex based on the location search. It is a quick way to get a d-appointment or p-appointment with no strings attached. Mixxxer doesn’t let their clients die of boredom because of lengthy questionnaires, meaningless conversations, and pretentious dating. It works similar to Tinder or Grindr app but suitable for swinger couples. Mixxxer is a highly tolerant app with no limits, allowing straight, gay, bi, lesbian, trans, and queer people to unite for a night.

It is a perfect site for polygamous and polyamorous couples in your proximity. Mixxxer does not check your background, trace, or shame. If you need a casual sexual encounter, this app is your friend. The site is mostly free, but has some in-app purchases that will help you improve your experience.

Mixxxer is known as a “Mobile Sex App Finder,” but it is highly popular as a site to use on your laptop/computer or smartphone. In the Mixxxer review, you will know everything about this site, from its best features, contingent, interface, registration process, cost, and many more.

Mixxxer Review: Great Dating Site?

How Many Languages Does Mixxxer Support?

Mixxxer supports only the English language for now. But like most modern hookup apps, its developers try to enlarge the market by including more countries to the privileged list. Soon enough, you are going to see more languages on the list.

Who Owns Mixxxer?

Mixxxer was created and is owned by Michael Manes. He took the idea for the Mixxxer website from a bachelor party, where all of the guys discussed the quality of hookup apps. When they realized there are practically no hookup sites, Michael wanted something special for people who are not into dating. Since there were no sites for specifically x-rated dates, Mixxxer was a logical answer to most polygamous couples’ prayers.

So Where Is Mixxxer Based Now?

Mixxxer is a US-based app. Namely, its headquarters are located in Wyoming. The physical address is 1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A130 Cheyenne, Wyoming 8200.

When Was Mixxxer Founded?

Mixxxer was invented in 2015, and ever since, it doesn’t lean back in the eyes of publicity.

Is Mixxxer Available Worldwide?

Anyone from all around the globe can enjoy Mixxxer. The app has no limitations, and you do not need to use VPN to access it if you are not from the US.

Special Features

The Mixxxer website has loads of special features for newcomers and everyday visitors:


Let’s say you have favorite members on Mixxxer. If you liked someone as a partner, a potential hookup, or just want to see more of them, add them to a special list called a Blackbook. This way, you will see more posts, photos, and news from these people to catch up with them later on.


If you want to impress a member and show them what you really want, use this premium trick to tease a member literally. It is a special feature that shows your status and their worth. High-maintenance members might want to receive something like that as a sign of gratification.

Personal Contact Details

Mixxxer members are allowed to place their contact information on the site, share, and get to know other’s personal info. However, as adult people, you should do it wisely and at your discretion. The administration of the app is not responsible for evil users who catfish and trick others. However, it is your direct responsibility to report these individuals and block them.

Shower Door

Mixxxer has a feature called Shower Door. It is used to hide the identity of a user from other members when the situation calls for that action.

GPS Location

Mixxxer uses GPS location features to find local hookups for you or your couple. It takes the data from your smartphone to trace your current location and report it to other members. Of course, with your allowance.

The Mixxx

It’s playtime! Mixxxer wants you to have fun by swiping left and right to find a partner unexpectedly. This feature might have been borrowed from Tinder, but it is much more exciting here!

Find Fun

This feature allows you to search for a hot person or a couple within your proximity by using GPS-tracking.

Find Fun

Audience quality

Mixxxer invites members from different spots of our planet to unite for a fun game. Typically, there are no restrictions as to what users might join this app.

The thing that unites people on Mixxxer is their love for hookups. Mixxxer members are kinky. They like casual sex, making horny conversations, thirst-trap, and talk dirty. It is not a place for those who think of a perfect romance, want to build a strong family, or raise kids together. It is a place for threesomes, gangbangs, blind dates with sex, kinky texts, and good stuff. Mixxxer members are open about their interests; they are good with words and have no problem with directly speaking about their intentions. There is no beating around the bush. It is a site for hetero men, women, transsexuals, lesbian, straight, and gay couples. There is no need to invent the way to register as two people, as Mixxxer already has that option.

When it comes to countries of residence, Mixxxer is popular in the US and all English-speaking countries, such as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and European countries like Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and many more. Additionally, according to Mixxxer reviews, a lot of guys from Russia, Asian and Arabic countries love this site for hookups.

The site is suitable for everyone who speaks English. Because Mixxxer is an American-based site, you need to know English at least a little bit to use it. But with hookups, words are often excessive, so don’t worry about it. Features like “teasing” make it universal for users from most countries.

Age Distribution Of Mixxxer

Because Mixxxer was created for sexual encounters and casual hookups, the age is corresponding. Usually, you need to be over 21 to use this site. However, if your country’s legal age is 18, then you can still use this site. The most popular age of an average member is 20-35. However, there are older members, such as 40+ gay couples and 50+ swingers, so there are chances to meet any age group on this site.

Fakes And Scammers

Mixxxer is not known to be a scammer site. Because it is not a dating platform or a place to seek sugar daddies, there is no need for users to solicit money. Sure, you can find members whose intentions are not the best, but it’s easy to spot them and put them in the blocked list. There aren’t many fake profiles on Mixxxer because there is not much to read in the profiles. The most trickery anyone can do to you is catfish with photoshopped profile photos. Other than that, these people cannot do much damage to you. However, check who you are going to hook up with. Although it is not the site’s responsibility, make sure that people you are going to meet are looking safe and acting sane.

Fakes And Scammers

Mixxxer Mobile App And Website

The good thing is, Mixxxer has both options of a website and an app for smartphone users. There is no use in explaining all the perks of a desktop version vs. a phone one, but if you want an explanation, a website will guarantee you bigger photos and more control when it comes to video chats. But given the lack of mobility, you might want to stick with a mobile version. It might be the best option while traveling, going to some places, or just casually wanting some hookups on the go.

Mixxxer App

According to Mixxxer reviews, most members prefer to use an app when trying to find a crush to have a hookup with. The reason for this is the ability to have your phone in any part of the city, scrolling through the app in cafes, parks, and other public places. Similarly, it is logical to take your phone with GPS navigation on to make sure you don’t miss any sexy strangers.

The app has a gist of every needed feature, such as navigation, GPS tracking, maps, galleries, questionnaires, and messaging features. Here you also have “teases,” “the mixxx,” “Blackbook,”” personal contacts,” and more.

Mixxxer app is equally amazing on Android and iPhone. You can download the app directly from the site, from PlayMarket or AppStore. The app version is equally suitable for an Android and an IOS tablet.

Mixxxer Website

Although Mixxxer has a website and can operate from your computer, it was originally designed as an app so that some features might be lacking. However, it is enough to find a hookup, talk about time and place, and discuss further directions. Mixxxer website is open about its sexuality so that you don’t need to search through tons of people who want sex too. Mixxxer users are not ashamed.

Can I Access The App Version From My PC?

You can use your computer to navigate through the app, and it will be equally convenient. The thing is, Mixxxer is designed to work well on any devices, so the fact that you are using a phone with a web version is still alright as long as you have a good Internet connection.

What Browsers Work Well With Mixxxer?

Mixxxer works well with all types of browsers. You can use Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Microsoft Edge, and many more to access the site. This will not change the productivity as Mixxxer is designed to work well with most types of modern browsers. The same goes for a web version when you use the phone.

Why Can’t I Access The Site All Of A Sudden?

If you have a hard time using the site, there might be a problem with your Internet connection. Try to reload the page, refresh it, or simply close the browser, clean the cache, and enter it again. Sometimes the site bugs and you can’t do anything besides waiting for it to debug. It happens, although very rarely.

Why Can’t I Access The Site All Of A Sudden?

Interface of Mixxxer

Mixxxer wins the hearts of its users with its convenient design. Moreover, it’s simply sexy. There are no indirect features you won’t need. Everything is at the reach of your hand, ready for you to use. All the tabs and buttons are carefully designed not to distract you from the hookups. There are no annoying banners, tons of unnecessary wimpy texts, or pretentious questionnaires. The site looks clean and crisp. The welcome page on the website looks rather bold, with a suggestive picture of passionate sex. But it is nothing compared to the spiciness you are going to witness on the site itself. The page is made in white and pink colors, which is pretty typical for a hookup site. The app doesn’t look much outdated; it has a decent design and versatility.

Registration Process

A Mixxxer sign-up is quick. All you need to do is create an account, type in some of your information, and download a few photos. Since its priority is opting for sexual encounters, there is no need to create such a lengthy registration process.

It takes less than 10 minutes to register on Mixxxer. First, choose your gender or the gender of your couple: hetero men, women, transsexuals, lesbians, straight, and gay couples. Then, identify what gender you are willing to meet. Enter your number and password, and pick your username. Also, come up with a short description of your account. Your last step will be entering your current location and stating your birthday to reveal your age (try to be sincere when you are typing this information). After it, you will go through an email verification and finally see your page all done.

How Do I Choose To Unmatch A Mixxxer User?

You cannot do that in Mixxxer. However, if you don’t want to talk to them, simply ignore their texts. If the user continues to annoy you, block them and forget about it.

From What Age Can I Start Using Mixxxer?

Mixxxer is ready to see individuals over 18. Since most topics here involve sexually explicit content, persons younger than 18 are strictly not desirable here. In some countries, the age of consent and the legal age is 21. Respectively, you have to be at least 21 to start using this site.

How Do I Get Verification On My Account?

You can verify your account with the help of an email. It’s the only way Mixxxer will verify your account. Facebook and phone numbers are not an option here.

How To Make Sure The Account Got Verified With An Email?

To make sure you are verified, type in your email address and receive a link on your Gmail account after the registration. Find it in your inbox (sometimes you have to search in the Spam section). After that, click on an active link to activate your account and you are good to go.

How To Make Sure The Account Got Verified With An Email?

How Do I Register Using A Facebook Account?

Many hookup sites prefer to use Facebook for registration. But Mixxxer won’t allow you to use information like that. However, if you keep forgetting the password, the site will automatically offer you re-enter with a Facebook page. Don’t worry. Your information won’t get leaked as Facebook does not share or reveal data from third-party apps.

Can I Sneak Into The Site Without Having To Sign Up?

Luckily, Mixxxer is not about that life. You can sneak a peek into the site and how it works by staring at a front page. But for an anonymous site, everything has to be…anonymous. So if you want to join the community, you better provide a secure connection.

Profile Set-Up

To start rolling with Mixxxer, you have to fill out the information about yourself, share your location, and upload some photos for your feed. They must be high quality, and one has to go as your profile picture. Since Mixxxer website is for hookups only, it doesn’t need much more information. If you want to change it, you can tweak it later in the Settings section.

How Do I Erase The Picture I Previously Uploaded Into Mixxxer?

To delete a picture and upload a new one, click on the Trashcan icon and confirm the deletion.

Is It Possible To Switch Up My Mixxxer Username?

On Mixxxer, if you want to edit the username, just click on the Edit Profile tab, select your username in the list of all changes, type in a new name, and select Save to complete your editing.

Can I Possibly Delete My Mixxxer Account?

Sure, Mixxxer provides this option. To delete your profile, go to your Settings, choose Account Settings, then select Account Details. Select the “delete” or “disable” option based on what you want to do with your account. If you want to freeze it temporarily, go for a “disable” option. But if you don’t need it anymore, click on “delete.”

What Will Happen If I Switch Off The “Show Me On Mixxxer”?

Since Mixxxer is an adult site, privacy is key. That is why Privacy Filter is so important. Activating it means that your profile picture will be hidden. But if you want to reveal your beautiful facets, just choose to disable it.

Is It Possible To Delete All The Submitted Information On Mixxxer?

The only way you can delete submitted information is by deleting your account or updating it.

The Mixxxer website allows you to complete a profound search of best hookups. Most Mixxxer reviews claim that the location search is not enough and does not guarantee a perfect match. Now you can find a perfect hookup on Mixxxer based on your sexual preference, mood, distance from you, ethnicity, and age. Just choose a slider to pick your range, apply your changes, and wait for a list of people to come up.

How Do I See Mixxxer Members I Previously Liked?

Remember about the Blackbook Mixxxer feature? It’s high time for you to use it! By adding other members to the Blackbook, you can save them in your list of favorites, with all their pictures and your texts. That way, you can talk to them anytime.

What Are All The Options Of Mixxxer Search?

Again, you can choose between five facets: sexual preference, mood, distance from you, ethnicity, and age. This will be enough to narrow down the list of favorites and make you select a person quicker.

Can I Peep If Someone Liked Me On Mixxxer While Being A Free Member?

If you are a free member, the ability to check if someone likes your photos is not available. You need to become a Mixxxer premium member for that option.


On Mixxxer, your communication comes down to sending nudes. People who search for casual sex usually don’t text much. Messaging includes not only texts but spicy photos as well. If you see a person you want to smash, just swipe on a “swipe and fuck screen.” As a premium member, you can kick it up a notch by sending actual texts or teasing other members.

How Do I Send My First Message On Mixxxer?

If you want to contact someone on Mixxxer, just find a potential hookup and choose to tease them to get their attention. If you are a premium member, you can also text the person or a couple to get their reaction or decide where to meet. Remember that sending pictures increases your chances of getting laid.

How Do I Text A User on Mixxxer?

To text a member, simply click on a Text icon underneath their picture. You can do this only with a premium account.

Is It Free To Text Message Strangers?

Unfortunately, messaging people on Mixxxer is not a free pleasure. But if you want to contact users somehow, try a swiping motion to make them know you are interested, or use a Tease option.

How Do Understand Someone Messaged Me On Mixxxer?

In an app, you will receive a notification once a member decides to text you. To see these options, simply click on the Message icon, and it will reveal the account who sent you a text.

How Do Understand Someone Messaged Me On Mixxxer?

How Do Switch On Camera On Mixxxer?

If you want to use a camera, just follow an icon with a web camera on it, click on the icon, and it will activate a screen with your face on it, and the face of your interlocutor.

How Do I Choose Can Message Me On Mixxxer?

You cannot choose who can message you on Mixxxer. However, you can choose to go private and guard yourself off from annoying fans. Again, if the person on the Mixxxer website behaves inappropriately, simply block them to avoid any contact.

Membership Price And Other Payment Methods

As you may know, the registration on Mixxxer is completely free. However, if you want to enjoy all the Mixxxer website features, you can always go premium. According to many Mixxxer reviews, members find these prices quite affordable, and the services they provide are vital for this site. You can pay with a credit card and choose three plans:

  • Standard Membership ( for free)
  • Premium membership for $7.99 per month
  • 3-months membership for $19.99.

Free Membership Features

As a free member, you can create an account on Mixxxer and browse through photos. However, you cannot message anyone on a Mixxxer website for free. You can still score and find a hookup by sharing pictures and swiping.

Premium Membership Features

As a premium member on Mixxxer, you have all the freedom to do whatever you want. You can see who saw your profile, liked your features, and sneaked up on you. Of course, you can interact with users other than uploading photos. Now you can message them, add favorite users to Blackbook, switch off annoying ads, and even talk to free members. You can also call members via video chat and send them teases. It will cost you $7.99 per month or $19.99 for three months.

Does Mixxxer Have A Premium Membership?

For those who don’t want to stand in line waiting for a quality hookup, Mixxxer introduces a premium membership.

How Do I Refuse From The Mixxxer Membership?

If you don’t want a membership anymore, simply send an email at mixxxer@staff.com or contact the staff by following the link from the “contact us” section.

Does Mixxxer Have Auto-Renewal?

Like many other sites, a Mixxxer website has an auto-prolongation.

Can I Receive A Refund For The Time I Didn’t Use The App?

If you choose to get rid of your account, Mixxxer does not provide a refund. However, if the administration terminates your profile, you will be notified and refunded.

Is The “Support” For Mixxxer Prolonged Every Month?

Yes, your support will be prolonged as well, together with a subscription.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Didn’t Like Mixxxer?

Unfortunately, this is not an option. However, you can urgently delete your account to stop paying for Mixxxer.

How Will The Mixxxer Support Bill Appear In My Credit History?

The bill will hide the Mixxxer name. However, a Mixxxer website will still get you notified about the payment.

Can I Hand Out The Support To Mixxxer Members?

Unfortunately, transferring support is not an option.

Can I Send Support For A Month Only?

You can provide support for however long you desire to; it is up to your liking.

Is Mixxxer Really Safe?

Mixxxer is a safe site with a clear message. There is nothing wishy-washy about its policy because the site is open about its intentions. According to Mixxxer reviews, users don’t have trouble with this site when it comes to safety.

Do Mixxxer Chats Have Encryption?

Yes, Mixxxer uses encryption in its chats. Only you and the receiver have this information, and it isn’t checked by other members or administration of the Mixxxer website.

Can Mixxxer Find You Based on IP-Address?

Although you provide information about your location, it is illegal for Mixxxer to use this information outside your policy.

Can Mixxxer Get Information From This Site?

On a daily basis – no, only if they have an order for a legal investigation.

Whom To Talk To If I Have Questions About My Privacy On Mixxxer?

If you have any privacy concerns, please visit a Privacy section of the site. If your questions still weren’t answered, you may contact the team at staff@mixxxer.com. You can also send a letter to: Socialsoft Networks LLC 1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A130 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001.


Mixxxer is a safe and secure site that doesn’t use any member’s data outside of the required minimum.

Does Anyone Moderate Threads On Mixxxer Forum?

Mixxxer has no right to know the subject of adult topics you have on the site. Consequently, no one has a legal right to check or moderate them.

What If Someone Tries To Solicit Money With?

If someone catches a member in illegal activity, their account will be terminated and forever banned.

What If Someone Tries To Solicit Money With?

Banned Account

If you violate the terms and conditions of the Mixxxer website, the administration of the site has a right to ban your account.

Why Can’t I Enter My Mixxxer Account?

  • You were banned
  • You forgot a password
  • The Internet connection is weak

For How Long Can I Stay Banned On Mixxxer?

You may stay banned until the investigation continues. After that, you will either be returned or terminated from the community.

How Do I Return The Banned Account?

Unfortunately, you cannot do it by yourself on Mixxxer.

Protect Yourself

On the Mixxxer website, you can protect yourself by not sharing information, giving out numbers, personal data or credit card information. Your discretion is advised.

How Do I Block And Report An Alleged Scammer?

Select the “Block User” option or text the site administrator to terminate an alleged scammer.

What Is Better Not To Share On Mixxxer?

  • Intolerant, abusive, offensive, racist, and evil information
  • Pictures of minors
  • Advertising
  • Misinformation
  • Information that you have no right to expose
  • Computer viruses and phishing programs

Help And Support

The support team at Mixxxer is always ready to help. You can access them by emailing staff at mixxxer@staff.com.

Real Life Review

Mixxxer always provides 100% security from information leakage, scammers, and bots by checking reported users, terminating unwanted activity on the site, and deleting inactive accounts.

Is Mixxxer A Good App?

Mixxxer is one of the best options if you want a hookup for you or your couple nearby. It has a high response index and low-scammer report.

Is Mixxxer A Legit Site?

Mixxxer is a safe and legit place because it uses encryption, moderation, and constant checkups that enable pleasant experience and serenity for their members.

Is Mixxxer A Hook-Up App?

You can call Mixxxer entirely a hookup app based on its goals and activity.

Is Mixxxer Free?

Mixxxer is free to download, but it has in-app purchases, as well as premium features.

How Does Mixxxer Really Work?

Mixxxer finds singles and couples in your proximity, notifies you about it, and gives a chance to match with them.

Are There Any Fakes On Mixxxer?

It is unlikely to stumble upon a fake on Mixxxer, but you should be cautious of meeting strangers regardless.

Similar Sites To Mixxxer

Contact Information

Company: Socialsoft Networks LLC

Address: 603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310 A130, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

E-Mail: staff@mixxxer.c


Mixxxer is one of the best hookup sites for finding casual encounters in your proximity. It will be suitable for gay, straight, bi, lesbian, and trans couples who want to find a connection with no strings attached.

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