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MyLOL Review: The detailed analysis of a teenage dating platforms

MyLOL Review: The detailed analysis of a teenage dating platforms
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Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 18-35
Profiles 893.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a great platform for teenage people.
  • MyLOL has lots of unique features.
  • All the essential features provided are free.
  • It is a cheap platform.
  • Account creation can be done on the go.
  • It features an extraordinary design.
  • There is a wide variety of profiles.
  • Decent mobile application.
  • It has an enormous amount of fake profiles.
  • Profiles aren't verified at MyLOL.
  • It lacks proper moderation.
  • There are a lot of age-inappropriate posts on this site.
  • Many reports on inappropriate behavior.
  • Huge diversity in the age groups makes complexity.

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MyLOL is a teenage dating site, where it encourages teens to break the loneliness and make friends of their kind. It intends to unite teens around where they can talk, send snapshots, make buddies, and share their concerns.

Is MyLOL a proper platform for discovering your one pure love, or is it the place to get bullied with other members? Let’s find the answer to your queries in this MyLOL review.

Does MyLOL support languages other than English?

The portal is accessible in English only. The majority of the members come from America, England, Canada, and Australia. Although the MyLOL website doesn’t benefit from auto-translation, the traffic members will have a high English fluency.

Who currently owns MyLOL?

Benoit Tessier, the founder of MyLOL, has 16 years of experience in technology and social platforms. There are many projects under his belt. He is the creator of social networks such as Twiig, MyLOL, and Spotafriend.

Where is MyLOL located?

MyLOL is the online source without the recorded place, designating the lack of an on-land facility. In the preponderance cases, it means that mediators, handlers, and developers work and maintain the website from home.

When was MyLOL founded?

MyLOL was founded on May 1, 2013, by Benoit Tessier. It is the leading teenage dating site in the US, Australia, UK, and Canada. In the beginning, they started this firm with a minimum number of employees.

Does MyLOL available worldwide?

The site can be reached from any territory throughout the globe. It allows universal bonds without any considerations. There is no list of barred countries on MyLOL. Nonetheless, you are more satisfying to know English to use the interface trouble-free.

Add-on features?

Add-on features

MyLOL incorporates many add-on unique features in it. Its aid purpose is to support its members to blend, mesh, and get to know new characters from its thousands of affiliates, either they want to have a pleasant conversation or a serious and long-term kinship. Through this MyLOL review, you will find all of them one by one.


Post messages will be evident to everyone online by a shout. Only users amidst established images can post here.


You can write and publish blogs under any niche without violating community standards. The blog can be shared, and you can comment on other articles that you admire.


You can vote for a member who is capable of making on the ”Popular members” directory. The user who receives the supreme votes will be featured on the homepage of the MyLOL website.


Follow the main community of chatroom of MyLOL, by guaranteeing the verification of their images so you can access it.


Plan and participate in discussion threads inside this feature. The most famous threads are highlighted for simple passage.

Suspicious Keyword detection

Moderators sort through the communications to examine if any members seek to mesh in any unlawful or inapplicable action. This is also arranged in different elements of the MyLOL website.

Photo moderation

Organizers and arbitrators monitor each new photo that receives uploaded to MyLOL. This is to guarantee that none of them holds any obscene content.

Quality of the traffic

Quality of the traffic

People from the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada access the website in the majority. Most of the users have a decent English accent. Teenagers across the globe can make friends with the MyLOL website or mobile application. People of this age group don’t look for serious relationships.

Age distribution

Members around 13 to 19 years old are actively using this site to discover a buddy or a partner. But an immense number of members who sit in front of screens vary between 16 to 19 years of age.

Hosting fakes and scammers?

Fakes and scammers are often at MyLOL. It lacks the proper verification and screening process. But one can easily find fake profiles by going through their information. You can also report any misbehavior accounted for you to customer support.

Mobile application and Website

Mobile application and Website

MyLOL application

The layout and overall essence of the site and app are very fashionable and stylish. This is why a lot of teens are deceived with their specialties. MyLOL has its mobile application, which can be downloaded in Google Play Store and App Store for free. At the app, you can see different profiles, send messages, stickers, or pics, socialize, and ultimately happen in affection. No one can sit all day in front of the desktop, and if you have the mobile application, you can swiftly get on through your information. It will also increase your turns.

MyLOL Website

The MyLOL website helps you to identify the most effective out of the desktop variant. The design of the site is perfect and clean. The colors computed to the site are more friendly and comfortable. The navigation throughout the sides is easy and created for the user to not get dropped. Additionally, clicking the logo, it drives you back to the homepage. This desktop site is so agile and responsive. The user experience of this site is very supportive. Without any direction, you can discover the manner.

Can this application runs on a computer

Yes, you can operate the application on the computer desktop. It takes a few steps to complete. Firstly, you have to install Bluestacks on your personal computer to find the MyLOL application, which can be downloaded and installed. This method is only feasible for Windows users.

Browsers that MyLOL supports!

MyLOL website sustains on any kind of browsers. It also can be accessed in Apple’s Safari. It can be perused using the inbuilt mobile version with responsive abilities.

Why one having a hard time entering the site

After registering for MyLOL, you should verify the email account. Without confirming the email, you won’t be able to locate your profile. Other than that, you may enter the wrong details on the login page, which will defend you from entering the profile.



The interface of the MyLOL website and application is flawless. It consists of lots of details on its homepage and other pages. Navigation through the site and application is very easy to access.

The homepage of the site is loaded with data, which will guide the process completely. The site owes great fonts with precise size, and features are pretty obvious. It also has a lot of functionalities that can be reached even by a free subscribed user.

Enrollment process

Through this MyLOL review, you will find it very easy in the registration process. It takes only a few minutes to get on this site. Visit the MyLOL sign-in page; you have to enter your gender and as well as the gender of your date. After that, you have to enter a valid email address and select the password. Then you have to enter the perfect MyLOL username. From hereabouts, you’ll fill out some fundamental personal information. The registration process is simple. Once you have got your MyLOL login, you can sign in and start reaching new characters directly.

Whether unmatching MyLOL member is probable?

In MyLOL, you can easily unmatch the member. You have to navigate the profile of the member who you wanted to unmatch and click the downward arrow symbol, where you will find an “unmatch option.”

Age limit for registration

To use MyLOL, you should be at least 13 years old but not greater than 19 years of age. It is the dating site for teens, the majority of users from the States.

Account verification

Verification of the account in MyLOL can be skipped and done later. You can verify your account according to the details you have provided. If you have registered via Facebook or Twitter, you can directly verify the account in an additional new tab. If you have registered using Gmail, you have to log in and confirm your registration.

Email verification

Simple steps to verify the email address on the MyLOL website. After entering the valid email address, you have to log in to your account and check for the inbox’s recent messages. After finding the email confirmation, you should enter “Confirm registration”. Then you should log in to MyLOL using the email address and the password.

Registering using a Facebook or Twitter account

When you register using a Facebook or Twitter account, the members will find your social media handles easily, and you will track a connection outside the site and application. It will expand your profile by enumerating additional flavor.

Is it possible to use the site without signing in?

You cannot use the site without signing in, but you can register your account on the go in minutes at the MyLOL website. Users of this site also cannot access anonymously.

Profile set-up

Profile set-up

On the MyLOL website, you can fill out the profile after the registration process. Through this review, you can find all the necessary details. It requires very basic information about the members. Profile data only gives basic information, such as the age and location of the member. “About Me,” a section that can be filled with a biography essay. Some put their social media handles, but it is often neglected because it can be jumped through MyLOL registration. Everyone can upload posts and can vote the posts as “Hot,” Cute,” Wow,” or “OMG.”

Whether re-editing and deletion of pictures can be done in MyLOL?

The photos already uploaded can be deleted. New photos can be uploaded. You can post unlimited posts in the MyLOL website without any barrier.

How to edit my username in MyLOL?

Changing the username in the MyLOL website is doable. You should navigate to about me to change the username. There is no problem with changing the username anytime.

Any options to delete an MyLOL profile?

Yes, you can delete your MyLOL account. You have to click the gear symbol overlooking the username at the top-right edge of the homepage. At the bottom of the page, you will find the link “To delete your account, please click here” to delete your account.

What is the “Show on MyLOL” option? and what happens if one disable it?

It is the option that addresses you noticeable or hidden. If you disable the “show on MyLOL” option, your account will not be visible to other website members.

Can one edit or delete the details which are already submitted to MyLOL?

Yes, you can remove the data that you have previously submitted to the site by just opening “About Me” by the settings options. You can edit and eliminate all your estimable information.

Member search

It has a search with a lot of filters in it. You can easily find the right person on the MyLOL website.

Whether it is easy to find the MyLOL members whom you like?

One can easily find the liked profile using the search option. In the search bar, you have to enter the username, which is a more precise way of exploring or accepting back on them.

The different options in MyLOL member search

It has many member search options in MyLOL with filters; you can clarify your research by profile’s age, nation, and concerns. There is a unique feature called “Shout,” which enables members to post their noticeable status to everyone.

Can free members on MyLOL to get notifications about who likes them?

No, free subscribers cannot get notified with matches in the MyLOL website or application. Only they can send messages and make buddies. Premium members have this feature.


Joining and chattering with your new partner can be overwhelming. Every dating site has the primary chat option accessible. You can send and receive messages without any trouble on this site. As technology grows, the quality of the sites will also improve. There are unique connection features, such as voice and video chat. Don’t hesitate to send a message and build a conversation.

How can you start a conversation with someone on MyLOL?

In MyLOL, anyone can send messages freely unless someone blocks you. You will receive a lot of messages daily. Do find a perfect match and build a strong conversation.

How to message someone?

You can send emojis, images, and stickers to your match. Messaging is completely free on the MyLOL website.

Is sending messages free of cost?

Sending and receiving messages are free of cost on this site. You can send unlimited messages to any member across the globe for free.

How does someone get to know about the messages they receive from other members on MyLOL?

In the MyLOL website and its application, you will immediately be notified when you receive a new message. In the inbox, you will find the knowledge about the sender.

How to use and access the camera on MyLOL?

On this MyLOL website, you have to find the video chat option on the chat menu. To access this feature, you should be a premium member. You can also make voice calls, cool right!

How to do filter in messages on MyLOL?

You can filter member search by your preferred criteria. According to those preferences, you will find matches and receive messages from them.

Membership and Payments

Membership and Payments

MyLOL is currently the number 1 teen dating site in America, Australia, England, and Canada. It has more than 300,000 members all over the planet. Register now and meet many teenagers of your kind. It uses credits as its payments other than a monthly subscription:

  • 1 Week 3.95 USD
  • 1 Month 9.95 USD
  • 3 Months 20.85 USD
  • 6 Months 29.70 USD

Other than periodical subscription, you have to pay for credits to get add on features. You can pay for the credits using a Credit card and Pay Pal.

Free based Membership Features

In the MyLOL reviews, various free services based features are considered. You can sign up for free on this site, browse members, see members’ photos, chat and make friends, join forums, publish blogs, and post a shout-out.

Premium based Membership Features

Premium members benefited with many add-on features. Using this membership, you can view your profile visitors, know when chats are read, prioritized top in searches, and seek members who want to connect with you.

Does MyLOL offers best premium membership services

Yeah, MyLOL offers perfect premium services to its members across the earth, with a container sufficient of features.

How to cancel MyLOL membership?

You can easily cancel the subscriptions by yourself. For that, click the gear icon beside the username and find the Payment option under that “Premium membership” click cancel.

Can MyLOL membership be auto-renewed?

Yes, membership at MyLOL will be auto-renewed. It will notify you about the payment details and other stuff.

Is there any possibility to get refund for unused time

No, you won’t get back your money for your unused time on the MyLOL website. You can contact the customer service support for more queries. Its payments are mostly credit-based.

Will MyLOL automatically renewed every month for its subscription?

It takes simple steps to make auto-renewal for Premium membership on the MyLOL website. Click the gear icon beside the username and find the Payment option. Under “Renewal,” click on “Accept.”

Whether one can get back their money for not satisfaction with MyLOL?

If you are unsatisfied with the service of MyLOL, you can report the problems to customer support. However, you can’t get back your money from them. So, always do researches and do read review articles such as MyLOL reviews.

Does MyLOL expenditures will add on one’s credit card bill?

According to the expenditure on the website, your billing will be done. As already said, it is a credit-based payment. You will avail of many credits for spending on many add-on features. Those will be calculated, and the total gross will be charged beneath the website’s legal name.

Can MyLOL offers support from one member?

On the MyLOL website, you can directly assist other members. It also doesn’t have the refer and earn option.

Can you subscribe for just a month?

Yeah, you can support for a month or even for a week subscription is available. According to the need, you can support your plans on the MyLOL. Other than periodic subscription, you should pay for credits.

Safety and Security in MyLOL

Many adults portray themselves as teenagers on this site to cover up other members. Before entering a dating site, one should always think of their safety and security first. Without any actual research, one shouldn’t provide valuable information to the suspected scammers.

Privacy factors in MyLOL

It provides 24/7 customer service support, which is very active on this site. It is very user-friendly in secrecy issues. It obeys strict guidelines in the behavioral boundaries of its users.

Does MyLOL encrypts the chats?

In the MyLOL website or application, the chats are encrypted end to end by SSL. It is hard to decode the encryptions of the information while transmitting it.

Can MyLOL tracks your activities?

It collects information about the member’s activity, all regarding the time they used on the site, the sites they have attended, etc. Other details such as member’s location, browser type and version, operating system, and device are visible.

Can MyLOL be traced by the police?

Cyberpolice will do their job, but it won’t reach your data on the site or track your messages.

Where to confess the privacy issues in MyLOL?

If your queries regarding the privacy immediately contact the customer support service. They will find a solution regarding the issue. Don’t ever hesitate to confess your problem. Customer help will be active 24/7.


Safety is a big concern in dating sites; ensuring safety is a skill to be obtained before entering the dating sites. MyLOL website consists of many fakes and scammers in it because it lacks proper screening.

Does MyLOL Forums threads are moderated?

Yeah, the forum threads are moderated on the MyLOL website. It holds the posted messages, and later it will be temporarily archived.

What is the consequences will one face for using MyLOL Account to solicit money?

Members who misbehave will be immediately blocked and reported. Their account will be banned permanently.

Banned account

Any misbehavior activity was found and reported; the MyLOL website will ban that particular account immediately.

Why can’t one access MyLOL?

If your account was banned, then you can’t sign-in to your profile after every possible way.

How long does MyLOL bans someone?

MyLOL website bans a member permanently for their misbehavior activity. The member may try for justification to reactivate the account.

Do someone gets reactivated after banned from the site?

MyLOL will implement a lifetime ban for the account. To reactivate the ban’s account, one should try to prove them or create a new account with different details.

Protect yourself

One should not rely on others for protection. If you enter into such sites, do proper research before registering for an account. You should know what to do next and so on for protecting yourself. You can contact customer support anytime at MyLOL.

Blocking and suspecting the scammers

It is easy to find the fakes and scammers through their information in the profile. If you find accounts like that, then navigate through their profile and block and report them.

Information that shouldn’t be posted on MyLOL

There are plenty of details that shouldn’t be posted on dating sites, so much information shouldn’t be outspoken. You should never post your bank details; you should never give your address on sites like this. Don’t post that you have left your house for vacation and all. Everyone should be careful in their move on dating and other sites.

Help and Support

MyLOL website provides instant help and support for its members. It has 24/7 priority customer service support. You can contact https://www.mylol.com/contact.asp for reporting your queries and problems.

Real life review

MyLOL website is the best dating site for teenagers. It has many special features for both free and fee-based members. It has active members from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Though it has many features and specialties, it lacks safety and security. It should strengthen its verification process. It has an enormous amount of fakes and scammers, which will affect privacy issues. All the MyLOL reviews point only to this issue. Besides safety, MyLOL stands out to be the best teenage dating platform.

MyLOL is the best dating site/app?

Through various researches and by the MyLOL review, it is one of the top teen dating sites from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Is it safe on MyLOL?

No, it is not the safest dating site. It has many fakes and scammers. By strengthening the verification process, it will be on top.

MyLOL, a hook-up app?

The main intent of the site is to connect teens across the world. But it is not mean for hook-ups; it is for making friends with guys.

Is MyLOL free?

Yes, MyLOL provides many features for free members. They can also send and receive messages through a free account.

What is MyLOL’s working progress?

MyLOL follows a very simple algorithm in connecting teens. It connects the mutual interest profiles. Thus, pairs are formed.

Does MyLOL consists of fakes and scammers?

There are many scammers, and fake profiles are found on the MyLOL website and application. In spite, they can be easily found, blocked, and reported.

Alternative for MyLOL

By our MyLOL review, there are few suggestions for alternative sites like this. They are,

  • MeetMe,
  • Hot or Not,
  • Scout,
  • Yubo.

Contact us

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Address: 2300 Rue du Barachois Suite 505, Quebec, Canada, G2C 0G3

E-mail: support@mylol.com

Final thoughts

MyLOL encourages teens to find their mates across the world. It does help the teens for their desires. But it misses out on the safety and security of the teens. With some adjustments in its verification process, the website will fly in colors.

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