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NaughtyDate Review: Great Dating Site?

NaughtyDate Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 16%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 26-34
Profiles 3 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are lots of active profiles on the site.
  • Subscription fees are moderate.
  • The NaughtyDate dating app is available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Free members can use some dating services.
  • Premium members enjoy lots of dating services.
  • Admin is active on the website.
  • The matching algorithm is elaborate.
  • The member search feature is quite elaborate.
  • Many users complain of fake profiles contacting them.
  • Profile verification does not seem to be thorough.
  • Free members are restricted to a few dating services.

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NaughtyDate is a very popular dating site that has been around for more than 10 years. It seeks to connect singles that want to hook up or have casual relationships. Naughty Date is owned and run by Together Networks. Although NaughtyDate claims to be a hookup dating site, members cannot post sexually explicit photos.

NaughtyDate targets members from the US. It also allows members from all other countries. The purpose of the website is to create hookup opportunities for its members. Dating with no strings attached is a sort of creed on NaughtyDate.

NaughtyDate review: Great Dating Site?

How Many Languages Does NaughtyDate Support?

NaughtyDate is written in English. It can be translated into Spanish and Dutch using the Chrome browser.

Who Owns NaughtyDate?

NaughtyDate is owned and run by Together Networks. They also run another dating site that is also popular.

So Where Is NaughtyDate Based Now?

NaughtyDate owners are based in the British Virgin Islands.

When Was NaughtyDate Founded?

There is no information available about it.

Is NaughtyDate Available Worldwide?

NaughtyDate is available to people worldwide. The main requirement is for members to be 18 or above.

Special Features

NaughtyDate offers similar features found on most dating sites. They include:


This is the messaging feature on NaughtyDate. It is available to paid members. Free members get only 5 chats upon account activation.

NaughtyDate offers both basic and advanced search features. Paid members can use the extended search feature while standard members can only use the basic search.


Flirtcasts are used to indicate interest in other members. Both free and paid members can send flirts on NaughtyDate

Public Chatrooms

NaughtyDate members can create and join public chatrooms. The chatroom discussions are moderated by NaughtyDate admins.

Audience Quality

NaughtyDate boasts of an active community. Users’ comments on NaughtyDate reviews confirm that new profiles are communicated within five minutes of signup. However, there are complaints that fake profiles often welcome new members. The members comprise mainly people who would like to flirt and hookup without any serious commitments. Most of the members are from the U.S and Europe. The site language is mainly English.

Age Distribution

NaughtyDate has more male profiles than female profiles. The respective percentage of male to female accounts is 77% to 23%. The average age distributions on the dating site are as follows:

  • 18 – 25: 10%
  • 26 – 35: 20%
  • 36 – 45: 30%
  • 46 – 55: 20%
  • 56 – 65: 10%
  • 66+: 10%

Fakes And Scammers

Fakes and scammer profiles do surface on most dating websites. However, it is observed from users’ numerous complaints that NaughtyDate is reputed for housing lots of fake profiles. Reports of scams on NaughtyDate is relatively minimal.

Mobile App And Website

NaughtyDate website is clean and clutter-free. It is relatively fast and can be accessed worldwide without restrictions. NaughtyDate does not have a mobile app at present. Instead, it adopts a mobile-friendly mobile version of the site. Both the desktop and mobile versions are neat and user-friendly. The mobile site can be reached when you visit m.NaughtyDate.com. All mobile devices will be able to access the NaughtyDate website without hassles.

NaughtyDate App

NaughtyDate does not have a mobile app version presently. What is available, is the mobile site version of the NaughtyDate website. This version is optimized for all kinds of mobile devices. There is no need to download any app. Simply visit m.NaughtyDate.com on your device to access the mobile version. The mobile version loads quickly and does not require a super-fast internet connection before working well.

NaughtyDate Website

The desktop version of NaughtyDate can be accessed anytime by visiting www.NaughtyDate.com on PC.

Can I Use The App Using My Computer?

You can use your computer to access NaughtyDate website. There is no pc app for NaughtyDate.

Which Browsers Support NaughtyDate?

NaughtyDate website opens nicely on major mobile and pc browsers. Some of the browsers we found excellent include Moxilla Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera browsers

Which Browsers Support NaughtyDate?

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Entering The Site?

NaughtyDate website is relatively easily accessible from anywhere. However, you may have problems entering the site is you are browsing with an outdated browser. You can simply update your browser and try accessing the site again. Another reason for access denial may be due to the use of a VPN. The website may deny visitors access if it notices the use of a VPN.


Both the mobile and the desktop version of NaughtyDate have a cool interface. There is no heavy use of colors. Just a basic white background with red and black texts. The menu is arranged at the top of the page. It is easy to access almost all the essential features available to members in the login area from the top of the page..

Registration Process

The registration process on NaughtyDate is quite simple. New visitors need to choose their gender and that of whom they seek. This is followed by age, email address, and password. After submitting the details, a verification code is sent to the email address supplied. The new member is required to copy the verification code into a box to verify the new account. The process takes about five minutes, give or take. The sooner you receive the verification code, the faster you can activate your account and get going.

Presently, NaughtyDate does not offer Facebook registration. After verifying the new account through email, new members must upload a profile photo to complete the account activation. Without a photo upload, the NaughtyDate account will not be available for the new member to access.

NaughtyDate scrutinizes profile photos and approves them before they are displayed on members’ profiles. Profile photos must be free from copyright infringement. You may not use photos of celebrities as your profile photos. You need a clear headshot of yourself without any pornography or offensive items such as drugs. Once your photo is approved, your account is fully activated. You can go on to fill your profile information.

Can I Unmatch An NaughtyDate Member?

There is no specific feature available to unmatch a profile on NaughtyDate. You may block the profile instead.

How Old Should You Be To Register On NaughtyDate?

Anyone who wishes to register on NaughtyDate must be at least 18 years old

Which Ways Can I Verify My Account?

There is compulsory email verification for new members. You will receive a verification code in your email when you sign up on NaughtyDate. Use the verification code to confirm that your account is genuine.

How Do I Verify My Email?

After registration, wait until you receive the account verification email. If you did not receive it within five minutes, click Reset verification code. Once you receive the message, click on the link, and fill in the verification code accurately.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

At present, NaughtyDate does not allow registrations via Facebook accounts. You can only register using email and password.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

You can only see site information, read terms of service, and see some featured profiles without signup. To access more features on NaughtyDate, you must sign up.

Profile Set-Up

After successful registration, you can fill in profile information. You will be required to fill in your info. Personal info includes sexual orientation, hair color, ethnicity, body shape. You can also describe the kind of people you are interested in by filling the ‘Looking For’ box. Your location and profile photos will also be displayed on your profile.

You may choose to complete all the profile information or supply only the ones you feel are necessary. Although admin will not force you to fill all the profile information, it is good to fill most of them so you can get better matches.

Can I Delete A Photo That I Uploaded In NaughtyDate?

You can delete any of your previously uploaded photos by going to your profile in the login area. Hold your mouse on the photo and some options will pop up. From the list of options, select Remove/delete photos. Confirm the action and the photo is removed.

How Do I Edit My Username In NaughtyDate?

NaughtyDate does not allow members to change their usernames after signup. It is better to be clear about the username you prefer to use before registering on the site.

Is There An Option To Delete Your NaughtyDate Profile?

If you want to delete your NaughtyDate account, you can do so from the member area. You may also contact admin to help you delete your account. Before the admin agrees to delete your account, you will be asked some questions about your experience with NaughtyDate. If you can convince admin, your account will be deleted.

What Happens If I Disable The “Show Me On NaughtyDate” Option?

If you disable Show me on NaughtyDate, your profile will not be part of featured profiles that are displayed for new members. This may limit your profile exposure to only the search results of other members. However, if you value privacy so much, you can choose to disable this feature.

Can I Delete The Information That I’ve Already Submitted To NaughtyDate?

You may delete some of the information you previously supplied on your profile. However, you cannot delete your username unless you want to delete your account.

Can I Delete The Information That I've Already Submitted To NaughtyDate?

Member search on NaughtyDate depends on the type of membership. Free or standard members can use the basic search while members with paid subscriptions use the extended search. An extended search offers more filters and more perfect search results.

Is It Possible To See The NaughtyDate Members Who I Liked?

Free members can see the list of those who they liked by checking the Activity menu in the login area. From there, free members can send winks and flirtcasts.

What Are The Different Options Of NaughtyDate Search?

There are two search features on NaughtyDate – Basic search and Extended search. A basic search is available to free members. It uses a few filters and can search by location and gender.

The extended search uses multiple filters to narrow in on search results. The search results on Extended Search have greater matching properties than those of the Basic search.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On NaughtyDate If You Are A Free Member?

Free members can view who liked their profiles by checking Likes under the Activity menu in the login area.


The messaging feature is basically for paid members. Free members get only 5 free chats. They must upgrade their membership by paying for a subscription plan before they can use the messaging service. Free members will receive notifications when they receive messages from other members but they will not be able to reply to those messages. Only paid members can send and reply to messages.

How Can You Start Messaging With Someone On NaughtyDate?

To start using the messaging service, you must subscribe to a paid plan. After subscription, locate the profile that you want to send a message. Click the chat icon on the profile to send your message.

How Can I Message Someone?

To message someone on NaughtyDate, search the member’s profile. Click on the profile and locate the Chat menu below the profile picture. Click the Chat icon to reveal the message box. Type your message and press Enter or click Send to send the chats.

Is Sending Messages Free?

All new members get 5 free chats. Once the free chats are exhausted, they must pay for a subscription to continue to send messages.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On NaughtyDate?

Whether you use your phone or desktop computer to access NaughtyDate website, you will receive notifications as soon as someone sends you a message.

How Do I Use The Camera On NaughtyDate?

You can use your device on the NaughtyDate mobile site to access your profile. Select your profile manager and click Add Photos. You will find an option that prompts you to take photos with a smartphone camera.

How Can I Filter Who Can Message Me On NaughtyDate?

You can start by blocking profiles that you do not wish to receive communications from. You may also change privacy settings in your login area to activate an anonymous profile. Once you activate an anonymous profile, you limit the number of free members that can access your profile. You can also tweak your privacy settings to allow only your friends to see your profile. Once your profile is less visible, you will receive lesser messages.

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

NaughtyDate offers a premium plan that allows single or multiple months subscriptions outlined as follows

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Cost: $39.00
  • Average cost per month: $39.00
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Cost: $65.70
  • Average cost per month: $21.90

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Cost: $106.20
  • Average cost per month: $17.70

NaughtyDate accepts PayPal, major debit cards, and bank wire for subscription payments. As shown above, members save costs when they subscribe for multiple months on a go.

Membership Price And Other Payment Method

Free Membership Features

Account registration: You don’t have to pay anything before you can create an account on NaughtyDate.

View friends’ profiles: As a free member, you can view other member’s profiles and their profile photos. However, free members cannot see the enlarged version of other members’ profile photos. The small-sized photos are still clear enough to get a clue as to how the owner of the profile looks.

Send Flirtcasts: Flirtcasts are features used to indicate interest in other members. Standard members can use this unlimited feature.

Search feature: Standard members can search for profiles of persons living close to them and connect with them.

View messages in public chat rooms: Standard members can also follow the conversations of other members on the public chatrooms.

Send Wink to other members: This is common to most dating sites. NaughtyDate allows standard members to send winks for free.

Access feed sections: The feeds section is where members get vital community information on NaughtyDate. This is also free for all members.

Free Chats: Every new member gets 5 free chats on NaughtyDate. Once the free chat is exhausted, the user must subscribe to continue using the service.

Premium Membership Features

Unlimited chats: Premium members can continue chatting for as long as their subscriptions last.

Advanced search: Paid members can also use multiple filters on the Advanced search to narrow in on search results.

View bigger photos: As a paid member, you can view the large size of other members’ profile pictures.

Share photos and videos: If you have an active subscription, you can send videos and photos in your chats.

Premium support: Paid members are given priority when support responds to members’ inquiries.

‘Looking for’ info: This service helps members to locate certain features on NaughtyDate’s website.

Does NaughtyDate Offer Premium Membership?

NaughtyDate offers premium memberships for specific durations. Members can choose from one month to six months of subscriptions.

How Do I Cancel My NaughtyDate Membership?

You can cancel subscriptions from your member area. Go to My Account and manage your subscriptions. Alternatively, you can call the support team to assist you.

Is NaughtyDate Membership Auto-Renewed?

Your subscription to NaughtyDate premium services is automatically set to renew for the specific duration you choose once a subscription expires. You may choose to leave the auto-renewal active or you can deactivate it.

Can I Get A Refund For Unused Time?

Once you subscribe, you are expected to use all of NaughtyDate’s premium service during your subscription period. Where a user is not able to use the services for a while, NaughtyDate does not give a refund.

Is My Subscription To NaughtyDate Automatically Renewed Every Month?

Your subscription to NaughtyDate is renewed periodically by default. However, you can choose to allow autorenewal or deactivate it.

I Am Not Satisfied With The NaughtyDate. Can I Get A Refund?

We have checked lots of websites on NaughtyDate reviews and found that users do not get a refund when they are unsatisfied with the dating services. You may still try asking the support team for a refund if you feel uncomfortable with their services.

How Will My NaughtyDate Subscription Appear On My Billing Page?

You should see the basic details of your account which includes your name and current membership status. You will see the plan you are paying for and how much it costs. You should also see fields that will accept your payment information.

Can I Pay For Other NaughtyDate Members’ Subscriptions?

You can subscribe for your friends.on NaughtyDate. Simply ask an admin and you will be guided on how to do so.

Can I Pay For Just A Month Premium Plan?

NaughtyDate offers a single month plan which you can use to test their dating services. However, subscribing for one month is costlier on the average when compared with a 3 and 6 months subscription.

Can I Pay For Just A Month Premium Plan?

Is NaughtyDate Really Safe?

All dating sites have a degree of risks associated with using them. Site managers and users are both responsible for safety while using the site. NaughtyDate uses a secure web protocol to keep member’s payment information safe. They also review profile pictures and verify accounts upon registration.

Privacy In NaughtyDate

Members can control what kind of information they share on NaughtyDate. NaughtyDate allows members to keep incomplete profiles. Premium members can also use anonymous profile features if they choose.

Are NaughtyDate Chats Encrypted?

NaughtyDate chats are end-to-end encrypted to prevent spyware from listening in on members’ conversations.

Can NaughtyDate Track You Down?

NaughtyDate can trace members’ locations easily. However, except for cases where criminal offenses have been suspected, there is no need to track any member.

Can NaughtyDate Be Traced By The Police?

NaughtyDate has a physical office location. Their office can be traced by police and other members who wish to ascertain the company location.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy In NaughtyDate?

You can simply ask NaughtyDate’s support center about any questions regarding your privacy.


Make sure you use a separate email for dating services. You should also report or block suspicious accounts if you feel the need to do so. Be sure that you adhere to normal website safety tips to remain protected. Also, don’t trust strangers too soon. Meet your dates in public places if you can.

Are NaughtyDate Chatrooms Moderated?

NaughtyDate operates public chatrooms instead of forums. The admins are always checking on the public chats to make sure they do not break site rules. Users are expected to use simple language that is free from insults and discriminations when addressing other users.

What May Happen To A Member Who Uses A NaughtyDate Account To Solicit Money?

NaughtyDate does not allow its members to use their accounts to solicit for money. It would amount to breaking site rules and may attract a ban.

Banned Account

NaughtyDate tries to ensure strict compliance site rules by guiding users and banning those who ere for some time. Banned accounts are automatically activated after the ban period elapse. Users can also call the support team to appeal or remove bans on their accounts.

Why Can’t I Access My NaughtyDate Account?

You may not be able to access your account on NaughtyDate if you input your password incorrectly. The site is case sensitive so check your Caps lock before typing your password. You may also have issues accessing your account if it has been banned by the admin. You will get a notification if your account has been banned.

How Long Do NaughtyDate Bans Last?

Ban periods can range from 24 hours to one month. The ban period often depends on the gravity of the offense.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned ccount?

Banned accounts are automatically reactivated after the ban period elapses. If your account is still unavailable after the ban period, contact the support center for help.

Protect Yourself

You can protect yourself by first using a separate email address to register for dating sites. You can also protect your account by using a strong password. Strong passwords often contain a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. You should also change your privacy settings in the login area to suit your preferences.

How Can I Block And Report Suspicious rofiles?

It is easy to block any suspicious profile. You can click on the profile of the target and check around the profile photos for the Block User menu. You can also block suspicious profiles from the message center if you have received a message from the profile.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your NaughtyDate Account?

Generally speaking, NaughtyDate does not permit members to post offensive information on their bios. Also, personal information that members are not comfortable sharing with other members should not be posted.

Which Information Shouldn't Be Posted In Your NaughtyDate Account?

Help And Support

NaughtyDate support team can be reached via email or by calling their hotline. It is observed that premium members get priority attention from the support team. This means if free members need help from support, they will need to wait a bit longer.

Real Life Review

The NaughtyDate website is secured. Members’ transaction details are kept safe. The chats are also encrypted end-to-end. Admin also uses its email and profile photo verification processes to weed fake profiles from real ones. Although NaughtyDate is a hookup site, members are not allowed to post nudes or offensive photos.

Is NaughtyDate The Best Dating Site/App?

NaughtyDate has the potentials to be among the best dating sites if it can redeem its online reputation and ensure more people share honest positive experiences on its reviews.

Is NaughtyDate Safe?

NaughtyDate admins moderate public chatrooms. They also approve profile photos. The site also uses a secure web protocol. These are some safety measures members can enjoy. However, members should also take care of while using the site. You should block any profile that you find suspicious or report such a profile to the support team.

Is NaughtyDate A Hook-Up App?

NaughtyDate does not offer a dating app for mobile devices. However, there is a mobile version of NaughtyDate website that is optimized for most devices.

Is NaughtyDate Free?

Registration on NaughtyDate is free. Members may decide to remain free members or upgrade their accounts by paying for a subscription.

How Does NaughtyDate Work?

You must be 18 to register on NaughtyDate. After registration, you must confirm your email address by clicking the verification link sent to your email. Account creation is only complete after you have uploaded an approved profile picture. Admin ensures compliance with site rules. Once your account is set, you can begin to connect with other members. You can also pay for a subscription to get access to more dating services.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On NaughtyDate?

There are complaints about lots of fake profiles on NaughtyDate reviews. NaughtyDate admin says some of the profiles were created by its employees to measure customer satisfaction with their dating services. However, some users accuse the profiles of luring new members to upgrade to premium.

Alternative Sites Like NaughtyDate

Other sites that offer dating services and have somewhat better online reputation compared to NaughtyDate include:

  • EliteSingles.com
  • Cupid.com
  • UpForIt

Contact Information

Company: Together Networks Holdings Limited

Address: P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Phone: +63-2-2711792

E-Mail: support@NaughtyDate.com


NaughtyDate is just another popular dating site that allows people to hook up casually. It has its safety measures in place. However, the incidence of fake profiles reported on the website is quite alarming. If you must join NaughtyDate, you should be wary of these issues.

NaughtyDate is suitable for people who are not looking for committed relationships. It is meant for those who just want to hook up and have more friends. It also has features typical of a casual dating site. U.S citizens should be able to find NaughtyDate users around them.

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