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NudistFriends Review: Is It A Good Dating Site?

NudistFriends Review: Is It A Good Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 38%
Reply rate 82%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 20-40
Profiles 1.150.200
About Site
Visit rate 9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It helps you connect with other nudist adepts
  • It helps you connect with other nudist adepts
  • You can find people who share the same passion as you
  • The site is for nudism, not pornography
  • There are almost one million members worldwide
  • Messaging is only for premium members
  • Depending on where you live, you will not find many members nearby
  • There is no NudistFriends app available for Android or iOS.

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You can find plenty of NudistFriends reviews out there, and because of that, this review was written carefully to include all decisive details you can’t find anywhere else. You will learn every relevant piece of information about the site and a bit more so you can decide whether the platform is worth your time or not. Below you will read about the ups and downs of the site. That will help you have an accurate first view of the NudistFriends website.



Launched back in 2001 by SuccessfulMatch, NudistFriends caters to the nudist community. It is an ever-growing community that has already reached 800,000 users on the site. Even though it shows signs of growth year after year, it is a small number of practitioners. Because of that, the site offers detailed information about nudism for those who might be interested in it. That way, more people become aware of how it works and may feel comfortable going to nudist beaches, clubs and find a nudist partner.

How Does NudistFriends Work?

In this NudistFriends review, you will see that the site works in a very intuitive way. All you have to do is register with your basic credentials and start looking for other nudists. It is allowed to post naked pictures of yourself, but you can’t post sexually explicit content. There is a big difference between the two things.

On the site, you can explore forums and blogs to meet other people and to find out where are the best nudist hubs.

In this NudistFriends review, more details on how the site works are expanded. You will find plenty of information that other NudistFriends reviews ignore.

Signing Up At NudistFriends

Signing up at NudistFriends is quite a simple task, but that doesn’t mean the site is unsafe. The site asks only a few pieces of information at first, comprising:

  • Whether you are a man/woman/couple
  • Looking for men/women/couples
  • Age
  • Email address

After you fill all this information in, there is a short note: “A Service Agreement and a separate Privacy Policy govern the relationship between NudistFriends.com and all of its members. To become one of our members, you need to review and agree to the terms and conditions of both agreements and check the “Agree” box below. If you disagree, you will not be given access to the site.”

Then you need to click on the box to agree and complete your registration.

Rather than registering with your email, you can also choose to register with your Facebook account. That should be even quicker.

How To Make Contact

How To Make Contact

On the NudistFriends website, you can readily search for people and like or dismiss suggested matches that show up to you through the “Let’s Match” feature. The site lets you build a list of favorites and send up to 50 winks each day. The best thing is to send messages to those you’re interested in on Instant Messenger. This dating platform has implemented features of many other sites to help users find the perfect nudist partner.

Even though the site reserves many features only for premium members, such as the chat, there are still other features available for standard members. Although getting access to the messenger is what everyone wants, you can explore the site with the basic features and see if it is worth the money. You can’t start a conversation by being a free member, but you can answer messages.

Other ways of communicating on the site include blogs and forums. Even though you will not have the ability to start private conversations to tell what you are about, you can meet new people and talk to them in these places inside the site. It also helps build a sense of community for nudists.

On blogs and forums, you can find information about places to go and find other nudists. Perhaps you can discover new nudist beaches, saunas, or campsites where you can go to relax and meet new people.

Profiles At NudistFriends

It is always best to fill your profiles with as much information as possible at any dating site. Putting up a complete and detailed profile raises your chances of getting laid. Even if what you will see on NudistFriends feels very relaxed, it is best to show what you are all about in case you want to get results.

As already mentioned, NudistFriends does not tolerate pornographic content. Even though people post nude pictures of themselves (after all, it is a place for nudists), you can’t post sex videos or images or any visual material that is minimally sexual. This dating platform is for Naturism, not for pornography.

On the NudistFriends website, you can upload a maximum of 26 photos to your profile, and you can categorize each one of them as public or private. Private albums aren’t available to everyone, but only those to which you give your permission. Still, you should take into account that moderators see all your uploaded content. That way, you can’t hide forbidden material in private galleries.

Almost half of users on NudistFriends live in the USA, meaning it might be a little harder for people of other countries to find nudists nearby. Other countries present on the site include Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Spain. The gender proportion is well balanced, with 51% of women and 49% of men.

Profiles At NudistFriends

What is interesting about NudistFriends is that most members on the site are above 34 years old. Even though it is common to think that young people are the freest with their bodies, it seems that the nudist lifestyle is more appealing to older people. Perhaps older people can dissociate nudity and sex and experience nudism with more maturity.

Profiles on NudistFriends are somewhat discreet, as there is no need to write many things. What you will see on a profile includes:

  • Age
  • Whether the profile belongs to a man, woman, or couple
  • Location
  • Public albums
  • Options to: message, add to favorites, send a free wink, ask out now, see more like this member

How To Avoid Fake Profiles

On a site like NudistFriends, it is quite unlikely that you will find many fake profiles. The site doesn’t have even one million members. Because of that, most members, if not truly all of them, are legit nudists looking to make new friends and find other nudists interested in a romantic or sexual relationship.

However, you can’t be sure about that. In any case, it is always smart to keep yourself safe as much as possible. To do that, you should never disclose private information to people you just met on the site (and anywhere else on the internet). If you feel like someone is a fake or a scammer, you can block and report them. That way, moderators will check on your report and do whatever applies.

Design and Usability

The site is very user-friendly in design and usability. Although it does not look super modern, it can keep up with most social media as it has the main features a new member might need. It is intuitive for members and lets them express themselves with comfort and unafraid of too much exposure.

While the site is simple in design and straight to the point, it also offers plenty of content for all members. There are features shaped like forums that help members connect. Others help new nudists learn everything about nudism.

NudistFriends’ App

NudistFriends’ App

NudistFriends is only available as a website right now. There is no NudistFriends app for iOS or Android, but you can still access the site on your phone through your preferred browser.

Special Features

There are plenty of special features on NudistFriends that help all nudists connect. Some of them also make up for the lack of a messaging system for free members.

Certified Nudist

The site will make you a certified member by printing a specific document, taking pictures of yourself clothed and naked with it, and uploading them to the site. When you are a certified nudist, you get a logo to brag about it on your profile.

When you are a certified nudist, you get much more engagement from other members. You also get listed in the list of Certified Nudists. Becoming a Certified Nudist shows other members that you are legit and not only a fake or scammer.

First Date Ideas

This feature is a type of blog where users can write their ideas about ideal first dates. It helps all members that never dated other nudists. Moreover, it also gives incredible insights to those looking for inspiration. If you have plenty of suggestions you’d like to share, this feature is the place for it.

First Nudist Experiences

NudistFriends claims to be one of the safest places for nudists on the internet. More than claiming it, the site offers all types of tools and provides information for new nudism enthusiasts. On the First Nudist Experiences, you can read about other members’ experiences with nudism and learn a lot. You can even share your experiences and get a sense of community.

Nudist Dating Advice

You will find great dating tips written down by moderators of the site and members in this section. As the end-goal of NudistFriends is to help nudists date, this feature is very welcome. It includes tips both for dating with a nudist and in the situation where you are a nudist, but your date is not.

Let’s Meet

This feature is what truly makes up for the lack of a message system for free members. It is the most exciting place on the site where you can meet many new people. With this feature, you can see profiles that you can like or dislike. It remembers the swiping on Tinder and attempts to speed up the connecting process.

You can get matched to a person when you like them, and they like you back. When that happens, you can send a message right away or expect to receive one.

NudistFriends’ Costs

NudistFriends’ Costs

On the NudistFriends website, members can acquire a Gold Membership that unlocks new features that help communicate with more quality and speed. The prices of Gold Membership are as follows:

  • 6 months cost $95,95 ($15,99/month)
  • 3 months cost $59,95 ($19,98/month)
  • 1 month costs $29,95

Basic Membership

The basic membership on NudistFriends lets you explore plenty of features, even if you can’t chat. By being a free member on the platform, what you can do includes:

  • Like profiles on the Let’s Meet feature
  • Use advanced tools to edit blog and forum messages
  • View and answer Fun Questions
  • Ask for permission to see private albums
  • Become a Certified Nudist

Premium Membership

On the other hand, with a premium membership, you get access to all of the site’s features. Features you unlock when you pay for a Gold Membership include:

  • Messenger
  • The ability to see how often a user replies to messages
  • Access the list of Certified Nudists
  • Showing up at the top on searches
  • Getting highlighted

Coupons on NudistFriends

NudistFriends doesn’t deal with coupons in any way. They don’t provide those and also don’t accept them.

Verification & Safety

Verification & Safety

The staff working at NudistFriends has the safety of users as the top priority. Moderators work endlessly to eliminate fake profiles and scammers. Their coders work hard to make sure crackers don’t leak information about users.

Is NudistFriends Scam?

In no way. NudistFriends is one of the most legit dating sites out there. It only caters to the niche of nudists and enthusiasts who are getting into nudism but is one of the safest sites to find a romantic partner.

Is NudistFriends legit?

Yes. NudistFriends is a site recognized by the nudist community since its foundation in 2001.

Is NudistFriends Anonymous?

No. All information there is to know about the site is available online.

Problems With NudistFriends

No dating platform is perfect for all users, and some of them will complain about bugs or lack of features on forums online. In this section, you can read some of the most common complaints about NudistFriends.

One of the major complaints about NudistFriends is its lack of a messaging system for free members. That is understandable, as being able to message other members is crucial in any dating platform. However, sites that adopt this strategy are protecting their valued members from fake profiles and scammers. When you acquire a premium membership, you know you will only get in touch with legit members.

Another complaint is that there is no app. That is a failure, for sure. Perhaps in the future, the company will develop an app that brings more people to the platform. This problem is directly related to another complaint: the low number of members. Maybe one of the factors affecting such lack of interest in the site is that there is no app available.

Help & Support

If you are a member of NudistFriends and needs help with anything, you can reach their FAQ and read about problems you might be facing. If the FAQ can’t help you, you can reach their support team here: https://www.nudistfriends.com/contact

Alternatives to NudistFriends

Do you want to discover other options to find nudists/naturists? Then, there are only a few other sites and apps made especially for nudism.


Naturism is an app that lets you discover beaches, saunas, campsites, and hotels that welcome nudists. Moreover, the app has a feature for you to create a profile and meet other nudists.

Nudist Compass

Nudist Compass works the same way as Naturism. You can find places that welcome nudists, and you can also talk to other nudism enthusiasts.



What Is NudistFriends Used For?

Nudists use this dating site to connect to other nudists and start romantic relationships.

Is NudistFriends A Real Dating Site?

Yes, NudistFriends is a real dating site where you can connect to other nudists.

How To Delete Your Account At NudistFriends?

To delete your account, click on “Settings” under your main photo icon in the upper right corner of the top bar. Choose “Membership,” then click on the “Disable account” tab and select “Delete Account.” Then enter your password and hit the “Delete account” button.

Contact Information

Company: SuccessfulMatch

Address: SuccessfulMatch / NudistFriends.com, 10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160, Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6, Canada


As a niche dating site, NudistFriends offers a lot for its users. When you are into specific things, sometimes it is hard to find other people who like the same thing. However, NudistFriends makes it easier for nudists to find other enthusiasts. On the site, you can share all about your love for being naked, and you can find partners to do that romantically. It helps you discover places where you can be a nudist, too. If you were on the lookout for a nudist dating site, NudistFriends is your number one option.

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