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UkraineDate Review: Great Dating Site

UkraineDate Review: Great Dating Site
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 83%
Beauty 74%
Popular age 18-30
Profiles 900 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are lots of girls who want to chat;
  • Girls on UkraineDate feel like traveling;
  • It is pretty popular.
  • It costs money;
  • Some users find the design boring.

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Ukrainian girls tend to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Because of misunderstandings with local men, they often look for their fate abroad. UkraineDate was created for such purposes. You can find females for close relationships and just for flirt. This article shows the complete review of the UkraineDate website and will give a reasonable mark to it.

UkraineDate Review: Great Dating Site

The Number Of Supported Languages On UkraineDate

UkraineDate review’s investigation shows that users communicate in English as a rule. It is explained by the difference in the user’s location. Women are mainly from Ukraine, whereas men can be from Europe or the United States.

Who Possesses UkraineDate?

Cupid Media group is an owner of the UkraineDate website. Its possession has several dating platforms that specialize in dating for Ukrainian, Russian, Caribbean, Japanese, and many other girls. Speaking about UkraineDate, it is considered to be one of the fastest dating websites.

So, Where Is UkraineDate Emplaced At Present?

UkraineDate reviews inform that the company works in online regulations. The whole team has long-distance tasks, and there’s no problem for them to create new projects all over the world.

How Long Time Ago Was UkraineDate Set Up?

It is essential to say that Cupid Media group is very experienced as it was buttoned in 2000. The company has created the whole niche, and the UkraineDate website is included in this list. The result of their job is various dates around the world.

Is UkraineDate Sourced Worldwide?

According to the name of the website, girls are only Ukrainian. UkraineDate reviews inform that foreign men value Slavonic females because of their beauty and charm. This dating platform is available worldwide, and the principal quantity of men is from France, Turkey, Germany, the USA, and Ukraine.

Distinctive Features

Many dating sites try to develop their features to stand out from the crowd. UkraineDate is not an exception.

Cupid Tags

UkraineDate reviews claim that it is the best characteristic of the person as far as he or she chooses what to write about themselves. Top best facts are called Cupid Tags, and they pop up with your account. It is very convenient because, despite the photo, you can see some necessary information.


This feature is a must on any dating platforms, but not everyone establishes it. Luckily, on UkraineDate, the function of blocking is open to all users. In case someone dares to insult you, or you just do not want to communicate with a member, you can block him, and that is it.

Verify Accounts

There are two ways to verify an account on the UkraineDate website. The first one is to upload an identification document from the site. The second variant is sending an email to team@UkraineDate.com.

Instant Messenger

It looks like a combination of a camera and a text. Despite this, if you are a Standard user, you can communicate only with Gold and Premium ones. In case you have a paid subscription, you may write to anyone.

Audience Description

The majority of users among UkraineDate are men, and they are looking for a long-term relationship or even marriage. They are serious and interested in serious girls. They can speak any language but on the site mainly communicate in English. The goal of such men representatives is an excellent family with a Ukrainian girl.

Age Category

Describing a situation of female users, it is essential to say that they are mostly aged from 18 to 35. Such girls dream about a marriage with European men. Male users are mainly aged from 35 to 44 years old. Age is one of the reasons why people know what they want.

A Problem Of Fakes And Scammers

UkraineDate review tells about the distinctive feature of blocking. This helps to prevent the spreading of scammers. Sometimes people get insulting or manipulative messages, and it is challenging for the team to cope with them. It is significant that users can regulate it, as well.

A Problem Of Fakes And Scammers

Application And Desktop

UkraineDate website gets almost four stars of five, and it has a comparatively small quantity of users. Although the application has only two stars, UkraineDate review does not estimate the app correctly, even if to take the fact of the full access to functions.

How Does The App Work?

To install the app on your mobile, you need to download it from Google Play or App store for free. The app provides all list of functions, especially for premium users. The application has a simple and a little bit old-fashioned design, but it is much better to use it instead of a mobile version of the website. UkraineDate app gives the opportunity to register, upload photos, communicate and send flirt reactions. You do not need to take the laptop with you all the time, which is very convenient.

Information About UkraineDate Website

Cupid Media group has created a desktop version first. It helps people to unite and create not only cool real dates but also marriage stories. The UkraineDate website is called a premium dating site in this country. That is why read some additional information about the website below and decide is it worth to put money in it.

Can Users Open The App On Their Computer?

Actually, there is no reason to do that because the desktop version works perfectly on the computer. Vise versa, you can open a mobile version on a smartphone, but it takes longer than the app.

Which Browsers Can I Use On UkraineDate?

The most popular browser for using the UkraineDate website is Google Chrome, which is supported in different countries. That is why, as a rule, users do not have any problems concerning the browser.

Main Difficulties In Entering The Site

Sometimes hard times come to members when they enter UkraineDate. There are a few pieces of advice. If you are a new user, you need to confirm your email address and account. You should remember your password carefully and tell nobody. It happens that you enter your password will incorrect language on the keyboard. Also, be sure that your interest provider works appropriately.

Interface Adaptability For Users

UkraineDate has both an app and a website with a similar interface. In general, Cupid Media group has created all the dating platforms with resembling design; that is why it is easy to get used to. Some UkraineDate reviews say that the target audience is people about 30 years old that is why it is not very modern for them. You will not find any emerging trends, and youths find the interface dull. Nevertheless, it is entirely appropriate, intuitive, and convenient because of the leading members. Also, there is an opinion that the website is more attractive on the part of the design. The usability is made without frills.

How To Fulfill A Registration Process

The moderators of UkraineDate have allowed choosing one of the methods for signing up. To begin with, you can mention a personal Facebook account and create a new profile based on the information from the social networking site. In case you wish to create a profile that will not be connected to Facebook or other networks, you can use an email. For such purposes, you need to write a name, email, choose a password, include your gender and age, and not forget to mention a location. The registration process is fulfilled. It is pretty shut-down, is not it?

Can I Stop The Matching Process With Member On UkraineDate?

It is wonderful that UkraineDate users have the right to regulate all income matches and disconnect them in case of any problems. By far, not every dating agency gives such conditions to its clients.

Does UkraineDate Have Any Restrictions About Age?

Registration is available only for people who are over eighteen years old. By the way, there is an equal amount of girls who are eighteen and who are thirty years old, as UkraineDate informs.

Which Ways Can I Verify My Page?

There is a special verification letter that you can receive from the UkraineDate team in Privacy Policy. This gives to a verification process a more significant value.

May I Verify My Email?

As was mentioned in the block about signing up, you can do it using an email. This method is appropriate for those who do not want to connect dating sites and social networks altogether. Be attentive, typing your email address. In case any troubles applying to Privacy Policy.

May I Verify My Email?

Further Development Of Situation In Case Registration Via Facebook

UkraineDate allows people to finish signing up faster. That is why you can connect to your Facebook account during the registration. It will take your name, email address, profile image, and password. UkraineDate review agrees that it is at ease.

Can I Use The Website Without Signing Up?

There is no information that you can use UkraineDate without subscription. As far as it does not have millions of users, the moderators invite to make an account for everyone who visits it.

Profile Set Up Main Components

The procedure of signing up is done, and it is high time to discuss an account features. UkraineDate tries to figure out a lot of facts about the human. That is why you must give full answers concerning your occupation, hobby, preferences or dislikes. Besides, there is a special attention to legal questions because the profiles are verified with a unique document. Put much emphasis on this part; do not ignore and give really unique details about your personality.

May I Delete A Photo That I Uploaded On UkraineDate?

Do not forget that photo is the first thing that your potential matches will see. And UkraineDate website is not an exception. Choose your best variant from a professional photo shoot, for example. Also, girls like to change very often, and you can delete and upload a new portfolio.

How To Edit My Username On UkraineDate?

One more important part is the usernames. Some dating sites give users the option to create a funny and eye-catching name. UkraineDate review shows that this platform uses real names and surnames only if you would like to create a new name.

Is There An Opportunity To Delete Your UkraineDate Account?

Sometimes, in a bad mood people want to hide from online communication. UkraineDate does not provide a function of deleting your account, but there is a function “Switch off your profile”. This option will deactivate your account for some time, but you need to write about a reason and write a feedback.

Disable The “Show Me On UkraineDate” Option

Sometimes people enter dating platforms just to switch off their brains and reflect on a hard day. It seems that they do not want to get any messages and chat. UkraineDate does not give you an option of hiding from the world. The program will illustrate your online status.

Can I Delete The Information That I Have Already Submitted?

It happens that sometimes members need to change details of their virtual biography. Luckily, the settings help to do it on UkraineDate.

UkraineDate gives a wide range of services to search the appropriate person for the date. There is a basic search, an advanced search, matches, popular searches, and others. So, a Basic search allows us to look for a partner using options like gender, age, location, the presence of photos, and the last active date. Besides, is it refreshing that the website shows online users according to UkraineDate reviews? The category of matches illustrates your accounts that clicked on a particular link at the top of the page. Advanced search gives more criteria like ethnicity, height and weight, religion, and education. Popular searches show people who have only sung up or who are nearby.

Is It Allowed To See UkraineDate Members With I Liked?

The UkraineDate website aims to connect people; that is why the platform helps you find a desirable account. There is a list of Favourites, or you can just show your interest. A special link will show you the way to these accounts later.

What Are Various Options Of UkraineDate Search?

UkraineDate website opens many ways for searching. This list includes CupidTag Search, Keyword search, most popular members, latest photos, in my area, saves searches and some others.

Can You See If Someone Likes You On UkraineDate If You Are A Free Member?

Here is an opinion of matching, and it will show you all the necessary information. Users write on UkraineDate reviews that they really appreciate it.

Chatting Systems

UkraineDate is an exclusive dating site. Of course, it gives people the opportunity to chat and send messages, but sometimes you will face some paid elements. On its basis, males and females use a free version. Nevertheless, you cannot send messages to each other in case you both are on a non-paid internship. However, UkraineDate review says that Instant Messenger is used very often.

How Do You Start Messaging On UkraineDate?

Essential and free elements of communication are sending interests and matching. In case it is not enough, you can communicate for free by Instant Messenger only if your partner has a paid subscription. It is necessary to admit that most girls use a free version.

How Can I Message Someone?

Making contact on UkraineDate is done with an exceptional service which is called Instant Messenger. That is the only way to chat.

How Can I Message Someone?

A Question Of Money In Messaging System

The Messaging system on UkraineDate is very sly. You can quickly write numerous messages only if your partner is a representative of the Gold and Platinum community. This means that one of you must pay in case you wish to chat. It is not surprising that as a rule, men pay as real gentlemen.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me On UkraineDate?

The personal page is divided into categories; one of them reflect new messages. Do not forget to open them and type the answers. Application in such a situation provides a quick reply, and you will know your partner faster or perhaps even to arrange a date.

How Do I Use A Camera On UkraineDate?

Instant Messenger gives you a chance to chat using a webcam. Video communication helps to speed up the development of relationships. The camera will bring more line with the real conditions. You can create a romantic atmosphere as well.

How Can I Filter Who Message Me On UkraineDate?

UkraineDate team has accepted the sagacious decision by allowing users to block others. This rule also spreads on the messaging system. The Internet is full of rude abusers who can insult or even threaten in messages. Save your nervous system and block such members.

The Price Of Membership And Other Payment Methods

As it was mentioned, men often pay money using the UkraineDate website. It gives its members two types of Membership: Premium and Gold. Each type is available for a certain duration, which you are free to choose from the beginning. You can choose between one month, three months and one year. After you have chosen a duration, you need to pay attention to their cost. So, Premium membership costs 34 dollars for one month, 69.98 dollars for three months, and 149.99 dollars for one year of subscription. Speaking about Gold Membership, you must pay 29.98 for one month, 59.99 dollars for three months, and 119.98 dollars for one year. UkraineDate review provides that this website has average prices. Two types of subscription are available for using an app as well. It is necessary to talk about payment options, which quite wide on UkraineDate. You can pay with the help of PayPal, Paysafecard, Credit card and Bank Transfer. Everyone will find an appropriate variant.

Free Services For Members

The basic features should be available on any site, and Ukraine Dating is not an exception. Without paying money, you can register and create a profile. Also, you can attract new partners by matches or sending interests. The first thing to remember, you can chat with paying members. As practice shows, girls consider that these possibilities are enough.

Despite the fact that the UkraineDate website gives several variants of paid subscriptions, the list of options is equal. First, you do not have to think if a person who you write to will answer you. If you change money, you can communicate with everybody. Also, no more ads which do not help to concentrate. Afterward, you have a translation service for messages. Besides writing, you can call and make a video conversation. Advanced search is open for you in addition to VIP profile highlighting. A list of paid services overstate in twice. Are you still thinking?

Does UkraineDate Offer Premium Membership Savour?

UkraineDate website is a paid website. Perhaps not entirely but still. There are even two types of subscriptions: Gold and Premium. Choose the most appropriate.

How Do I Cancel My UkraineDate Membership?

Users always can cancel a subscription entering the settings for their account. In case of any problems, please email a helping line.

Is UkraineDate Membership Auto-Renewed?

Subscription on UkraineDate is auto-renewed. It means that money will be charged every chosen period. For forty-eight hours, you will get a special notification that will remind you about it. This time gives you to stop a subscription if you want.

Can I Get A Refund For Time Which Was Not Used?

UkraineDate website in the group with Cupid Media cares about its members. The dating platform includes a refund of money into the list of available options. You will get a refund in case your account has some technical problems; the site has been unavailable. Also, other reasons can be taken into consideration. With the question of refund, write an email to team@UkraineDate.com. A partial refund for unused time is not available.

I Am Not Satisfied With UkraineDate. Can I Get Money Back?

It depends on the field of your dissatisfaction. Such questions are under the protection of the customer service team.

How Will My UkraineDate Support Break Out On My Credit Card Bill?

It happens that billing names can be different. However, in most cases, you should look for «UkraineDate.com Southport AU” or “Cupid Media Internet GB.”

Can I Send Support For One Month?

Gold and Premium membership on the UkraineDate website has the least duration for one month. That is why it is possible to pay for it and try all the advantages.

Can I Send Support For One Month?

Is UkraineDate Safe?

UkraineDate review shows that the website cares about its safety. It sends a personal document of verification, it protects you from vandalism and violence, and it saves your money. Cupid Media group tries to create a safe surrounding online.

Privacy In UkraineDate

It is crucial to think about privacy when you enter into an online world. There is one good advice given by UkraineDate- to use different email addresses for online communication. Mail providers that can help you in this – Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Are UkraineDate Chats Encrypted?

This dating platform takes care of your messaging’s secrets, but there are no facts about encrypting.

Can UkraineDate Track You Down?

UkraineDate asks users to show their location in the context of date arranging. It means that the website can show where you are.

Can Police Trace UkraineDate?

Police can interfere in case of some serious breaking of the law.

Who Should I Contact If I Have A Question About Privacy?

There is a special site OnlineDatingSafetyTips.com which is available 24/7 for such purposes. Do not hesitate and contact it in case of any suspicious behavior. Remember that you care about your privacy and safe life.

Safety Issue

UkraineDate review is pleased to inform you that safety matters on this dating site. There is an excellent Safety tip for checking a page and information in it. Also, there are special tools that inform about rude behavior. Besides, UkraineDate uses world-class fraud prevention technology. All these elements help to prevent the majority of fakes and scammers.

Are UkraineDate Forums Threads Moderated?

UkraineDate does not have forums. If someone threatens you, you must block him immediately.

What Will Happen In Case Of Soliciting Money On Ukraine Date?

You must not agree on any favors to soliciting money. It is one more reason for blocking.

Why Can’t I Access UkraineDate?

You must check your internet connection. Also, make sure the correctness of the email address and password.

How Long are UkraineDate Bans?

The duration of the period is not established.

How Do I Reactivate My Banned Account?

You must log in to the site and write a request about reactivating. Your demand will be overlooked within 48 hours.

Protect Yourself

Be careful with scammers. You must choose a strong password to secure your account. In case of suspicious moments, write to the helping line.

Protect Yourself

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted On UkraineDate?

Most important, you must not inform anybody about money issues or personal data.

Blocking Account

There is a special Blocklist on UkraineDate where you can see all the users who annoyed you. You can do that using messages, member profiles, or instant Messenger. In case you have blocked someone by mistake, you can cancel this restriction.

How Can I Report About A Suspected Scammer?

The block of safety and security gives you a select online blank, where you can describe all the situation that had happened to you and why you have decided to report about it. Or you can block this member yourself.

Real Life Review

« I had Thomas do two ID & Passport checks. I was happy he gave me a 50% discount for the second passport. One girl was fake, and I lost 600 USD (ouch!) before consulting Thomas. The other one was legit. We are still talking about and planning our meet in September. I just wish I got to this website sooner to keep the 600 bucks.»

Is UkraineDate The Best Dating Site/App?

Despite having not so many users, UkraineDate has quite a great mark from its members.

Is UkraineDate Safe?

Yes, the moderators make all the law regulations to protect you.

Is UkraineDate a Hook-Up App?

No, the central position of users is marriage and serious relationships.

Is UkraineDate Free?

There are some free functions, but also there is paid content.

How Does UkraineDate Work?

It has a desktop version itself and an app. You need to register to become a member. It helps to find a girl from Ukraine.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On UkraineDate?

Yes, sometimes it happens, but a platform tries to regulate this problem.

Alternative Sites

There are such alternative sites as CharmDate, Russian Date, eHarmony, and Ashley Madison.

Alternative Sites

Contact Information

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd

Address: Level 5 2502 / 5 Lawson Street Southport QLD 4215 Australia

Phone-Hotline: US and Canadian Customers (toll-free): 1-800-787-0838 / UK Customers (freephone): 0800 056 9427 / Australian Customers: (07) 5571 1181 / Other International Customers: +61 7 5571 1181

Fax: +61 7 3103 4000


UkraineDate website helps to mix different cultures and create new international families. Beautiful girls from Ukraine will charm European men. It is one part of a big corporation, and that is why it has a safe and well-developed structure. Many people have found their love using online dating. UkraineDate review shows that this website reaches its aim. Of course, moderators have the field for growth and development, but they never stop. Join and enjoy Ukrainian zest!

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Stephen Walker
by Stephen Walker Nov 18, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual person and really love experiments. I'm certainly not monogamous, at the very least at this time. Truly, our living is way from typical personal norms, so I commonly really feel solitary even among nearest and dearest or best good friends. Quite a few already are joined, so I'm heading mix nuts after I really feel their unique meaningful looks. Very, needless to say, it's really difficult to select and go out with like-minds at the time you live in a big urban area, in which everyone is way too active to create brand-new connectivity. Extremely, this type of chaos is the reason for joining this page. And my personal knowledge is actually seamless. I been able to discover people who desire the same items and see simple desire to continue to be complimentary, without engagement, guarantees, and this different hooey. Yet another fantastic factor is that there I've met some bi-curious folks. I like the functionality on the internet site since it's rather plenty of for preliminary interactions. Perhaps, somebody need a whole lot more incentives, but in my estimation, you must get a night out together if you wish detailed partnership. While browsing kinds, I watched several empty data. I wish people could pay a whole lot more awareness of their appeal on the webpage. Regarding the site's abilities, everything is okay. No problems with log on, information, etc. assistance provider is effective as well as being accessible around-the-clock. I'm happy to receive an online location for my own desires and dreams. It's really cool when the neighborhood shouldn't inflict the principles it is on a single page.
by Tyler Nov 14, 2021
I'm widowed and also craved to obtain another possibility at love. Say thank you to this great site for facilitate since I got my own intend. We don't prepare several long-range plans and simply relish friends. Most people meeting, travel, and talk about a lot of techniques. This is best part of our personal associations. I like my favorite spouse and wish our very own romance will develop and look at the next level. Many people need spouses at nuptials using the internet agencies, and typically, that kind of matter was stressful since you feel as if goods in look screens. This application is special. You could start with communicating and result in the chapel. Needed has actually good technical qualities. I use this site largely on my computer, but at times I speak with consumers and check simple work from my new iphone 4. No problems after all. I've observed no insects . anything is useful, without errors. Anytime I visit, I use this site provided that i'd like without interruptions and annoying reloads. I hope it continues to be that way, and additionally they manage standard. I wish everybody all the best ! since my personal has discover me personally.
Tammy Wright
by Tammy Wright Nov 09, 2021
We joined this site just the past year and had gotten an awesome encounter. Now, We have a trusted and mind-blowing partner, and we're close collectively. I'd highly recommend the application because You will find learned from drive practice that it is effective. I notice that plenty of people frequently grumble about no suits, believing that they simply waste time and cash. Continue to, i ought to note that when individuals cannot locate someone, they often boot their particular failures to exterior issue. Tasks, relatives, dating sites, put simply, often there is anyone to take responsibility. Nonetheless, you should never lose hope, and every single thing would be acceptable. Case in point, it took me nearly 7 season to meet up your partner.
by Leandro Oct 31, 2021
I would like different daters to find out that this particular service 100percent performs optimally without tactics. People that undoubtedly need to gather touching special someone won't be sorry for their own preference if becoming a member of the platform. The main thing is certainly not to give up. I've currently fulfilled my own loved, therefore are now happier. I believe arousal and balance, understanding that mean plenty. Extremely, the audience is crazy, and its never ever far too late for folks of various age groups and needs. I suggest this incredible website, very only consider.
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