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SugarDaddie Review: Great Dating Site?

SugarDaddie Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 50%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 24-35
Profiles 3,400,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • SugarDaddie boasts high daily activity of the members.
  • There is substantial protection from scammers, which increases reliability.
  • The design is modern and stylish and yet simple at the same time.
  • The website is not available worldwide and is active only in a very limited number of countries.
  • No mobile application is offered, which reduces the number of the visitors.
  • The price for a paid membership is quite costly.

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SugarDaddie’s name tells everything about the purpose of this website. To be more precise, there are sugar daddies and there are sugar babies. Girls who want to become sugar babes seek their daddies on this platform. This SugarDaddie review will try to find answers to the most worrying questions you may have regarding this dating platform.

Do SugarDaddie’s Members Speak Multiple Languages?

No, the users of this platform mostly speak English. This is due to the fact that the website is available only in such countries as the USA, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you speak only, for example, Japanese or Russian, you may have some troubles communicating here.

Who Possesses SugarDaddie?

The website was created by Steven Pasternack. During the development of the platform, he was inspired by the relationship with his wife. As such, he told that he would pay for her education, living, clothes, recreation, etc. Eventually, she became his wife. He says he wanted to found such a community where such relationships would be normal and not judged by society.

Who Possesses SugarDaddie?

Where Are Main Offices Of SugarDaddie Situated?

Currently, the owners of this dating platform have two main offices. One of them is in Kent, and the other one is in Florida.

When Was SugarDaddie Introduced First?

This is a relatively new dating website. As such, it was first launched in 2012. It is worth noting that the headquarters of that time was in the United Kingdom.

Does SugarDaddie Work Across The Globe?

As was mentioned earlier, the website works in a very limited numbers of countries. Though all of them are situated far from each other and in different parts of the world, it cannot be said that the platform is international. It operates within one country, for example, an American girl will seek only an American daddy, and a British man will not look for an Australian babe on SugarDaddie.

Special Features

The Hot-Or-Not Game

This is a famous matching game for all users. One looks at a suggested profile and decides whether he or she likes the picture or not. If yes, an individual swipes right. If no, one should swipe left. If both you and a person swiped right at each other’s profiles, then this is a match!


Forums on SugarDaddie are a safe place where you can share your thoughts or opinion about a certain topic. Moreover, you can engage people in your discussion, which will increase the popularity of your profile. You can also read the blogs of other members and who knows where it may lead. It may happen that you will find your soul mate here.


SugarDaddie suggests its visitors to care for their reputation on the website properly. There is a special quality score rating that helps your profile to gain popularity. Everything that you do or do not do on the website influences your reputation. One may find this feature helpful while others may not like it.

SugarDaddie Reputation

Quality Of People You Can Meet Here

Both men and women who visit this platform understand the rules of the game. Daddies seek beautiful girls for pleasure and nice time spending. Here on SugarDaddie, they are ready to pay money to fulfill their babes’ wishes so women will be grateful and eager to satisfy them. Pretty girls search for rich guys who will make their life luxury. Elite restaurants, theatres, costly shopping, traveling are the things that these babies want and are determined to get. In return, they will be cute and nice with their daddies and make all their fantasies come true.

How Age Is Distributed On This Platform

SugarDaddie is dominated by women who comprise about 70% of the members. These are mostly young girls aged between 18 and 24. However, older women between 25 and 35 can also be met frequently. There are even more mature females, but the number of them is not that big. As for daddies, most of them are aged between 35 and 55.

Beware Of Fake Profiles And Cunning Scammers

Rarely someone will be surprised with the fact that such kind of websites is full of fake profiles and scammers. As such, there are men who do not have that much money as they say. An vice versa, there are girls who just want men’s money and are not going to give anything in return. Therefore, you should be always careful visiting such platforms as the SugarDaddie website.

What Can Be Said About The Compatibility With Different Devices

In most of the cases, this elite dating platform is easily accessed from any kind of device with the Internet. It is well adapted to laptops, PCs, tablets, etc. However, there is one significant drawback.

SugarDaddie Has No Mobile Application

The developers of the platform do not provide a mobile application for the website. It seems this may significantly reduce the number of users since the majority of modern people prefer using their mobiles in such cases.

SugarDaddie Browser Version Analysis

Nevertheless, the browser version of SugarDaddie is pleasant and convenient to use. IT offers no unique design solutions and reminds a lot of other similar websites. However, this is what makes it comfy and comprehensive.

Can The Platform Be Accessed From A PC?

Yes, it can be accessed from both laptops and PCs. Moreover, mobile browser version is greatly adapted for usage on tablets and mobile phones.

Can You Access The Platform From Any Browser?

SugarDaddie is compatible with all of the existing browsers. You can use it with the help of Mozilla Firefox just as efficient as with Opera.

Can There Be Any Issues With Logging In?

Usually, there are no problems with entering the website. If you have difficulties with logging in, it is advised to check the correctness of your nickname and password. If this does not help, it is better to contact the support team.

SugarDaddie Can There Be Any Issues With Logging In?

Interface Assessment

The SugarDaddie platform is convenient by all means. It is very simple and user-friendly. At the same time, it has nice design that both girls and guys will find stylish and appropriate.

How One Can Register Here

The process of signing up takes literally a few minutes and will not require much effort from you. All you have to do is to create an attractive nickname and a reliable password. After this, you will need to provide a valid email address. After you confirm the registration in the message that will be sent to your email, the process is over.

Can You Take Your Like Back On SugarDaddie?

Once you like someone, you cannot unlike them. Therefore, you should pay critical attention to the profiles you see.

Should You Necessarily Be 18 To Register On SugarDaddie?

Yes, it is a must. The platform contains explicit content and you have to be at least 18 to join the community.

How Can One Receive Account Verification?

The verification is conducted via email message. This happens when you sign up to the website.

Is It Possible To Verify Your Email?

Yes, it is. You get verified when you confirm the registration and follow the link for verification. Once you are done, you are considered a member of SugarDaddie.

Can One Register Via Facebook?

This dating sugar website does not offer such an option. You will not be able to sign up using your Facebook account.

Are There Ways To Use The Website Without Registration?

To become a full member of the platform, you have to register. However, preliminary search of users is available to anyone. You can quickly check whether there are interesting profiles or not on SugarDaddie without registration.

Profile Settings And Customization

When you fill in your profile, you see typical questions about your age, height, weight, and other standard fields about your appearance. What is interesting is that, due to the specificity of the platform, you will be asked about your average income. A short description of yourself is also required.

Can Uploaded Photos Be Removed From SugarDaddie?

You can change, edit, or delete your pictures at any time. If you want to fresh up your profile with new photos, do not hesitate to do this.

Is It Possible To Edit Your Username On SugarDaddie?

On most of the dating platforms users are not allowed to change their usernames. This one is not an exception. Therefore, to change your name, you will have to delete the current account and create a new one.

How Can One Delete Their SugarDaddie Profile?

You can deactivate your account by clicking the respective button in the Settings. You will be asked for the reasons of deactivation. You need to choose an appropriate one and follow the instructions.

What Happens If You Decide to Go Invisible On SugarDaddie?

Your page will not be shown to other people on this website. This will negatively impact your popularity and reputation. Therefore, think twice before you do this.

Can One Edit Information In Their SugardDaddie Profile?

Yes, it is a simple procedure. Just hit “Edit” in the Profile Settings and conduct necessary changes where needed. Then save them.

The Search System On The Website

Quick search allows one to enter your position (a sugardaddie or a sugarbaby) and who you seek here. Next, you will be asked about the age of your potential partner. After this, you will need to enter your zip code and press Search. There is an additional option of choosing whether profiles should contain photos or not.

How Can You Check Who You Liked On SugarDaddie?

The only way you can do this is by adding these individuals to the list of your favorites manually. If you do not do this, you will not be able to check whether you liked them or not.

How Can You Filter Your Search On SugarDaddie?

The main filter that is used on this website is your location. You just need to enter your post code and specify the distance range within which you want to seek a daddy or a baby.

Is Seeing People Who Like You A Free Option?

Yes, it is. Such basic features as searching pages, viewing profiles, and checking who like you are free.

A Guide To Communication

A lot of sugar websites require you to play the hot-or-not game and get a match to contact a person. However, this is not the case with SugarDaddie. You can contact interesting people whenever you want.

What Do You Need To Start Texting Someone On SugarDaddie?

You will be able to choose whether you want to write them an email message or an instant message on the website. Once you decide, just hit the respective button.

How Do You Message An Interesting Person?

Special buttons will be placed on the page of a member’s profile. You will need to click one of the buttons and write an attractive message to the person of your interest.

Can You Send Messages Without Paying?

No, this is a paid feature. You will not be able to communicate on SugarDaddie unless you pay some money. Therefore, if you are really striving for a relationship with a daddie or a sugarbaby, you will have to purchase a paid membership.

How Do You Understand That Someone Wrote You On SugarDaddie?

You will receive a respective notification once you receive a message from a user. However, there is one issue. If you want to read a message, you should know that this is also a paid feature. You will not be able to read or answer texts if you are not a paid member of the platform.

In What Ways Can You Use Camera On SugarDaddie?

There are no many ways how you can use your camera here. You can use it either for uploading pictures to your profile or sharing you photos in instant messages.

Is It Possible to Filter People Who Text You On SugarDaddie?

The website does not offer such a possibility. However, you can block unpleasant people who demonstrate bad behavior. You will not receive messages from them anymore.

Is It Possible to Filter People Who Text You On SugarDaddie?

Costs And Membership Plans

So, there are two pricing plans, Diamond and Platinum. The Diamond subscription is the most expensive one, it will cost you 59.60 USD per month. The Platinum membership is priced at 54.90 USD per month and has fewer features available.

What You Can Get For Free

If you do not want to pay money, you will be rather limited on SugarDaddie. You will be able to adjust search as per your wishes and browse profiles. You will have access to all photos in the profiles of other members, but this is literally all. You will not have the opportunity to communicate with daddies and babies.

What You Can Get After Paying

If you go Platinum, you will be able to send and receive messages, however, their amount will be limited. Therefore, the Diamond plan is the most beneficial. You will receive the opportunity to send and read as many messages as you want. Moreover, profile highlighting, top positions in search results, and other useful features will become available.

Are There Any Premium Subscriptions On SugarDaddie?

Premium plans on this website are called Diamond and Platinum. You can choose either of them. Nevertheless, though the Platinum one costs less, the Diamond plan is the most profitable.

How Can One Refuse From A Paid Membership On SugarDaddie?

One can simply cancel the subscription in the Settings of his or her account. All that is need to be done is following the instructions that are extremely simple.

Are Payments On SugarDaddie Automatically Renewed?

Yes, the cost will be withdrawn after the end of each payment period. This is a convenient feature since you will not have to pay each month manually.

Will You Receive A Refund For Unused Time?

No, you will not receive a refund for the time you do not use the website. This is why you should thoroughly consider whether you want to spend your money if you are not going to use the website or not.

Will Your Payment To SugarDaddie Renewed Monthly?

Yes, this platform offers only monthly subscriptions. The developers do not provide you with the possibility to pay for 3 months, 6 months, or a year, as a lot of other communities do.

How Can You Get A Refund If You Are Unsatisfied With SugarDaddie?

In the majority of cases, a user cannot get a refund when they say they receive poor services. Nevertheless, there are some instances when one can attain his or her money back. Each case is solved individually, so if you are not satisfied with something, you should contact the support team.

How Will Be The Payments To SugarDaddie Shown On Your Credit Card?

You will be able to monitor your expenditures on this sugar platform just the same way as on other things. The payment history will be shown in the respective section in your bank account.

Can You Send Money To Other Members On SugarDaddie?

The community does not welcome the idea of prostitution so you should not pay for sex here. However, if you want to present a gift to your baby or help her to solve a problem, you can support her with money.

Can You Pay For Only One Month?

If you do not want to renew your subscription automatically, you can choose a respective option in the Settings. Besides, SugarDaddie offers a 3-day free trial version, which you may like.

SugarDaddie Can You Pay For Only One Month?

Can You Trust SugarDaddie?

The founder of the platform took proper care to provide his members with security. Below you will find the answers to the most frequent questions regarding the safety of your date in this community.

SugarDaddie’s View On Users’ Privacy

The creator of the platform promises to keep your private data secure and not to disclose it to third parties. Thus, you may be sure you are protected.

Are All Messages Encrypted On SugarDaddie?

The website uses modern protocols for the encryption of all their messages sent and received. No one will hack your conversations and you can write anything you want here.

Will SugarDaddie Follow And Track You Down?

This sugar dating platform has not such an aim. The creator assures everyone that no one will be tracked down on the website.

Can Your Profile On SugarDaddie Be Traced By The Police?

In some cases, yes, the police can do this. However, unless you participate in some events against law, you have nothing to worry about.

Who Do You Contact In Case Of Privacy Issues?

The support team is at your service. You can ask them any questions regarding your privacy. If you have any issues, just contact the care team members.

Safety Matters

Safety has high importance on SugarDaddie. Therefore, certain measures are taken to help you feel secure in this community. Which ones? Read here.

Does The Support Team Check What Happens On SugarDaddie Forums?

They do not check what members write on forums on a regular basis. However, if you find some suspicious or abusive content, there is a possibility to report it. The support team will check the issue as soon as possible.

What Are The Consequences Of Soliciting Money On SugarDaddie?

Any account soliciting money will be banned from the community. No kind of scamming is allowed on the platform. The support team asks to report any behavior that is aimed at getting money.

Account Blocking And Banning

There are cases when a profile may be banned. This is mostly due to the issues with faking and scamming. Usually, other members of the platform report such cases.

What Are The Reasons Of Problems With Signing In On SugarDaddie?

There are not many reasons for this. Either your nickname or password is incorrect or your account has been reported and banned.

For How Long Do Bans On SugarDaddie Last?

The support team ban accounts permanently. This means you will not have a second chance to attain a good reputation. Therefore, it is advised to be attentive and care for your profile score.

Are There Ways To Renew A Banned Account?

It seems that SugarDaddie does not support account renewal after it has been banned. However, you can always appeal to the customer care team and ask them to investigate you case once again.

Users Can Defend Themselves

The developers paid close attention to the creation of means regarding how members can protect themselves from indecent behavior. Namely, these are blocking other users and reporting them.

How Can One Report Or Add Someone To The Blacklist?

This can be done in two ways. First, you can choose a respective option on the profile of a person who behaves in a bad manner. Second, you can take the same actions from the page of your conversation with this individual.

What Information Should Be Omitted In Your SugarDaddie Profile?

It is highly recommended not to share any personal details such as your precise address, full name, or credit card number. You should make sure that a daddy or a baby are not scammers before disclosing such information.

Support And Assistance On The Platform

SugarDaddie offers a separate section on the website where you can share your impressions about the platform, complain about come problems or report negative issues. Once you submit your request, the support team will review it as soon as possible.

SugarDaddie Support And Assistance On The Platform

A Critical Real Life Review Of The Website

SugarDaddie seems to provide quality service to its users and protect them from scammers and information leakage as great as possible. The developers use modern protocols and algorithms to do this.

Can One Say That SugarDaddie Is The Best Website?

Nothing is perfect. This sugar dating platform is not perfect as well. There are some disadvantages that cannot make it the best website. However, this is not the worst variant and can be recommended for lonely daddies and babies.

Can One Rely On SugarDaddie?

If you decide to try the platform, you may rest assured that you will not be scammed by the creators. They aim at helping you and earning money in an honest way. Thus, you surely can rely on them.

Is SugarDaddie A Place For Hookups?

This website cannot be considered as a place for pure hookups. This is a community where people enjoy something more than just sexual encounters. This is where a bond happens. The platform aims at uniting those daddies and babies who are in the need for this.

Can You Use SugarDaddie For Free?

It is possible to use the website without paying money. However, you will be extremely limited and will not receive much effect. You will be able to only browse profiles without the possibility to contact them. Therefore, if you want to achieve some results here, you will have to spend some money.

What Is The Specificity Of SugarDaddie’s Work?

The community strives to unite single wealthy men with lonely beautiful girls. Babies want money and presents, daddies want warmth and attention. This is a space where both parties can find what they need.

Can One Encounter Scammers Or Fakes On SugarDaddie?

Yes, this is possible. However, it should be noted that this risk is significantly reduced due to the fact that the verification is required. A lot of scammers do not like such complications and avoid dating platforms where this is needed.

What Are The Alternatives To SugarDaddie?

This website is not unique in the field, and there are enough strong competitors. For example, such sugar dating venues as Secret Benefits, Age Match, Sugar Daddy For Me, or What’s Your Price are quite famous.

What Are The Alternatives To SugarDaddie?

Basic Contacting Info

The customer support is available not only in the written form. You can submit your request via phone.

  • USA and Canada: 888 644 3330
  • Australia (02) 8091 7221
  • UK 0845-5280842

Final Word

According to multiple SugarDaddie reviews, it is a good place for rich males and pretty females who want to come to some mutual collaboration. Though there are some cons such as the absence of a mobile application or expensive memberships, it is still very popular. This is due to the high activity of the users, good customer support, and reliable protection from fakes and scammers. Is SugarDaddie worth trying? You decide!

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