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SnapSext Review: Great Dating Site?

SnapSext Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 2 200 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • SnapSext has a straightforward and free registration
  • Free advanced search features
  • A user-friendly mobile application
  • Helpful push notifications
  • Some technical issues on Android devices
  • High membership prices

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SnapSext is one of the most popular dating websites that has being operated in the market for several years already. It is run by a famous corporation that has a few other projected under its roof. This portal will appeal to people who are eager to spend a great time, meet somebody online, chat without any restrictions even when it comes to the sexually explicit content, and receive unforgettable emotions without great efforts. If you want to learn more about such awesome place where all your dreams may come true, then go on reading SnapSext Review.

SnapSext Review: Great Dating Site?

Can SnapSext Be Called a Multilingual Site?

Yes, you can feel free to navigate the portal despite what your native language is.

Who Runs SnapSext?

A well-known company Globals Personal owns SnapSext along with plenty of other projects.

What is the Location of SnapSext?

Currently, the provider is located in Florida (the USA)

When was SnapSext Introduced to the Market?

A project can be called an immature dating portal since it was introduced to the public only a few years ago.

Is SnapSext Accessible Throughout the World?

Yes, SnapSext is an international company that is accurately presented worldwide. Simply put, you can access the portal from any location you are on right now.

What are Special Features of the Site?

Exactly special features allow the website to stand out of the crowd. They also boost the quality of the user experience and make them come back again and again. Here is what the developers of SnapSext come up with.

Live Girls

The company allows you to watch impressive shows from the best horny girls and pay for a minute. You can choose from plenty of different categories and have the time of your life, forgetting about all possible problems.


You can look at several photos at the same time, and choose those users who appeal to you more than others. Click on “Wink” when you like some person, and he/she will receive a notification.

Hot Pick

It resembles a popular Tinder mechanism, where you can either like a picture or miss it. Mind that your choice impacts on the overall level of member’s hotness on the portal.


You can have a nice time by browsing included photos and videos to the users’ galleries. Some profiles really have what to impress you with.


The Description of User Base

A user base of SnapSext website is very large and keeps on boosting constantly. Now it has about 4 million of subscribers from all over the world. Males take 76%, while women occupy the rest 24%. Here you can meet people of different physical appearance, age, occupation, preferences and experience, but all of them are want the same – to meet some hot person to realize their hidden desires. If you feel like the same, then you may feel free to join the portal at any convenient time.

The Most Well-Represented Age Groups

On this website you can meet people of any ages since all age groups are represented very well. However, the most popular one is members 25-34. They more often join the portal hoping to have incredible experience without even going out.

The Chances to Come Across Scammers

The scammers are a main headache of daters on all sites and SnapSext is not an exception as well. Here you also can accidentally bump into a fake profiles that will spoil your mood. That’s why you should be ready and do not panic if it happens.

More Details on Mobile Application and Website

Successful dating portals are represented both in PC and mobile versions as their developers try to reach a greater number of subscribers. Some people like navigating well-arranged sections on the big screen while others prefer to take a smartphone on the go and chat with lovely models everywhere even on the business trip. Whatever your purpose is, the developers of SnapSext are ready to satisfy your needs for sure. Let’s see in details how they are going to do this.

Mobile App: the Key Features

Note that a mobile application is not available on the popular app’s stores, but you can download it in the form of apk, from official website. After installing the application on your device, you can start enjoying all provided options, that are all the same as in a PC version. If you do want to occupy the memory of your gadget, then consider running the portal via a mobile browser. Users of SnapSext report that Mozilla is better compatible with it than Internet Explorer. Choosing one of the possible options, you will stay in touch with favorite members and you will never miss any important message or notification.

SnapSext Website: Your Guide to a Hot World

A desktop version is more suitable for individuals who are not very mobile-friendly or simply want to enjoy awesome performances on a big screen. After registering an account, you will be able to perform all possible actions that the developers have included. You can enhance the quality of your profile, upload photos and videos, search for a suitable partner, send winks, read and respond to the messages, etc. All this you will be able to do on a straightforward interface, without worrying that your experience can interrupt at some minute. SnapSext reviews insist on providing all necessary options for a fantastic time-spending.

Is It Possible to Enter the Site via PC?

Yes, sure. You can access provided functionality on your PC.

Which Browsers Allow Running SnapSext?

The SnapSext was initially designed for Mazilla and Internet Explorer browser, so you can feel free to choose any of them to start navigation on a popular dating portal.

Why I Can’t Enter the Website?

If you face such a problem, it is recommended to check the Internet connection, and the site itself. You can get in touch with a support system if you see that the problem is on their side.

Interface Look

SnapSext can boast a nice that is also functional. Its elements are arranged successfully so that a user has everything close at hand. Hence people of all ages will feel comfortable while navigating the portal. Of course it requires some updates as any other player on the market as technologies change rapidly. Still is guarantees delivering all crucial options for your impressive experience. All buttons stand for the correspondent functions so you will quickly reach a necessary destination. The pages also load instantly without making you wait for a long time. But you must be attentive not to get lost in tons of nudity. If you decide to become a Premium member, then take some time to look around and explore all capabilities a website offers.

Everything You Should Know About a Registration Process

Before starting your dream horny adventure, you need to create an account. Luckily, you do not need to waste too much time on it. You are expected to provide such common information as gender, email, age, zip code, interest and create a secure password. Also, you can upload a photo or postpone it. Finally, you will have to wait for some time, until the administration approves your application. When everything is settled down, you can start your performance on the portal.

Can I Stop Messaging a Member of SnapSext?

You can unmatch any member of SnapSext website if you do not want to continue chatting with a particular subscriber. You may either tell him/her about this in personal or just place the person in a blocked list.

What are Age Requirements for Registering an Account?

Like any other dating site that contains a lot of nudity, this one will not let you in until you are 18 years old.

How is It Possible to Verify an Account?

You can verify your account via e-mail or by approaching a customer support system.

In What Way Can I Verify My Email?

You just need to mention a valid email address and follow all further instructions.

What Happens In Case Of Registering Via Facebook Account?

SnapSext doesn’t include an option of registering an account via Facebook, so you are not going to come across any consequences.

Is It Possible to Skip Signing-Up Process?

You will not be able to access the whole range of functions until you register an account and fill in all required information.

Peculiarities of a Profile Creation

After registering an account, you can go to the profile setting up. The administration of SnapSext allows you to decide whether to make your profile detailed or not. You can add the information that you want and leave the blank fields if you do not feel like revealing some definite information.

Is It Allowed to Remove a Photo from SnapSext Profile?

Yes, you can add and remove any pictures that you have added to the profile.

How to Change a Username in SnapSext?

It is not difficult at all. Just go to your account setting and make any desired corrections.

Is It Possible to Remove a SnapSext Profile?

You can remove a SnapSext profile at any time or just take a pause and hide it for some period.

What Happens After Disabling the Option “Show Me on SnapSext” Option?

Afterward, other members will not be able to see your profile on the site.

It is Allowed to Remove Recently Added Data to SnapSext?

Yes, you can change and even remove any details that you have recently added.

Member search is one of the most important parts of any dating experience. Actually, this is what everything begins with. You can find a suitable person here by selecting occupations, likes, physical appearance details, languages religions, etc. Browse offered profiles and select members who seem to be who you are looking for.

How to Check Who Liked You on SnapSext?

Go to the Account section and find statistics on your popularity there.

What Search Options are Presented on SnapSext?

SnapSext offers advanced search options that include plenty of filters; you can set them in accordance with your own expectations and get the most suitable match.

Can I See If Someone Liked Me Without Premium Membership?

This option is available only for paying members.

Messaging Options on the Portal

According to SnapSext review, the company offers video and text chatting opportunities to the members. Besides, you can send a wink to demonstrate your interest to a particular person.

In Which Way I Can Start Chatting With Another Person On SnapSext?

After choosing the most suitable candidate for further communication, you can choose any of offered messaging options to initiate the chatting depending on type of subscription you have.

How Can I Send Email to the Person I Like?

You should browse his or her profile, and find a relevant button to write a message on SnapSext website.

Is Writing Messages Free of Charge?

Text chatting is available only for Premium members.

How To Identify The Authors of The Received Messages?

When you receive a message from another user, you will get a notification with details on his or her personality.

How to Use the Camera on the SnapSext Site?

A SnaptSext website provides users with a video chat opportunity. To use your camera, you need to enter the website and start a chat with another person. In a window that appears in front of you, turn in the camera and enjoy engaging communication.

How to Use the Camera on the SnapSext Site?

How to Sort Members Who Can Message You on SnapSext?

If you do not want some particular members to send messages to you, then consider adding them to your blocked list.

The Costs and Payment Options of the Provider

The prices for the services on the SnapSext website are recognized as above average, so be ready to pay such costs for Premium subscription:

  • 1 Month — $39.95 per month
  • 6 Months — $11.66 per month or $69.95 in total
  • 12 Months — $6.67 per month or $80.04 in total

If you are not sure that this site is what you really need, you can start with a 7-day trial period that costs $9.95.

Description of Free Membership Options

SnapSext is quite generous when it comes to free membership options. Here are features that you can enjoy without paying even a cent:

  • Signing up and establishing a profile
  • Enjoying Swipe Game
  • Using search features
  • Updating status
  • Navigating the portal in a safe mode.

Description of Premium Membership Options

If you want to access more options, then consider Premium subscription that provides such capabilities as:

  • Adding Premium content
  • Watching live shows
  • Browsing videos and pictures
  • Enjoying text and video chatting
  • Viewing complete information of other profiles

Does SnapSext Suggest Premium Membership?

Yes, the SnapSext website provides Premium access for everybody who wants to get more options for better dating experience.

How to End Membership on SnapSext?

If for some reason you do not feel like using this web source anymore, then you may end the membership easily by making a few quick steps. You should go to the Account section, and change the settings there, or you can reach a support system and just wait until specialists will do everything for you.

Has SnapSext Auto-Renewed Option?

Like most other niche portals, it has such an option.

Does Company Give A Refund For Unused Time?

According to SnapSext Review, the company doesn’t give any refunds for unused time.

Is a “Support” to SnapSext Automatically Prolonged Every Month?

You can decide it on your own. If you do not want the site to take your money automatically, then go to your profile settings and disable this option.

Can I Return Money If the Quality of the Services are Low?

Occasionally to return your money you must have a very serious reason. Only then you can try to get in touch with a support system and ask for returning funds.

How Is Support Of SnapSext Shown On A Credit Card Bill?

It will be shown as another form of used services.

Is It Possible To Give Support To Other Subscribers Of SnapSext?

You can if you want, but the administration of SnapSext doesn’t take any responsibilities for possible consequences.

Can I Provide Support Only for a Month?

This is only your decision, there are no fixed terms.

Is SnapSext Safe or Not?

SnapSext is claimed to be a really safe site that takes advanced security measure to protect your private life. Unlike most niche websites, it constantly enhances the quality of used protection tools.

Privacy Policy on the SnapSext Portal

The developers promise that you are not going to face any issues connected with your privacy, but even if you do, they are 24/7 at your service to come with the most effective solutions.

Are Chats on SnapSext Encrypted or Not?

Yes, all chats on the site are encrypted so there are no reasons to worry that someone else will find out what you have been discussed with another member.

Can SnapSext Admins Track Your Activities?

Usually, the admins of SnapSext monitor all activities across the website to make sure nothing prevents you from getting a decent experience.

Can Police Trace SnapSext?

The entire communication process is encrypted so even a policy will not be able to reach such information.

Who to Approach on Issues Connected with Privacy in SnapSext?

If there are some privacy issues you are concerned in, you should get in touch with admin team to get effective solutions to your problems.

Can Police Trace SnapSext?

Safety Information

The administration of SnapSext asked everyone to be careful while navigating the portal and do not get engaged in the communication with suspicious members. The developers do everything in their power to create a really safe space where you will not have to worry about personal safety. It is recommended to read attentively the Safety policy section to understand what the administrations takes responsibility for.

Are the Forum Threads of SnapSext Moderated?

There are no Forum threads included to the website.

What are the Consequences of Demanding Money from Other Users?

Demanding money from other users is strictly punished. You’d better not risk trying to ask other members to provide you with financial assistance.

More Info on Banned Account

When the user breaks the rules of the SnaptSext portal, he or she may come across a banning issues. It means this subscriber will not be able to access the site for a certain period of time.

Why Can’t I Enter The SnapSext Site?

The reasons may be different, from a slow Internet connection, to the wrong password you mention while trying to enter the website.

How Long does Ban on SnapSext Last?

A profile may be banned either for a week or more, it all depends on the decision of the SnaptSext administration. If you want to find it, just use email or phone connection with a team.

How to Reactivate a Banned Account?

You can try to reach a support system and ask it for clarifying this issue.

Learn how to Protect Yourself

Meanwhile the website administration does everything to protect your privacy, you also should take responsibility for own actions. Do not share your personal and banking details, or break any other rules that are listed in the section “Terms of use”. In this case, the administration will not be able to help you with settling everything down.

How to Block and Report a Scammer?

If there is a person on SnapSext who constantly disturbs or irritates you, then you may consider blocking this member. You can do it either on your own or get in touch with the support system. From that very minute, this particular member will not be able to access your personal information or write messages again.

Which Information Can’t I Add on SnapSext Account?

If you do not want to face any inconveniences while navigating a popular portal, it is not recommended to add any contact or offensive information. Otherwise, you may deal with the risks to be banned.

Details on Help and Support Services

In case of some challenges or difficulties you can easily get in touch with a support system by one of the offered contact option. Do not feel shy to ask any type of questions you are interested in.

Only Real Life Review

The developers work hard to protect the safety of user’s data and according to SnapSext Reviews, they are succeeding. As a result of serious measures, the daters get very secure and pleasant space for meeting a perfect hook-up partner.

Is SnapSext the Best Niche Dating Website and App?

Every person has different likes and preferences so it is difficult to say that whether it is the best niche website and application. However, it has all chances to attract your attention and deliver a decent experience.

Is SnapSext Safe Enough?

Yes, SnapSext is recognized as a safe and reliable platform that takes care of the community’s security. You may feel relaxed and sure that nobody will get access to your personal information.

Is SnapSext Provide Hook-Up Capabilities?

Basically, this website was designed to satisfy needs of people who are looking for short-time commitment without any responsibilities.

Is SnapSext Free of Charge?

The portal includes both free and paid services, so it is up to you to decide what level of online experience you would like to get.

How Does SnapSext Operate?

SnapSext website has quite predictable arrangement of work. First of all, you need to create an account, then fill it with necessary information, set searching filters, browse matches and pick up the very which appeals to you best of all. Finally, you should get in touch with a selected person by using one of the provided messaging options. You will be able to do all this throughout the day and night as the website welcomes you 24/7.

Are There Scammers on SnapSext?

As any other niche website, this one is not an exception, so your chances to come across a scammer are quite high. But there are no reasons to get upset or hurry to delete the account. You just need to be more careful, and do not follow any external links.

Are There Scammers on SnapSext?

There are many similar dating websites to SnapSext. You can check them if you want to compare the provided opportunities. Here they are:

  • Sextpanther. This is a well-known site that stands out of the crowd thanks to an incredible quality of userbase. Unlike most of the other portals, this one welcomes only the best models or professional camgirls. That’s why you can receive an impressive experience and a quick response. There is a friendly customer support system that is ready to provide any sort of assistance to you at once.
  • SextFriend. It is rather a new player on the market, but its community is growing every day. Here you can create an account and search for a pleasant interlocutor within your area. Once you find such an individuality, the best part of the party starts. You can benefit from numerous options online and then think of translating the experience in a real-life environment.
  • Arousr. It is a modern look at traditional sexting experience. The website has a clear and nice interface, plenty of useful and unique features, as well as a large pool of candidates to choose from. Note that navigating across the portal is extremely simple, so you will not have any problems. But if you do, you can either read the FAQ section or approach a responsive customer support service.

Contact Information

Write down contact details if you are eager to get acquainted with the company closer:

  • Address: Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139, United States of America
  • Phone-Hotline: +13105262151
  • E-Mail: support@gpnethelp.com

The Final Verdict

Almost all SnapSext Reviews agree on the good quality of the provided services. The company included a nice set of features, plenty of free searching parameters, a modern layout, and an attentive support system. The portal welcomes people who seek communication with open-minded individuals and are eager to have the best time in their life. Plenty of positive reviews prove that both experienced and novice daters have many opportunities in online chatting. Everything is organized well, and you do not need to read long detailed instructions on achieving your aim. So if you are ready to start the hottest adventure in your life, then go on checking out all capabilities of the SnapSext website.

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Customer reviews
by Sunny Nov 25, 2021
I came across my self looking to unwind and increase into recovery intercourse or perhaps even casual a relationship after a split. However, i acquired not a clue of making it on line. Nothing event made me frightened. I attempted swiping, but such a shallow tactic seriously isn't simple powerful match. I look for the application exactly where people happen to be connecting, but We nonetheless recommended a good web site. This turned out to be a middle soil personally. No-strings-attached connectivity, respectable kinds, and suits, basic program, chat rooms. That is all we ever hoped for. We continued certain horny periods, and from now on The way we wish feel much better. Good program for singles with free of cost options and great functions. The nice build try a great feel.
by Carl Nov 23, 2021
My relationship wasn't very rich before I've signed up with this app. All that transformed immediately as soon as enrolled and started chatting those I've preferred on the webpage. Definitely, some users rejected me, but that's maybe not an issue. Choices differ, because it is mentioned. In general, I've received really valid fights that helped us to produce many pals. One of those truly got under my own epidermis. Within fourteen days of conversation, all of us obtained our personal initial meeting. As every thing am good, we've planned the 2nd meeting shortly. It seems I've grabbed my own perfect fit.
by Jean Nov 19, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual guy and enjoy studies. I'm maybe not monogamous, at least currently. Frankly, my lifestyle is way from standard societal norms, and I usually feeling lonely also among loved ones or near contacts. Quite a few materialize to be partnered, so I'm supposed stir ridiculous once I think the company's significant looks. Very, needless to say, it's fairly challenging to find and hang out with like-minds as soon as you live in an enormous area, in which folks are as well busy to help latest relationships. So, these types of in pretty bad shape is the reason for becoming a member of this page. And my favorite experiences is actually seamless. I been able to come across those who desire similar situations and realize the hope to keep free, without dedication, guarantees, and all of this various other hooey. Yet another great factor is that there I've satisfied some bi-curious individuals. I enjoy the functionality of the internet site since it's quite plenty of for initial telecommunications. Perhaps, some one wishes more benefits, but in my estimation, you ought to get a romantic date if you need extensive partnership. While exploring users, we experience many bare your. I wish people could shell out additional awareness of his or her profile on the site. Regarding the site's functionality, all things are fine. No troubles with join, emails, etc. assistance services is helpful and it is available around the clock. I'm pleased to collect a virtual location for our preferences and fantasies. It's fantastic as soon as the group willn't inflict their prices but is about the same webpage.
Barbara Allen
by Barbara Allen Nov 13, 2021
This incredible website is fantastic for myself. As I'm a tad sick and tired of swiping, it was a middle soil for my needs. We don't strategy any dangerous connections immediately, but I won't try to escape when I encounter my own adore. This incredible website shouldn't force me personally and makes it possible for getting all great features of excellent relationships. Besides, I like that software is very convenient to utilize, whether it's about direction-finding or charge. Price try average, i don't grudge bucks with them since I have have the best advantages for expenses they might require. I've previously came across some good individuals to get beautiful dates. Besides, I communicate with numerous owners to speak, laugh, and discuss several topics, such as love-making. Personally I think that i'm during group since the group particularly welcoming. Individuals don't assess we, while it might if you have obtained individuals in a bar.
by Dustin Nov 08, 2021
We joined this website just the past year and have outstanding adventure. Nowadays, You will find a reliable and mind-blowing partner, and we're close along. I'd endorse the software because i've read from immediate event it will work. We ensure some people often complain about no suits, convinced that they just spend your time and cash. However, I should remember that when anyone cannot come a partner, they often boot their particular downfalls to additional points. Tasks, loved ones, adult dating sites, this basically means, there is always someone responsible. However, you must never disheartenment, and every thing are going to be all right. Case in point, it took me almost 7 times to meet up my own companion.
by Gilbert Nov 02, 2021
Very good thoughts. I've found more than enough ready and intriguing visitors and some freaks . that's the norm whenever you're on line. Some matches are not inside place . that's the reason we kept buddys. I should state that this service brings a lot of resources to help make more people observe an individual. 1st, it's enough space to provide your very own visibility and offer enough the informatioin needed for the way you look and dynamics. Next, chatting was okay. Usually, an individual use whole online connection and can also come a night out together anytime whenever you are willing to fulfill your preferred in real life.