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Sweet Pea Review: Great Dating Site?

Sweet Pea Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 66000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It helps to build long-term relationships
  • Ice-breaker questions option to get the conversation started quicker
  • Lots of ways to meet other users
  • Completely ad-free
  • It has a small number of active users
  • Available only on mobile devices
  • Certain features might be confusing for some users

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Sweet Pea might be relatively new in the area of online dating, but it has slowly and steadily become a leading platform for single folks who are in search of long and meaningful relationships. Sweet Pea has gradually changed the game of online dating from just hookups to promote courtships and meaningful conversations within its short period of existence.

With continued improvements in promoting quality and not quantity, it is one of the best places for those looking for serious relationships and marriages to meet up and connect. Sweet Pea has constantly added innovations and other user-friendly features to bring back joy to online dating while making it a lot more convenient.

Who is the owner of Sweet Pea?

Sweet Pea is formed under the umbrella of Peas and Love Corporation, which is owned by Michael Bruch.

Where is Sweet Pea currently based?

The head office of Peas and Love Corporation under which Sweet Pea was founded is in California, the United States of America.

Where is Sweet Pea currently based

When was Sweet Pea first launched?

Sweet Pea was founded just recently, back in 2016.

How many language options are available on the Sweet Pea app?

Most of the active users are based in the United States, so the Sweet Pea app currently supports only the use of English.

Can Sweet Pea be accessed from any country?

Currently, the Sweet Pea app can only be downloaded and used in the United States.

Special Features

Even though Sweet Pea was founded recently, it has quickly enjoyed recognition and popularity due to its uniqueness. This is mainly due to the special features that the platform has, to make it more user-friendly and increase the ease of matching. While most of these features are available for free, certain features can be unlocked by being a VIPea.

Special Features

Ice-breaker Questions

The ‘Ice-breaker Questions’ feature is used to start a conversation with a user for the first time. You can customize your ice-breaker questions on Sweet Pea. It aims to get you and the other user talking immediately on various topics and spark a connection between you two.

Video Stories

Expressing your personality in words can be difficult for many, and this is why Sweet Pea has introduced the ‘Video Stories’ feature. With the Video Stories, the probability of you chatting with someone using a fake profile is greatly reduced.

Open to people of Multiple Genders Identity

Sweet Pea provides a platform for people of up to 20 gender identities to find love. Members have a number of options to select from, such as; Non-binary, Transgender, Transsexual, Transmasculine, Transfeminine, Trans Man/Woman, Intersex, Agender, Bigender, Cis Male/Female, and so on!


Sweet Pea automatically notifies users of offensive messages, and you can choose whether to see them or not. You also have the right to ‘hush’ explicit contents either only during first messages or for always.

Deal Breaker

As you can probably guess, the ‘Deal Breaker’ feature on Sweet Pea is used to filter off the characteristics which you think are unsuitable for a partner. Priority will be given to those that match your criteria, such as in height, weight, the highest level of education, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, hair color, and many others.


You can invite your friends to act as ‘WingMen’ for you. They just vote on the characteristics that they think make you great as a person and the top three characteristics appear on top of your Sweet Pea profile.

Driver’s Seat

This is another awesome feature by which Sweet Pea protects the privacy of its users. With the ‘Driver’s Seat’ feature, you can control the people who can contact you by choosing whether you can be messaged first.

Interactive Posts

Unlike most online dating sites that aim to get you laid as soon as possible, Sweet Pea tries to ensure that you build healthy relationships with other users. You can do this by uploading videos, statuses and tag your locations so that you can find matches based on your current locations.
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Audience Quality

Although all the Sweet Pea users come from the United States, the site comprises users with diverse age ranges and ethnicity. Because most users are looking for long-term relationships and marriages, you will find out that they are serious-minded. So if you are not looking to be committed or be in a serious relationship, Sweet Pea is probably not for you.

Because it is a fairly young dating site, the number of users is relatively low compared to other platforms, but this should not affect your overall experience as Sweet Pea prioritizes quality over number.

Age Distribution

Since it is an adult site, the minimum age for registration is 18 years. Despite this, the most active users are in the age range of 20-40 years, while members over 50 years old can be found, too.

Fakes and Scammers

Despite the efforts Sweet Pea makes to eradicate cybercriminals’ presence completely, several fake profiles and scam members are found on the platform. This number has shrunk continuously as the site has implemented policies to ensure that the fake profiles are removed. These policies include email verification and the video story features that ensure you are who you say you are.

Also noteworthy is that you are wary of the information you share with others, and you can also block and report any profile that seems suspicious.

Mobile App and Website

Sweet Pea has a fully functional and beautiful mobile applications and an informative website.

Mobile App and Website

Sweet Pea App

Although Sweet Pea initially had its app available only on iOS devices, it has also developed its app for Android devices. This means that the mobile application can be downloaded for free, either using Google Play or the App Store.

The app has excellent functionalities and was developed for the convenience of its users to use wherever they are. The app was created with the users in mind, as it is very user-friendly and simplified. It is comfortable to use, and the layout makes all the tabs accessible without any stress.

Sweet Pea Website

The platform is based on mobile apps, so there is no option of using the Sweet Pea website in terms of dating.

Can I access the Sweet Pea platform with my computer?

No, the platform has no functional website that can be accessed on a computer or a desktop app. This means that you can only use your mobile device to log in to Sweet Pea. This is a minor drawback to what might have been the perfect dating platform. The web page only shows you blog, FAQ section, contacts, and the links to download the apps.

Which browsers are best for opening the website?

The website directs you to the store from where you can download the app for your smartphone, and can be accessed via any browser.

Why am I finding it difficult to log in to the Sweet Pea app?

If you cannot log in to the app, it might result from a bad network connection. You should ensure that you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network or that your mobile connection has a strong reception.

Also, check that your device has the newest OS update installed and use the Sweet Pea app’s latest version. If all these are confirmed, you can try to force quit the app and log in again.



The interface of the Sweet Pea’s app is modern and serene. Combining all the characteristics of the major social networks, the site has outdone itself in making the platform fun and user-friendly. All the major features are shown with large icons that can be easily accessed.

The screen’s general view is stunning, and despite a large number of features, they are arranged in an orderly manner.

Registration Process

It is quite uncommon to see an online dating app where you can register for free, but Sweet Pea provides you with just that. Signing up for a Sweet Pea account is easy and quick. You will be provided with two options – you can either fill the form with your personal information manually or sign up via your Facebook account.

If you are filling the online form, you will need to add personal details such as name, birth date, gender, email address, and phone number. Your email address will be verified, and then you can set your username and password. Since your username paints a picture of who you are to other users, you must make it fun and catchy.

If you want to save some time, you can register using your Facebook account. All you have to do is allow Sweet Pea to access your Facebook profile, and then it will go through your page and move the necessary information (as above) to your Sweet Pea account.

Registration Process

Can I unmatch an already matched Sweet Pea user?

Yes, a user that has been matched to you can be removed by deleting the profile from your suggestions’ list.

What is the minimum age required to be able to sign up on Sweet Pea?

As with all other online dating platforms, you have to be at least 18 years of age to register an account with Sweet Pea.

How do I verify my account?

To prove that you are a real person with legitimate intentions, you will have to verify your Sweet Pea account using a valid email address.

How is my email address verified?

During the signup process, you have to enter an email address. A verification link will be sent to the email. You will click on the link for your account to become active.

Can I register with my Facebook account?

There is an option to sign up using your Facebook account. To use it, you have to log in to your Facebook account; then, you grant access to Sweet Pea to get your details from your profile. Sweet Pea reviews show that this method reduces the amount of time spent during the registration process.

Is it possible to review the service without signing up?

Yes, you can go through and see an overview of the platform before signing up. However, you would have to download the Sweet Pea app before checking the members’ dating profiles.

Profile Set-up

Because of the major objective of Sweet Pea, which is to encourage healthy conversations, you will see that the profiles on Sweet Pea are quite detailed. Unlike the use of selfies on other platforms, there are video stories you can watch to know more about other users’ personalities instead of the ‘one-line’ answers on the profiles available on many online dating sites.

Since the site majorly serves those looking for long-term relationships, you will have to answer quite a lot of very personal questions. This might seem time-consuming, but it is essential, as your profile’s quality can go a long way in matching you with the right person.

You fill out your profile immediately after verification. The significant part of it involves you in answering the basic questions. The Sweet Pea review insists that you must fill as much of your profile as you can to ensure that you get the best matches.

Profile Set-up

Is it possible to delete pictures that have been uploaded on Sweet Pea?

Yes, you can delete a picture that you uploaded whenever you want.

Can I change my username after registration on Sweet Pea?

Yes, it is possible to change your username. To edit the username, check the options on the profile settings under account information.

How to delete my profile on Sweet Pea?

Even though many of Sweet Pea users have found no reason to delete their profiles, you must have the information anyway.

The process of deleting your profile is a straightforward one. All you have to do is click on the ‘About’ tab on the app and select the ‘delete account.’ Note that deleting your profile removes all the information about you that has been on Sweet Pea. So if you want to take a break from Sweet Pea, you can deactivate your account using the ‘settings’ tab.

What happens if I deselect the option to ‘Show me on Sweet Pea’?

Another essential privacy option that Sweet Pea provides is choosing whether or not to select the ‘Show me’ option. Deselecting the option implies that your profile will never be shown as a result of a search option, even if you meet all the required criteria.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Sweet Pea?

Most of the information that is uploaded on your profile can either be updated or deleted.

This is one feature that sets Sweet Pea apart from the other online dating apps. Sweet Pea does not allow you to search for members using their physical qualities. The platform’s primary goal is to encourage interaction among the members, so they use the ‘Discover’ system.

Discover is a means that filters possible matches using specific topics of interest. What this tries to achieve is that it removes the idea of getting matches based on body type but on a common area of interest instead. This makes communication more comfortable as the users know they have a common ground on which they can chat.

How do I keep track of my favorite Sweet Pea members?

Your inbox automatically rearranges and ranks your matches and messages in order. Those you talk to the most come first.

How can I filter the type of users I meet using Discover?

Using the ‘discover’ option ensures that you meet people who share common interests while using Sweet Pea. To be sure that you are matched with someone that you have as many things in common as possible, ensure that you play around with the system to narrow down the matches.

Is it possible to know if some likes you on Sweet Pea when using the free version?

Yes, all users can see if another user likes them, whether they are using a free or paid version.


Conversation on Sweet Pea is made very easy. They have gone their way to ensure that new matches have something in common to talk about instead of a flat “What’s up?”

How to message a user for the first time using Sweet Pea?

The ‘ice-breaker question’ you created when signing up is what you use to start a conversation with any user you find interesting.

How do I send messages to other users?

Immediately you find a user that you find appealing, send a quick message using the message icon, and begin a conversation.

Can I send messages as a free member?

Yes. Everyone can send and receive messages, notwithstanding if they are using the free version.

Where do I find the list of those who messaged me on Sweet Pea?

All messages can be found in the inbox tab.

Can I use the phone camera on Sweet Pea?

The in-app camera can be used to send instant pictures and video stories to the Sweet Pea. You can also use it from your inbox to send images and videos to other users.

Can I filter how other users message me on Sweet Pea?

Yes, that is the essence of the Driver’s seat feature. This allows you to control your privacy by giving you the choice of allowing other users to message you first or not.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Like many of the other dating platforms, Sweet Pea has both free and premium membership experience available.

While the free membership offers many features, being a paid member gives access to all of the remarkable options that Sweet Pea has to offer.

Free Membership Features

The free membership is for those trying out the site to feel what it has to offer. With a free membership, you can create a profile, find daily matches, use the ‘discover’ filters, send and receive messages, and upload pictures.

However, most users with free membership can hardly get the best of what the site has to offer. Using the free membership only allows you to access a little out of the numerous available options.

Free Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

To enjoy the full experience while using Sweet Pea, it is recommended that you upgrade to a premium membership and become a VIPea! As a paid member, you gain access to all the features that are available on Sweet Pea. Some of the features that are exclusive to the VIPeas are:

  • An unlimited number of daily matches.
  • Get message read receipts.
  • Have access to up to 50 advanced filters to narrow down your searches further.
  • Use of dealbreakers.
  • Take further control of your privacy with the Driver’s seat feature.

The VIPea subscription costs are:

  • 1-month subscription at $7.00 a month;
  • 3 months subscription at $5.00 a month;
  • 6 months subscription at $3.00 a month.

Does Sweet Pea offer premium memberships?

Sweet Pea offers a premium membership for users who want to take advantage of the features that are not available to free members. Most Sweet Pea reviews state that the prices are relatively affordable.

How do I cancel my Sweet Pea subscription?

You have to cancel your subscription from the platform where you are billed, either Apple or Android. Then, you will no longer be charged at the end of your current subscription.

Is my Sweet Pea subscription auto-renewed?

Your subscription is automatically renewed within 24 hours of the end of the current subscription.

Does Sweet Pea refund me if I cancel before the end of my subscription?

No, you cannot cancel before the end of a subscription; you can only cancel further subscriptions.

Is there a refund policy if I’m not satisfied with Sweet Pea?

The conditions for refunds are not clearly stated, and Sweet Pea has the final say in whether or not to refund you. However, you can request for refunds from your billing platform.

Is Sweet Pea Really Safe?

Sweet Pea gives utmost importance to users’ safety and their information and has continually made developments to ensure their privacy and security.

Privacy in Sweet Pea

In addition to the standard privacy options, Sweet Pea has extra measures put in place to fully ensure that your privacy is intact such as the Driver’s seat feature.

Privacy in Sweet Pea

Are my chats in Sweet Pea encrypted?

All chats in Sweet Pea are secured by end-to-end encryption.

Can I be tracked down by Sweet Pea?

Sweet Pea cannot track you.

Can I be tracked by the police using my Sweet Pea account?

All of your personal information is deemed private and is not shared with any organization, except under the legal requirement.

Where do I get more information concerning their privacy policy?

You can check the privacy policy page from the tab at the bottom of the home page. You can also contact the site moderators or support if any issue arises.

Are Sweet Pea forums moderated?

Sweet Pea has site moderators who work around the clock to check for abusive languages, spam links, and improper pictures.

What will happen to a member who uses a Sweet Pea Account to solicit money?

Using a Sweet Pea account to solicit money from other users will result in a ban.

Banned Account

Your Sweet Pea account will be banned if you violate the rules and regulations of using the platform.

Why am I unable to access my Sweet Pea account?

If you cannot gain access to your account, you might have been banned for breaking one or more of the rules in terms of using the platform.

How long does Sweet Pea ban last?

There is no stated time for the duration of a ban. However, your account would be immediately reactivated after you serve your ban.

How can I reactivate my banned account?

Your account would be reactivated immediately after a temporary ban ends, but nothing can be done if the ban is a permanent one.

Protect Yourself

You have to take steps to protect yourself while using Sweet Pea. Be conscious of scammers and don’t share your details with anyone.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

If you think a user is a scammer, you can report the account by accessing the ‘report and block’ option from the profile and then fill in the details on why the account is being reported.

What kind of information should I not post on my Sweet Pea account?

Details of your credit cards and personal information, such as addresses, should not be shared on your profile.

Help and Support

If you require any help while using your Sweet Pea account, you can reach out to the Customer care representative or reach the support team via their email address.

Real Life Sweet Pea Review

“Sweet Pea allows you to engage in a real conversation with real people. I feel like half the people on Tinder are either scams or just trying to promote their social media. With Sweet Pea, you don’t have to spend extra time to weed out fake accounts. I would highly recommend Sweet Pea to people who want to meet real people.”

Is Sweet Pea the best dating app?

With the wide range of available features on the app and the large number of users that have met dates using Sweet Pea, one can safely say that it is one of the best dating platforms.

Is Sweet Pea safe to use?

Yes, you can rest assured that you are safe with Sweet Pea.

Is Sweet Pea a hook-up app?

Although the majority of Sweet Pea users are in for a long term relationship, users can also find others ready for instant sexual encounters.

How does Sweet Pea work?

Sweet Pea tries to bring back the courtship culture, which is near-forgotten in modern dating. It hopes to encourage users to have real conversations while strengthening the chemistry between them. Unlike most dating sites where users are matched by appearance and body types, Sweet Pea brings people together using a topic of interest.

Will I find fake profiles and scammers on Sweet Pea?

Fake profiles and scammers can be found on every dating platform. Several measures put in place on Sweet Pea have helped reduce their number to the bare minimum.

Alternative Sites Like Sweet Pea

In case you don’t want to use Sweet Pea but want a site with a similar feel, alternative sites to Sweet Pea include HER, OkCupid, Eris, Aisle, and Badoo.

Contact Information

  • Company: Love and Peas Corporation
  • Address: 3900 W Alameda Avenue, Burbank, California, 91505, US.
  • Phone Number: Not Available
  • Email Address: support@sweetpea.co


If meeting real people with the tendency of a long-term relationship is what you are looking for, then you should certainly be on Sweet Pea. With the well-detailed profiles and modern features, mingling with a user that catches your fancy is a lot easier. Sweet Pea is here to bring joy back to the online dating process with the cheap subscription costs and quality security measures!

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