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TeenChat Review ー A Sincere Study of the Best Dating Site for Teenagers

TeenChat Review ー A Sincere Study of the Best Dating Site for Teenagers
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 82%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 15-25
Profiles 5.873.000
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Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The sign-up process of the TeenChat website is quick and easy.
  • It is a free site where you can get access without any cost.
  • Despite being a free site, it contains a lot of appealing features for the users.
  • The users are quite active and responsive on this platform.
  • You can view the profile pictures of other users for free.
  • The TeenChat website also has a mobile app with similar features to the web version.
  • The moderation of the TeenChat website is not good.
  • The security of this website is not as good as other dating platforms.
  • The design of this website is not well updated.

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Like many other online dating platforms, TeenChat also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this TeenChat review, all the information about the TeenChat dating website has been thoroughly described. This TeenChat review focuses on the work of a teenage dating website. In this TeenChat review, all the uncovered points from the previous TeenChat reviews will be thoroughly discussed.

Teenage is the most exciting part of our lives, where we go through a lot of new romantic experiences. Our body and mind transform rapidly during this time, and people cannot but feel weird about themselves. TeenChat gives teenagers the scope to chat and communicate with fellow teenagers. Besides being a platform for teenage dating, it also works as the most significant social community of teenagers.

You must have read in the previous TeenChat reviews that fake users and scammers can be found here as it is a free website. Despite that, TeenChat is quite famous for its useful features and responsive users.

Which Languages Are Supported By the TeenChat Website?

TeenChat only supports the English language; the website or the app is not available in any other language. As English is an international language, it does not create many difficulties in communication among the members. There is no auto-translation feature available on the TeenChat website.

Who Founded the TeenChat Website?

TeenChat is the teenage version of the adult chatting site called Chat Avenue. Jarkko Oikarinen, who made the Chat Avenue website, is also considered the founder of TeenChat.

Location of TeenChat’s Headquarters

A Finnish investor is behind creating the TeenChat website though the location of TeenChat’s office is not known accurately.

When Was TeenChat Established?

TeenChat came into existence in 2002.

Are the Services of TeenChat Available Globally?

Yes, TeenChat offers its services internationally as a chatting platform for Teenagers.

Special Features

Special Features

In the TeenChat reviews, it is evident that TeenChat has incredible features to make your chatting experience to the next level. In this TeenChat review, the advanced facilities of the website will also be explained.

Sending Request to a Friend

The friend request feature works similarly to other social networking sites. With the help of this feature, you can get and send friend requests. After confirmation of a friend request, the user can be seen on your friend list. The members on your friend list are easy to communicate with.


Forums have similar functions to blogs. They contain posts related to dating, video games, television series, high school dramas, etc. A user can read exciting content here. The blogs do not have sexual content like group chats.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are platforms for engaging conversations with fellow teenagers. The talks in chat rooms are mostly about sexual activities.

Quality of Members on This Website

TeenChat has almost half a million teenagers as its members. The website does not have any process of verification. So, there can be some fake members and scammers as well. The members of TeenChat come from 45 countries in the world. Therefore, they belong to diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, such as White, Latino, African, European, etc. Most of the members on this website come from American and European countries.

Distribution of Age for the Members

TeenChat is a chatting website for teenagers. So, you have to be at least 13 years old to sign up on this website. The age of members on this website typically ranges between 13 to 19.

Are There Any Fake Profiles and Scammers on This Website?

According to the TeenChat reviews, the TeenChat website does not have any process of verifying the profiles of its users. There can be some fake profiles and scammers on this platform, but the number of fake profiles is much lower than the original ones.

Platform's Mobile Application and Website

Platform’s Mobile Application and Website

The platform has both an easily accessible website and a user-friendly mobile application.

A Complete Guide of the Mobile Application of TeenChat

The TeenChat app offers its services to Android users as well as iOS users. Android users can install the app for free from their Google Play store, and for iPhone users, it is available on the Apple Play store. The mobile application provides similar features to the website. The app is more convenient for teenagers while they are busy and on the go. The app is easy to navigate and gives a comfortable chatting experience.

Website Version of TeenChat

The TeenChat website is full of great features for communicating with fellow members. The site is mobile friendly and can easily be accessed through any secured browser. The website’s appearance is similar to the Friendster website, and the features recall the workings of a social networking site such as friend requests or friend lists. Though the TeenChat website does not offer any profile verification, it has become globally popular among teenagers in the last 18 years.

Is It Possible to Access the App on a Computer?

The TeenChat website is accessible on a user’s computer, but the app is only available for Android or iPhone users.

Browsers That Support the TeenChat Dating Platform

TeenChat suggests using browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to access the website.

Why Does a User Face Difficulties in Accessing the Website on Their Device?

For accessing the TeenChat website, your browser has to be updated to the latest version, and also, the browser needs to be secure.

The Design and Interface of This Website

The website of TeenChat is quite user-friendly because all the features on this website are divided into different sections for the convenience of the users. The website’s loading speed is also fast, and it can be accessed through popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The site also offers a guide or tips section to make your chatting experience hassle-free. The desktop version and the mobile version have similar features. There are different options to communicate with your friends. Though the appearance of the website is not very appealing, it looks neat and well organized. The dominant color of this website is white, with a touch of blue and pink.

Registration process

Registration process

According to most TeenChat reviews, signing up on TeenChat is easy and can be done quickly. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete your sign-up. There is no process of verifying your identity as a user, but there is an email verification to finalize your sign-up procedure. If you log in to the TeenChat website as a guest, you do not need to put your email address or age. For becoming a successful member on this website, one needs to fall under the age group of 13 to 19. Unlike most dating sites that offer registration through Facebook, TeenChat also provides a shortcut to sign up through Twitter and Google+.

At the beginning of the registration process, a user needs to enter the gender and the gender of preferred matches. After that, the TeenChat website asks for a password and an active email address. Also, you have to decide on a unique username for your profile in this step. It is better to keep a short and quirky username. Lastly, you have to provide some necessary information about yourself, such as your location and age.

Can a Member Be Unmatched on TeenChat?

Yes, a member can be unmatched on TeenChat if you find the member not suitable for communication.

What Is the Minimum Age to Register on TeenChat?

As it is a teenager chatting website, you have to be a minimum of 13 years old to register on the site, and the maximum age limit for this website is 19 years.

What Is the Process of Profile Verification on This Platform?

There is no particular process for verifying your profile on TeenChat, but you have to add a valid email address to sign up as a member.

What Is the Method of Email Verification?

During the process of signing up, you have to put a valid Email ID to register. You will be given a confirmation link in your email to complete your registration process. In this way, your active email address will be verified by TeenChat.

What Is the Process of Registering Through a Facebook Account?

TeenChat does offer the service of Facebook registration. In this case, the site will get your name and profile picture.

Is It Possible to Use This Platform Without Signing Up as a Member?

TeenChat offers the option of using the website through a guest log where you do not have to sign up.

How to Set Up a User's Profile on the Platform?

How to Set Up a User’s Profile on the Platform?

TeenChat has a very user-friendly option for setting up your profile because you can customize your profile according to your choice. You can change your username, theme, and color of the profile according to your personality. The profiles on TeenChat look more colorful and informal.

A primary photo can be added to your profile though there are no rules to define your picture. Most people upload photos from their favorite TV shows, animes, and movies. In the About Me section on your profile, you can describe yourself.

Also, you can add your mood of the day. Your favorite users can be included on your friend list, and you can put suspicious members on the ignore list of your profile.

Can an Uploaded Photo Be Deleted From TeenChat User’s Account?

You can delete uploaded pictures and change your profile picture as well.

Is It Possible to Change the Username on TeenChat?

Yes. As a VIP number of TeenChat, you can change your username on the TeenChat website.

Does TeenChat Give the Option to Delete a User’s Profile?

If you do not feel comfortable on the TeenChat website anymore, this TeenChat review advises you to delete your account using the following steps.

It is quite easy to delete a TeenChat account. On the website’s main page, you have to choose the profile option that will take you to the page of your profile. Next, you have to select a tab called “Options.” From the given list of several options, select the “Delete Account” option to confirm the procedure.

Before your account is deleted, you have to enter your correct password to ensure that other people have not hacked the profile. After the password gets confirmed, it takes seven days to delete the profile. Users can choose to cancel the delete request within the span of these seven days.

Is It Possible to Browse Around Anonymously on TeenChat?

If a user chooses to disable the “online” mode, then the profile will not be visible on the TeenChat website.

Can the User Delete Profile Information on TeenChat?

It is the user who is responsible for all the activities on his or her account. So, the user can delete any submitted information from the account if required.

Searching for Other Members on This Platform

According to TeenChat reviews, it is a hectic job to search for a member on TeenChat because to find a person, you need to know the member’s username. TeenChat offers two ways to search for a member on this platform. Based on the first method, you have to click on the menu bar located on the right side of the page. There, you will see an alphabetically arranged list of members. You can choose preferable members from the list.

There is an alternative way: the user needs to click on the icon of the member’s profile in the TeenChat room. After you click, there will be a list of options to choose one. The options include viewing the profile and sending messages in private chat.

You can add the person as your friend or ignore them as well. This TeenChat review notices that the unavailability of proper search filters is a drawback of this website.

Can a User See the Members He or She Has Liked on TeenChat?

A user can see his or her liked members on the friend list. If you like a member, you can send him or her a friend request. Once the request is accepted, the member will be added to your friend list to find them quickly.

What Are the Search Filters Available on TeenChat?

TeenChat does not have any particular search filters. You have to search for fellow members from your menu bar according to an alphabetically arranged list or find fellow members from the TeenChat room.

Is a Free Member Able to See Who Have Liked Them on TeenChat?

TeenChat is a completely free website. So, a member can easily see whether any user has sympathy for them.

Messaging on the Platform

Messaging on the Platform

TeenChat room is a chat site where teenagers from different countries take part in various types of discussions. Besides this, TeenChat has a lot of different kinds of chat rooms based on different topics. A user can also create his or her chat room. You can also converse with friends in private messages and send direct messages to other members.

How Can You Establish Contact With Someone on TeenChat?

If you like someone’s profile, you can click on it and choose the private message option to begin the conversation through messages.

What Is the Process of Sending Messages?

You can send messages to someone using private chatrooms or direct messages on TeenChat.

Can a User Send Messages for Free?

You can get access to the messaging feature of TeenChat for free; it does not involve any payments.

Where Do the Received Messages Appear on TeenChat?

Your received messages on TeenChat will appear in your private chat room window or the common chatbox.

What Is the Process of Using the Camera on TeenChat?

On TeenChat, you can use your camera to take your pictures and upload them on your profile or send them to your friends.

How Can You Restrict Random People From Messaging You on TeenChat?

You can put people on your Ignore list to protect yourself from engaging in conversation with suspicious members.

Cost of Having a Premium Membership and Ways of Making Payment

TeenChat is primarily a free chatting website, but it has a VIP membership plan to enjoy some advantages. The VIP membership of TeenChat is exceptionally affordable and comes with great functions. There are various plans for the VIP substitution of TeenChat.

  • 1-month subscription plan = $5.00
  • 3-month subscription plan = $10.00
  • 1-year subscription plan = $15.00

The lifetime VIP membership on TeenChat costs $20.00.

You can make the payment for your VIP membership through your debit or credit card on TeenChat.

Features Offered to Free Members

  • You are allowed to sign up on the website.
  • You can create your profile according to your preferences.
  • A free member can send messages to other members using private chat rooms and direct messages.
  • You can take part in the discussions on the forums.
  • Also, you can read blog posts and seek help in the chat guides.
  • A person can add their favorite members on the friend list as a free member.

Features Offered to VIP Members

  • VIP members can upload photos in chats.
  • VIP members can change their usernames.
  • You can also use colorful emoticons in your conversation.
  • As a VIP member, you can disable the advertisements appearing in the chat rooms.
  • You can also use an animated image on the cover of your profile.
  • VIP members get a higher rank on search results with a diamond sign appearing on their profiles.

Is There a Premium Membership Option Available on TeenChat?

The TeenChat website does offer a VIP or premium membership at an affordable price.

What Is the Process of Canceling Membership on TeenChat?

The membership of VIP members gets canceled automatically after the termination of the plan. It is also possible to cancel your membership plan by using settings on your profile page.

Is There an Auto-Renewal Process for Membership on TeenChat?

No, there is no feature of auto-renewal of membership on TeenChat.

Is There an Option to Get a Refund for the Unused Period?

Is There an Option to Get a Refund for the Unused Period?

TeenChat does not have any refund policy.

Does the Support on TeenChat Get Renewed Every Month?

No, the support on TeenChathat does not get renewed every month.

Does an Unsatisfied Member Get a Refund on TeenChat?

TeenChat does not pay the money back to the unsatisfied users.

What Will Be Shown on Credit Card Statement for Support on TeenChat?

In your credit card bill, the support for TeenChat will be shown as the Chat Avenue bill.

Does TeenChat Allow You to Provide Support to Other Members?

TeenChat does not allow you to send support to other members.

Can a Subscription Be Taken for Just One Month?

Yes, a subscription plan can be paid for one month only.

TeenChat Safety: Will Your Information Be Misused?

Several TeenChat reviews suggest that this dating website is a reliable platform for young blood to meet each other and maybe even light a spark. The information provided here seems to be protected.

What Is the Privacy Policy on TeenChat?

The privacy policy of TeenChat has thoroughly described the rules and regulations related to maintaining your privacy on the website. TeenChat allows you to add suspicious members to the Ignore list. TeenChat will enable you to create private chats to engage yourself in personal conversations. Also, nude pictures are not permitted on this website for the privacy of teenagers.

Does Chat Encryption Take Place on TeenChat?

Private chats are not encrypted on TeenChat.

Can a User Be Tracked Down on TeenChat?

A user can be tracked down on TeenChat through his or her IP address.

Is It Possible for Police to Trace Down Someone on TeenChat?

In case any legal issues occur, police can trace someone on TeenChat using his or her IP address.

Who Should be Contacted to Clear Doubts Regarding the Privacy Policy of TeenChat?

If a user has any doubt regarding the privacy policy of TeenChat, then they can contact the customer support of TeenChat. To contact the customer team, you can write down your doubts in the form available in the ‘contact us’ section of the website. Also, you can send an email to support@teen-chat.org.

Measures for Safety on This Platform

TeenChat provides a unique password for every user to protect their accounts. Also, the moderators or the administrators of the website look into the chatrooms to ensure the decent behavior of the website. When a member registers on the site, they are provided the safety and chat guide. The moderators take severe actions against offensive users who violate the rules of the website.

Does TeenChat Moderate the Forum Threads?

The forums of TeenChat are moderated by the admins and regulators of the website.

If a Member Uses the TeenChat Account to Ask for Money, What Will Happen to Them?

A member of TeenChat who uses an account to ask for money can be blocked or reported by other users. Also, this account can be banned from the website for security issues. In case any illegal activity occurs, the member can also be tracked down and arrested by the police.

Banned account

When a member follows the terms and conditions of the TeenChat website, it protects the user’s account from restricting their activity on the site.

Why Is a User Unable to Access Their Account on TeenChat?

If you enter the wrong username or incorrect password, you will not be able to access it. Also, the members whose accounts have been removed or banned from the website will not be allowed to access TeenChat again.

What Is the Duration of Bans on TeenChat Accounts?

Usually, a ban lasts for at least one day. The maximum duration of the ban is for three days. In more severe cases, it can last for a lifetime as well.

What Is the Procedure for the Reactivation of a Banned User Account?

To reactivate your banned account on TeenChat, you can send an email to their customer support team or contact them through the contact form and request to reactivate your account. If your request is approved, you can get access to your account again.

Protect yourself

Protect yourself

Being on an online chatting site, every teenager needs to protect themselves from fake users and scammers. Careful activities and cautious behavior can help you to avoid troubles on the site.

How to Block or Report a Member?

To block a user on TeenChat, you have to go to the user’s profile, and there, you can choose the block option to confirm your action.

What Information You Should Not Post on a TeenChat Profile?

Personal information, including contact number, email address, office address, home address, and other contact links, should not be displayed on a user’s profile on TeenChat.

Customer Support Team on the Platform

In the TeenChat reviews, it is always important to mention the customer service of TeenChat. You can contact the customer support team 24×7 by submitting the contact form available on the website. Also, an email can be sent to support@teen-chat.org. Fast options like live chat or helpline numbers are not available on this website.

Real-Life User Reviews About This Dating Website

TeenChat has become one of the largest communities for teenagers due to the customer support team, privacy policy, and moderation team to maintain the website.

Is TeenChat the Best Chatting Website for Teenagers?

TeenChat may have some drawbacks, but it is still one of the world’s largest communities where you can find teenagers from different backgrounds and have exciting interactions with them.

Does TeenChat Work as a Platform for Hookups?

TeenChat was established as a chatting community for teenagers to communicate and hang out with each other. It does not promote hookups, and also, nudity is strictly restricted on this website.

Is TeenChat a Free Website?

TeenChat offers all its services to free members but paid VIP members can get some unique advantages on the TeenChat website.

How does TeenChat Operates?

The website works on a pretty basic structure – you register and chat with other people. The operations are similar to other dating websites with standard features.

Do Fake Members and Scammers Exist on TeenChat?

TeenChat does not have any proper verification process of profiles. So, there are some fake profiles on this platform. It is better to avoid profiles that lack information and valid photographs.

The Best Alternative Websites of TeenChat

The Best Alternative Websites of TeenChat

The best sites that can be used as alternatives of TeenChat are:

  • Discord
  • Second Life
  • FreeWorld
  • KidzWorld
  • Friendster, etc.

How to Contact This Platform?

  • Company: TeenChat
  • Address: No information available.
  • Phone: Not revealed.
  • Email: support@teen-chat.org

Final Word

This detailed TeenChat review is designed to inform teenagers about this online dating and chatting platform. To sum up the TeenChat review, it can be said that it is a global platform for teenagers’ communication. Despite having some drawbacks in security issues, it is most reliable and offers excellent scope for exciting interactions. TeenChat is undoubtedly your best option if you desire to make your Teenage days colorful.

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