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How To Use Tinder To Meet a Cougar: Best practices

How To Use Tinder To Meet a Cougar: Best practices

Finding cougars on Tinder is quite common. Whether you are looking for casual encounters, company, and sexual favors in exchange for financial rewards, you will meet thousands of singles looking for such arrangements on Tinder. Find out little-known details about cougar dating here! We also cover practical tips for attracting cougars.

What is a Cougar?

Cougars refer to mature, and slightly older women attracted to young men. The setup is based on straight romantic relationships. Cougars are mostly women above 35. They are beautiful no matter their age.

You might have bumped in a Tinder for milfs ad but are unsure what this means. Lucky lads can use this opportunity to find lifelong sweethearts or something casual. Cougar hookups are a unique way of exploring your fantasies. Dating mature women come with lots of benefits you couldn’t get dating your age mates. Some of the advantages include:

  • No drama. Maturity means you don’t have to deal with dramas and tantrums. Young girls can be dramatic, but mature women don’t have time for such nonsense.
  • They are candid about what they want. You won’t experience cat and mouse games trying to please someone unsure about what they want. A Tinder milf will tell you what she is looking for in a relationship without pretense. This way, you know her expectations and how to work on yours as well.
  • You can learn with your cougar. Cougar dating is an excellent opportunity to learn new ideas. Since the women are older than you, they are more experienced and can share insights that will sharpen your thinking and make better decisions. You cannot underestimate a mature woman’s integrity.
  • Milfs are fun to hang around. Most of the time you spend together will be full of great adventures to explore. Mature women are free-spirited and open to new ideas. It’s time to enjoy new thrills and pleasurable moments.
  • No financial implication. Cougars on Tinder are well-established and might not be looking for financial aid. They are independent with a stable life. She’s also established career-wise, so she doesn’t mind spending on you. With this, you can concentrate on meeting her expectations.
  • Milfs won’t waste your time. They know what they want and will call it off when it’s no longer working. Plus, they are choosy when finding cubs – if they decide you are the one, be sure you’ll enjoy your time together as she won’t play games with you.
  • Hot sexual experience. It’s presumed that older women have a high drive. You have a chance to explore such sexual peaks with cougars on Tinder.

How can you identify a cougar?

People interested in mature women might have difficulties distinguishing a milf from the rest. The age difference notion is one of the basic ways to identify a cougar. However, older age doesn’t always mean that she is a cougar. Here are some of the things that should help you spot a milf if you are using the best place to pick up cougars like dating apps and clubs:

  • She seems older than you by appearance. Looks don’t lie even when women wear makeup. Does she look older than you? If yes, she could be what you are looking for. Don’t confuse age with attractiveness.
  • She has a sense of fashion. Anyone can dress how she likes but don’t expect to see her in baggy and oversize clothes.
  • She’s confident. Unlike young ladies, older women on Tinder and other apps confidently express what they want, their likes, and what they are looking for. For instance, she will highlight on her profile that she is looking for cubs or young men.
  • She wears a warm smile and is receptive. You can easily identify a smile that communicates more than just friendship. If you find it flirtatious, it’s time to act and make the first move.
  • Communication. Assuming you hooked up with a mature Tinder milf, does your communication sound suggestive? A milf is likely to express herself boldly. She will even seduce you if it’s necessary. She could also gaze at you suggestively. If you go out on a date, observe how she touches you. A cougar can express desire and affection by unusually touching you. The touch will also be gentle.
  • She seems independent. So, you just met her for the first time, and she doesn’t mind spoiling you. She even came on a date without asking about money. Plus, she’s offering to pay the bills and any expenses you incur when you go out. Chances are, she could be one of the Tinder milf women you have been looking for.
  • Complimenting. If she compliments you, she’s a milf. You can note how she comments on your physic and your appearance. Note the tone she uses when complimenting you. She might communicate sexual interest.
  • She says that she likes young men. If she mentions more than once that she wouldn’t mind younger hookups, be sure she is a milf.
  • She prefers your company often. You don’t expect to find a married Tinder granny hanging out with you frequently. That’s one sign that she is a cougar who finds you attractive.
  • The woman asks you about your love life. A woman won’t just ask you about your relationship status unless she finds you attractive.
  • She ‘shows up’ unexpectedly more than once. A cougar could be communicating interest if she keeps visiting where you hang out or even your place.

How to pick up cougar

If you are into cougars, chances are, you will find plenty of them in local clubs, hotels, and social setups. But what happens if these are not your go-to areas? You should try dating sites to meet excellent women. Tinder, for instance, presents a unique opportunity to find local mature Tinder cougars. So, how do you go about it?

  1. Sign up. The registration process is straightforward. You can sign up with Facebook or using your phone number. Facebook is more straightforward as you don’t have to key in details as your data is automatically synced on the Tinder account. The latter will take some time, including submitting a code that will verify your genuineness.
  2. Creating a profile. Next, work on your profile. Tinder uses your location to find matches for you. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your profile. Since first impressions matter, you will likely find the right swipes if you have a nice picture. Don’t upload a blurry photo. Make sure you get the right resolution. Also, avoid group photos to avoid confusing the Tinder milf. Another tip while working on photos is to show at least the upper third of your body as it gives an idea of your physical appearance. A nice credible picture goes a long way in earning the right swipes.
  3. Describing yourself. Your bio section also plays a vital role in attracting milfs. What should a cougar see on your profile? Describe who you are. Find a tagline that best tells your personality. You could also include your likes, hobbies, and interests. Don’t shy away from clarifying your interests. If you are looking for a mature pick-up, include it. Figure out what will draw her attention and make it visible on your profile.
  4. Finding matches. This is where the trick lies. Not everyone qualifies to be your hookup. First, you will see a list of profiles within your area with their ages and bio. But that doesn’t mean that every user deserves a chance. You should know that Tinder hookups are formed when both of you swipe right. Look at a profile and analyze it before swiping right. You can also factor in the appearance and interests before swiping right. If you want to find someone outside your location, you should settle for a Tinder premium membership. Doing so unlocks the Tinder passport feature to find cougars on Tinder in other cities. You can find instant hookups by looking at a user’s age.
  5. Making contact. Congratulations, she has swiped right, and you are now a match. How you reach out determines how she’ll respond. You can’t charm milfs with the common dating app games. Express yourself in a way that won’t put off your hookup. First, come up with ideas on how to praise her beauty respectfully. Compliment her for who she is. You can also appreciate your milf by appreciating her for sparing some minutes to listen to you. Instead of commenting on her photos, praise her. Be direct and straightforward and let your Tinder granny know that you would love to keep her company and wouldn’t mind dating her.
  6. Hooking up and meeting. You have exchanged phone numbers, and it’s time to meet. Where do you start? The following tips can be insightful:
    • Meet in a public place;
    • Dress nicely as your presentation matters;
    • Offer to pay some of the bills. Don’t let her do it singlehandedly even if she insists;
    • Recognize her beauty and praise her. Comment on her makeup and what she is wearing;
    • Discuss future meetings. Communicate respectfully without sounding intimidating. Talk about the relationship and if the Tinder milf has children, know your place in her life;
    • Don’t tell her that she’s a milf. Branding cougars as milfs puts them off. It’s like reminding her she is older than you.

Tips how to attract a cougar woman

Have you found your Tinder granny but don’t know how to woe her? Here are some of the things you should do:

Make the First Move

Don’t be afraid to approach her. Think about what you tell her. She probably has heard thousands of those pickup lines and might not pay attention to you. However, confidence matters when making the first move. Do you believe you can convince her? Go ahead and tell her how you feel without flirting. Being mature doesn’t mean she can’t be pursued. Women love it when they are lured, and the best way to do it is making the first move with your Tinder milf.

Honesty Matters

Any relationship thrives on trust. It’s almost impossible to date someone who tells lies. Since you know what you want, inform your cougar. Be open-minded as well because what you might be looking for might not be what she wants. If you want sex and more intimate moments, let her know. While at it, don’t appear desperate to get financial favors as it might put off someone who would have made the whole difference to your love life.

A cougar should also know that she can rely on you. Chances are, she’s had failed relationships in the past. Don’t add her new disappointments. Remember, she won’t be playing games with you. It’s in your interest to tell her your expectations honestly.

What Does She Want?

You shouldn’t assume that all she wants is sex. This stereotype might be the reason you lose her for good. Cougars on Tinder might have different expectations than those you meet elsewhere. Plus, everyone is different. Some might be looking for casual sex while others prefer companionship and lasting relationship. That said, ask her what she wants, even if she had mentioned it on her hookup profile.

This is also the best time to talk about babies. If you want to have babies with her, it’s important to clarify this. Older women on Tinder might be bossy, so don’t act like you know more than she does. There is a lot to learn when hooking up with mature women. You should make an effort to know her expectations and discuss aspects you think will solidify your relationship.

What If She Rejects You?

You might do all these, but she finds you unattractive. It’s also possible to hook up for one-night stands, and she ends things with you. Well, relationships might end at some point. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sulk up and get depressed. There are more cougars on Tinder. It’s time to try again and find someone worth your time.


It’s interesting to know that exploring romance with cougars can be rewarding. There are lots of dating apps to use when looking for cougars. With this guide and tips, we hope your search for a Tinder milf comes to an end and you will find your special one.


How old is a cougar woman?

In most cases, milfs looking for young men are in their forties and fifties. However, you won’t miss cougars aged 35 to 40. You shouldn’t be surprised to find cougars in their sixties as well. Ideally, there is no age limit. The only distinguishing bit in cougar dating is that older women are attracted to young men. Plus, cougars are presumed to be financially stable and don’t mind spoiling cubs in return for sexual favors.

Are cougar Dating Apps Safe?

Safety is always a critical concern. Most of the cougar matching apps are safe to use. Like on other hookup sites, always be on guard and don’t ignore any red flags. Always report suspicious trends to the support team for the appropriate action. You should find out the legality of the site before signing up. Other safety tips include:

  • Always meet in public places during initial engagements;
  • Earn someone’s trust before sharing data that could be used against you;
  • Don’t leave your drinks and food when having meals;
  • If you want to meet milfs online, use credible hookup apps.

What’s the name of a cougar in dating?

A manther is used to refer to a male cougar. Manthers prefer hooking up with younger men. Cougars are older women, mostly in their 40s and onwards, looking for hookups with younger men.

Where can you find Cougars?

Cougar matching apps are common in the dating space. The best way to find cougars is to sign up on platforms that gear toward such arrangements. Tinder is one of the ideal apps you could use if you are looking for local cougar hookups. You can also try AdultFriendFinder, CougarLife, Ashley Madison and Elite Singles, among other hookup sites. You should always be clear about what you are looking for to hook up with people looking for similar arrangements.

What does cougar cub relationship mean?

It refers to a romantic connection between an older woman (cougar) with a young man (cub). The woman is presumed to have more money and is looking for arrangements to benefit her intimately with a younger man. Cougars are heterosexual and find young men attractive. You can meet milfs online using dating sites like Tinder.

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