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Everything You Need to Know About the Best Tinder Openers 2024

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Tinder Openers 2024

Tinder is a place where you get two chances for impressing a person you like. Either you can impress them with your profile or win their heart with the Tinder opening lines you use. If you are a Tinder expert, you can probably do both and ace it like a star. However, if you are new to this world and want some great ideas to help you impress anyone, then we have an awesome collection of opener ideas for you. We believe that the opener you use matters the most because only the member on the opposite side will respond to your message if that is good enough. That is why using the right pick-up line holds much importance in Tinder dating. Several members have got the most delicate profile details and images, yet they cannot seal the deal because of their poor skills in using fine pick-up lines. But we don’t want the same to happen to you. Hence, our experts have made this complete guide to help you start the Tinder conversations with the best openers ever. Are you excited to find out more? If yes, then keep reading until the end!

Best Tinder Opening Lines for Guys

Guys who want to impress girls on Tinder should start learning better pick-up lines if they haven’t already. Starting the conversation with dull openers like asking how they are doing doesn’t work anymore. If you want to stay unique, you will have to make that impression from the first go. Then only it will be a yay or else a nay. Some of the best Tinder opening lines ideas for guys are given below!

  • Use openers related to emojis or GIFs: We don’t know how many of you have noticed but by now, it is proven that girls are more attracted to using emojis than men. They are also prone to sending cute GIFs. So when starting the conversation, you can use a pick-up line that somehow involves emojis. For instance, you can ask her to describe her reaction to something using emojis. It is a fun way to start the chat, and it works!
  • Try to ask a question: When we say that asking questions work, we do not mean you ask dull questions like their health. Visit the profile and think of something interesting to ask. For example, if she has written in her bio that she is a crazy lover of movies, then you can ask her which is her favorite movie of all time. Most members do answer to such openers because they seem quite genuine without any additional buttering.
  • Ask something that interests you both: The next cool thing that you can try while using pick-up lines for dating sites is by simply finding common ground of interest. For example, many members enjoy watching FRIENDS. If you are also a FRIENDS lover, you can start the conversation with something related to the show, and we are sure she will respond!
  • Use some funny pick-up lines: Girls love those men born with a good sense of humor. So, you can also try using some cheesy pick-up lines while opening a conversation. The recent funny pick-up line that we loved is “Are you a tower? Because Eiffel for you”! This pick-up line is not so cheesy but yet perfect if you want to get a reply from a girl. There are many more such pick-up lines that you can use.
  • Flatter the girl: Well, no girl accepts it straight, but they like a bit of flattery. When you compliment her, she is more prone to reply with at least a ‘thank you’, which can further become the starting point of a beautiful conversation. However, while flattering, please do not overdo it because that might piss her off. Give genuine compliments that can make her happy. Remember that the compliments can also be about other things besides looks, so find out what works the best for you!

Best Tinder Opening Lines for Women

Most women don’t have to work a lot when trying to get a reply from a man because we all know how eager guys are to talk with any girl on the platform. But let’s not generalize because this isn’t the case with every man out there on Tinder. So, to be on the safe side, it would be great if the ladies, too, try and learn some funny things to say on Tinder. We have shared some ideas below:

  • Sound sexy: Men probably love nothing more than women who are hot and sizzling. Hence, if you want to impress a man on the first go, the best way to do so is by sounding sexy. Use a sexy opener that can impress the man without any second thoughts. Our favorite is, “I am standing in a lingerie store. What kind of lingerie would you like to see on me if we date?” These kinds of pick-up lines can be used only by bold women who are up for casual hookups.
  • Be sweet: If being super sexy on the first message on Tinder isn’t your thing, it’s fine, and we get you. Even if you are not using a sexy pick-up line, you can still impress a man by being sweet because that works. You can say something as lovely as, “Your smile is the reason why I swiped right. May I know why you swiped me right?”.
  • Compliment him: Well, to be honest, it is not just women who love to hear compliments; men too adore them, especially when they come from girls. So, one easy way of grabbing attention is by giving a sweet or a sexy compliment to the man. You can say something as simple as, “Your profile picture looks quite cool. Are you so in real life too?”
  • Use a wise pick-up line: Men are usually attracted to those women who are intelligent and intellectual. To prove that you are one such girl, you can use an opener like “I like my coffee with less sugar. How about you?” It might sound simple, but actually, it’s quite smart to ask this question. It is a pick-up line that is indirectly asking for a coffee date!
  • Talk casually: If you ask something interesting, like when he adopted his dog and what is his favorite PS game, this conversation would be more casual and hence, more attractive to him. It is also a good way of avoiding pick-up lines for those who are not-so-cheesy and shy.

Great Questions to Ask on Tinder

Tinder isn’t your daily chatting platform where you can ask mundane day-to-day questions. It is a site where you have to make yourself unique to stand out. To do so, you need to keep the conversation hot, flirty, and interesting, all simultaneously. People, who want to keep the members hooked to their chatbox, need to ask them intriguing questions that are fun to answer. Most of these questions are flirty because that is what Tinder is all about. If you keep your tone serious on this dating platform, things won’t be in your favor. We have a few suggestions for you below, have a look:

  • Date, fuck, or kill! Options- me, myself, I. What are your choices?
  • How would you describe your dream date night?
  • If you could travel back to the past or get a glimpse of the future, which one will you go for?
  • What is the most thrilling activity on your bucket list?
  • What would you tell your younger self if you get a chance to meet her?
  • Is life good with or without Tinder?
  • What is your best Tinder date experience?
  • If you can use anything on me, anyhow you like, what will you do to me?
  • Did you ever feel like giving up on Tinder? I did until we matched!

We are sure if you use these questions, impressing your matches will become an easier job. So try them the right way!

Tinder Opening Lines to Avoid

If you thought that every pick-up line worked on Tinder, then no, it doesn’t. Many such openers can be a total disappointment, and we want to save you from those. These pick-up lines are usually too cheesy and make people disgusted. So, it is always better to stay away from such Tinder introduction openers. We have created a special list of some openers that suck. Read below to know:

  • I miss my teddy and cannot sleep. Would you mind sleeping in its place for tonight?
  • My doctor said that I need Vitamin U.
  • I think your hands are heavy and are a burden. Can I hold them for you instead?
  • I think you can become my Google because you have all that I was looking for.
  • Hey!
  • I apologize for taking so long to message.
  • I think you farted because you are mind-blowing!
  • You are boiling!
  • You are an acute triangle!
  • You can call me “whenever needed” if my name sounds boring!

These pick-up lines are all over the internet. Hence, using them won’t make you any special. Instead, the person will understand that you have not spent enough time and effort in coming up with your openers. You can take inspiration from the internet, but still, you should insert some of your creativity before serving it to any member. As given in the examples, you should not use something as simple as ‘hey’ because that doesn’t work anymore. To start a conversation, you need to be more imaginative. We truly hope you do not use lame pick-up lines and come up with better openers every time you chat with a new member!


We have answered a few FAQs related to Tinder openers below. Have a look!

Do Pickup Lines Work?

The answer to this question depends largely on what kind of pick-up lines you are using. If the lines are too cheesy, no, they do not work in recent times. If the lines are copied, they do not work again. But they do work and bring amazing results if they are original, flirty yet casual, and not too overwhelming. Experts also believe that the success rate of pick-up lines depends on who you send the text to. Some members reply positively to cheesy openers, but most of them ignore such messages. Some like witty pick-up lines, a few like funny, and so on.

So, they do work, but to achieve results, you will have to keep experimenting. That is why we always say that getting a match isn’t the end of the game; it is just the beginning. It is harder to impress someone with an opener than impressing them with your profile. But we believe that you can do it because you are amazing!

What Is the Best Tinder Opener?

Choosing the best Tinder opener is difficult because there are so many great pick-up lines to try. Also, the one that we think to be the BEST might not work for every member because everyone has a different taste. For that matter, we have made a list of some perfect openers that you can try and experiment with to see which ones work the best for you:

  • Do you have the best boyfriend? If not, why wait?
  • Hey, let’s not beat around the bush and talk about us!
  • I am not a pro at starting a conversation. So, the mic is all yours!
  • I saw you like Harry Potter. Can I be your Ginny?
  • What is your favorite place for dinner?
  • Guests love my house, would you like a tour?
  • I wasn’t expecting my Monday to be so thrilling!
  • Can you share tips on impressing you? Because man, that looks difficult!
  • Do you think I am just another creepy person on Tinder trying to impress you, or are we going for a date?

All of these pick-up lines are pretty cool. The ones where we have used the names of some shows or hobbies are highly recommended ones. You can replace those shows with the ones that the person likes. Try them out, and let us know if they worked!

Can I Say Hey on Tinder?

No, never! We have provided you with so many options just so that you can stay away from dull openers like ‘hey,’ ‘hello,’ ‘what’s up,’ etc. Using these openers won’t help because they are too common; 50 other members might have already used this and got ignored. We are sure you don’t want to join the group of forgiven people! You can say ‘hey’ for Tinder opening lines for no bio profiles, but other than that, please do stay away from such openers. If you don’t believe us, then try it for yourself, and we are sure you will know soon why we advised you not to message ‘hey’ as an opener!

How Can I Flirt on Tinder?

There are so many ways that you can flirt on Tinder. To begin with, you will have to use ample flirty messages. Keep in mind to not overdo it because that might piss off people. You can also tease a member by playing fun games like truth and dare. These games can bring out the spark. If the member is enjoying it, you can also ask for pictures, but we suggest not doing it unless you are comfortable. You can also send them virtual gifts and flowers, which is another cool way of flirting.

What Is a Good Tinder Opener?

Anything that is not cheesy and dull is a good Tinder opener. The line should be witty, funny, and casual. We have already shared some of our best Tinder opening lines in this guide. Would you please scroll up to check them out? If you use them correctly, impressing a member won’t take much time on Tinder. If you follow all our tips, then you will also not sound too creepy on Tinder. Remember that there are many perverts already existing on the platform, and we are sure you don’t want to be one of them. So, use a pick-up line keeping this in mind. Which pick-up line are you planning to use for your next Tinder match? Do share with us!

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