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Tinder App Screenshots: Will My Match Receive a Notification of Them?

Tinder App Screenshots: Will My Match Receive a Notification of Them?

Does Tinder Notify Screenshots

Tinder dating service is one of the most popular around the globe. With over 56 million users, chances are everyone knows about the easy swipe right and left feature – that matches you with a lot of profiles! Sometimes even too many, especially if you also swipe right on many profiles. And with so many amazing and beautiful people out there, chances are soon you will be matched with a lot of lovely guys and girls (or both).

And when we have lots of matches, sometimes we look for our relatives’ or friends’ viewpoints. Plus, it’s so easy to lose pretty essential info your match sends, so it’s pretty useful to screen capture other’s profiles and convos, for the future. Hence, both you and your matches can take screenshots of your chats. But it leaves some to ponder, does Tinder tell if you screenshot this info?

Some social media apps have the regulation to alert members of screenshotting, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Viber. Does Tinder apply a similar rule? Don’t fret, friends! We are here to ease your concern. Let’s figure this out by reading our review below!

What Happens If Someone Screenshots Your Tinder

So, does Tinder notify screenshots? Nope. Tinder won’t be sending a warning notice to others if you capture the screen of something on the app. And logically, you also won’t receive a warning notice if someone took a Tinder screenshot of your convo and profile, either. Hence why it’s pretty important not to share any personal information – like your passwords, explicit photos/videos, credit card info, and so many more.

What Happens If You Screenshot Someone’s Tinder?

Pretty much the same thing – the other person won’t even know that you took a screenshot. There is no alert to capturing other profiles on Tinder.

So you can take Tinder app screenshots but mind the other person. It’s always better to alert someone that you’re screening the convo, especially if you want to share it. After all, they can be uncomfortable and wouldn’t want this info shared.

And even if you do get the other person’s permission to post screenshots, always remember to blur their face, username, and any private info. Never forget about safety!

Why Do People Screenshot on Tinder?

Members on Tinder capture a Tinder screenshot for different reasons. Online dating can be tough. Thus, some people might need advice or insight on how not to mess things up. They take a screenshot to show it to their friends and family.

But other than that, some of the most common reasons for taking Tinder app screenshots are:

  • Profile Sharing

You have swiped many profiles and got a bunch of matches. However, you don’t want to rush into a conversation. So, what is your best course of action? Exactly! Ask your friends’ opinion of your matches. You capture the screen of their picture or profile, then share it with your friends.

  • What to Say

You have conversed with your matches. Yet, the conversation flow isn’t as great as before. What should you say about your next move? Thinking about this alone might strain some people. Also, you need a fast answer to your situation. Rather than surfing the internet on what to say, it’s better just to capture the screen of your chat room. Then, you may share it with your friends to know their point of view.

  • Memorable Moments

We tend to share anything that brings laughter. You might come across someone humorous and cute you want to save. Then take a Tinder screenshot of such moments! It will bring you a smile in the future!

  • Fraud Profile

Tinder has tens of millions of active members. So no matter how well the team deals with bots, scammers, and those violating rules, there’s always a chance of coming across such a profile. So make sure to screenshot such a person and send their info to Customer Support.

  • Showing off

Yup, a lot of times when you connect with someone very interesting and beautiful, you want to show them to people close to you, so they can share your happiness.

Are Screenshots Good Or Bad?

There is no right or wrong in taking Tinder app screenshots. It depends on your intentions. Do you want to share exciting moments with others or use them for crimes?

Cyberspace, whether you like it or not, has many potential dangers. There are a bunch of scammers who impersonate others. It’s wrong if you capture the screen of someone’s pictures and use it for personal gain. However, if you come across those violating Tinder rules or even law, it will be good if you catch the screen of such profiles. Don’t hesitate to report them or share these screenshots with Customer Support.

Although Tinder doesn’t interfere with screenshotting, you must respect other people’s privacy. Don’t just carelessly share your matches’ profiles on the internet; not only is this rude and disrespectful but can also be pretty dangerous for the other person.

What is Tinder’s Policy Regarding Screenshots?

There is no clear regulation about Tinder screenshots on its Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Community Guidelines. The app doesn’t forbid you to capture a screen of someone’s profile or a chat room. Also, the app won’t deliver a warning notice of capturing the screen of others’ profiles and chat rooms. However, it doesn’t mean you can thoughtlessly take and share someone’s data.

It’s always important to be cautious. Plus, respect people’s privacy; you can blur out their names, photos, and basic information.

Can You Screenshot on Tinder?

Tinder doesn’t deal with snapshots that you capture on the app. In other words, you can take as many as possible depending on your needs and conveniences. Unlike Snapchat and Viber, Tinder won’t send an alert to others if you capture the screen of their profile and message.

How to Take a Tinder Screenshot?

The answer depends on the device that you’re using; a mobile phone or computer. The two most popular operating systems for mobile devices are iOS (developed by Apple) and Android (acquired by Google). Also, you can take Tinder screenshots on a computer depending on its computer system: Mac (developed by Apple) and Windows (developed by Microsoft). You can follow the following steps to get things done!


  • Open the Tinder screen that you want to snapshot.
  • There are three ways to Tinder screenshot on iOS devices. The first is to press the Side and Volume Up button. The second is to press the Side and Home button. Another option is to press the Top and Home button. You must press and hold them at once!
  • Now the screen is captured, and you can check the image on your phone’s gallery.


  • Open what you want to snapshot.
  • You can press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same instant. Another alternative is to press and hold the Power button for seconds. Next, you can click on the Screenshot option.
  • And that’s it! Check the result on your phone’s gallery!


  • Open the Tinder screen that you want to snapshot.
  • Press and hold Shift, Command, and three buttons altogether to take a full snapshot.
  • If you only want to take a part of the Tinder app screenshots, you can press and hold Shift, Command, and four buttons. After that, you can drag the crosshair to select the portion of the screen.
  • Wait for the screenshot to be saved.
  • Check the result on your Mac’s gallery.


  • Open the Tinder screen that you want to snapshot.
  • You can press the Windows Logo Key and PrtScn buttons.
  • Another alternative is to press the Fn, Windows Logo Key, and Space Bar buttons.
  • Wait for the screenshot to be saved.
  • Check the result in your pictures folder.

In a case where you can’t follow those steps, you may download and use specific screenshotting programs for both PC and phone. As an alternative for PC, you can also add a screenshot extension program to your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions of Tinder Screenshot

Back again! You can read our answers to the frequently asked questions about Tinder app screenshots. If you have any worries related to Tinder regulation, you can visit its official website.

Can someone see if you screenshot their profile?

A lot of people wonder – does Tinder tell if you screenshot someone’s profile or chat room? It’s safe, mates! Tinder doesn’t alert others for screenshotting. They will neither see nor know that your screengrab something of their pictures, profiles, or messages.

Thus, others won’t get a notice if you screen capture their profile, so you can capture as many screens as possible. But, again, as long as you don’t intend to use this convo in malicious ways. Also, remember to respect other people’s privacy and safety – blur their names, faces, or any personal info if you plan to share this screen with anyone.

Can you see who viewed your Tinder profile?

You can’t see who has visited your profile on Tinder, but you can view who has liked your profile. This is a feature available only to Premium users.

Free members can have lots of matches from the get-go. Yet, the app will blur the profiles that have liked yours. If you are eager to converse with potential partners, you can subscribe to the premium membership.

To wrap things up, Tinder won’t give away the information about your screenshotting behavior. In addition, the app doesn’t notify the profile that you choose to capture. However, you need to maintain the tacit understanding and etiquette of sharing Tinder screenshots. Now, go back and enjoy your dating experiences!

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