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What is Tinder Shadowban & How to Fix It

What is Tinder Shadowban & How to Fix It

Tinder Shadowban Buzz

Folks might be overwhelmed with how the swipe ideas smack online dating nowadays. Then, you are using the feature and somehow keep swiping until you get one. After swiping many profiles, you still do not match with users even if their profiles show some compatible clues that are possible for you. You might think that it relates to the cons of using online dating. Nah, you may want to notice the grass is not greener on the other side. Somehow you might mumble around and think, why isn’t Tinder working for you after all the efforts? But there is a buzz that occurs because you are only receiving a few matches for a long time.

The shadowban has blown up the Tinder dating users, yet the impact is a big deal. There are a few effects that are ruling your entire account setting. It is undeniable that the users at least click on the app and spend their free time swiping until the limit is over. Also, it is possible to try the love possibility by swiping right. Yet, the system does not help at all in showing more profiles.

But, how to tell if you’re shadowbanned by only not having a match for a long time? It may affect another attribute and occurs to you and your matched users as well. Some questionable happening may impact your messaging system without receiving the banning notification. More of it, you might not be able to use your existing account now and forever. The last point is the worst case and results in you creating a new one from zero. Thus, put aside luckiness from your table because this cup of tea will inform you of the details!


The Signs on How to Tell if You’re Shadowbanned

The buzz of the Tinder messages not working comes out to the surface. Some occurrences are showing the signs of the ban in some aspects on the Tinder dating app. The details might be invisible for the users to catch by. They might not notice the strange effect from their account functions because of the shadowban. Thus, it is necessary to know the shadowban signs. Check them out below:

  • The Swiping Page

First of all, there’s a comparison that you must notice from your account. It’s once you only bump into a few users that you see through your screen. It is not always because of the set of nature. When Tinder not showing anyone while you’re using the app, it is one in all of the indications that you are receiving the shadowban.

  • The Match Number

It is a privilege for people to swipe left or right. The choice depends on the user which profiles attract them. However, when you do it, and you notice that you do not match with a single one, the possible reason is that you are being shadowbanned. The invisible approach is different from the usual cramp-downs that you may know alongside most dating apps. Besides limiting your swiping results without a notice pops-out, it also will prolong your matchmaking process. By not getting matches on Tinder for a long time, you may want to check other signs on this list. If all of them are happening to you, it is desirable to learn the treatment how-tos to undo the shadowban from your Tinder account.

  • Your Personal Chats

The third sign impacts your messaging section that displays the conversations with your matches. Even though you already match with many users and get clicks with most of them, you find they do not chat with you anymore. Also, you might try to start a chat with the matches many times, but they still do not reply. It appears a sign of Tinder messages not working anymore. This sign is not vague for sure that there are many causes behind it. However, the shadowban is capable of restricting the account functions so that you will not get chats anymore.

  • Messaging Lag

Still discussing the message feature, there is also a sign that you do not want to miss out. The internet connection is one of the influences to use the online applications or anything relating to its function. It is also undeniable for all people with various types of gadgets to face a connection lack. When such a thing happens, people commonly loading the page until the connection runs well again. Your Tinder messages won’t load until you undo the ban, and you may not be able to use the feature. You might attempt it while chatting with others and only think of it as a common nuisance. However, it is also because the account is getting shadowbanned. Thus, you may want to reconsider to check more information if it happens to you.

  • The Premium Section

Lastly, the ban also impacts your premium account. The paid-package plans offer open access to view the users who are liking you. Furthermore, it is unavoidable that you may not be able to view them in the section. You can say the Tinder shadowban sets the system unseen, so the section list of users is empty.

Why Am I Banned from Tinder?

The dating joiners should know the requirement breakdowns for becoming users. If they do not comply with the official rules of the Tinder dating app, those occurrences of clampdowns are the result of it. Every dating site or its app has official guidelines for all users to follow. Most of them are regarding the laws of internet usage, such as harmful behaviors of the users and the proper snapshots for the users only have to share. Furthermore, some grounds make your account banned from Tinder. One of the grounds that causes it to clamp down is the forbidden actions while using the app. Some of the rules advise the users not to share the disquieting captures or images that will cause triggers toward other users. You might receive some restrictions because of not following some of them. The system of the app scans the media shares and marks your account to be under review.

Some categories include the characteristics of an account to be shadowbanned. For instance, the aggravating images problematic is a mild one that the users can take back their Tinder account access by taking down the media. The mend will recover the account and its access back to normal. Then, you are not able to experience the dating app like you always have.

Another reason occurs to the person of the users. Some users may click the report button toward you. If you receive reports over the proper limit, it will not get the most merits. Most reasons are because of a rude interaction. The Tinder community is a mass, and the people are varied. It is necessary to keep grounded and avoid doing impolite kick-starts. This one will result in you not getting matches on Tinder will bring you more ruckus than you may get the shadowban.

What Differs the Usual Tinder Ban and Tinder Shadowban?

The ban systems might be the same, but they are not! Both ways of clampdown work with a contrast execution and method toward the users.

The usual ban shows you a visible alert from the app. You will know when to quit the app as soon as possible. Furthermore, the ban is not letting you sign in again. Otherwise, the shadowban is the invisible one that does not alert you with any notification.

You also still be able to unlock Tinder and using it as usual. However, it would help if you learned the hidden signs that occur in many aspects of the dating app. For instance, the shadowban will bring you some ambiguous events where most features do not work as they should be. Some of them require you to find any more on your home page. The swiping moments will miss the profiles that they are disappearing from the section.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder?

The usual ban and the shadowban are different from each other. Both have a different way to regain an account.

You may ask, will Tinder fix the account? The official information from the app shows that all banned users should wait at least three months to get back the a. However, the wait is not the ultimate solution that you might not get your account back forever. One of the best solutions is to remove your existing account and its information data. The answer is no. The users have to work on themselves to repair the ban.

It is necessary for the shadowban as well. You still can sign in and use the functions, yet the outcome is like an empty glass. There is an unspecified way to unban when Tinder not showing anyone. But several ways tend and bring back the functions for your account. You might take down the snapshots that are not proper and break the law requirements for Tinder users. Then, the attributes will return to normal, and you can use them as you wish.

Specifically, the shadowban is a clampdown for an account that does not stand a concrete requirement to treat the banned users. However, most of the cases show it will take out the restriction about weeks or more. Furthermore, if the account is not regaining the functions back to normal until the period, the only mend on how to get around Tinder ban without is to create a new one.

How to Remount a Tinder Account?

As the details above tell you how the cramp down works, there is a better solution for you to use Tinder again with a new one. By creating a new one, you can join the app right away without having trouble with a former one. These are the steps to do a proper remount:

  • Firstly, you can remove your account through the setting menu. After you click on the menu, you will see the options relating to technical needs. Choose the app settings and click the option for account deletion. Then, your Tinder account will disappear from the matchmaking page.
  • Go to Facebook or other linked social media. Check the setting menu and click the application syncs that display the social media linking. Then, choose the app deletion menu to disconnect them.
  • Uninstall the app from the mobile phone. Go to the mobile store and reinstall it. Then, sign up with the new information data such as new email, mobile number, and IP address.
  • Now you can use and unlock Tinder from its perks to start swiping again!

How to Prevent the Tinder Shadowban?

There are the things to do if you do not want the app to ban you right away:

  • If it never bans you before, you have to start cleaning the mess by avoiding sharing prohibited snapshots or other shares in the profile.
  • If it has banned you before, build a clear profile without conceiving the sensitive language and anything that opposes the regulation. It is how to get around the Tinder ban aside from its technical aspects.
  • Build a detailed profile with attractive descriptions.
  • Remember the limit of swipes whenever you use them.

Those steps will not make you get unbanned from Tinder. Yet, it is beneficial for the new one to avoid attempting the same mistake.


Here you will find the answers to our most often asked questions. Check out the answers below to learn the matters you will face in the future.

Is Tinder Shadowban Happen in 2020?

The system is permanent, and you will attempt one if you break its regulations. For instance, you might get your Tinder messages won’t load after doing some of them, or something ambiguous occurs to your messaging section. Thus, you may want to follow the rules to prevent your account being banned.

Until When the Tinder Ban Is?

Unfortunately, you will not gain your Tinder account back once they banned you. This type of ban shows you the official notification, and you can create a new profile by using different data for the requirements. Also, you may not want to use the former data because Tinder records every information applied by its users.

When the Tinder Shadowban Will Undo?

Different from the usual Tinder ban, it will undo its shadowban after about three months. The requirement is the official period to regain your account. However, a number of the users may not revisit their accounts for some reason. If you are one of them, you can remove the account, disconnect the social media syncs, remove the app from your phone, and re-sign up to it with different data.

Is My Account Will Get Unbanned from Tinder?

It depends on the reason it banned you as well. If you share prohibited media, it is easy to restore your account by taking down all the remains. Otherwise, if you get banned from Tinder because some people reported you, it will take some time to regain access. More of it, it requires you to create a new account.

What Are the Prohibitions to Avoid Tinder Ban?

The regulations include incitements, sharing the privacy of others, rude characteristics of an account, adult content, and fraud. Some side aspects might not be noticeable. Such as over remounting accounts, many reports from other users that have broadcast chats toward many users, and swipe right many moments. You may want to follow the regulations that Tinder fix nothing of your banned account problems.

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