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Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Which site is the best for dating

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Which site is the best for dating

When comparing two big sites, you have to consider their history of development, popularity, other member’s review’s, and many factors. What influenced Tinder and Hot or Not to be as we known them now? Let’s compare and see.


Pros and cons



  • Unique swiping system
  • Millions of members
  • LGBTQ+-friendly
  • Popular


  • Not very secure
  • Superficial

Hot or Not


  • Quick signup
  • 3-day trial for girls
  • Publicly viewed profiles
  • Connection to Facebook


  • Pricey for men

Since 2012, Tinder has become the most popular dating app. It has been proven that most dating site users go back to Tinder at least three times in their lives. So why is it so addictive? Now let’s get acquainted with Hot or Not.

It might be surprising, but Hot or Not was organized by Andrey Andreev, no other than a Badoo creator. He relaunched the Hot or Not internet brand to conquer the US market. In a few months, the application has already gained 10 million downloads in the United States.

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Overall Reputation

Expert Opinion

Tinder has caused such a stir on social media, eliciting both criticism and praise. After all of the positive feedback, why do so many teenagers want to trash an excellent site? Is it the stress of having so many options? Why is Tinder so loved and hated at the same time? I’m what makes people want to get back every time they delete their accounts?

Initially, Hot or Not was aimed at computer users who posted their photos on the site using the app, and members voted under their pics on a scale from 1 to 10. In the updated version, the service became similar to Tinder. So what is the difference between Tinder versus Hot or Not?

Website Reputation Link
Tinder Top platform since 2012 Know more
Hot or Not Less known, est. in 2000 See details
Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Popularity and success rate

Expert Opinion

It is quite understandable that Tinder’s popularity is unmatched, as is it is one of the most mainstream apps in the world ever existed. Nowadays, there are more than 57 million Tinder members worldwide, including people of different races, nationalities, sexualities, genders, and ethnicities. Almost 6 million subscribers have upgraded to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. It is used in almost 200 countries and is translated into 40 languages. Over 20 billion matches happened since the app made its way into the market. On average, Tinder members attend the app four times a day. So Tinder success rate is out of the question.

Hot or Not is a so-called nightclub with many attractive people on board. Hot or Not creators also add celebrities to this platform which ordinary people rate to spice it up. On average, a person views about 300 profiles (of members, including celebrities) a day and votes whether they are attractive or not. Hot or Not has 384 million worldwide members with 1,000,000 daily logins. Although the rate is lower than Tinder’s, Hot or Not is definitely a popular place to hang in.

Website Success Rate Link
Tinder 57 million members Know more
Hot or Not 384 million members See details
Winner: Hot or Not

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Target Audience and User Demographics

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According to Tinder review, there are more men than women on this site, which is almost 63%. Here you can meet people from all over the world, many of which live in the US. Tinder is wildly used by why Europeans, British, Australian, Indian, Spanish, Latin, Asian, any kind of people worldwide. Most of them are 18 to 35 years old, although all the age groups are represented here. Since Tinder is so popular, it had to be translated into 140 languages. The reach has been increasing daily for the last five years. This site is being successful, and the representation of every group possible is the reason for that. Tinder is very modern and tolerant when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community. This site welcomes gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people, non-binary people, and representatives of more niche groups. Tinder is wildly used by students and young professionals who have recently acquired their university degrees.

Hot or Not has very active users, and this shows incredible outstanding results, with more than 1,5 million users online at all times. Most of them are real people, thanks to a strict policy on this site. Men predominantly use Hot or Not, so the registration process is a little more complicated than for women. Women get a 3-day Premium trial because of the gender gap. The majority of people are 24 to 35 years old, which are students and young professionals. It is a site that caters to every nationality and ethnicity without exceptions. However, the Hot or Not official site is targeted against heterosexual men and women; there is not too much it can offer to the LGBTQ+ community. And although you can date as a gay or lesbian, it is not one of the first options on the site. According to a Hot or Not review, this site strives to equalize the number of men and women, so the policy is built accordingly.

Website Demographics Link
Tinder 63% males Know more
Hot or Not More than 1,5 million users online See details
Winner: Tinder for being LGBTQ+ – friendly

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Profiles

Expert Opinion

Although your profile is highly customizable, there isn’t a lot of information going on. Still, the main focus is on the photographs and the video, which leads someone to believe that Tinder is an artificial and superficial site for someone who’s preoccupied with appearance alone. However, it is not valid, as you can go to a member’s profile and read some more information about them.

The best thing about a Tinder profile is the user’s ability to swipe left and right, instantly getting rid of the person you don’t like and aiming for the contestant who’s grabbed your attention. Tinder allows users to connect to Spotify and share your music taste. You can also choose one of the nine sexualities on the site, which is a very modern approach praised by many users.

You can see unlimited photos on Hot or Not and view someone’s ranking on the site, which can be a little misleading and degrading at times. It resembles Uber because anyone can give you a star to either rank you up or dunk the member. Like with Tinder, there isn’t a lot of personal information on this site. However, when it comes to visual information, Hot or Not is abundant because you can add pictures that can be visible to anyone. Here you can upload videos, change your photos into private or public, and make your account more detailed.

Website Profiles Link
Tinder Highly customizable Know more
Hot or Not Informative See details
Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: scam

Expert Opinion

When it comes to scams, Tinder has always been home to gold diggers and social climbers. Although not many people will scam you out of money, many of them will try to ask a wealthy older man to transfer some dollars onto their bank account. In that sense, Tinder is not a very reliable and safe social place because no one is 100-percent sure they will be safe despite being verified. Also, beware of Tinder spam. You can easily report an alleged scammer by clicking “block” or “report this account.” As a user, you can go to support at all times or call their line. What is the difference between Tinder or Hot or Not when it comes to scam?

Hot or Not dating site always tries to stay away from scammers and fraudulent activity. That is because the policy is so strict; men have to go through verification twice. All the rules are different for men and women on this site; both of them are free to report a scammer when they see one. The operation is the same as with Tinder; you just have to block the user and report them or call the support. Also, to get rid of Hot or Not spam, you have to buy a premium account.

Website Scam Link
Tinder Legit Know more
Hot or Not Legit See details
Winner: Both

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Sign-up Process

Expert Opinion

Signing up on Tinder is the easiest thing. It only takes you 5 minutes and a mobile phone to get started with this beautiful app. First of all, you need to provide an email address and a verification message. After that, you want to put down your name, gender, birthday and set your profile picture to finish the setup process. And like many modern dating sites, you do not necessarily have to acquire a Facebook account to sign up for Tinder, as it is completely optional. Here you can sign up even without paying upright, but you will also have time to upgrade if you want to buy a Gold Membership. Since signing up is so freaking easy, many people take that as an advantage to create fake profiles and catfish other members, which is not praised by the tin Tinder management, of course.

Signing up with Hot or Not is also easy. All you need to do is create an account from scratch or use an already made social media platform; that is completely up to you. If you choose to submit an account from the beginning, all you have to do is provide the site with some information and a photo. If you choose to sign up with an already existing app, all you need to do is authorize with a pop-up window. The site will automatically use 6 or 7 latest photos from your profile. It is very convenient because now you have to spend even less time setting up your account and more time to have fun and create something new when it comes to communication.

Website Signup Link
Tinder Quick Know more
Hot or Not Quick See details
Winner: Both

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Convenience and interface

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Tinder official site has an excellent interface, leading you to believe that you are a modern user of 2024. Many dating platforms do not know how to upgrade their interface to look modern. However, Tinder never had a problem like that. It even has an option of laying music over photos to make your or to make your profile more vivacious. Additionally, you can upload several photos and videos, changing their order. However, you must first become familiar with the swipe method before swiping left and right. Again, Tinder’s interface is modern and chic. It’s not bulky; all of the functions are cleverly hidden or implemented using shortcuts. The layout is immersive, and even an older adult would comprehend all of the buttons, even profile search. Tinder app is one of the company’s most immense pride.

Of course, Hot or Not is not as modern as Tinder, but it also has the feature of swiping left and right depending on your likings. The design is pretty crisp and understandable for people of all age groups. That is why there should be no problem with getting acquainted with a Hot or Not app.

Website Design Link
Tinder Modern Know more
Hot or Not Somewhat old-fashioned See details
Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Features

Expert Opinion

Tinder unique features include:

  • Superlike

Every day, you’ll get one free Super Like to give to a friend. Subscribe to a premium account if you like more. The blue star is Super Like’s symbol. By clicking on it, you’re showing a certain someone they stand out from the crowd.

  • Boost

If you improve your profile, you’ll have a better chance of having a match. Enable more users to swipe right on your profile by staying at the top of the queue for thirty minutes.

  • Super Boost

Subscribing to this update, also known as the “ultimate Tinder Hack,” will place your profile first in line to get noticed by more future matches. During top hours, this feature raises the likelihood of your profile being viewed by 100 times.

  • Rewind

Using rewind to erase your left swipe whether you changed your mind or mistakenly swiped left on someone you like.

  • Noonlight

Tinder will share when, where, and who your date will be with Noonlight. If the date does not go well, the customer will use the embedded software to give a discreet distress signal. After that, the Noonlight app will notify emergency responders and map the user’s location.

Hot or Not unique features include:

  • Encounters

On Encounters, you’ll find profiles organized by location, preferences, and other factors. You may also refine the search requirements to narrow down the profiles that appear. You can swipe left or right to indicate whether you hate or like your date. Not only do mutual matches lead to friendships, they also help you get more popular.

  • Gifts

There are nonverbal ways to express your affection for others. Cupcakes, coffee, ice cream, and a variety of other items may be sent as gifts. You may give a gift to anyone directly from their profile (upper right corner of their page) or the gift icon in the chatbox. Gifts can be kept confidential between you and the receiver, or they can be made public.

  • Stickers

Stickers are cool emojis you can use to make your convos in Hot or Not more interesting. Tap on the smiley emoji at the bottom of your chat box to find them. Stickers must be purchased with credits, and they come in packs. They never expire; if you purchase sticker packs, they are yours to keep indefinitely.

Website Features Link
Tinder Many features Know more
Hot or Not Less perks See details
Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Quality of Matches

The idea of talking on Tinder is based on the thought that both people should like each other mutually. There aren’t many search engines used on Tinder because your suggestion page is a random gamble based on people who are close to you at the moment, physically and geographically. There is no need to make this dating site comparison, as you are your own Matchmaker on Tinder, pretty much.

When it comes to Hot or Not, once you’ve found someone you want to talk to, you should start engaging with them. However, certain members can only talk to authenticated accounts. And though you’ve already matched, you won’t be able to communicate with them before you’ve been confirmed. You can confirm your profile by linking one of your social media sites and posting pictures that match the pose they’ll show you.

Website Matches Link
Tinder Random Know more
Hot or Not More thought-through See details
Winner: Hot or Not

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Best app for hookups

Tinder is hands down one of the best hookup apps because the target audience is younger than Hot or Not; that is why it this easier to find a young and free lady or gentleman to engage with sexually. Tinder has recommended itself as the best app to find casual dates.

Website Hookups Link
Tinder Yes! Know more
Hot or Not Yes, maybe See details
Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Best app for a relationship

So when it comes to the best app for a relationship, Hot or Not seems to be a better way to engage in a long-lasting connection, just because there is more information on this site you can find about a particular contestant. The interface is not as appearance-based, leading us to believe that there is more substance and less superficial connections to Hot or Not, despite its name.

Website Relationships Link
Tinder There’s a chance Know more
Hot or Not Good chances See details
Winner: Hot or Not

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Price Compare

Expert Opinion

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are Tinder’s premium upgrade options. Both options include infinite likes, swipe rewind, five super likes every day, one boost per month, and the traveler alert option, which allows you to see members from all around the world in your swipe chart. Tinder also has various plans, such as:

Tinder Gold under 28

1 Month 14.99 $ / Month 14.99 $

6 Months 8.83 $ / Month 52.99 $

12 Months 6.92 $ / Month 82.99 $

Tinder Gold over 28

1 Month – 29.99 $ / Month – 29.99 $

6 Months – 18.83 $ / Month – 112.99 $

12 Months – 12.50 $ / Month – 149.99 $

Tinder Plus under 28

1 Month – 9.99 $ / Month – 9.99 $

6 Months – 5.83 $ / Month – 34.99 $

12 Months – 4.58 $ / Month – 54.99 $

Tinder Plus over 28

1 Month – 19.99 $ / Month – 19.99 $

6 Months – 10.00 $ / Month – 60.00 $

12 Months – 6.67 $ / Month – 80.00 $

So how much is Tinder a month? It all depends on the plan and even on an age of a customer. Initially, Tinder is a more expensive app with a large number of features.

Hot or Not offers Premium packages for every taste. The package costs $0.79, while the lifetime package is only $79.99. Men must invite their email contacts to the website to get a 3-day free trial, while women get one automatically.

How much is Hot or Not a month? The site has a credit system and a premium plan. On average, one week of use will cost you $ 3.99, which is $12.99 monthly, and $31.99 if you opt to pay for three months. Finally, a half-year membership will cost you $47.99.

Website Pricing Link
Tinder There’s a chance Know more
Hot or Not Cheaper See details
Winner: Hot or Not

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Fee-based Services

Expert Opinion

Below you can see the premium services at the Tinder platform:

  • Reverse your swipe.
  • Top Picks Availability.
  • Find friends from all around the country.
  • Be at the top.
  • Limitless matches.
  • Instant match.

Below you can see the premium services at the Hot or Not platform:

  • Reverse the “no” votes
  • Make gifts
  • Add stickers
  • Remain incognito
Website Paid Options Link
Tinder More paid options Know more
Hot or Not Incognito mode See details
Winner: Tinder

Tinder vs. Hot or Not: Free Services

Expert Opinion

Below you can see the free services at the Tinder platform:

  • Download the app
  • Sign up for free
  • Left swipes
  • Uploading a picture
  • Location-based search
  • One superlike for day.

Below you can see the free services at the Hot or Not platform:

  • Create your profile
  • Uploading limitless photos
  • Chatting
  • Browsing
  • Viewing photos
Website Free Options Link
Tinder Chatting Know more
Hot or Not Chatting See details
Winner: Both

Best alternative for Tinder vs. Hot or Not

  • Tinder: a chat for lonely hearts, wholesome connections
  • Hot or Not: a legendary app known worldwide
  • Badoo: an app for hookups and stable marriage
  • Plenty of Fish: another icon in dating, an app for meeting a hot date
  • Grindr: Tiner’s gay friend.

    Tinder vs. Hot or Not: The Final Verdict

It has been a fair battle. Tinder or Hot or Not, who won it? The answer might or might not shock you. Despite all the praises for Hot or Not, Tinder recommended itself as a more trustworthy site on a global scale. There are more people worldwide using it, and the payment plans are sufficient, including a student discount. Additionally, this site is more reliable when it comes to support and management. Finally, this site caters to a more significant age group; it is more tolerant and LGBTQ+ community-friendly and has more considerable significance, uniting hookups and serious dating.

Website The Best Link
Tinder Modern and popular Know more
Hot or Not Best for older chaps See details
Winner: Tinder

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