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Whiplr Review: Great Dating Site?

Whiplr Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 21-36
Profiles 550 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Location: The matchmaking service is location-based. You can get a match in the place you like.
  • Many users: There are more than 1.2 million people here, and the number keeps going up each time.
  • Kinks: The site provides various sexual lifestyles. No matter your interest, you can meet someone that suits you.
  • Active users: You will find people online no matter the time you join the website.
  • Messenger: The service allows members to delete sent texts even from the receiver’s inbox. People can even do video calls.
  • Free services: Unlike most dating apps, this platform allows users to exchange messages without upgrading their accounts.
  • Mobile: The service is available on portable devices through the Android and iOS apps. All desktop features are in the application.
  • Verification: The site lacks a verification process. It only approves pictures.
  • Scammers: Poor security measures and lack of verification features contribute to a high number of fake users.
  • Cost: The features that users can’t do without require payment.
  • Complicated functions: The website is not straightforward. There are too many features, making it difficult for new members to operate the site.

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The site emerged in 2015 as a free dating service for individuals interested in BDSM or other fetishes. The application creator was Matech Ltd. The adult dating service caters to anyone interested in hookups and casual affairs. It centers on the present trendy fetishes and is perfect for relationships with no commitments. It is mostly known as kinky. It enhances and encourages extreme sex fetishes like BDSM and other kinky activities that most people love. Those who use the service desire to get intimate right away and the platform never disappoints.

There are around two million members in the United States and other regions such as the United Kingdom. The app is famous, and even several publications have endorsed it. If you are interested in a relationship that can lead to marriage, however, it is not the right service to use.

The Whiplr review will explain the main features, benefits, drawbacks, and everything else people need to know before using it. The application gets its inspiration from people that love engaging in other kinds of sex besides regular intimacy. The app theme is from the Fifty Shades of Grey film, and it is ideal for individuals with similar interests. Users can access dating features on computers and mobile devices.

Whiplr Review: Great Dating Site?

How does Whiplr work?

The site aims to connect people interested in hookups or casual sex. People have to register first by filling out a form with details like the username and email address.

The next step is to create a profile. The section describes the users and what they wish to get from the website. Providing a detailed description of yourself makes it easier for potential partners to find you.

There is a search tool for finding people whose interests match what you want. The site also offers convenient communication services. Users can communicate via text before deciding to meet outside the platform.

Other functions on the site include the block and report options. Members can use them to prevent malicious individuals from contacting them.

Signing Up at Whiplr

New users register at the website home page. There is a registration form with various fields. People have to click the join button to load it.

Below are the details that users need to enter on the form.

  1. Username: It does not have to be a real name. You can come up with a nickname to allow you to operate the website anonymously.
  2. Email: Avoid providing an invalid ID because you will not access your account if you forget your password.
  3. Password: It is advisable to create a unique and difficult-to-guess secret code.
  4. Date of birth: Specifying when you were born enables the site to determine your age. People below eighteen years are not allowed to use the sex platform.
  5. Gender: This includes options like transman, transwoman, queer, man, and woman.
  6. Role: This is your type of participation in the affair you want. The options include the switch, submissive, and dominance.
  7. Display picture: It is a must for every user to upload a profile image.

After providing the above details, you can sign in and build your profile.

How to start contact

Communicating with other members on the website is not complicated. Users begin by searching for compatible partners. You can search based on the features you like. They include gender, age, location, fetishes, etc.

After finding a match, you can click on the messaging service and send them a text.

How to start contact

Profiles on Whiplr

The dating profiles comprise the following information.

  • Weight: Users specify how much they weigh in pounds.
  • Height: You need to mention how tall you are.
  • Body type: This includes options like slim, average, full-figured, or curvy.
  • Display age: The option allows site members to decide whether their age should appear on their profiles.
  • Description: Users need to talk about themselves briefly. Make sure people that read this section can tell who you are and what you want.
  • About: This is the part where website members reveal their sexual interests.
  • Looking for: Here, a person has to mention his/her preferred partners. It can be male, females, queer, transmen, etc.
  • Relationship status: The option includes married, single, dating a man, dating a woman, etc.
  • Role: Users can choose an option like the switch, top, dominance, slave, bottom, etc.
  • Kinks: In this section, the site users select their sexual interests. The options include group sex, rough play, spanking, etc. You can specify as many kinks as you like.
  • Experience: Here, you have to describe your encounter with the role you like.
  • Safeword: Members can state their safe word for their partners to know their limits.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

There are various ways of identifying fake profiles. Below are some of them.

  • Little information: People determined to find sex partners will reveal enough information about themselves. They will even share a picture to convince others that they are real. Profiles without enough details are fake.
  • Generic details: If you come across a profile with grammatical errors or too much positive information such as “I am a Christian, I am honest, and so on, the user could be fake.
  • Stalking: If an individual looks for you on social media accounts after meeting you on the dating site, he/she could be having other intentions. Avoid such people because you can’t know what they will do with your information.
  • Instincts: If your heart or mind tells you that a person is not real, do not ignore it.
  • Meeting: If a user insists on having a physical date outside the platform when you are not ready, that is a red flag. A genuine person will take time to be sure that you are both on the same level before asking for anything.
  • Fake photos: If you come across people using images from the internet, avoid them. As seen from most Whiplr reviews, such people pretend to be who they are not to lure innocent individuals.
How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Design & usability of Whiplr

The dating site is more complicated than most similar websites, especially to new users. A person needs to use it for several days to adapt. There are many functions and details on the home page, making it appear congested. The interface does not look friendly. An essential feature like the search tool is hidden. Members have to browse many tabs to access it.

The website, however, has an up-to-date look. As seen from most Whiplr reviews, many customers find it attractive. It comprises colors like red, grey, and black.

The site has BDSM tips. Users can check that section to know more about making impressions, using toys, and more.

The site is flash-based, implying that it is quick, responsive, and efficient.

Whiplr mobile app

The dating service is available via an app on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. People using Android and iPhone devices can download and install it for free.

The application enables members to access the dating features any time from where they are. The platform operates the same way as the desktop site. The best thing about the app is that customers receive accurate details regarding other people’s locations.

Using the Whiplr app, users can register, build a profile, and search for compatible partners. They can even upgrade their membership, chat, and do anything else they do on the desktop.

The app design looks complicated to new users, just like the desktop version. You may need to read the FAQ section to know where some features are. The good thing, however, is that it is not slow. Once you discover where all its components are, you will be able to operate it fast.

Whiplr mobile app

Special Features

Below are the top functions that customers can find on the dating site.


The service is for individuals that match your requirements. It is also referred to as the suggested partners as per your search.


The function is for members’ liked images or those that meet your specifications.


The function refers to public groups that customers join without paying. Every individual needs to enter a place that meets his/her preferences.


The function displays expected worldwide activities connected to sex and dating. Among them are fetish events, dominance trips, etc.


The feature comprises individuals who top groups in various sections. People pick elites through an email address specified by the website.

Whiplr app allows searching for suitable partners on the go. Depending on where you are, the website can show the people close to you.


There is something for every person. Customers may select from more than two hundred fetishes. That is sufficient to fulfill anyone’s weirdest desires.


The messenger service can allow people to communicate, post stickers, exchange media, call, and even do video calls. The interactive service brings the most enjoyable online dating experience.


The Whiplr app allows users to share media, communicate, check profiles, and participate in competitions.


Users don’t need to say who they are. You are free to hide what you don’t want other people to know. Doing that protects site members from dangerous individuals.


The dating system uses profile information to recommend suitable matches. The service enables people to find the right partners faster.


The feature comprises uncensored sex activities that happen on the webcam. People encounter bold goddesses, subs, and educators willing to make their fetish fantasies real. The function requires people to pay.


Whiplr Costs

The website has various packages. The first one is Dekadom, which costs between 19.99 dollars to 99.99 dollars.

Users can also buy points to send icebreakers and presents. The charges are as below.

Number of points Cost per point Overall cost
Fifty 0.40 dollars 19.99 dollars
One hundred and fifty 0.33 dollars 49.99 dollars
Five hundred 0.20 dollars 99.99 dollars

Basic Membership

Below are the features that free users can access.

  • Registration: They can open an account on the website.
  • Profile: They can describe themselves and what they want from the site without paying.
  • Texting: Free members can send and receive messages from other users.
  • Searching: One can look for compatible partners using the search tool. They can also view other individuals’ profiles without upgrading an account.
  • Shots: Users can see images of other members.
  • Groups: Members can join any category they like without paying. Examples include fetish, location, online discipline, etc.
  • Elites: People can take part in selecting and voting for top individuals in various contests.

Premium Membership

People who upgrade their Whiplr membership on the website have access to the following features.

  • Many users: A person can search thousands of profiles featured on the platforms.
  • Groups: Premium members can take part in kinky activities.
  • Location search: Users can look for hot partners within their region.
  • Chat: Premium users can trigger interactions with other people.
  • Boosters: Users can have their talks highlighted on the website.
  • Texts: Paying users can send and respond to messages from other people.
  • Playground: Making payment allows site users to join the available events.

Whiplr Coupons

The dating site offers coupons to help users save money. People need to enter the specified codes to use them.

Whiplr Coupons

Verification & Safety on Whiplr

The site faces safety challenges like all other online platforms. There are many fake profiles, mostly due to the lack of verification actions and chatting anonymously. Users need to be careful when using the website.

The platform also has a block function to enable members to prevent fake users from contacting them. Users can also use the report feature to inform the website about malicious individuals.

Another good thing about this dating website is that there is a privacy policy to secure customers’ accounts and details. The section describes the available security features, requirements, storage, and how customer details get shared.

Is Whiplr scam?

No. Since it got established in 2015, the site has been the most reliable place for the fetish community. Its population keeps going up each year because people have heard about how suitable it is and want to experience it too.

The only thing that every site member needs to do is to remain cautious. Not all users are real. You can come across scammers or people with bad intentions. The site provides the block option and report feature to eliminate such individuals.

Is Whiplr legit?

Yes. The dating site has been operating legally for more than five years. A legitimate company owns it. Its physical address is available for anyone wishing to confirm whether it is legal.

Is Whiplr anonymous?

Safety gets highly valued on the site. The details that users provide remain private because the platform does not share information with third parties. Users can also ensure anonymity by keeping their identities a secret. For instance, you can use a nickname instead of your real name. The website also has SSL encryption to protect customer details.

Is Whiplr anonymous?

The Problem with Whiplr

The main problem that users face when using the dating service is the complicated design. New users need time to understand how the site functions. The home page is congested. It is not easy to access essential features like the search function and others. The website needs to look into this to avoid discouraging new customers.

Another problem is that there is no verification. The site only verifies pictures, which is not enough to prevent fake members from joining.

Help & support

The Whiplr website features dedicated customer care representatives. Their role is to attend to customers with problems. Suppose you need to inquire about something or want help in registering and using the site. In that case, you can contact a support agent using the methods specified on the website.

There is the contact us section where you enter your name, email address, and the message you wish to send to the support representatives. The site ensures that customers get responses immediately or within one day.

Whiplr alternatives

If you are interested in dating sites that offer services similar to those on this website, you can find them online. Examples include:

  1. Badoo

The dating service is available on computers and smartphones. The site is ideal for people interested in finding short-term and long-term relationships, hookups, and even friendships. The platform has strict verification procedures.

  1. Elite Singles

The site is for professionals. Most of its users are university graduates looking for sexual partners for long-term or short-term relationships. Its verification process gets done by the support system.

  1. eHarmony

The dating site is for individuals interested in marriage partners. It features a simple design, and there are user-friendly functions.

Whiplr alternatives


Below are the questions that most people ask regarding the dating platform.

What is Whiplr used for by its members?

The website connects people in the fetish community. No matter your kinks, you can register, create your profile, search for matches, and communicate with the people you like.

Is Whiplr a real dating service?

Yes. The dating service by Matech emerged in 2015. It has offered satisfactory services to its customers since then, and its popularity keeps growing. Most previous users have met genuine partners. Safety is not a problem because there are security measures in place. Users only need to be careful with the people they interact with because they could have bad intentions.

How to remove my account on Whiplr?

If you want to stop using the Whiplr website, you can remove your account. The process is straightforward. You only have to go to the left menu and click on the settings section. There you will find the option to delete your profile.

What should I put in my Whiplr profile

There are various questions to answer in the profile section. It is advisable to be honest to avoid attracting the wrong matches. The information needed includes who you are, what you like, and the type of people you want. You need to upload some photos too.

Why do you need to put credit card info in Whiplr app

The credit card is for replenishing your account when your subscription expires.

How to tell if someone has blocked you on Whiplr?

If you cannot find someone’s name on the search results or send them a message in the chatting section, the user has blocked you.

How to tell if someone has blocked you on Whiplr?


Company: Matech Limited

Address: TS148LB, Guisborough, 157 Aldenham Road, UK

Phone: Not Found

E-Mail: help@whiplr.com


As seen from the Whiplr review, the online dating company is ideal for individuals interested in casual sex or short-term relationships. People interested in marriage partners should not join because it is rare to find true love here. Besides, the website has never considered members looking for long-term affairs. The site is only for people who are into any kinks and casual sexual pleasures. It has a modern design that young users will love. Most members are active enough to make any person have a great time and wish to remain on the platform. If you are seeking fast sexual pleasure, register today. The Whiplr website will not disappoint you.

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