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BronyMate Review: A Brony Community Dating Site

BronyMate Review: A Brony Community Dating Site
About Girls
Date with older guy 55%
Reply rate 73%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 2.960.120
About Site
Visit rate 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You can send and receive unlimited messages from your interesting profiles.
  • It has advanced searching options
  • It has access to the MLP fan community.
  • You can view who has visited your profiles
  • The website has a poor design
  • Has no mobile app facility
  • Subscription Costs is very high

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Bronymate is one of the most used dating sites worldwide. It features an essential grey color background, and the website matches the theme of the show. The main home page has no information except registration forms.

It can be challenging to find a perfect dating partner in the modern and fast-paced world. Dating sites are a savior to find your love online. There are plenty of online dating sites, and BronyMate is one of the popular dating social network sites. It is easy to sign-up on the Bronymate website and chat with members alike and make new friends with people until you find your love!

BronyMate Language Support?

The BronyMate dating site supports only English. It does not have a translation feature. It is based on Brony’s comic theme, and all members on the website can fluently converse in English. As per Bronymate reviews, if you can read, write and speak fluently in English, you may not face any issues in this.

Who owns Bronymate?

Bronymate is a stand-alone site for people who love the cartoon My Little Pony. This website came into existence in 2013. Followers from all around the globe have loved it for the last eight years.

Bronymate Unique Site

Bronymate Unique Site

Bronymate is a unique dating site that inspires the cartoon’s makers to show ‘My Little Pony.’ It welcomes with open arms lesbian, gay as well as straight people on the site.

Origin of BronyMate

The origin of Bronymate is not known. However, the domain is quite popular, and it also seems to be as safe and promising as a leading dating site.

Foundation of Bronymate

The site was established in 2013. Bronymate reviews state that it is a stand-alone dating site based on the cartoon theme.

Bronymate Worldwide presence

Bronymate is a popular dating site that resembles the cartoon theme for Brony. Many fans of this theme often love the dating site. Like any other dating site, you need to register with your details to make an account. After that, you can communicate to make connections with the members whom you like on the site. The dating site has no in-house office, and it is a complete online dating site.

It is a popular dating website. Bronymate reviews suggest that you can access the dating site. It is an online dating site that you can access from home.

Bronymate Age To Qualify to Make an account on the dating site

Bronymate Age To Qualify to Make an account on the dating site

To make an account on the site, you must be of age 18 or above. Henceforth, you will find people on the website age 18 or above.

Compatibility with Computer?

Bronymate reviews suggest that the dating site is apt for use on all computers. It does not have an app version for the computer and only possesses visual and textual content features. All the browsers support the site, so one will not face any problem using different browsers.

Membership on Brontymate

It is one of the largest dating platforms online, which has a multimillion community. As per Bronymate reviews, it is one of the largest dating platforms with millions of users and thousands of new users signing up every day. However, the site is free to use, but users will have to pay for the premium membership to access all the features.

Website Design & Usability

The design is very outdated, and the third-party apps on the dating site make it worst. People can find it difficult to navigate through the website because of its not so user-friendly interface.

Multiple Browser Support Brontymat

Bronymate website is a friendly dating website that is compatible with various browsers. It implies that you can easily use this website through any browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or even Apple safari. Though this dating site does not have a mobile app, it is very flexible for all browsers on the desktop.

Camera usage on Brontymate

There is no availability of video chat options on the website. However, you can view the images of members on the site, but a live video chat option is most available on this Bronymate website for dating. However, you need to subscribe to a membership plan to view images of other members. When you register for an account, you need to upload your photo also.

Special Features For Bronymate website Users For dating online

Special Features For Bronymate website Users For dating online

Some free features of the website are quite tempting, which help members make friends easily. These include many chatting tools and standard wink. One more of the many fascinating ones is the photo of the members in the cartoon character avatar. With these features, you can start by making friends and moving to serious relationships eventually.

On the Bronymate website, you can search for your member with a specific filter:

These are:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Members with a photo only
  • Online members

More extensive search options are also available, like filtering options to meet people in your specified regions. Moreover, you can add people to your friend list to send them messages. Wink emoticons emojis are popular ways to communicate with members.

How Does Bronymate work

How Does Bronymate work

The Bronymate essential search criteria for finding a member has the following filters:

  • Age
  • Presently online
  • Gender
  • Members with Photo

There is an extensive search option available that utilizes special criteria. The regional search criteria are a popular one through which you can identify your specific chosen region’s members. Bronymate reviews suggest that this special feature for finding members helps you, block members you do not want who should contact you. Moreover, it filters members you may be interested in.

Bronymate also has the special feature of an instant messenger, which provides the ability to view the contacts online. The option to be ‘invisible’ is another feature that explains the Bronymate website’s working, which lets you set your status as offline. Moreover, there are real-time updates that you can use to see when your contacts you have approached are typing.

Messaging your contacts

Messaging your contacts

Chatting tools play an essential role in Bronymate to meet and interact with your members. The website is traditional in its looks as well as its functions for communication. It has limited chatting tools. If you are interested in a particular member, you can add him/her to your friend’s list. Once your liked member is added to your friend’s list, you can communicate with them via messenger like any other social media. A message can have up to 2000 characters, which you can exchange with your friends. These are not instant mails but like an email where you can add the subject and your mail text. Moreover, you can also add emoji, such as winks.

The winks are fun options in Bronymate reviews, including face hoof, TOOT, Welcome to the herd, Brohof, and Welcome to the herd messages. These messages are nice and appropriate ways to interact with members of your choice.

Is sending messages on Bronymate free

You can not message any member on the site if you are not registered on the dating site. It gives every member a basic level of privacy. To message the members, you can use the standard messaging system, which is similar to emails and not like instant messages. Instant messages allow one to interact with members. Moreover, you can use emoji to your messages or wink messages for free to appreciate and interact with the members you liked in more palpable ways. Being a free member, you can initiate conversations, but eventually, you will not reply.

Messaging members on Bronymate

Messaging members on Bronymate

You can sign in to your Bronymate dating site and click on the ‘search’ section. Then you can choose the profile you like on the site and search for the message icon. Click on it and start writing the message you want to send the member!

Unable to access Bronymate website

The Bronymate dating site has no limits to enter from any geographical location. However, if you have issues logging in, your username or password may not be right. Hence, you should check your username and password to enter. The problem can also occur after registration. Therefore, check the registration form carefully for all fields if you face problems to sign-up and login.

Bronymate ban accounts

There is no feature to ban accounts on the Bronymate dating site, and if you suspect any scams or fraud, you must immediately report it to the moderators who will take the right action if they feel justified.

Reactivation of Banned Accounts

Bronymate review suggests that if any user’s account has been banned, they can request the moderators to restore their account through customer support email. However, if the system declines, to unlock their account, then a new account needs to be created from the beginning. It means a new registration firm should be filed with all relevant details and set a username and password and pay suitable membership charges to avail of all features.

Deleting Bronymate Profile

The Bronymate dating site allows its members to delete their profiles. The user can cancel the paid membership accounts while their profiles remain on the website until the subscription validity period. To remove your profiles, you have two main options, as per Bronymate reviews. The first option enables you to deactivate the profile and hide your profile. This option gives users the feature to disable the profiles and hide their profiles from other members. Users also have the functionality to login and reactivate the profiles at any time.

Another option to close the account is to delete the profile by going to the Account option and entering delete. Once removed, you can reactivate the account. If one wishes to reuse the dating site, a new profile will need to be created. It also enables one to unsubscribe from email lists.

Cancel Profile Visibility on Bronymate

When users enable the option to disable the accounts, go to the Accounts section and hide their profiles, it makes the profile non-viewable. No members can view your profile, and no member can send messages to communicate with the hidden profile.

Where to see matches on Bronymate Website

Bronymate works as a networking site where you can browse through member profiles and send friend requests to those interested in making connections. Once they accept your friend request and get added to your friend list, you can communicate with them by sending and receiving messages.

How to view members who have viewed your profile

You should log in to the dating site with your username and password. The Message section on the main home page will enable you to view the messages you have received in your inbox. You can also see your virtual winks and emoticons.

View Members who interest you in Bronymate website?

View Members who interest you in Bronymate website?

To view members who interest you, you can access your dashboard and see all your friend lists. These are the members who have accepted your friend request. Moreover, you can view friend requests of those members who seem interested in adding you to their friend list.

Incognito mode on Bronymate

The spy mode or incognito mode is an option that provides users the feature to look through other profiles and keep themselves invisible. It is only applicable for paid users to utilize this feature. It helps you get all information and avoid unwanted attention.

Edit Username on Bronymate

Bronymate does not allow users to change their username once it has been set. However, there is an option to change the password on the account if the user wants to.

Unable to login to the dating site

If you face any issues logging in to the Bronymate, there may be various issues that may be leading to this problem. Firstly check your internet connection. If there is an error in the internet connection, you may not be able to log in to the site. Secondly, you can try to open the website on another website. The Bronymate website is legal, and no browser will display malicious website errors.

Bronymate reviews for search options

A search option is available on the Bronymate website. It lets you filter choices and manually set tour choices to sift through thousands of profiles. You can filter your member choice of any age, members online, gender, and region. Premium members can avail of the excellent suggestions features. The users appreciate the search engine option on the dating, sir, which helps them connect to precise matches.

How to sign-up on the website?

How to sign-up on the website?

If you want to learn how to sign-up on the Bronymate dating site, you can do so very simply. Even novice users of the computer can quickly sign-up themselves on the dating site as per Bronymate reviews. To complete the process of sign-up, you will barely need fifteen minutes. Visit the Bronymate website and the first page that displays the sign-up page. You need to fill in simple details like name, email address, age, gender for the match, etc.; once you enter personal information, you will be asked to choose a username and a password, which will be your future long-in credentials to the site. It is best to choose a suitable username and password, which you can easily remember. A good username with short descriptive words can give you a good idea of what you are. You can log in to Brony mate login and start exploring new people to meet, greet, and male connections.

Verification of Email

Once you have completed your registration, you should check the email box for a verification link. Once you click on the verification link, your profile will be verified, and you can then use your dating site.

Facebook Account Verification

When you register on the Bronymate website through a Facebook account link, you need not spend time filling up forms. The authentication process is quick and easy. However, a limitation of this method is that you need to log in to Facebook to connect to the Bronymate website.

Join Bronymate Dating Site

The registration for the dating site is not adequate. The registration also requires one to attain membership. The free membership only establishes the dating site’s presence, but the subscription allows you to avail of all features.

Usage of Site without having to sign-up

You need to sign-up to avail yourself of the features of the dating portal. You cannot log in to the site nor see any features until you have registered to it. To explore the dating site, it is mandatory to sign-up.

Profile Quality

Profile Quality

The profile quality, as per the Bronymate review, is decent on the dating portal. The user’s profile has the following fields of information: these include

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body type
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Age

Personal attributes

  • Marital Status
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Religion
  • Education
  • Annual Income

The last section on income implies users’ wards towards their partner. The physical attributes are useful to identify desired physical features in the members. Photos get you a clear view of the members.

Dating Site Mobile App Version

Bronymate dating site, unfortunately, has no mobile app version. It only has a desktop version for usage.

Membership Subscription

Standard membership free, but to avail of special features, extra costs need to be paid avail membership. These are:

  • Trial plan for 3 days $2.99
  • One month plan $24

There are two primary memberships- Gold and Silver. Both these allow you to send and receive instant messages, filter your choices, and view profiles. However, with gold, you can also have free members connect to you, which is not an available feature for silver members.

Silver Membership

  • 6 months $ 84
  • 3 months $ 48

Gold Membership

  • 6 months $ 126
  • 3 months $ 72

All these plans are recurring; you need to cancel this membership before the trial period ends.

You can pay with PayPal or credit cards.

Free Membership Features On Bronymate

Bronymate reviews suggest that the site does not provide many features to free members; free memberships only avail limited features. The following are services that free membership users can avail of:

  • Use the standard search options
  • Initiate talks with members by receiving messages, but you cannot reply

Bronymate – A premium Website?

The Bronymate dating site is a premium portal for social communication. Hence, you need to avail yourself of paid subscriptions to unlock exclusive features on the site.

Visibility Of members For free users of Bronymate

The dating portal is generous to enable this feature for free users. However, to communicate and make connections, you need to have a subscription-based membership.

Features For Premium Members

Every paid package for subscription as per Bronymate reviews says has specific features:

The 3-day trial package enables views of up to 10 member profiles and ten messages daily limit.

The silver membership of Bronymate allows unlimited messages and profile views. However, free members cannot send you messages.

The same is the case for gold membership. However, gold members can communicate with free members of the site also.

Premium Membership on Bronymate

Bronymate allows the users to create a profile for free and also search profiles. However, you can send messages to initiate conversations. Hence it would help if you availed a paid subscription package for Bronymate.

Cancel Membership on Bronymate?

It is possible to cancel the subscription to the BronyMate website. You can go to the accounts section and click on cancel or disable membership options.

Membership renewal on Bronymate

The premium membership for Bronymate comes with an auto-renewal feature. Once your subscription period ends, it automatically reviews the monthly rates. For this purpose, the user needs to authorize the website to charge from its PayPal or bank account for the recurring membership.

Bronymate Refund System

If you choose to disable or cancel a membership before the expiration date of the subscription and want to get a refund for unused time, you can request the customer service support team via email.

Auto-renewal for plans on Bronymate

Premium membership on the Bronymate website has an auto-renewal feature. Hence after your subscription ends, it auto-renews the membership, deducting money from the credit card account you have authorized at the time of payment for the recurring message.

Is it possible to get a refund if you are unsatisfied with Bronymate?

No, most cases do not support a refund. You can stop or disable membership before the subscription period ends to avoid recurring payments.

Payment Visibility on Bronymate bill

The Bronymate does not offer complete discretion. You may not see the website name on the bank statement for billing.

Support to Other members on Bronymate

The feature to send online flirts and gifts is available to express your appreciation for other members.

One Month SupportYes, you can opt for a monthly package on the subscription packages options.

Bronymate Website Safety

This is a common question everyone wants to be answered. Yes, the site is safe if you are thinking of joining it. You can contact Bronymate support if you suspect any illegal or scam members and behaviors. Do not share personal information too soon with members to be safe. Read the site’s safety page before you sign up. It will help you better aces and safely use the dating portal if you face too much trouble to cancel the membership.

Moderators on Bronymate

The adult website is for adults to hook up, which is why you should rely on the site’s customer support.

Filtering whom to message on the website

You can restrict members who can message you through paid membership. You can enable the block member option to enable the feature.

The security features on Bronymate

Bronymate website has decent security features as a dating platform for adults. The platform reserves the right to disclose any personal information to any member of the site.

Block and report scammers?

You can block the spammers and illegal members by reporting them on the customer support page and adding them to your blocked list.

Punishment for Bronymate members who solicit money on dating sites?

The members of Bronymate who ask you for money are solicitors. You can reject and block these members and also file a complaint against them in customer support service. The moderators will delete their profiles for soliciting money unlawfully as per the BronyMate review.

Information you should not post on Bronymate dating site

You hould not disclose financial data, family details, and other highly private and confidential information on the portal as per Bronymate reviews.

Chat Feature Encryption on Bronymate

The Bronymate utilizes standard SSL encryption for the protection of chats of all users of the dating portal. It is a useful privacy feature if one uses unprotected internet connections like in public spaces.

Activity monitoring on the site

The BronyMate dating portal is an online dating site that utilizes analytical tools to gather information about the user’s activities like the time they spend on the website, the frequency of the messages, etc. it can also identify the browser type, operating system, and members location.

Cyber –Police tracking on Bronymate

Cyber-police can track and access personal information on the dating portal.

Who to contact for privacy policies of the site?

Contact customer support for help with the Bronymate website.

Delete information on submitted on Bronymate

All users on the Bronymate dating portal can delete it when editing their user account profile.

Bronymate fake and scam profiles

There are many fake and scammers on the site. If you identify them, you can report them to customer support.

Company’s Contact Information

You can contact the support staff at Bronymate by sending an email. Some of the company details are as follows:

Company name: BonyMate

Place: Ontario, Canada

Customer Support Email: https://www.bronymate.com/contactus

Alternative dating sites

Some alternative dating sites to Bronymate are :

  • Hot Ebony
  • RichMeetBeautiful
  • Cupid

Reviews From Users

Bronymate is a great website… …if you want to pay money to do anything, including (but not limited to) reading messages, which are all from fake people. Don’t expect to post anything that links to other sites or places where you can talk outside the site. Edited June 12, 2015, by Blackened Users BronyMate reviews suggest that it is a site to communicate, and it also has offer codes to avail discounts. You can start meeting new people and establish connections.

Is Bronymate the best site for online dating?

Reviews suggest that it is an excellent online dating site to meet people from around the globe. However, it has certain limitations, like expensive subscriptions and many fake and scam profiles. These do pull down the reputation of the site.

Unmatch members on Bronymate?

You can change your mind and stop communicating with members you do not want to message.

Is Bronymate a hook-up site?

Bronymate reviews suggest it is an adult dating site to establish hookups with other people.

The Takeaway

Bronymate reviews finally conclude that it is one of the easiest to use the site for navigation. The user-interface is not appealing, and it only has a desktop version. The fonts and pictures on the site are top small, making it hard to view members’ information. It lacks instant chat features. It reminds one of the old types of dating sites. However, you can find a plethora of members from around the globe, and if you have a clear vision of your choice for a hookup, you can find your ideal ones here.

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