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Wireclub Review: Pros, cons and featured

Wireclub Review: Pros, cons and featured
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration on Wireclub is straightforward and can be done within seconds.
  • The subscription is affordable.
  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • You don't have to be worried about your privacy since adding personal details to your profile is optional.
  • It is not an actual dating site, so you might find it hard to get a companion on the site.
  • Wireclub is not available in most countries.
  • You have to be a premium member to access the website if you are in Asian and European countries.
  • Fake profiles and scanners are common on the website due to the anonymous feature.

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Wireclub is a chatting site that was founded in 2004. The main goal of the site is to create a space where strangers can meet up and have amazing conversations about pressing and trending topics, thereby establishing relationships and making friends. With 7.2 million users who exchange at least 1.1 million texts every day, Wireclub is sure one of the best dating sites out there.

While the site is said to be maintained by only three-person, it still is a highly functioning site. Wireclub might not exactly be the right place to meet people with the hopes of dating, but you can always have great conversations with people on the site. While Wireclub has a dating chat room, it doesn’t serve the purpose of connecting people or matching them. The website is rated 13+, but the minors are not supposed to use Wireclub without parental guidance. In this Wireclub review, we’ll show you all you need to know about the site.

At Wireclub, you have access to multiple chat rooms where you can make conversations and connect with tot strangers. Humans are social beings, and as such, we need connections from time to time. Dating sites give us this connection that we seek, and Wireclub offers one of the best social connections on the internet. In this Wireclub review, you would know if Wireclub is more of a good dating site or even better.

How Many Languages Are Available On Wireclub?

Wireclub only supports one language: English. No foreign language is allowed on the website, and usage of such can result in getting “muted” or being suspended. The only exception is if the chat room is mainly about a foreign language.

Who’s The Founder Of Wireclub?

Rod Furlan founded Wireclub in 2004. He founded the site with a programmer called “Braden,” who is also a co-owner of the website.

When Was Wireclub Founded?

Wireclub was founded more than a decade ago in 2004. The website was founded to provide a platform for people to have amazing conversations and build relationships.

Is Wireclub Available Around The Globe?

No, Wireclub is not available worldwide. It is only available in America, Europe, and some Asian countries.

Special Features

One of the special features of Wireclub is that you can join chat rooms and have meaningful conversations. Also, you can create your chat room where other members can come to air their opinions.

Special Features

Audience Quality

Wireclub’s audience span across America, Europe, and Asia. With more than 7 million users and thousands of chat rooms, you can easily find someone with the same interests as you or a chat room that piques your interest. On Wireclub, the audience is more interested in chatting in chat rooms than dating. For example, the Game chat rooms are very active while dating chat forums are mostly inactive.

Parental guidance is advised for minors on the website, so they don’t get to see adult-rated contents.

Fakes and Scammers

Fake profiles and scammers abound on Wireclub. This is mainly because members can decide to be anonymous on the site. Similarly, Wireclub is more of a chatting website, so verification of the account is not available on the site.

Mobile app and Website

Wireclub is available on both Mobile Apps and Websites. For Wireclub, the functionalities of both are pretty much the same.

Wireclub App

Wireclub mobile app can only be used on mobile phones. What’s more? You cannot use the mobile app on all phones as iPhones only support it: you cannot use the mobile app of Wireclub on an Android phone.

The mobile app is just as versatile as the website, except that it’s a bit more organized than the Wireclub website.

Wireclub Website

Wireclub website can be used on phones and computers, and it can be accessed with all functioning browsers. The site was created in 2004, and it has, ever since, continuously been updated to remain up-to-date.

Can I Use The App Using On My PC?

You cannot use Wireclub on your computer. The app can only be used on a mobile phone.

Which Browsers Is It Possible To Use For Wireclub?

You can access Wireclub with virtually all browsers. As long as you are connected to the internet, the Wireclub website will go through. Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Phoenix, and Opera support the site.

Why Can I Not Enter The Site?

You might experience difficulty logging in to your Wireclub profile, either because your password is wrong or your account has been banned.

Why Can I Not Enter The Site?


The interface of Wireclub is quite simple and straightforward. Asides from its dating chat room, there is no other dating function on the site. Nevertheless, what it lacks in dating or matchmaking, it makes up for in the nice design of its several chat rooms.

The site is so simple that anyone who isn’t accustomed to the internet can easily find their way around it with ease.

Registration Process

You can get registered on Wireclub within seconds. Registration on Wireclub is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to be registered is your email address and your password. You can only upload one photo during registration.

Once you input your email address and your desired password, a verification link will be sent to your email address. Click on the link, and you are good to go. Take note that you cannot enter chat rooms if you’ve not verified your mail.

Your username is automatically inputted as your email address (without the email extension) is by default your username. To change your username, you need 100 credits. Also, you can fill up your profile after verifying your email address.

How To Unmatch A Wireclub Member?

Since Wireclub is not exactly a dating site – in the real sense of it- you cannot possibly get matched to anyone on the platform. Therefore, there is no need for you to be unmatched.

Which Age Is Appropriate To Get Registered On Wireclub?

To be able to register on Wireclub, you need to be 13 years old or older. Anyone that is younger than 13 cannot get registered on the site. The age limit is, however, not restricted, since you can be on the website as an anonymous user.

What Do I Need To Verify My Account?

You don’t need to get your account verified. All you need to verify on Wireclub is your email, and you are good to go. In case you lose access to your account, your mail will be used in recovering it.

How Can I Verify My Email?

Once you have created an account on Wireclub using your email address, a verification link would be sent to your email address so you can verify the email. Once you click on the verification link, you are automatically verified.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

All that Wireclub requires you to own an account with them is your email address. You don’t need to register with a Facebook account, so you don’t need a Facebook account.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

Without having a Wireclub profile or signing up to Wireclub, you cannot use the site. The only thing you can do is view forums, but you cannot participate.

Profile Set-up

Wireclub’s profile set up is not in any way restricted. It is quite liberal, and this might be because the site is a chatting site. Most of the profiles are often undetailed with little to no profile information. On Wireclub, every member can upload photos. Also, you can customize your profile information so that only your friends can view them.

Fake profiles are quite rampant, and this is because you can decide to be an anonymous member on the website. Just like social media sites, you can comment on other people’s posts, photos, and even videos.

Can I Delete A Photo Uploaded To My Wireclub Profile?

A photo that you have earlier uploaded on Wireclub can be deleted if you want to. All you have to do is click on the photo that you want to delete, then select “Delete.”

Can I Edit My Username In Wireclub?

Editing your username on Wireclub Website is possible. However, it is not free. To edit your username, you must have 100 credits, after which you would go to your profile, click on “Username,” then you edit it to your preferred username.

Is It Possible To Delete My Wireclub Profile?

You can delete your Wireclub profile permanently if you want. To delete your profile, go to your Settings section, go to profile, then select “delete profile.”

Is It Possible To Delete My Wireclub Profile?

In Which Cases Should I Disable The “Show Me On Wireclub ” Option?

You can disable the “Show Me” feature on Wireclub if you feel the need to take a break or for any reason at all. Once you do this, other members would not be able to see your profile.

Can I Delete The Information Submitted To My Wireclub Profile?

If you change your mind about a piece of information that you’ve already shared/submitted on Wireclub, you can delete the data. To delete or change the information, all you have to do is go to the settings section on your phone, then click “Profile.”

Searching for other members on Wireclub is quite simple. You don’t have to be a paid member to use the feature.

Is It Possible To See The List Of My Favorites On Wireclub?

No, you can’t see the Wireclub members who you like. This feature is not available on the site.

What Are The Different Options Of Wireclub Search?

If you want to meet more people or be friends with them, you can effortlessly search for them. Searching for other members is free even if you are a free member. However, you must be a paid member before you can send messages to people.

Can I See If Someone Likes Me On Wireclub Being A Free User?

No, as a free member, you have access to limited features on the site. Moreover, this particular feature isn’t available on this website.


Messaging on Wireclub Website is basic and unsophisticated. This might be because messaging is not the primary means of communication on the site, as the chat groups are more utilized than the personal messaging feature.

How Can I Start Chatting With Someone On Wireclub?

You can send someone a message by clicking on their profile. While you can send private messages to a user who isn’t your friend on the site, you should send a friend request to the person first before sending a private message.

How Can I Send Messages To Someone?

Sending someone a private message is simple. To message someone, all you have to do is go to their profile and start chatting with them. You might, however, be unable to send messages to some users if their profile is restricted.

Is Sending Messages Completely Free Option?

Sending messages isn’t free. As a free member, you cannot send messages or receive messages. You can only perform these actions if you become a premium member.

How Do I See Who’s Already Sent Me A Message On Wireclub?

It is possible to see who messages you On Wireclub. To see them, go to the “Messages” section on the site. You would see your chats and messages listed there.

How Can I Choose Who Can Message Me On Wireclub?

You can filter those who message you on Wireclub by ensuring that only members who are your friends can send you messages. That way, strangers who aren’t your friends on Wireclub cannot send you messages.

How Can I Choose Who Can Message Me On Wireclub?

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Payment methods on Wireclub are Credit cards and PayPal.

For $20.00, you get 3,400 credits.

For $50.00, you get 8,550 credits.

For $100.00, you get 18,400 credits.

For $200.00, you get 38,500 credits

Free Membership Features

With a free membership on Wireclub, here is a list of activities you can perform:

  • You can create an account.
  • You can view chatrooms.
  • You can read forums.
  • You can view profiles.
  • You can search for people.

Premium Membership Features

With a premium membership on Wireclub, here is a list of activities you can perform:

  • You get to send private messages to other members of Wireclub.
  • You can reply to messages.
  • You can join chat rooms.
  • You can reply to forums and make comments.
  • You can add people as friends.
  • You can access Wireclub from Asian countries like India and others.
  • You can purchase Wireclub with a 20% discount.
  • You don’t get to see adverts.

Is There A Premium Membership Available On Wireclub?

Yes, Wireclub offers a premium membership, and it is called Wireclub Gold. Wireclub’s premium membership is slightly different from other dating platforms,’ and it is a bit complicated. You do not pay for paid membership based on time; rather, you buy credits to access the arrival features of the site.

Should I Cancel My Wireclub Membership?

Wireclub doesn’t charge you based on time, so you don’t need to cancel your membership. As a premium member of Wireclub, you buy credits that help you use premium features of the site.

Should I Cancel My Wireclub Membership?

Is Wireclub Membership Auto-renewed?

No, Wireclub doesn’t renew automatically. To become a premium member of Wireclub, you buy credits on the website. If these credits get exhausted, they don’t renew automatically. Instead, you buy new credits manually if you so wish. Isn’t that fascinating? I guess your answer in the affirmative already.

Is It Possible To Get A Refund For The Time I Did Not Manage To Use?

No, you cannot get a refund for unused time on Wireclub. Besides, you wouldn’t need to return for an unused time as you buy and use the credits yourself.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Don’t Like The Service?

No, you cannot get a refund on Wireclub. Once you have bought your credit, they remain on your profile until you use them.

How Will My Purchase On Wireclub Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

Wireclub deductions details will appear on your credit card bill.

Can I Give Support To Other Wireclub Members?

It is recommended not to send money to other members, as it can be found out that a member is using a Wireclub profile to extort money. Avoid scammers and fraud accounts.

Can I Pay For Subscription For Just A Month?

There is no subscription option offered by the service. You can buy and use only credits.

Is Wireclub Really Safe?

Wireclub is very secure, and they boast of having one of the safest websites on the internet. Third parties cannot access your chats, and you cannot be tracked with Wireclub.

Privacy in Wireclub

Your chats on Wireclub cannot be accessed by anyone except you show them willingly. On Wireclub, you have the utmost privacy as long as you do not flout any rules of the site. To protect your account further, do not click on external links that you aren’t sure of, and ensure you do not share your password with anyone.

Are My Wireclub Chats Encrypted?

No, chats on Wireclub are not encrypted. There are, however, several security measures in place to ensure that you are secure and that third-parties can’t access your chats.

Can Wireclub Track You Down?

Wireclub cannot track you down. Wireclub does not infringe on your privacy, and they certainly have no business tracking you down.

Can The Police Trace Me With My Wireclub Account?

No, you cannot be traced by the police with your Wireclub account. You don’t have to worry about a third party tracing you because Wireclub doesn’t share its users’ information with third parties.

Who Should I Contact To Get Support Regarding My Privacy In Wireclub?

Understandably, you might still feel unsafe. If you have questions relating to your privacy and security on the website, contact support at help@Wireclub.com.

Who Should I Contact To Get Support Regarding My Privacy In Wireclub?


Safety is paramount at Wireclub, and the site works hard to ensure that you are safe and secure. Your account cannot be accessed by any other person asides from you. If you don’t share your log in details with someone else, then rest assured that your safety is guaranteed.

Are Wireclub Forums Threads Moderated?

Yes, forum threads on Wireclub are moderated. There are mods (moderators) who volunteer to moderate each forum. They are also in charge of ensuring that no one breaks the rules and regulations of the site.

What If A Member Uses A Wireclub Account To Extort Money?

Any member who uses the platform to solicit for money will be banned from the site; if you know anyone who does this, block and report them. Similarly, if this occurs in a chat forum, moderators would ensure that such an offender gets punished either by suspension or muting.

Banned Account

The website is very strict with its rules and regulations. Your account can get banned if you flout one or more provisions of the site. This ban might be temporal or permanent: it all depends on the severity of the offense. Thus, a repeat offender might get a permanent ban while a one-time offender might only be “muted” or banned temporarily.

Why Am I Finding It Hard To Log In To My Wireclub Account?

The reason why you are having a hard time logging in to your Wireclub account might be because you’ve been banned for flouting rules and regulations of the site.

How Long Do Wireclub Bans Last?

The bans are either temporal or permanent. If the ban is temporal, then you would be informed on when the ban would be lifted. If the ban is permanent, however, you will not be able to use the account anymore. Another way by which the site punishes offending members is by “muting” them. When “muted,” you are unable to make posts or comment on posts.

How Can A Banned Account Be Reactivated?

To reactivate a banned Wireclub account, you have to contact support at help@Wireclub.com. You would be informed if the ban was permanent or temporal. If the ban was a permanent one, then you cannot get your account reactivated.

How Can A Banned Account Be Reactivated?

Protect Yourself

Wireclub is one site that is very concerned about the safety of its members. The site is giving its possible best to ensure that members are safe and secure. However, there are measures that you, as a member of Wireclub, can also take to ensure your utmost safety and security. Below are some of them:

  • Don’t share your Password with Anyone.

No one can gain access to your Wireclub account without your password. Your password is meant just for you. Do not share it with anyone else, and ensure that your password isn’t one that can be easily guessed. If you lose access to your account because another person gains access to it, reset your password immediately with your mail. Once you do this, you will have access to your account again.

  • Beware of Scammers

Some users who you do not have a prior conversation with may want to con you; send you a private message, soliciting for money, trying to get your personal information, or even asking you to click a link. These tricksters are looking for real users to dupe on the site. To avoid this, you can filter users who can send you personal messages.

It’s quite simple to do this: all you have to do is set your private messages to “friends only” or “off.” That way, people who aren’t already your friends won’t be able to send you messages. All the same, if you believe that a user is perpetrating a fraudulent act on the site, you can report them to support.

How Can I Block And Report A Scammer?

To report a member of Wireclub that is suspected to be a scammer, contact support at help@Wireclub.com.

What Kind Of Information Shouldn’T Be Posted In Your Wireclub Account?

Contents that contain nudity or are sexually suggestive are not allowed on the site, as there are also minors on the website. Furthermore, personal information shouldn’t be posted on the website, as you might be delivering yourself to those that will dupe you.

Help and Support

Getting help and support on Wireclub is easy. To get help and support on Wireclub, contact help@Wireclub.com.

Help and Support

Real Life Review

I’m 20 years old, and I’ve been using the app for four years now. While I joined as a 16 years old teenager, I enjoyed the site incredibly as I got to meet people on the internet and chat with them. As a child, I’ve always had a hard time making friends, but it was quite easy to make friends and talk about anything on Wireclub.

When I became of age, however, I decided to try dating people on the site. Well, it didn’t turn out as expected. I guess it’s because I’ve always had high expectations for the site, considering that it’s an excellent place to make friends and talk about things. The members of Wireclub are more interested in talking about trending matters than dating. I gave up after a while, and I’ve concluded that it’s impossible to start a romantic relationship on Wireclub.

A friend told me that he met his girlfriend on Wireclub, so I guess I gave up too soon.


Is Wireclub The Best Dating Service Among Others?

The website doesn’t serve as a dating platform. On the other hand, it is a great place for chatting, as the messaging features are the best among the other platforms.

Is My Safety Guaranteed On Wireclub?

Yes, Wireclub is safe. The site boasts of having one of the safest and most secure websites on the internet. The only way anyone can gain access to your Wireclub account is if they have the password. And this is why you should never share your password with anyone.

Does Wireclub Qualify As A Hook-up App?

While Wireclub is more about chatting than dating, the chances are that you can still get hook-ups from the app. There is a chat room for people to meet and date: Dating room.

Do I Have To Pay To Access Wireclub?

On Wireclub, you can be a free member, but you would not be able to access most of its features. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of the site, the best thing is to get a premium membership.

HOw Does Wireclub Function?

First off, you need to get yourself registered: registration only takes a few seconds. Once you are registered, you can start chatting with other members, add other members as friends, join chat rooms, and even make conversations.

Do We Have Fake Or Scam Members On Wireclub?

Like other dating sites, fake profiles are common on Wireclub. This is unconnected to the fact that it functions more like a chat website than a dating site. Not to worry, Wireclub has a track record of taking out fake users when reported.

Alternative Sites Like Wireclub

There are a lot of alternative sites like Wireclub, and most of them focus more on dating, unlike Wireclub. Alternatives to Wireclub include; BeNaughty, AdultFinder, and Tinder.

Alternative Sites Like Wireclub

Contact Information

Company: Wireclub Media Inc.

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

E-Mail: help@Wireclub.com


Wireclub is a popular website, which focuses more on people meeting and chatting around the world. It is more of a chatting community, but the chances are that you can build a healthy romantic relationship there, and more. We hope your various questions about the Wireclub website have been answered, and that this review will help you make a guided decision about joining the platform.

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