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WooPlus Review: Great Dating Site?

WooPlus Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 27-34
Profiles 670 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The Wooplus app is available for download free of cost.
  • Both Apple and Android users can download the mobile app.
  • The portal has a broad user base.
  • The possibility of finding a male partner is higher as the number of men on the portal is more.
  • Sending and receiving messages is a free feature, but only if there is a mutual match.
  • Free from the in-app advertisement.
  • Regular updates to the app are available.
  • You can find plenty of curvy men and women on a single platform.
  • The presence of a little question mark with detailed information about the icon is a blessing to those who are not tech-savvy.
  • The app does not have a full-functional web-platform.
  • The option to video chat is not available.
  • Conducting searches based on location filter is a paid feature.
  • The majority of vital components are available only to premium members.

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WooPlus is one of the most popular dating apps that has been designed precisely for males and females who are plus-size. The app emphasizes motivating the plus-size population to enjoy their curves and feel free to mingle. Liking the profile of other users becomes fun with the help of a card game twist. Though the number of “cards” is limited, you have an option to buy more if you want.


Neil Raman is the mastermind behind the app, which was launched in the year 2015. Neil drew the inspiration to create an app for the plus-size population after seeing his sister struggle to find a perfect match due to her weight and figure. The fat-shaming free environment that WooPlus offers is commendable. The app aims to find partners for curvy people who are interested in the plus-size population. The app has more than 2,100,000 members, and most of these members hail from the USA, though the app is equally popular worldwide. Members from Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia are also active on the platform. More than 500,000 members are active every week. The number of men on the app is more than that of women. 35% of members are females while 65% are males. You need to complete a personality test to create an account on the portal. The website targets the curvy population of all age groups. You will not find many fake profiles on the platform. Users respond to messages and comments instantly, which enhances the chances of finding a romantic encounter.

WooPlus Review: Great Dating Site?

How Does Wooplus Work?

WooPlus has a straightforward work algorithm. The information you provide during the registration plays a vital role in helping you come across a perfect match. The app matches the information and the preferences you provide during the registration process with the other members to suggest potential partners. The matching choices are visible in the search options.

Signing Up at WooPlus

  • Registration takes few seconds only.
  • You can employ your Facebook account or email address to sign up.
  • You are free to upload endless pictures.
  • Viewing profile pictures of other members is a free feature.
  • Revealing your gender is a must.
  • The personality test is a fun way of completing the profile.

It takes just a few seconds to register on the app. There are only two ways to signup. You can either use your email address or your Facebook account to do this. You need to click on the choices that the app offers in the form of options to complete the registration process. Each detail you feed on the app is available to read for other members keen to know your personality. There are many questions, and most of these are fun to fill and fun to read. You need to answer just a few questions before you can begin using the app’s functions, and as you move ahead, questions keep popping. Profiles trying to genuinely answer all these questions can help differentiate a fake profile from a real one. You must look for a profile that has all the questions adequately answered.

Signing Up at WooPlus

How To Start Contact

  • If it is a match, you can message another user if you are a free member.
  • Premium members can message people without forming a match.
  • You can send gifts and also view how many gifts a person has already received.
  • Other than location, you can use all the search filters to find a person.
  • You can see information about other people for free, including age, interest, hobby, and location.
  • You have an option to block the profile you do not like and report abuse in case a member violates the rules.

An online dating platform that does not allow you to develop connections with other members or require you to upgrade a membership to enable messaging fails to perform its duty as a dating network. Fortunately, this is not the case with WooPlus App because it offers messaging as a free feature. Unlike any other online dating platform, contacting people in WooPlus is comparatively easy. If a person appears on your search or match proposal, you can send them a message. Except for the location filter, you can use all the other search filters. You can initiate a message by visiting the profile of the user. Some of the different ways to start a contact include poking, which is a free feature. Sending gifts is also a great option. You can use the free coins that you get when you first log in to buy gifts. You can either buy a teddy bear, flowers, cake, etc.

How To Start Contact

Profiles WooPlus

  • User profiles are informative as they contain enough information about the user.
  • Each profile undergoes a verification test for authenticity.
  • Profile and other photos are available for viewing.
  • You can change profile information after the registration process is complete.

Most of the user profiles on the app are complete and very informative. It is not mandatory to fill in all the information at once; you can complete your profile as you go ahead using the portal. Instead of answering all the questions at once, the app lets you answer them periodically as they appear as “checkpoints” along the way as you use the app. A few users do not prefer to use real profile photos. Still, most of the members make use of their accurate picture. The portal is sincere with its policy, especially when it comes to body shaming. You will not come across a single profile shaming other users. WooPlus takes reports on body shaming very seriously, and strict action is taken against such people.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

The app requires individuals to use their email address or Facebook account to sign up. You can then import some of your information from the social platform to complete the profile. Thus, the possibility of creating a fake profile gets curbed as it is a tedious task. Apart from this, in case there are fake profiles on the network, you can easily spot them. The first identity of a fake profile is an incomplete personality test. Only a genuine user spends time answering questions. If you come across profiles that have photos downloaded from the internet, you can avoid those too. The app boasts of making efforts to check the authenticity of all the profiles.

Design & Usability on WooPlus

The app enjoys an elegant design that is not only clear but also easy to use. If you are a novice to online dating, you will face no problem getting using icons and the overall design. There is, however, some eradication that can be made to the “Moments” tab. The tab allows you to upload photos about things you do on other social media portals without images occupying the entire screen space. Also, the simple design indicates that it requires a short loading time. The profile design is also exquisite. At a glance, all the information that you need of a member is easy to view. There is no problem understanding the icon design also. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you will still find it easy to use. Consistent updates that are being made to the app are lucrative aspects of being an active user on the portal that you cannot deny.

Design & Usability on WooPlus

WooPlus Mobile App

  • The WooPlus app has a simple design that is easy to understand and access
  • You can download the app on Apple and Android devices free of cost.
  • Explanations of functions are available on the app, making use all the easier.

The elegant design of the app offers clarity when it comes to an understanding of the use of icons. The app contains an explanation of the benefits and purpose of different icons available on the portal. You need to tap on the little question mark next to the con to fetch more information. The entire registration process ought to be completed via mobile application as the web platform is not available. Each time you get a message, you get a notification. The positive attributes include the pretty icons, comment boxes, and not to forget the beautiful layout of the user profile. The simple design of the “Moments” tab needs some improvement. All in all, the app is easy to use not only for the young generation but also for people who are not that tech-savvy.

Special Features

WooPlus website has plenty of features that you will not find on any other dating portal. Following is the list of unique features that improve your experience of using the website:

Send Unlimited Messages

You can send endless messages to anyone you want. Additionally, you can see if the person reads your messages or not.

Play More Rounds of Card

You get access to an increased number of potential matches every day.

You have the flexibility to look for people using the filters like location and ethnicity.

See Who Liked You

You can also have a glance at the list of people who like you. This way, you can save yourself the trouble and find a match faster.

Rewind Your Pass Card

The feature allows you to go back to let you swipe again, saving your time and effort.

Restart Your Expired Match

The feature allows you to reveal a romantic encounter once again.

WooPlus Select

Using this feature, you can look for the users who are not only most searched but also most active.

WooPlus Select

WooPlus Costs

Upgrading to a premium membership is not that expensive, but some might find it a burden on the pocket. You can pay using Credit Card, PayPal, or Via Mobile Phone.

Duration Costs Total
1 Month USD 14.99 / Month USD 14.99
3 Months USD 10.00 / Month USD 29.99
12 Months USD 5.00 / Month USD 59.99

Basic Membership

A lot of services are available for free on the portal. Following are some features that are available for use to all the members:

  • Basic members can send messages to other users.
  • You can search for other members free of cost.
  • Free members can upload as many pictures as they want.
  • You are free to comment and like photos of other members.
  • There are no restrictions on adding profile photos.
  • You can edit information on your profile after registration also.
  • Free members get coins using which they can buy gifts.
  • You also have an option to poke other users.
  • You can customize the search.

Premium Membership

If you are willing to spare some funds upgrading your basic membership to premium, you are sure to get plenty of perks. Here is a list of unique features that are available only to users who hold a premium membership on the WooPlus:

  • Premium members have access to the location search filter.
  • You get to choose from the most searched active members instead of inactive and bogus profiles.
  • You get to see the read receipt for your messages.
  • Premium members get endless match proposals.
  • You also have an option to rewind match proposals that you got in the past.
  • You can also get access to the matches that have expired.

WooPlus Coupons

The dating site does not offer any coupons.

WooPlus Coupons

Verification & Safety at WooPlus

The only way to sign up on the portal is by using your email address or Facebook account. Both methods ensure that you use your real identity to create an account. The app promises to offer a safe and straightforward environment. Whether you desire to find a sincere friend or a partner, you can browse through the profiles peacefully as it is ultimately a secure environment. One thing that you need not worry about is fat-shaming.

Is WooPlus aScam?

No, the app is not a scam but a genuine portal to find a partner of your choice. Though fake profiles exist on the platform, you can easily spot them, and there are no bots for sure. The broad user base in itself is a piece of evidence enough to prove that thousands of individuals are benefitting from the app.

Is WooPlus Legit?

Yes, WooPlus is a legit dating platform, as evident from the user reviews available online. Millions of users have successfully found an ideal partner using the app. The chances of women finding men on the portal are higher as the percentage of male users actively using the app is higher.

Is WooPlus Anonymous?

The privacy of its users is of utmost importance to the portal owners. Multiple WooPlus Reviews suggest the anonymity is well-maintained by the users, especially for paid members.

The Problem with WooPlus

There is no denying that the Wooplus app is a blessing to those who are plus size and unable to find a partner in real-world dating. However, some problems are prevalent and cannot be ignored. Following are the flaws that you can not miss:

No full-functional web-platform

Firstly, the app lacks a web version and is only available as an app. Though there is a website, it only delivers information on creating an account on the app and answers some of the frequently asked questions.

NNo option to video chat

The video chatting option is not available. Video chatting remains the charm of using dating platforms, but the lack of such an opportunity makes the entire process tedious.

NNo free access to location filter

If you are a free member, you cannot use the location filter to search. However, you have access to all the other filters.

The Problem with WooPlus

Help & Support

Finding help is not a difficult task, as every dating platform comes with a customer support team. You can approach the customer service representatives via the form available on the Wooplus app.

WooPlus Alternatives

WooPlus Website is the best option for the plus-size population to find a partner of their choice, but some people always look for alternatives. There are numerous alternatives to the portal, and some of these are as follows:

  1. SilverSingles
  2. Ashley Madison
  3. LargeFriends


When you try something new for the first time, several questions tend to crop up in mind. Similar is the case with creating an account on the WooPlus website. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that probably will put a full stop to all your queries:

Is There a Way to Update my Profile on Wooplus?

You need to answer questions as a part of a personality test when you first create your account on the app. However, you have access to change this information after the registration process is complete. You need to visit your profile and click on edit to make relevant changes.

What is WooPlus mostly used for?

You can find love, romance, an ideal partner, and a sincere friend using the app. The app does magic for people who are plus-sized and unable to find a partner. Without undergoing any fat-shaming or societal judgment, you can find a romantic encounter.

Is Wooplus A Real Dating Site?

Yes, the app is a spectacular online dating platform that promises to help you find an ideal partner. If you are a plus-sized single man or woman, you must create an account on the app to come across other people looking for someone like you.

How To Close a Wooplus Account?

If you do not desire to access the app’s services anymore, you can delete your account, and as per the Wooplus Reviews, this process is fairly simple.

  • Open the app
  • Cancel the existing membership, if any
  • Click on Help & Feedback followed by a click on Delete, which is present at the bottom of Keep my account
  • As you click on delete, the app will prompt you to keep your account.
  • Add the reason for deletion, and you are all set.
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Contact Information

Whenever you begin using any online services, there are specific details that you must know. Some of these details are:

Company Name: Dating Oasis Limited

Customer Support Email Address: support@WooPlus.com


As evident from the WooPlus Reviews, an app is a perfect place for women and men of plus-size to find romantic partners. You are sure to find an ideal partner who can help you build a connection that will last for life or at least for the long run. Not only a romantic encounter, but you can also find a sincere friend on the portal. The best attribute is that you can find people from a broad age group on the platform. Most of the functions provide a game-like feeling, making browsing all the more fun. Most of the users’ profiles are complete and contain detailed information allowing you to glance at what other users want. There are plenty of questions that you need to answer but not at once. You get these questions as “checkpoints” that appear as you browse the application. Answering these questions helps you complete the profile and get an opportunity to show your sense of humor and wit to the other members of the WooPlus Website.

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