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Xmeets Review: Is This Site Worth Your Attention?

Xmeets Review: Is This Site Worth Your Attention?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 27-40
Beauty 54%
Profiles 500 000
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Visit rate 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple registration in a few minutes;
  • The understandable interface of the site;
  • Xmeets is a niche site for hookups;
  • Various contact options available;
  • Friendly customer support;
  • Broad member structure.
  • Many user reviews say this site is a scam;
  • You can run across fake members;
  • The pricing is higher than average;
  • There is no official Xmeets app;
  • The only pirate app available is paid;
  • Free members get hardly any quality features;
  • The search functions are insufficient.

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Xmeets website is an online platform for seeking hookups and partners for the night. It has been operating for several years now and is widely popular with the casual dating community. Adults visit the site with a specific purpose — to make new connections or friends without obligations. However, various reviews report the poor quality of the Xmeets user profiles. Should you believe them, or is the site not that bad? Hopefully, this Xmeets review will help you find out more information to decide using the platform.

Does Xmeets Support Many Languages and What Are They?

The only available language is English. There are no settings that would allow you to change the interface language on the site. Such a choice is understandable for the global site with a US-member base specification. However, people who do not speak English will experience problems using the Xmeets website.

What Company Is the Owner of Xmeets?

No information concerning this is available on the site or on searching the company’s owner using the search engines. Xmeets hides its official owner behind the term “Company” and refers to it as the figurative term. The name “Xmeets” is copyrighted, but there is no data about who owns this legal entity.

Where Can You Find the Xmeets Headquarters?

The main office of the company is situated at the address: 200 W. Madison Street, Suite, 2100, Chicago, IL 60606.

When Did Xmeets Website Initially Appear?

Some Internet resources report that the site was founded in 2007. The pirate app appeared in 2014, but there is no official iOS or Android app published. In general, you will not find plenty of Xmeets reviews, which will give you detailed info about the site’s history, owner, or CEO.

Does Xmeets Work All Over the World?

Yes, you can access the site from any corner of the globe, even without using a VPN. However, the only language the platform uses is English, and the majority of users are the US-residents. These features make it harder for users from all the countries to meet their hookups because their circle of choices is narrow.

Unique Features You Should Know About

Unique Features You Should Know About

You may feel at a loss when you first visit the site at the variety of features available. Which ones are worth your attention, and how not to get lost in the complicated site’s interface? This part of the Xmeets review takes the key functions in detailed consideration.

Quickie Function

The function comprises the many search and matching available on the site. Here is how it works: you like the photo of a member with a like or reject them, if your interest is mutual, you both get a notification and can proceed to communication. To decide whether “you are interested in a quickie with this user,” you can first see their profile, as well as like or reject immediately. To use this function of the Xmeets website, you should upload a photo so that other users can see you. Be patient. Its loading can take up to several minutes. As a free member, you have only ten quickies available per day.

Random Members Online

The ultimate “feed” section where you see all people who are currently on the site and can contact anyone who attracts your attention. Thus, the chances that a person will respond to you in a matter of minutes are higher.

The “Newest” Section

It shows the users who have just joined Xmeets. You can choose to filter people by age or leave only those who have a profile photo. The age range you can set starts with 18 years and goes up to 60. The default settings will show you people aged 25-45.


You can add any member to friends or your list of favorites. If you make friends with someone, their name will be visible to anyone who visits your profile in the “Public Friends” section. To do this, open the user profile and click on “Add to friends” or “Add to favorites.” After people accept your request, you will see them all in this section and quickly search for the uses by name or when you added them.

XXX Movies

Xmeets website contains a ton of quality porn videos to every taste: their length and quality are higher than the average on the Internet, and you will find different erotic content categories. However, only premium members can play these adult movies.

How Can You Characterise the Audience and Its Preferences?

Memberbase of the site consists of real profiles of people from different countries, but the USA is the main country of origin. People on the site post revealing photos to attract users’ attention and find a partner for the night.

Many Xmeets reviews contain information about the poor quality of the audience, but it seems that the male accounts on the site are pretty real.

What Is the Age Distribution of People?

This dating site is for adults only even though you do not have to provide any ID during the registration. The platform is suitable for mature dating because the upper limit of the age range in the search bar is 60 years. The average age of users here is 30 years. In general, the default age setting for the search filters is 25-45 years.

The Chance of Meeting a Scammer on This Site

It would help if you stayed on alert while using Xmeets because this dating platform reportedly uses many deceptive techniques for attracting more users. You can receive messages from bots or fake matches, which should encourage you to upgrade to the Premium subscription to continue communication. Yes, there are fake model accounts on the site, but the situation is better is you are a woman. There are fewer fake male accounts on the site; the majority of scams relate to women.

The Mobile App Versus the Website

You cannot access Xmeets equally comfortably on any device and use both the site and the app. Unfortunately, the latter is not available on the official mobile application stores, and it is up to you to trust the provider.

Xmeets App: Is It Available?

Xmeets provides an iOS app that was launched in 2014, but there haven’t been many updates since then. The app costs $ 3 and works on the iPhones older than 5s. The site of the external file is only 5 MB. Although the application promises to provide a pleasant interface, location-based search, instant messenger, and matching you to like-minded people you will want to have sex with, it looks suspicious.

Xmeets Website Accessibility and Main Features

There is a full website version of the platform available for free. Register an account, and you can enjoy the full range of features like messaging, matching, voting, applying filters for the search, adding people to friends or favorites, and watching porn movies.

Can You Open the Site From Your Computer?

There is a full website version of the platform available for free. Register an account, and you can enjoy the full range of features. The Xmeets website may not be in the top search results in Google because this engine usually doesn’t show sites for adults so freely, but you will find it anyway.

Do All Browsers Support the Xmeets Website?

Users of any browsers can open the site without a VPN and enjoy the smooth loading and transitions. If you access Xmeets from your phone, there won’t be any trouble with using the mobile browser to open this platform.

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Opening the Site?

The system may log out if you restart your computer or close the mobile browser tab, but you can save the password from staying logged in. Also, check your Internet connection if the problems with entering the site do not disappear after that.

The Main Characteristics of the Interface

The Main Characteristics of the Interface

The site’s design may not be the most modern, but the intuitive navigation and ampleness of features make up for this. You can enjoy the ease of use because all features are visible.

How Do I Register and Sign In?

To use the Xmeets website, you have to pass a few-step registration which will not take you more than 3 minutes:

  • Choose your orientation;
  • User name;
  • Enter a valid email;
  • Click on the activation link sent to your email address;
  • Upload a photo not to get suspected and receive more matches.

Save the password inside the browser to stay logged in.

Can You Undo the Match with the Xmeets User?

No, when you choose to like a person in the “Quickie” section, you cannot change your decision.

What Is the Minimum Age Needed to Register on Xmeets?

All users of the site should be at least 18 years old. The upper threshold is 60 years, as this is the highest age available to set in the search filters.

What Should You Do to Verify the Account?

There is no specific verification on the Xmeets website; you should only upload a photo so that the moderators do not suspend you. In terms of your profile pictures, you are free to reveal nudity because this is an adult platform.

How to Verify Your Email Address?

Tap the profile activation link you receive in an email letter. You also get a four-number code in case the link doesn’t work.

Can You Register Using Your Facebook Profile?

Users can create the account only via their emails; you cannot link your Facebook profile.

Is Using the Site Possible Without Signing Up?

Unauthorized users cannot see any previews of the users or open the site without registration. Xmeets members are free to upload photos revealing parts of their bare bodies; for this reason, the provider applies such safety norms.

How to Set Up a Profile on This Dating Platform?

You do not have to mention any personal information like your real name, place of work, or interests in the profile description. Just choose a photo, set a location, and age. This data is enough to meet a partner for the night. You can add more, but this is not obligatory.

Can Users Delete the Previously Uploaded Photos on Xmeets?

All Xmeets users can edit their main photo at any time, delete it, or choose another profile image. You can upload up to 6 photos to your account album. If you want, you can hide them by making any pictures private.

How to Edit the Username on the Xmeets Website?

Go to the profile settings.

Can You Remove Your Xmeets Profile From the Base?

Choose “Delete login and profile” in the Privacy settings.

Can You Hide Yourself From the Search Results on Xmeets?

Yes, there are profile visibility adjustments available.

Can You Delete the Data You Provided to Xmeets?

Deleting the account will remove all the data from the base.

Member Search Facilities at a Glance

The search of members is available in your location, or you can choose another country and message any user regardless of where they are.

Can You See All the People You Liked on Xmeets?

You get a notification when there is a match.

Which Search Options You Will Find on the Xmeets Website?

The search filters available are:

  • According to the age;
  • Online now;
  • Near me;
  • Newest;
  • Detailed Profiles;
  • Search by the username;
  • Best matches;
  • Featured;
  • With photos only;
  • Private chat willing.

Do Free Users Know When the Xmeets User Likes Them?

The upgraded users can see the list of their visitors instantly.

How to Send Messages and Is It Free?

How to Send Messages and Is It Free?

Free members have limited abilities to get in touch. Even the one-day trial gives you no more than 10 messages available.

The Start of Messaging With the Xmeets User

The conversations you start will be saved in the “Messages” section. Check your inbox. If you see the notification in the upper right corner, it notifies you about a new request or an email.

How Do You Send a Message to Someone?

To contact anyone, open their profile and click on “Send Email.” You can also send gifts if you are a premium member.

Is the Sending Messages Function Available for Free?

An initial free trial membership offers a few messages for free, and you cannot contact VIP members. You can choose different tariff plans, and the messaging facilities they include vary from one subscription to another. The minimum messages you get per day is ten, but you can open unlimited messaging as a golden member.

Can Xmeets Users See Who Messaged Them?

Users get a notification any time someone messages them. To respond, you have to pay for a subscription.

Can You Use Camera for Communicating on the Xmeets Website?

Xmeets provides the live camera chat for the paid users. There you can meet webcam models, random people, or get in touch with a person you have been messaging.

Ways to Filter Xmeets Users Who Can Message You

You can choose to receive messages from:

  • All members;
  • Those with a photo;
  • Those who have a photo and a detailed profile description.

Membership Costs and Payment Methods Available

Membership Costs and Payment Methods Available

The high prices for dating services are the main disadvantage of using this dating site. The costs for the Gold Membership:

  • Three-day trial per $ 9 in total;
  • One month of a subscription per $ 30;
  • Three months per $ 50 ($ 16.6 per month);
  • Six months per $ 70 ($ 11.6 per month).

The Features Accessible for Free

As a regular user, you can:

  • Browse the site;
  • Create an account;
  • Edit profile and upload photos;
  • Add people to favorites;
  • Use ten quickies.

The Features You Should Pay For

Free users get practically zero functionality and cannot enjoy the full user experience. Here is what you will receive as a golden member:

  • Watching xxx movies unlimitedly;
  • Opening user profiles without restrictions;
  • Messaging any users;
  • Getting more matches;
  • Hiding your profile;
  • Using the live cam chat.

Does Xmeets Offer an Upgraded Membership?

There are various tariff plans available, and all of them make the general Golden Subscription.

How to Cancel Your Xmeets Membership?

You should open your profile settings and choose “Cancel a subscription.”

Does Xmeets Auto-Renew Your Membership?

Yes, the system bills payments for a chose period automatically.

Can Users Get a Refund for Time Remained?

There is no such option in case of canceling the subscription.

Do the “Xmeets Support” Services Renew Automatically Every Month?

All the services connected with the subscription renew automatically.

Can You Get a Refund If Xmeets Disappoints You?

The site’s policy regarding refunds is strict, and it is unlikely that they will consider this reason to pay your money back.

Will the Xmeets Support Appear on Your Credit Card Bill?

The name in the receipt will be available for you and your credit card provider.

Can You Share Xmeets Support With Other Members?

No, the subscription works for one profile only. You cannot share it between several accounts or use one profile as a couple.

Can You Try Out the Subscription for One Month?

The minimal period for which you can purchase the subscription makes one month. There are also tariff plans for three and six months.

Can You Consider the Xmeets Website Safe for Real?

Can You Consider the Xmeets Website Safe for Real?

Any member, regardless of their subscription, is free to limit suspicious members from contacting them. You can report a person who seems to violate the community’s rules or block them from messaging your profile. Be sure to choose the reason for restricting a member, and the support team will do everything possible to remove this person from the site or review your reason for complaint.

Privacy Measures the Xmeets Provider Implements

When clicking on the “Profile Setting” button, you access the privacy settings to adjust if you want to manage the visibility of your profile, those who can contact you, or change the password. The site hides your email from everyone, and the only information other people see is your user name and the criteria you state for the desirable partner. Apart from the filters, you adjust manually; the site provides the stable technical side of user privacy.

Does Xmeet Website Encrypt the Conversations?

This dating platform uses the SSL-connection and encrypts the messages sent via its services. When you register or open forms to enter your personal details, you can notice the safe connection sign in the left top corner.

Can Xmeet Track Down Its Users?

Yes, you agree to the site’s tracking down of your location to receive matches based on where you are now. The region paragraph fills in automatically, and you cannot change the city you are currently at.

Can the Police Trace Xmeets Service?

In case of extreme violations and illegal actions of the members, the police may apply for the history of their actions of the site. In general, Xmeets doesn’t pass the user data to third parties.

Who to Contact Having Privacy Issues Regarding Xmeets?

There is a separate customer help button in the top right corner. Tapping it redirects you to the site dedicated to reporting any technical problems with using the site or you can message the site’s team to tell about the cases of fraud.

The Safety: What Happens to the Scammers on the Site?

The moderators constantly review the profiles and manually verify all new accounts. You can get suspected if your actions on the site show you have bad intentions.

Do Xmeet Moderators Review the Forums?

They do check all the tweets people leave in the public chat. You should stay away from posting negative comments containing racist, sexist, homophobic remarks, the humiliation of other ethnicities, or religions because this will result in a block.

What Happens to Xmeet Members Who Try to Solicit Money?

The users report scammers, and they get removed from the platform forever. In case you do not prove that the accusation of your profile wee baseless, you will stay on the site’s black ban list.

What to Do If Your Account Got Banned?

What to Do If Your Account Got Banned?

According to the Xmeet reviews, it is rare for the site to block its own users. Here are the instructions on what to do in case you received a block.

Why Was Your Xmeet Access Limited?

Showing nudity on the photo is normal for this adult dating site, but your photos shouldn’t contain scenes of violence or explicit content. For the images that do not correspond to the theme of the platform or humiliating comment in the private conversation or a public chat, the site will limit your access to their services.

How Long Can Bans on the Xmeets Website Last?

There are no details concerning this in the site’s user agreement.

Ways to Reactivate Your Banned Account

It seems that you should contact the support team and discuss your case with the moderators. If you prove your innocence, hey may renew your access without saving the subscription.

Protect Yourself and Stay on Alert Using the Site

According to the various Xmeets reviews, the scams and fakes are common on this dating platform. The insufficient safety measures and fraudulent tactics of the site are the reasons for this.

Blocking or Reporting a Scammer on the Dating Portal

Open the user’s profile or report them directly in the conversation at any moment. You can manage people who are in your block list in the “privacy setting” section of your account editing.

Information You Shouldn’t Post in Your Xmeets Account

Xmeets warns that they hide your email address and use it just to create your account. You may choose the email, password, or login name at any time. The user name you enter should not reveal your real name or any personal details. Expect for your location, and no real personal details will be available to others.

How to Get Help and Contact the Support Team?

Click on the “Customer Support” button in the top right corner. The site that opens before you contains the FAQs and different sections you can explore to find an answer to practically any question. The customer service working hours are not stated, but you can see when they are online and ready to help you.

Real-Life Reviews of This Dating Site

Real-Life Reviews of This Dating Site

This part of the Xmeets review contains the final thoughts about the status of the site and its usefulness for all people.

Can You Call Xmeets the Best Meeting Resource?

The poor functionality of the free membership should stop you from such statements.

Is the Xmeets Website Suitable for Hook-Ups?

Casual dating and meeting a one-night-stand are the main purposes for which people register on this site.

Can You Access Xmeets for Free?

Yes, the registration is free, but then you should upgrade to enjoy the full accessibility of all functions.

What Are the Principles of the Xmeets Work?

You can meet, communicate, receive matches, upload your nude photos for others to vote, as well as enjoy live chats with webcam models.

Are There Many Fakes on Xmeets?

Yes, and this is one of the main pitfalls of this site. Users should stay on alert and be able to tell apart the real users from those who seem too good to be true. If you face a scammer — be sure to report them.

Ultimate Sites to Use Instead of Xmeets

The hookup sites with similar functionality you can try out:

  • AdultFriendFinder is the site for finding one-night-stands whose users are open about their sexual fetishes;
  • Ashley Madison — a versatile community of people interested in casual dating;
  • Match is a convenient adult platform that provides a cool app and modern design for those who do not want to put up with the poor interface and insufficient functionality.

Information Needed to Contact the Site’s Provider

Address: Stephen Workman, Esq.,

200 W. Madison Street, Suite

2100, Chicago, IL 60606

Legal department email address: legal@dateprofits.com

Xmeets Website: https://www.xmeets.com/

Customer support number: 800-564-9432 ( +1-727-755-7249 OUTSIDE USA)

Should You Use This Site Before Others?

Should You Use This Site Before Others?

This half-social network half-adult platform unites the tons of NSFW content and real people profiles. You definitely pay for the value here and receive a variety of functions for a fair charge. Xmeets is generally great for adult meetings despite some drawbacks.

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