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XMILFS Review: Can the Website Meet Your Needs?

XMILFS Review: Can the Website Meet Your Needs?
About Girls
Date with older guy 17%
Reply rate 85%
Popular age 27-35
Beauty 59%
Profiles 15 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are tons of attractive mommas’ profiles on the XMILFS website.
  • Smart matchmaking service is onboard.
  • The social media component is developed to find friends for communication.
  • XMILFS presents a well-developed official website to ensure a seamless experience.
  • The operating company linked XMILFS with the third-party platform and redirects users to its profiles.
  • The membership is a bit pricy.
  • The XMILFS app lacks free options since chatting and messaging are paid.

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XMILFS appeared in 2017. So, it’s a relatively new name in the online dating market. The operating company manages many other hookup websites (BlackCrush, Localmilfselfies, Milfaholic, Ulust, Lonelywifehookup, and BBWDesire), making XMILFS one of the online family members.

XMILFS is the hookup platform designed for young men who want to date older women. It comes to no-strings-attached local meetups for fun and pleasure. The platform doesn’t focus on international dating since no one will hunt for a booty call miles away. Meanwhile, many handsome guys prefer having sex with older women right now. Some consider them hot and special, while others just need experience and crave to try some kinks. The XMILFS website provides such an opportunity for daters worldwide. It doesn’t focus on straight relationships only and accepts those looking for same-sex romance.

So, if you are a toyboy or a seductive momma, join the community to find your perfect hookup. In this XMILFS review, it’s crucial to note that you can hardly find the ground to build long-lasting relationships with a mature lady or a male cub. However, the website members don’t need it at all. The platform exists for fun. In many positive XMILFS reviews, people tell about their exciting experiences. Of course, some users complain about fake profiles. It seems to become many dating apps’ problem nowadays.

How Does XMILFS Work to Connect Hot Daters?

The XMILFS features simplicity and clarity. This website is very similar to other dating resources in terms of working principles:

  • Enter the front page.
  • Click the signup button.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Verify your account through email.
  • Create a profile with an eye-catching photo.
  • Start browsing other members to choose those you’ve liked.
  • Get suggestions from the inline matchmaking service to accept or deny them.
  • Start messaging to get a date.

As appears from the XMILFS review, everything is straightforward, without overwhelming surveys and multiple choices. Remember that you are on the hookup rather than on the matrimonial website. You can face dirty talks in the chat and much explicit content. The service will really work for you if you are active, easygoing, and open-minded. Besides, too long a period of chatting on XMILFS may lead to your partner’s loss of interest since this platform exists to get a hot date almost instantly.

Signing up to XMILFS

Signing up to XMILFS

All the positive XMILFS reviews mark the straightforward and fast registration process. Everything is a breeze, even for those facing online dating for once in their lives. Once you’ve entered the XMILFS website, the application form is already in front of your eyes. So, the steps look as follows:

  • Point out whether you are a man looking for a woman or vice versa.
  • Provide your valid email.
  • Enter your username (it’s just a nick rather than your real name).
  • Create a password.
  • Confirm the registration.

It’s crucial to confirm your account by clicking the link you’ll get in the email. Otherwise, you cannot access the app’s options.

How to Start Contact

After you’ve got access to other members’ profiles and smart matches on the XMILFS website, it’s time to get started. For this purpose, choose a candidate and send them a flirt or a greeting. This approach will work as an icebreaker. Try to be unique but not banal to attract attention quicker and avoid making other users think you are just a bot.

The Message section on XMILFS is the right place from where you can send your pretty and horny icebreakers. Besides, you can start communication directly from the chosen profile. To that end, you should choose the Start Chat, Send Mail, Send Gift, or Send Flirt option above the profile photo. Bear in mind to wait for a reply from paid members only since free users cannot respond to messages.

Profiles on XMILFS

There are tons of attractive profiles on the XMILFS app. It includes the main photo, several secondary ones, and a private photo album. The latter is available only if the owner provides you with access that mostly possible between friends. By the way, it’s possible to enlarge the profile photo to see it clearly.

There is a short personality description under the photo. It gives the ideas of the member’s goals and expectations. It may sound like, “I’ve been separated for 5 years, and I’m just enjoying myself. I’m looking for a man who can handle my wildness.”

Then several tables follow the “About me” information. It comes to physical and personal attributes. The first one means appearance and body while the second – habits, marital status, etc. The last table includes the information about who the user is looking for on the XMILFS website.

Some fakes are inevitable. However, they are easy to recognize due to their almost identical content. If you find several profiles with the word-for-word description, move on without hesitation.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

In their XMILFS reviews, people often talk about fake profiles. The XMILFS app really has profiles that look unnatural. As a rule, they are empty, or, on the contrary, they look too enticing and seductive. How to recognize them?

  • Check the photo in the search since it may be stolen from porn sites.
  • Pay attention to the incoming messages. The bots usually use standard phrases, having no implication or significance.
  • Don’t hunt for nude profile photos since true milfs will hardly be so explicit.
  • Try to avoid profiles with low-quality images.

So, XMILFS requires time and effort to get a real date. Is the website worth them? That’s up to you.

Design & Usability of XMILFS

Design & Usability of XMILFS

The XMILFS app features a clear interface without tons of colorful images flashing before the users’ eyes. A large seductive photo is on the front page. Frankly speaking, it looks too promotional, depicting а young cutie rather than a mature woman. The application form is right there. The login button is in the right corner, according to the modern requirements of usability. Once the registration is completed, the user lands on the dashboard.

So, the navigation is straightforward, making it easy for users to toggle between sections and options. The website has no glitches. It is responsive, works fast, and features well-structured web pages. There is nothing special in the design, and this is not an issue. On the contrary, the visitors can focus on their goals and needs.

XMILFS Mobile App

The XMILFS company hasn’t developed the mobile app yet. It seems strange since most people nowadays prefer to use apps for local dating. Meanwhile, XMILFS offers the main website’s mobile version. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, working flawlessly, regardless of the screen size and other specs of a particular smartphone’s model. The responsive design provides large buttons and a convenient layout to tap, swipe, and scroll hassle-free. The users get access to all the XMILFS features and options. In other words, the mobile version doesn’t reduce their opportunities, like some other apps do.

Special Features

The following XMILFS review’s paragraph will tell about some curious features on this website. They make online dating more entertaining and diverse. Of course, this website cannot boast swiping games or something like that. Still, it’s rather multifunctional. So, how is XMILFS different from its “siblings” and competitors?


The Home section works as a command post. In other words, you can see the XMILFS member tweets, ladies nearby you, and their precise locations. You’ll easily access the web camera, the latest chats, and featured community members. “Home” is your initial point to start an interaction.

This section helps people find partners according to the list of criteria. The users just set several filters and get relevant results. In this way, one can contact local milfs based on age or location. Besides, it’s possible to get in touch with those online when you have just joined the community.


The Messages is a very convenient section on XMILFS that makes all the incoming notifications, messages, and flirts visible. You can set up the alerts to keep yourself always informed. You’ll get them to your email.


The Quickie service is the built-in matchmaking algorithm. It helps the XMILFS website connect you to potential partners based on your profiles’ similarity. The system also considers your preferences, pointed out in the profile.


As its name says, the Newest option displays the newest XMILFS members online, not far from your location. In this way, you have an opportunity to get a hookup almost instantly and provide a hot night or weekend.

Friends network

Every XMILFS user is free to create its list of friends for dirty talks and just exchange news and greetings. This option allows keeping all of them in one place, removing old folks, and adding new ones.



The following part of the XMILFS review deals with one of the most important issues for users. It means fees and paid packages. The pricing on this website looks as follows:

  • $8.90 for a 3-day trial
  • $29.95 for a monthly subscription
  • $49.95 for a 3-month membership
  • $69.90 for a 6-month access

Frankly speaking, the cost is a bit above average. However, the price is usually a subjective point since everything depends on the user’s budget and expectations.

Basic Membership

Basic membership on XMILFS is free but limited. You can create and set up an account free, build the profile, and add a photo. Besides, you’ll get private messages from other users. However, you should upgrade the account and pay before reading them. The good news is that it’s possible to read messages within a public chat. In this way, the newcomers may get an idea of what’s happening on XMILFS. Once again, it’s necessary to buy a subscription to take an active part in the chat.

Premium Membership

The content of each package is the same, as the price depends on its duration only. So, once you’ve upgrade and account, XMILFS opens the door to a full-fledged interaction on the website. You’ll get the following benefits:

  • Write, send, and read private messages.
  • Type and send relies on the chat.
  • Browse profiles and invite friends.
  • Exchange texts, videos, and photos with other users.

Generally, it’s always possible to get started from the cheapest package to test the XMILFS website. Then, you may prolong or, on the contrary, cancel your VIP membership to your liking.

XMILFS Coupons

There are no coupons with discounts or promotional offers on XMILFS or related third-party resources. The website doesn’t pamper its users with bonuses. Of course, this is a strike against the platform, considering its pricing and lack of outstanding features. It would be great to see at least a free trial to check the XMILFS’ value.

Verification & Safety on XMILFS

Verification & Safety on XMILFS

The platform is technically safe, meaning the SSL encryption and other basic software that protects the resource from hacks. No hidden algorithms that may collect personal data are on the website. However, XMILFS should give access to their terms and privacy policies before registering. The unregistered users cannot explore the website, even the “about company” and other similar web pages. It is necessary to provide the email first and then check the info you’d like to know.

The rest is dependable on the users. They should not share personal information with other members or reveal their real names ahead of time. So, the XMILFS review comes to adherence to basic safety rules on the website to avoid problems.

Is the XMILFS Website Scam?

XMILFS looks friendly and real. It might seem a scam because of many fake profiles. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t reveal the ways it uses to solve this problem. The visitors need to spend much time separating the wheat from the chaff and get a date with a real milf or cub. In this case, time is money.

Does XMILFS Work within the Law?

The XMILFS website belongs to a registered company with all the necessary documents to act on the online dating scene. No forbidden content is on the site that could lead to abuse or harassment. So, the portal is formally legit.

Does XMILFS Keep Your Activity in Privacy?

The XMILFS app doesn’t require your real name, address, and other personal data to sign up for the service. You can point out only the nick. So, you can communicate with other members anonymously.

The Problem with XMILFS

The Problem with XMILFS

The website offers many dating options, but it’s really challenging to get a real date. Many fake profiles decrease the site’s efficiency. The company should make the platform’s activity more transparent for the newcomers by displaying more data about the service and its terms.

Help & Support

Help & Support

The support is not very responsive. The XMILFS website doesn’t provide opportunities to contact the managers instantly via, for example, live chat. People can only send emails and wait for answers. The latter are not quick, making the users wait too long. Besides, the answers are not always relevant to the questions. However, one can phone the company’s office and try to solve the problem.

XMILFS Alternatives

  • AdultFriendFinder is a user-friendly platform with forums and private messaging. It boasts a huge member base and tons of features, including video chats and smart matchmaking.
  • BeNaughty is a reputable website focusing on kinks. The site is perfect for finding open-minded and hot partners for a threesome, orgies, BDSM, spanking, and other secret pleasures.
  • Flirt.com invites those craving to meet a real cougar or a hot and easygoing toyboy. The website fits those looking for wealthy sugar mommas.
  • MILFs Hookup will help you make your sexual fantasies come true. It is very similar to XMILFS, offering local no-strings-attached meetups.
  • The MilfNearMe website provides you with hot local women and guys for one-night stands. It is remarkable for many search filters to choose a partner by lifestyle and ethnicity.


Consider the following brief info about XMILFS to be aware of crucial nuances and make the right choice.

What Is XMILFS Suitable for?

The XMILFS app focuses on casual dating and booty calls with locals. Mature ladies and young guys are its target audiences. They can find each other for sex, traveling, and other pleasant pastimes and events. People meet there to have dirty talks, play in bed, go to parties, travel, and enjoy each other’s company.

Is XMILFS a Real Dating Website?

XMILFS is a real site with a decent number of useful options. It works for insistent, picky, and smart daters that know how to recognize scammers. It’s a bit tricky game to find a partner quickly. However, that fact does not justify its fake nature.

How to Erase Your XMILFS Account from the Website?

There is no opportunity to delete the account via a click of a button. It’s necessary to call this number – 866-870-0426 – to cancel the subscription. Consider calling before the moment of your next payment for your premium membership.

Contact Information

Phone: 800-564-9432 for residents from the USSA, +1-727-755-7249 for international users.

Addresses: Heywood House, South Hill Anguilla.

Email: help@dateprofits.com, SUPPORT@TRUSTEDASSIST.COM.


The niche XMILFS app is great for entertainment and booty calls if you want local partners rather than people from other cities and countries. After a little time, the registered user will find the local mature cutie for a hookup. However, he should be ready to pay for his pleasure. The XMILFS website is a real catch for a voyeur since it includes much explicit content, meaning nude and horny photos and videos. The platform offers many tools for interaction and a clear interface to handle activities quickly and conveniently. XMILFS is an acquired taste rather than a versatile dating resource.

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