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Xpress Review: Great Dating Site?

Xpress Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-40
Profiles 2 300 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy user interface.
  • Extensive searching and matching.
  • 100% get laid guarantee.
  • Free signup.
  • Open to all sexual communities.
  • Available on social media.
  • Presence of escorts.
  • Expensive membership fees.
  • Two-tier paid membership structure.

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Xpress is primarily built to help find dates without any beating around the bush. Open to all kinds of sexual orientations, users are aware of what others are here for. A self-proclaimed guarantee of a 100% hookup makes this best suited for interests in low commitment relationships. This award-winning dating site is one of the best in terms of casual dating. But its foray is not just within random hookups and casual dating, and you might find a tinge of freshness and seriousness with single parents looking for a friendly mate, someone worthy to hold on to, or a nonchalant tease. This Xpress review will help you know things in more detail.

Languages Supported in Xpress

It mainly has language support for English. Apart from it, there is Spanish and French but plans to extend it to further languages.

Xpress Is Owned By Which Company?

Quad Strategy Ltd owns this renowned and award-winning casual dating website.

Where Is Xpress Presently Based?

The website is presently based in Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom.

In Which Year Was Xpress Founded?

The website was founded on March 06, 2012.

Is Xpress Available To Worldwide Users?

This Xpress website is available in most countries, with a weekly activity of 235,000 and a monthly visit to 589,000. There are approximately 1,200,000 members of the United States of America. United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and European countries contribute the most as users.

Is Xpress available to worldwide users?

Peculiar Features

The diversity of the features available are sure to impress any user willing to find a sex partner. Some of its unique features are the following.

Personalized Matchmaking Tool

To weed out profiles for potential sex partners or flings, this unique feature enables us to select the criteria one is interested in, and the Xpress system will shower you with fitting profiles.

Live Webcam Chat

This wonderful model of communication brings out a real bond before the date is finalized. From the live webcam chat, you are exposed to their personality, thought process. And can even catch a lie, which otherwise goes undetected in text conversations. Apart from this, there is always the spicing up quotient through this mode of communication.

Xpress TV

This neat feature provides dating tips and a light-hearted reminder that user’s things should be taken lightly in life. This feature is particularly popular and acclaimed in Xpress reviews among single parents.

Accessibility and Easy View

One has the freedom to view all the member profiles, with access to their videos and pictures. The best thing about the pictures is that they can be viewed in full size, unlike other dating sites.

User count and quality

The best part of the website is that a man, woman, or even a couple can find someone to hook up and have a one night stand.

The service is open to all types of sexual orientations: straight men and women, or gay and lesbian members. Unlike other dating sites, Xpress is also open to couples looking for a man or a woman for a threesome or even hooking up with a couple wishing for swinger sex. Over 55 million people using this site, out of which horny men and women from different countries have joined under this roof to find ultimate satisfaction. Things are not limited to such relationships; there is an option for long term relations. But the majority of users want to have a one night stand without any intention of seeing the person ever again. The website is also open to everyone regardless of their marital status. Be it married, single, or divorced, everyone has their share to be happy with, as per many Xpress reviews.

Age Range And Distribution

With the vast diversity and openness of users irrespective of their sexual orientation, marital status, geography, and relationship type. There is a huge spectrum of different age members. And the different age groups are evenly distributed throughout the site. So feel free to find and associate yourself with members of any age.

Imposters And Scammers

There have been very few reports of scammers on this site. But the ones that have come to the forefront have been some escorts who have asked for a big load of money.

Imposters and scammers

Mobile app, Website and Platforms

The Xpress website is accessible to all platforms from desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones. The easy to navigate interface is maintained throughout all these platforms without any compensation in its features.

Xpress Mobile Application

The app is available and adaptable to use on all types of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. The app corresponds to the full version of the website with all its functionality and benefits. The app gives you the possibility to log in to your profile even on the go.

You can answer the messages and emails wherever you are. Various Xpress review says you can also video chat online even if a personal computer is not within your reach.

Xpress Website

The website is a beautiful rendition of sleek design and smart use of feature placements. Simplicity makes it easy for any human being devoid of their computer literacy.

Can The App Be Used On A Personal Computer?

There is no availability of the app on a personal computer. You have to use it by typing the website address.

Browser Support For Xpress?There Are No Restrictions In The Particular Use Of The Browser.

The Xpress website is usable in all browsers for both mobile and personal computers.

When Can One Experience A Hard Time Logging Into The Site?

Logging in could be a nuisance if one forgets their username or password. Or the email verification has not been completed.

The other reason could be that your profile has been banned due to inappropriate activities as per the site regulations.

When can one experience a hard time logging into the site?

Website User Interface

The navigation through the site is as easy as it can get. The main page has a design hue of a mixture of black, red, and white. The Xpress.com top page has 14 sections that direct you to different aspects of sexual relations, video cams, sex stories, sex toys. The login section is also visible here.

The starting page is divided into these parts:

  • Registration.
  • Choose a partner for sex.
  • Information about the website.
  • Awards and nominations.
  • User reviews.

The bottom page has all the necessary details for you to know about the data privacy policy, terms, and conditions. Alongside Customer support, password restoration, and help sections.

The design of the user profile page resembles that of the starting page. All incoming notifications and chat messages are shown in the upper right corner of the Xpress website. The user profile’s left side constitutes navigation tools for searching and gaining information about members, own activities. The center page is filled with photos and videos of local members online, either men, women, or couples, depending upon your choice during registration, as well as photos and videos of the hottest and featured members. The bottom of the webpage provides you links to view free webcam video for adults or see notifications about receiving gifts from other users.

Registration Methodology

The clear and simple registration process takes around 4-5 minutes. The starting page of the Xpress website will take you to the registration form.

There are a few preliminary questions about:

  • Sex of the person you want to hook up with.
  • Ethnicity preference (White, Latin, African-American).
  • Body type (curvy, slender, average, fit).
  • Type of hookup preference (one-night stand, anonymous sex, sugar dating, friends with benefits, serious relationship).
  • Location (city, state, country).
  • Birthday.

The following steps are to submit a well thought out username and email verification. On completion, your email address will be verified, and you will be able to enter the website anytime you want.

Can You Unmatch A Member On Xpress?

Sometimes on Xpress, while going through a matched profile, you might not get turned on, and you are given the option to unmatch the member from your list of matches.

Can you unmatch a member on Xpress?

Age Eligibility Criteria On Xpress?

The age restriction to registering to the site is 18 years of age. For some countries, it is 21. Violating your native country’s rules, you run the risk of having problems with the law in your country.

Ways Of Verifying An Account?

There are two ways of Account verification, one via email address and the other through Facebook.

How Does One Verify Their Email?

During the initial Xpress registration process, one has to provide their email address. After providing the details, a verification link is sent to the address as mentioned above; one has to visit their mailbox and click on the link to complete verification.

What Happens During Registration Using A Facebook Account?

You are given the option of log in using Facebook during the primary registration process. This is an easier method of Account verification. There is no need to visit your mailbox and look for a link.

Can The Site Be Used Without Signing Up?

No, you have to signup before enjoying the magnificent services of the Xpress website.

Profile Build-up

The signup process is relatively fast and simple, which includes email verification. But filling your profile requires one to upload photos, videos, and spending a considerable amount of time in answering 13 open-ended personality questions about yourself and your match, and then filling two roughly 30-part checklists about personal details and your desires. Be prepared to be free about your sexual history and all sexual inclinations and fantasies. The next part has 15 intriguing questions about your favorite position and much more.

Can One Delete A Photo That Has Been Uploaded In Xpress?

Yes, a photo in Xpress can be deleted by clicking on the photo and selecting the adjacent three dots. Following which one will be provided the option of delete.

How to edit the username in Xpress?

From your homepage, click on your profile photo. And then select edit. There are options to edit information about your profile. Choose the topmost option to edit, which resembles the username.

What If One Wants To Delete Their Xpress Profile?

One can deactivate their profile but not delete it. This gives them the option of coming back if they later wish to. This can be found from the Xpress settings option.

What Happens If One Disables The “Show Me On Xpress” Option?

This option shows you to other members when you are online. Disable this feature will not show you as online even though you are online.

Can A Piece Of Information Be Deleted Or Edited That Has Already Been Submitted To Xpress?

Absolutely, in this time of the digital world, people are bound to make mistakes. Remembering this, there is an option of edit or delete to save you from the humiliation of making blunders while uploading in the long run. The adjacent three dots to any upload made in Xpress have two options ‘edit’ and ‘delete.’ Choose any of the following as per your intention.

One can search for members all over the globe to find out their ideal partners. There are a bunch of filters for free members. And the filter options just widen up for premium members.

Are The Members Liked By Me Visible On Xpress?

Yes, the profiles you have liked to assemble under your favorites. And you can easily see them from the favorites bar.

What Are The Different Filters Of Xpress Search?

One can search widely for their respective partners on the Xpress website based on geographical area, age range, desired appearance, marital status.

The advanced filters involve drinking, smoking habits, religious beliefs, sexual fantasies, among various others.

Can A Free Member See If Someone Likes Them On Xpress?

Once a member has been liked, a notification is being sent to notify them of such activity.


Of course, if you are hoping for a fast hookup, date, or serious partner, one of the main things that matter is whether they make you feel aroused. It is no rocket science that it would be great if they are not boring or irritating. To find this out, you have to communicate. The several conversation options in Xpress to choose from are:

  • Emails;
  • Online webcam chat;
  • Sharing photos and videos.

How To Start Messaging With Someone On Xpress?

For messaging someone new to you, you have to visit their profile to start a conversation. For messaging those members with whom you have already had a conversation, you can find them in your chatbox.

How Can One Message Someone?

Select a profile you want to converse with from the multitude of profiles in front of your screen. Select the particular profile, and then you can see an icon for messaging in the shape of a thunderbolt.

Is Sending Messages Free For All?

Yes, messaging is a free feature within the Xpress website. You are free to send and view unlimited messages.

How To See Who Has Messaged Me On Xpress?

You can see a notification of your new messages. Apart from this, you can see all your messages in your chatbox.

How To Use The Camera On Xpress?

The camera can be used for taking photos, making videos, and webcam chatting.

How Does One Filter Members Who Can Message Them On Xpress?

There is no such option of filtering who messages you. You can block certain people from messaging if you want to.

How does one filter members who can message them on Xpress?

Membership Price and Payment Methods

A premium membership in Xpress can be accessed by the use of credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) or PayPal. The membership prices are:

  • One month for $29.95.
  • Three months for$59.95.
  • Six months for 149.95.

Free Membership Features

The registration to this hookup site is free. And with this, its basic features are limited. They are:

  • Basic Search.
  • Location of the person.
  • Read and send messages.
  • Upload photos and videos.
  • Send hookup invitations.

Premium Membership Features

There are two types of premium members: silver and gold.

Silver users can:

  • Do Advanced searching.
  • Watch all photos and videos of other users.
  • Send friend requests.
  • View all profiles.
  • Contact any member they want to.
  • Get higher on the search list.

A gold member can access all the available features alongside live webcam chatting.

Premium Membership Features

Does Xpress Provide The Option Of Premium Membership?

Yes, the Xpress website has premium membership options, divided into silver and gold accounts.

How Can A Member Cancel Their Xpress Membership?

Go to ‘My Settings’ and then select ‘Subscriptions.’ From there, choose ‘cancel subscription’ if you are already under a plan.

Is Xpress Membership Recurring?

Yes, the membership subscription gets auto-renewed after completion of its duration.

Can A Refund Be Initiated For Unused Time?

Yes, if a user cancels a subscription between the period, a certain amount of money is refunded following the calculations of time left and the subscription plan.

Is My “Support” To Xpress Automatically Renewed Every Month?

The support to the Xpress website does not get automatically renewed every month but on a particular subscription basis.

If One Is Not Satisfied With The Xpress.

Can they get their money back?Yes, this website does follow the money-back guarantee if one is not satisfied with what they see on the website. While they initiate this process, they have to provide the reasons for such activity.

How Will The Xpress Support Appear On My Credit Card Bill?

The credit card bill will say about a transaction made to Xpress.com or whatever norms your bank follows.

Can The Support Be Lent To Other Xpress Members?

Yes, you may lend support to other Xpress members, but that is a mutual decision among yourselves. And it is no hidden fact this comes for sexual favors.

Can Support Be Sent For Just A Month?

Yes, there is a monthly subscription to the website. But that is not the only type of subscription available.

Can support be sent for just a month?

Is Xpress Really Safe?

The safety measures of this website are highly commendable. With its rapid support team, it reaches out to any queries of members within 24 hours. Its strict policies against imposters and cybersecurity have helped it land a five-star rating from BBB. And has earned brownie points concerning this in various Xpress reviews.

Privacy and Security in Xpress

The website uses SSL software to provide unbreakable security in terms of personal data.

Are Xpress Chats Encrypted?

Yes, the chats are encrypted and not shared with any third party.

Can Xpress Track Your Location Down?

The website uses GPS tracking for efficient matchmaking. But you are always asked to grant permission before your location is tracked. So you always have the option of denying access if you feel uncomfortable about it.

Can Xpress Be Traced By The Police?

Not for any normal instance. But if there are certain fraud cases, and the police want to investigate, only then can they have access to Xpress data and track the location of profiles they seem fit.

Who Should Be Contacted If One Has Questions Regarding Privacy In Xpress?

The customer service is available 24×7. For any privacy-related issues, they can be communicated via email and say about the difficulties faced via a form, which is available at the bottom of the customer support page. The answer to your queries is provided within 24 hours.

Safety And ProtectionSafety Is Of Prime Importance In Dating Sites.

And following this, the website has a safety page that discusses measures to identify and counteract imposters and scammers. A thorough reading of the page is highly recommended as per this Xpress review.

Are Xpress Forums Threads And Public Photos Moderated Before They Get Uploaded?

All public data is moderated within a span of two to three hours before they are uploaded to the website and is ready to be viewed by all. These include forums, photos, and videos.

What Happens To Those Members Who Use An Xpress Account To Solicit Money?

Any member being caught under such indecent activity is punishable by cyber law. And the punishment time varies depending on the laws of the country. But the punishment is severe for such activity, as claimed by Xpress reviews in various dating magazines.

When Does An Account Get Banned?

An account could be banned due to indecent activity like cyberbullying, scamming users, or spreading hatred through personal chats.

Why Does One Lose Accessibility Of Xpress?

These could be either due to technical reasons or security reasons. The security reasons could be that you are spreading hatred, scamming people, or have been reported for indecent activity multiple times.

How Long Are Xpress Bans?

A ban is imposed for a lifetime.

How long are Xpress bans?

How To Reactivate A Banned Account?

If you feel you have been wronged by being banned, you can contact Xpress customer support and appeal your case to be looked into. If they feel there has been a mistake, your account will be reactivated.

How To Protect Yourself?

When it comes to dating sites, it is important to go with your gut when you feel something fishy. Apart from this, there is a safety page to help you out about the dos and don’ts in protecting yourself in the digital world.

How Can Someone Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

A profile can be blocked or reported, or both, by visiting the respective profile. On selecting the respective Xpress profile, you will see an adjacent three dots to the profile photo. Click on it to see the options report and block.

Which Information Shouldn’T Be Posted In Their Respective Xpress Account?

It is recommended not to post about your banking details and any sort of personal information.

Help and Support

The help and support team can be communicated online of any query by filling up a form available from the customer support page. There is also an FAQ section that informs users about different queries.

Real life review

I was amazed by all the options Xpress offered me! I think I will find here my perfect match! Jenny, 23

Is Xpress The Best Casual Dating Site/app?

It can rightly be claimed that this is among the very best casual dating sites for its guaranteed results in hookups.

Is Xpress safe?

This website is highly rated by BBB and was voted the best casual dating site once. This suggests that this is a safe place to be dating.

Is Xpress a hook-up App?

It is majorly a hookup app, but one can use it to find a serious relationship.

Is Xpress Free?

As mentioned in this Xpress review, the registration process is free, but its advanced features require you to pay for them.

Working Principle of Xpress

The website uses GPS matching technology to bring together people within reach of their location. It also uses the answers from the questionnaires after registration to bring in front of you the best partner possible.

Are There Fake Or Scam Members On Xpress?

There have been very few reports of any scamming activities in this app. But such cases have generally been found to be escorts claiming for monetary help.

Are there fake or scam members on Xpress?

Alternative sites and competitors like Xpress

Adultfriendfinder, Match, Ihookup are some of the competitors and alternatives to Xpress.

Contact Information

Company name: Quad strategy ltd.

Address: St Margarets, Albert road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 5PZ

Phone number: 647-827-1309

Email: support@xpress.com

Final Verdict

This website is a platform for people to find partners for any form of sexual encounters. A user-friendly interface enables an easy process to follow such ideas. With regular upgrades, this website brings in new features to prevent boredom and increase activity. It is open to sexual orientations and fantasies and created to help sexually activated people find hookups fast. No matter how old you are, what your hobbies or appearance are. This Xpress website is there to do justice to any sort of relationship you are craving for.

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