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Is Zoosk Free?

Is Zoosk Free?

Indeed. If you want to use the Zoosk app, it is completely free. The free trial consists of several amazing benefits and features. Their focus is to help you in finding the perfect partner on the platform. So, if you think ‘Is Zoosk 100% free?’. Then, the answer is No. If, as a user, you wish to access all the features, you need to upgrade your free account to a premium one.

Still, there is no need to worry. If you are obsessed with this platform, you will find the premium package a little costly. This is why you can use the free trial. With the trial version, you will better identify the platform along with its positive and negative aspects.

It’s not that you have to purchase a premium subscription to use features. Instead, you can use some features in the free version. The amazing part is when you move to sign up to get membership access, you can avail the promo code that offers you a 10% discount.

Thus, a free Zoosk trial enables the users to perform several functions like:

  • Setting and customizing a dating profile.
  • Adding pictures to show your interests.
  • Sending endless smiles and likes.
  • Browsing a single’s profile based on your location.

How To Use Zoosk For Free?

The systematic procedure to use the Zoosk free dating app is as shared:

Step 1: Sign up for your account

At initial, you have to add personal information as requested. Also, if you wish, you can link your Facebook or a Google account to auto fetch the details. Next, you can upload your profile picture with a stunning background or questions related to your lifestyle. Once you complete your profile, it will look impressive rather than a boredom one.

Step 2: Deck out your profile.

Next, you can choose a catchy name to display on your profile. You can consider it as a dating codename. Ensure that it should not be lengthy and the one you don’t forget. If you add a clever username, it acts as a great conversation starter. Also, if you seek for connecting with real people, you don’t need to worry. Whatever members you will find on Zoosk free dating app are verified. Therefore, you need to ensure to be verified.

Step 3: Add some more photographs

It has seen the members who upload pictures continually receive more messages. The Zoosk platform allows the members to add around six pictures to their profile. You can pick your profile picture as per your likings. However, you can consider some key guidelines right before uploading. For example, you can keep minimum pictures on your profile and add some interesting backgrounds in their place. Don’t forget your profile is the one that reveals who you are, what you enjoy, and how you look.

Step 4: Write your story

This is the fun part of the Zoosk platform. Zoosk gives you around 1500 characters of space in which you can brief the things and the things that make you feel special. However, if you don’t like overshooting, you can be yourself and write what you think.

Also, if you mistakenly write something that makes you recorrect later, you can go back and change the story whenever you want. While writing, you can tell about yourself, your hobbies, occupation, and essential things. Later, you can add personal things like a favourite pet and so on. You can add your purpose of using the platform if it’s for a date, relationship or another thing. This makes it easy for like-minded ones to connect with you.

Step 5: Start interfacing.

The searching process at the Zoosk dating app is extremely simple. Here, you can search the cues from the old and new dating and connect with other singles. Apart from this, you can choose for the carousel, swipe, or like model. Accordingly, you can enjoy the selected matches that you will receive regularly. As such, it’s no surprise. This is how you can chat, meet and navigate at the platform. You can also choose the standard search feature. The preferences can be filtered via education, age, religion, and so on. This will help you to connect with another member directly.

Step 6: Being a member of Zoosk

If you notice, Zoosk generally runs on a freemium model. Indeed, you can make a free account and check out other people’s profile pictures. However, when it comes to messaging someone, you have to take the premium subscription. It signifies you can easily try Zoosk for free before you head up to pay for the same. Once you choose the package, you can use almost every feature. You can use photo verification, check who saw your profile, and get daily match suggestions.

How To Get Zoosk Free Trial?

If you want to use the Zoosk trial, you can directly sign up to the Zoosk platform. There, you can click on the Zoosk free trial. There is no need to wait further. You can simple go ahead and check out the profiles of different members. This will give you a clear picture of how members look like and what are their interests.

You can set your profile, choose your favourite pictures, and check the likeminded ones during sign-up. Apart from browsing profiles, you are free to send countless likes and smiles to any member associated with the platform.

You also get messages daily and purchase coins to take advantage of some features like boosting the profile or sending the virtual gift. Due to the fact that the Zoosk’s premium membership never expires, you may create a Zoosk dating profile and search for prospective partners at no additional cost.

Is There A Zoosk Promo Code?

The good thing about the Zoosk dating app is that when you sign up for free at the Zoosk platform, there is no need to enter a promo code. Instead, you can simply create a Zoosk free account and further search for people based on your location within some minutes of signing.

Once you get to know all the features offered by Zoosk, you can decide whether to purchase a premium membership via some payment options like a Debit card or you prefer a free trial. The free trial doesn’t allow its members to chat with each other. Though you won’t access all the features in the free trial, and if you compare, the experience you will get from the paid version rather than a free one will be worth it.

Being a paying member, you can get promo codes whenever you pay from a credit card. However, it’s not available as of now. Therefore, it is advised to check the trial month at first for some weeks to determine the people you can match on the platform right before you pay for the subscription.

What’s The Difference Between A Free Trial & Free Membership?

When you compare the free trial and free membership, you will be clear with several things. First, when it comes to a free trial, it is a temporary one. In comparison, a free membership lasts for a long until the member is actively using their account. You won’t face any issues with your free membership until you follow the guidelines and rules associated with the Zoosk platform. You can even search, match and chat with the local singles when taking a free membership. In the case of the trial period, things won’t work as you expect.

All the members can easily mingle with each other for like on the Zoosk platform. Besides providing a successful dating experience, Zoosk also offers several benefits in its free month trial offer.


Here is an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions about Zoosk free trial.

How long is Zoosk’s free trial?

When it comes to the Zoosk platform, it has been observed that it doesn’t offer a free trial membership. Rather its free membership won’t expire quickly. To get access to a free membership, it is required to set up a Zoosk dating profile and search for the various matches by spending $0 on the platform. Also, the Zoosk platform offers paid membership in which users are free to use all the features. However, its an optional part.

Is Zoosk a reliable dating site?

Yes, Zoosk is a reliable dating platform. Actively used by a plethora of members, now this platform holds more than millions of member base who look for each other to spend the rest of life. Thus, this platform has a great track record of meeting the other members. Moreover, this platform lets you search through your matches when upgrading to a paid membership. However, if you wish to check the account, you can start with a Zoosk free trial.

How to chat on Zoosk for free?

If you are a free user, there are more possibilities that you can’t send messages to any other member that interests you. However, if you seek to check Zoosk messages without subscribing, you can switch to incognito mode. There you can use the chat and check out the ones who liked you.

These features are locked behind the subscription. Apart from this, to send a message to any member, purchasing a membership is mandatory. A free member can get the Zoosk coins to access some premium features further and unlock them. For example, connecting with the member who took an interest in you. Also, the subscription packages of the Zoosk free dating site roll over each month until you purchase the three months, six months, and 12 months packages.

Is Zoosk worth the subscription?

The one thing people generally concern about while investing is their purchase is worth it. The same is the case with the Zoosk platform. It’s no doubt that the Zoosk platform is worth the cost of upgrading to a premium subscription. If you have used dating apps earlier, you probably know that dating apps generally offer a good experience. It doesn’t matter; membership is costly or budget-friendly.

Therefore, you can consider Zoosk as worth the money. In contrast to the other applications, the Zoosk free dating site is less expensive and offers robust features at the same time.

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