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Banned from Tinder: reasons and how to get back

Banned from Tinder: reasons and how to get back

Why Are Accounts Banned from Tinder?

Do you ever wonder how different your life could be if you spent 10 minutes reading an app’s terms of use and community guidelines? Tinder, the world’s leading dating app, has an extensive list of rules and guidelines that can get your account banned permanently if violated. This article breaks down why your account gets banned from Tinder, uses Tinder after getting banned from it, and ways to still access Tinder after getting banned.

While creating a Tinder profile, a user is expected to accept the community guidelines and terms of use. Therefore, if someone flags a profile for breaking this agreement and Tinder finds that account guilty, that account can be permanently banned from using the platform. The following segment lists the causes for getting your Tinder account banned.

  • Inappropriate Content:

The public forum asks users to refrain from promoting any sexual content on their public profiles, bios and posting inappropriate or pictures promoting nudity in their galleries.

Intimidation and Threatening

The app shouldn’t be used to facilitate stalking, bullying, harassment, intimidation, or other such unacceptable behavior. Sharing unsolicited pictures and sexual content is also prohibited.

  • Doxing or Publicizing

Tinder bans its users from availing its service if they use their account to dox other individuals or publish personal details, leak photos of others, publicize their financial information, location details, etc.

  • Discrimination or Bias

The platform also condemns accounts that are used as a tool to spread hatred, bigotry, and violence towards any individual, group, or place, be it based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, culture, gender, or religious practices.

  • Illegal Interaction and Practices

Tinder strictly prohibits the use of the app as a place for promoting, practicing, or endorsing violent or pervasive sexual activities, human or sexual trafficking, and any non-consensual acts.

  • Catfishing or Imitation

Even a misinterpretation of identity, impersonation of other individuals, and miscommunication regarding your relationship with another person let Tinder impose a ban on your account.

  • Blackmailing and Scams

If the app is used as a platform for illegal and inhuman activities like blackmailing, scamming, spamming, and other intimidation, the company bans the account and reports the acts to respective authorities.

  • Copyright Infringement

A strict policy Tinder uses are respected to adhere to is the policy for copyright and trademark infringement. Showcasing other’s intellectual abilities and ideas as their own can lead to a permanent ban for users.

  • Age Restriction

The app is exclusively meant for users above the age of 18. The adult-only app doesn’t simply prohibit individuals under 18 from using the app but punishes any association acts on the app. Displaying photos of children and sharing similar information is banned on the app and is a dangerous attraction to predators.

  • Data Mining

Any individual or group using Tinder or bots, crawlers, scapers, and similar tools to mine data and utilize them can also be banned from the platform.

What Is the Process of Getting Banned from Tinder?

The process of getting banned from Tinder is quite simple. It starts once someone reports an account for displaying inappropriate behavior or not following the mentioned guidelines. Tinder also encourages its users to be attentive while swiping and reporting any suspicious profiles and accounts, no matter the reason.

Reporting is easy as well. You can click the ‘Report’ option on the user profile you claim to be displaying suspicious behavior. Once you do that, Tinder’s trust and safety committee will review the reported account, their profile, and their activity on the site to ascertain your claim and decide if they should get banned or not.

Before Tinder imposes a ban on any account permanently, the frequently reported profile is kept under review. They consider the community guidelines, and if no violation is found, the profile is unbanned and back to use. The user can actively resume their experience. If there’s a violation, the severity and extent of the breach are taken into account, based on which appropriate action is taken against the profile and its user, starting with a ban.

Safety Measures to Protect Yourself from Suspicious Members

As responsible citizens and members of society, Tinder gives you a set of guidelines to follow while interacting with people on its platform that go beyond simply flagging suspicious behavior. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Never share financial information, passwords, and verification codes with users in the app. Strangers can claim emergencies, investment opportunities, and currency conversions; never trust them or transfer money. Tracking these wire transfers is quite hard, and it might be too late when you realize the scam.
  • Sharing any personal information with strangers puts you at risk. Be cautious not to share any details like your residential address, office location, and other such information to potentially harmful people can create problems that lead to threatening, abuse, stalking, and harassment.
  • It is safer to keep your conversation on Tinder’s messaging platform until you build enough trust in the user. The app has Safe Message Filters in place to ensure that there’s no sexual content, non-consensual conversation, or any threatening details.

What Happens to Your Account if You Get Banned from Tinder?

If your account is reported on Tinder, it is put under review to see if you’ve violated any community guidelines. If found guilty, your account gets banned, and a pop-up message notifies you of the same every time you open the app or try to access the account from other devices.

Any individual banned from Tinder cannot make a new account using the restricted phone number or Facebook ID. Even the same email address and IP address used for the previously banned account can’t create a new one.

There is no option for a Tinder ban appeal or to justify your actions once your account gets banned. It is not up to you to get your profile unbanned once it happens, and you also lose access to all conversations, matches, and customization.

Tinder also recommends that in the event of your account getting banned, if you have an active subscription to Tinder with Apple ID or Google Play Store account, you must cancel it. And if your subscription was made directly via the credit card option in the app, then the subscription cancels itself.

Tinder Shadowban

A user gets Shadowbanned by blocking the banned individual’s content from public forums and social media to ease the ban and not make it noticeable straightaway. The shadowban doesn’t show the qualities of a normal ban and is imposed in case of not following the guidelines, sending inappropriate texts and images, communicating disturbing photos, and being reported or flagged too many times.

Shadow bans come in two stages:

  • Light shadowban:

Limits the number of new matches made from the account. Lowers the visibility of your profile and doesn’t promote the account. Causes a delay in sending or receiving messages from other partners and profiles.

  • Full shadowban:

The profile will not be visible to other users; they can’t access their interactions, use the services, or send messages.

It can be noticed if an account is on shadowban by checking the absence of replies from matches, the delay in sending messages, lack of better quality matches or personalization, and previous warning regarding inappropriate and inappropriate behavior on Tinder.

How Long does Tinder Ban Last?

Tinder may restrict you for a few months, years, or possibly permanently depending on your banned activity’s severity and extent. There isn’t any option to appeal for lifting a ban or justifying your actions with Tinder as of now. However, if you think you have got our Tinder account banned for no reason, you can submit a request to showcase your claims softly.

Tinder has a track of login information such as email ID, Facebook user profile, mobile number, credit card credentials, and IP address. When an account gets banned, even the details mentioned above get banned for creating new accounts. The requests from any of the credentials get blocked, and new profiles can’t be made.

Are Tinder Bans Permanent?

Safety is always a priority for the platform. Tinder aims to create a secure platform for everyone to find new matches, interact with people, and find potential romantic or platonic relationships. Hence, it is essential that they impose such bans, be it permanent or not, to ensure that anyone making the place unpleasant to socialize or unsafe to use.

Is Tinder Banning People for No Reason Sometimes?

Although Tinder’s reporting option is meant for protecting people from individuals who indulge in illegal or inappropriate behavior, Tinder, amongst many online dating apps, has seen this trend of revenge reporting.

Women are commonly the victim of such reporting, which leads to them being banned from the platform for only one reason. The reason is that they shut down the advances from men they were not interested in.

Revenge reporting has become a common punishment on Tinder and other dating apps for women that show no interest in certain men. Many articles are written about this phenomenon in which women share their stories of chatting with a man and the man reporting them once the women show no interest in them.

It is not normal for a Tinder account banned for no reason. You must check your profile for any inappropriate content or otherwise consider that you might have been a victim of revenge reporting. Although, Tinder will unban your account if they don’t find anything after a thorough investigation where they see that no violations based on their guidelines and community policies were made.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder?

If an account is banned from Tinder, how to get back is a question to be answered. Since Tinder’s ban takes place after extensive investigation, any violation of the community guidelines. The terms of use are also an essential part of users’ responsibilities, and any reporting for that is taken very seriously. There is no room for error, and Tinder makes sure that every ban they make happens after confirmation. If the review suggests no violation, the shadowban on your account will be lifted, and you can get back to using it.

In case of any infringement, necessary action against your profile is taken, and the account gets banned temporarily or permanently. The user has to use different credentials, account information, and phone numbers to continue their Tinder experience.

The payment method is also tracked and stored, and once banned, it can’t be reused to create a new account. Since the IP address is also tracked, the thorough measure makes it nearly impossible to unban your account or reverse your Tinder flag. A previously banned account remains the same, and the user isn’t allowed to create a new one with similar details.

Even though this seems tedious, there are some ways to resurrect your use of the platform, even though they’re quite unconventional.

  1. The first method you can try is to use Tinder. Disclaimer alert! It doesn’t always work; however, the appeal you make with Tinder’s support system can tell you why you got banned in the first place. And whether that ban is for a few months or permanent.
  2. The second method is the more tedious out of the two and one that is very time-consuming. If, after appealing, you learn that your account is permanently banned, then you must forget about it and create a new account. However, the login details have to be inevitably changed since you can’t unban a flagged account if there’s any defiance found-
  • Uninstall the app from all devices and delete your account from the website browsers as well.
  • If you have your Facebook account linked to your Tinder profile, make sure to unlink the old profile and disconnect any other social media platforms linked with Tinder.
  • Create a new Facebook account and make sure to use it this time instead of the one used for the banned account.
  • This time, pay and use the service with different methods, your Apple ID, Google account, or bank credentials. Using the same bank or card number will be of no use to subscribe to a Tinder account.
  • Now that your IP address is stored, make sure to buy a new device, install VPN software, or change the device’s Android ID in the settings.
  • The verification code for your mobile number is essential to log into a new Tinder account. Using the old number is of no use, and any user who wishes to create a new profile needs to buy a new one. A disposable number with limited service or getting a second number is recommended.
  • Once all these details are set in order, creating a new Tinder account shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure that none of your pictures, bio, or socials are connected or used again.
  1. The app Duckduckgo and other similar VPN options also create a new tinder account after your ban. However, identical to the last method, make sure to disconnect previously used socials, photos, credit cards, phone numbers, and Facebook accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tinder Block Your Apple ID?

Yes, a Tinder ban is not just the account itself but also all the information linked with it. It includes all payment methods and socials such as the Apple ID or Facebook account used. So, your Apple device, which you use for downloading Tinder or the ID you make payments from, is also banned.

What Happens after You Block Someone on Tinder?

There’s a functional feature on Tinder that can be used to block and restrict users. The Blocked Contacts feature lets users pick contacts they don’t want to see on Tinder and hides their accounts. There’s no notification to the blocked profile either, and the user can’t interact with your profile.

After you block someone, their ties with you get cut, and if you end up reporting them, their account gets put under review for the Tinder team to monitor.

How do I Reactivate My Banned Tinder Account?

Once your account is put under review for violating any guideline, practicing any illegal activity, or portraying inappropriate behavior, the only way you can save it is by hoping that there’s no infringement. There’s no way to claim otherwise except for submitting a simple request that gives you details of the time and reason for the ban.

You can’t get your account back from a permanent ban or use the same details for creating a new account. Using new account credentials and socials for a whole process is quite the hassle and requires creating a new Facebook account, Apple ID, phone number, and IP Address.

How Long Does It Take to Be Unbanned from Tinder?

Ans. Tinder doesn’t appreciate any inappropriate behavior or suspicious activity. Anyone who threatens the sanctum of the app or keeps misaligning from the guidelines gets banned from the app, which is usually permanent.

In the case of several reports against your account, there will be a review for the same, after which your account either returns to activity if there’s no discrepancy or imposes a ban if the claims are found to be true.

How do You Make a New Tinder after Being Banned in 2020?

It is possible to create a new account after being banned from the Tinder app. It requires a lot of work since any social, financial, or credential connections are also prohibited from the app. The Facebook account, payment method, and mobile number are also restricted, making them an instant blockade for a new account.

So, if you do plan to create a new Tinder one, you cannot use any of the earlier information and make sure the other details stay disconnected from this account. The best option is to make sure you don’t create a threatening environment, unpleasant forum, or an undesirable space for other users so that even if you get flagged, the review ensures your innocence.

How do I Contact Tinder for Help?

Ans. Presently, Tinder doesn’t have a customer support mechanism in place. The only way to get a query answered or seek assistance is by submitting a request on their website. You can seek help about a myriad of things by offering a simple request or contacting them on their number 214-853-4309.


Even though Tinder is prone to nefarious activities other than socializing and texting, they try to differ from other dating sites and social media platforms by establishing strict guidelines and regulations. They can be platforms for preying and catfishing individuals along with conducting other suspicious activity. Many use Tinder and other such platforms for predation, intimidation, scamming, and fraudulent behavior.

Just like the real world, these are illegal in the digital world as well. Hence, the app takes this seriously and helps create a safer environment for everyone, online or in person.

However, as we read in this article, the report button can also be used for insidious purposes such as seeking revenge for not going on dates. In this case, if Tinder overlooks your ban and reverses the ban on you, maybe even permanently. We hope that this article was helpful and you are back to using the app again with no problems.

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