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BBWDesire Review – A Great Dating Site?

BBWDesire Review – A Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 20-36
Profiles 2 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is fast
  • It is quite easy to navigate the site
  • The subscription plan comes at a reasonable price and offers many benefits
  • One can access private photos with a premium membership plan
  • The search algorithm is quite powerful
  • A lot of 3rd party ads
  • No free trial of the premium membership
  • Very limited access to features for a standard user

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Instead of looking for your specific type on an online dating website, it might pay off finding a specialized site instead. If you are after big and beautiful women, you might want to find a platform that mostly targets this category. It is when BBWDesire kicks in – the name is self-explanatory. Its main role is to match big and beautiful women with single men.

It is worth knowing a few things before deciding to join. This BBWDesire review will give you all the details you need to be aware of before signing up. You will get some hints about the age distribution, profiles, people looking for partners, and safety measures. Moreover, the info about memberships will also help in the long run. So, what should you know first of all?

How Many Languages Does BBWDesire Support?

BBWDesire is an international website. It is designed in English. However, given its simplicity and straightforward interface, it is quite intuitive, meaning you might run into people with bad English too. Because of its international status, you will find users from all over the world, so your current location is irrelevant.

Who Owns BBWDesire?

Many online dating websites today rely on an umbrella. They belong to a large corporation that operates individualized or specialized websites – some for Thais, others for Colombians, and so on. The BBWDesire website is independent, meaning it is not just another script that runs by itself. Instead, it has a team of people behind it to keep it safe and fully functional.

Where Is BBWDesire Based Now?

BBWDesire is based in the USA. It is international and brings in singles from all over the world, yet it only operates one server in the USA.

When Was BBWDesire Founded?

The BBWDesire website was established in 2012. It was a small dating site during its first years, though. With time, it has gained more reputation. These days, after almost a decade, it is the largest dating service aimed at chubby women with lots to love.

Is BBWDesire Available Worldwide?

You do not have to be in a certain location to sign up with BBWDesire or start chatting with people. There are big and beautiful women all over the world. Feel free to search by your location when looking for a partner, as the BBWDesire website allows users regardless of where they are.

Is BBWDesire Available Worldwide?

Special Features

According to most BBWDesire reviews, you do not have to be a genius to use the BBWDesire website. Even if this is the first time you use a dating portal, you will get along with it straight away. It has a simplistic interface – the top menu will give you access to the most common links. Searching and communication are just as simple.

Matches and Compatibility

While most dating sites have some sort of matching mechanism, BBWDesire has a proprietary algorithm that analyzes every detail in the profile – based on how much of it you complete. It matches people based on what they are looking for and common interests. You can also search yourself for someone more suitable.

Search Function

The search function is one of the strengths of BBWDesire. It is quite detailed and brings in plenty of parameters. Free users have a basic search function. Premium subscribers have a more advanced tool. You can search by physical attributes, as well as interests, hobbies, statuses, location, and so on. Simply put, your ideal partner is just a search away.

Account Completion

This is not always a feature when you think about online dating websites. All sites allow you to add at least one picture, as well as some details. The BBWDesire website goes even further. There are lots of questions and parameters out there. The more of them you complete, the more often you will pop up in others’ search results.

Audience Quality

You will find people from all over the world as you start browsing the BBWDesire website. The location is probably the least irrelevant aspect of the process. Over 70% of all women on BBWDesire are after dating and long-term relationships. You will also find casual hookups and dating. Most of them can speak good English, so communication should not be a problem.

BBWDesire boasts over 750,000 users, so the audience is quite impressive.

Age Distribution

About 40% of all users are in the 25 to 34 age range. There are 20% of members between 18 and 24 years old, as well as 30% — between 35 and 45 years old. There are lots of women over 45 years old too. When it comes to sex, there are slightly more women than men – about 55%.

Fakes and Scammers

All dating websites have fake profiles and spammers – it is just part of the game. The good news is that most of these profiles are free, so communication is limited. You cannot really get too much hassle from them. As for scammers, use common sense – do not send money to people who you meet online. Do not share personal details either.

Fakes and Scammers

Mobile App and Website

Just like for any other site, you want as much convenience as possible. You want to use it whenever you want, communicate freely with no issues whatsoever, and keep up to date with the latest matches.

BBWDesire App

The BBWDesire website does not have an application. However, according to most BBWDesire reviews out there, it has a mobile-friendly site. In other words, you can use it on your tablet or smartphone while on the go, with no issues in terms of functionality. It has the same features as the desktop version.

BBWDesire Website

The BBWDesire website is easy to use and intuitive. The interface is friendly, and you will find your way around it in no time. It is fully functional and has no glitches. It also guarantees the users’ privacy – you cannot see profiles and details without signing up.

Can I Use the App Using My Computer?

There is no application for BBWDesire, but you can use the website simultaneously on more devices. You could be logged in while on your smartphone and tablet or computer and smartphone. It makes no difference. The portal allows multiple logins at the same time.

Which Browsers Support BBWDesire?

The BBWDesire website can be loaded on any Internet-connected device. It doesn’t matter what browser you use. Apart from the popular browsers that pretty much everyone uses, you can also load it on less-known ones – specific to certain smartphones or operating systems.

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?

The website loads smoothly and operates with no glitches at all. According to a few BBWDesire reviews, there are peak times when lots of people are on – it might load a bit slower, but it is still relatively fast.

Why Am I Having a Hard Time Entering the Site?


The BBWDesire website is designed with simplicity in mind. Worried that you have never been on a dating platform before? You will have no issues working your way around it – turn to a top menu with the main links and lots of options as you search or go through profiles. You simply cannot go wrong with anything.

Registration Process

The registration process takes a few minutes. First, you choose your sex and interest. Then, you pick your username and password. You will be asked for your email address too. Verify your email address or upgrade to a premium membership right away. Confirming the email will pay off, so you can take a look around before deciding whether or not you want a subscription.

Can I Unmatch a BBWDesire Member?

There is no option to unmatch someone on this website. However, you might find some BBWDesire review that recommends blocking a match who you have nothing in common with – not your actual type. This way, they will no longer pop up, so there will be more room for other people.

How Old Should You Be to Register on BBWDesire?

You must be 18 years old or older to register on the BBWDesire website. It is one of the first terms and conditions, and it pops up as you start the registration process.

Which Ways Can I Verify My Account?

If you want a verification badge like some social media websites provide, you will be disappointed – BBWDesire does not have one. However, you can confirm your email address – which is the easiest option to be able to explore the site without paying for a subscription.

How Do I Verify My Email?

One of the steps during the registration involves using your email address. It should be a valid one so that you can browse the BBWDesire website. You should get a confirmation email as soon as the registration is done. Click a link in that email message or just copy the code and enter it manually on the site.

What Happens If I Register Using My Facebook Account?

Some websites or applications allow signing up with Google or Facebook. This way, they will grab most of the details from your social media accounts, so you will no longer need to register manually. BBWDesire requires manual registration, so you cannot do it with your social media accounts.

Can I Use the Site Without Signing Up?

You can explore the technical links or contact the administrators without signing up, but this is pretty much it. The first page will ask you to log in or register. It is a matter of privacy. Activate your email, and you will be able to browse BBWDesire for free.

Can I Use the Site Without Signing Up?

Profile Setup

Registering an account is a matter of minutes. Setting your profile will take longer. You can upload a few pictures and answer a series of questions about yourself. Remember – the more details you add and the more questions you answer, the more often you will show up in others’ search results.

Can I Delete a Photo That I Uploaded to BBWDesire?

Of course. According to a few BBWDesire reviews, removing old photos and adding new ones is a matter of minutes. You can do it through the profile setup menu.

How to Edit My Username on BBWDesire?

You can edit your username on BBWDesire if the name you want is not already in use. Simply go to your account settings, and you will find an option to edit the username. The change is instant.

Is There an Option to Delete Your BBWDesire Profile?

Account settings feature multiple options regarding your profile, and one of them allows you to delete your page. Make sure you have a good reason for that; you can proceed as soon as you confirm your password.

What Happens If I Disable the “Show Me on BBWDesire” Option?

Some websites have this feature that lets you browse invisibly – you can search and look, but you will not show up in search results. BBWDesire does not have one. It is not necessarily the best idea if you are looking for a partner, hence BBWDesire’s decision to skip it.

Can I Delete the Information That I’ve Already Submitted to BBWDesire?

Most of the information on your profile can be edited and deleted. Except for some aspects, though, which get removed when you actually delete your account. For example, the email address cannot be deleted, as you will need it for account security.

The search function is quite detailed and one of the best website’s features according to pretty much every BBWDesire review. Apart from the classic parameters – such as location and age, you can also search for physical attributes, hobbies, interests, or statuses.

Is It Possible to See the BBWDesire Members Who I Liked?

As you look at the top menu, you will see a link for friends or favorites. When you like a profile, it automatically goes in that list, so you can always go back to it later. This is where you can check the members you liked.

What Are Different Options of BBWDesire Search?

There is only one search function, but it is quite detailed. You can see people who are online now, newest users, best matches, and so on. You can also filter profiles, so you only see the ones with pictures.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on BBWDesire If You Are a Free Member?

You can see if someone likes you on the BBWDesire website, whether you are a free or a premium user. However, as a basic participant, you cannot see who it is. You know someone is into you, but you will have to upgrade to get in touch with them.


The messaging function is simple; it works like a chat room. Every message is instant. You can send and receive messages, while everything in terms of communication goes through the menu on top labeled as Messages. You will have a notification there whenever someone texts you.

How to Start Messaging With Someone on BBWDesire?

Starting a conversation with someone is fairly simple. Whether you find them through the search function or over your matches, go to their profile, and you will find a button to message them. It is that simple.

How to Message Someone?

There are two ways to message someone. First, you can go to their profile and hit the message button. According to other BBWDesire reviews, you can also reply to someone if they text you first. Go to your inbox and write something in response to them.

Is Sending Messages Free?

No. It is free if you are a premium user. Otherwise, you will have to upgrade in order to communicate with others. The good news is that all restrictions are lifted once you upgrade – you will have access to unlimited communication.

How Do I See Who Messaged Me on BBWDesire?

There will be a notification displaying a number by the message button in your top menu. It tells you how many unread messages you have. Go to messages, and you will see the senders and their words.

How Do I Use the Camera on BBWDesire?

There is no such option on the BBWDesire website. In other words, you cannot use the camera while chatting with others.

How to Filter Who Can Message Me on BBWDesire?

You cannot run filters on who can or cannot message you. However, if someone annoys you, or you do not want them to contact you anymore, you can simply block that account. This way, you will never run into it again – whether it comes to messages, matches, or search results.

How to Filter Who Can Message Me on BBWDesire?

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

A free account comes with no charges but only requires email verification. The premium subscription is available in more options – gold, silver, and VIP. Features are the same — the only thing that varies is duration. The longer the subscription, the cheaper your monthly rate will be.

Free Membership Features

The free account is simple and basic. It is most commonly used to explore BBWDesire and become familiar with its features.

  • Signing up
  • Allows browsing the website, searching, and finding profiles
  • The search function is quite detailed
  • Can like profiles and add them to your favorites
  • Can get notifications for new messages and likes

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership represents a major upgrade that unlocks all the perks, including free communication.

  • Unlimited messaging
  • The search function is more advanced
  • Matches refresh more often and provide more options
  • Different payment methods
  • Inexpensive trial to explore what the premium membership feels like
  • No more ads
  • Can see who likes your page

Does BBWDesire Offer Premium Membership?

Yes, it does. In fact, the premium membership is highly recommended if you want to communicate freely with the members. Otherwise, you will only be able to get an idea about the type of people available in your area.

  • Gold (6 months) – $69.90 / $11.65 per month
  • Silver (3 months) – $49.95 / $16.65 per month
  • Monthly (30 days) – $29.95

You can opt for a 3-day trial — $2.97 per day.

Does BBWDesire Offer Premium Membership?

How to Cancel My BBWDesire Membership?

To cancel your BBWDesire membership, you will have to go to your account settings. You will find an option to cancel your membership.

Is BBWDesire Membership Auto-Renewed?

Yes, your membership on the BBWDesire website will renew automatically when it expires, with the same amount and duration you initially got it for.

Can I Get a Refund for Unused Time?

You cannot get a refund for your unused time. For this reason, most people start with the trial. If they are happy with it, they go for the monthly subscription or even longer.

Is My “support” to BBWDesire Automatically Renewed Every Month?

The support is basically your payment for the membership, and yes, it is automatically renewed. If you have a monthly membership, it will be renewed every month until you cancel it.

I Am Not Satisfied With BBWDesire. Can I Get My Money Back?

There are a few reasons why you can seek a refund and your money back. You would have to get in touch with the customer service team and explain your decision. Getting refunded for being unsatisfied will not work. This is why most BBWDesire reviews recommend starting with an inexpensive trial.

How Will My BBWDesire Support Appear on My Credit Card Bill?

You will not see the BBWDesire website or any other online dating references on your card statement, so you do not have to worry about your privacy. Instead, you will see the mother company name.

Can I Support Other BBWDesire Members?

You cannot pay for other users’ premium memberships unless you know them outside the website and decide to help them. For instance, you cannot help someone by upgrading them, only so you can talk to them.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

Yes, there are more types of memberships, and one of them involves monthly payments.

Can I Send Support for Just a Month?

Is BBWDesire Really Safe?

There are no concerns regarding the BBWDesire website, whether it comes to the privacy of its users, chat encryptions, or data leaks.

Privacy on BBWDesire

According to pretty much every BBWDesire review out there, there are no privacy concerns. You will not show up in search engines, and you will not be visible to people outside the site.

Are BBWDesire Chats Encrypted?

BBWDesire chats are encrypted, so your private conversations remain between you and the recipient only.

Can BBWDesire Track You Down?

Every website in the world can track you down once you are on it. People use unique IP numbers to browse the Internet. However, there are no reasons for the admins to track you down, so there is nothing to worry about.

Can BBWDesire Be Traced by the Police?

There is nothing illegal about the BBWDesire website, while dating is perfectly normal. There are no reasons for the police to get involved.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy on BBWDesire?

Contact the customer service team if you feel unsafe, regardless of the reasons. You will get a prompt reply to understand that there is nothing to worry about.


Safety on the BBWDesire website is like safety on any other online dating platform. Provide basic details about yourself and avoid sending money to strangers. Also, avoid sharing private info like your home address or banking numbers.

Are BBWDesire Forums Threads Moderated?

Yes, public areas and forums are moderated. There will be no abuse whatsoever.

What Will Happen to a Member Who Uses a BBWDesire Account to Solicit Money?

It is not illegal to solicit money, yet you can report someone who asks you for cash. The BBWDesire team will look into it straight away. You can also block that user to avoid further contacts.

Banned Account

Accounts can get banned if people fail to follow the rules of the BBWDesire website. Make sure you go through the terms and conditions before doing anything on the site.

Why Can’t I Access BBWDesire?

You should get a message if you cannot log in. If you lost your password, simply reset it. If your account is banned, you will get a message about it.

How Long Are BBWDesire Bans?

BBWDesire bans are forever. An admin will set the ban, which will remain in place until lifted.

How to Reactivate My Banned Account?

Contact the customer service team and address the problem. If it was a mistake, the ban would be lifted. If you broke the rules, it might never be lifted.

Protect Yourself

There are certain things beyond the BBWDesire website team, such as your personal safety. Use common sense, especially when you get to meet someone face-to-face. Do not share private details or send money to random people.

How to Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

Go to their profile, and you will find a button to report the member. You can also block them to prevent further interaction.

Which Information Shouldn’t Be Posted on Your BBWDesire Account?

Avoid mentioning your address, full name, workplace, or banking details of any kind on your online dating profile.

Help and Support

The BBWDesire admin team is available round the clock for all kinds of support, whether you have suspicions about a user or are worried about something in particular.

Help and Support

Real-Life Review

The BBWDesire website uses the secure version of HTTP for encryption and SSL technologies for security. There have never been any reports regarding leaks or hacks. The team continuously monitors random accounts, so you are less likely to find too many of them.

Is BBWDesire the Best Dating Site?

According to BBWDesire reviews, this is a great dating site for big and beautiful women with lots of love to offer. While you can find them on other platforms, this is specifically aimed at them.

Is BBWDesire Safe?

Whether it comes to payment security, protection against bots and spam, or encryption, the BBWDesire website is safe.

Is BBWDesire a Hookup App?

The website is aimed at those looking for big and beautiful women. You will find users interested in long-term relationships, casual dating, and hookups.

Is BBWDesire Free?

The BBWDesire website is free to a particular point. You will have to upgrade to access all the features.

How Does BBWDesire Work?

BBWDesire works like any other dating service out there. People register from all over the world, communicate, and eventually meet in real life.

Are There Fake or Scam Members on BBWDesire?

There are a few robots and spamming profiles on BBWDesire, but they are constantly removed. It is an ongoing process that affects every dating site.

Alternatives to BBWDesire

There are not too many alternatives to the BBWDesire website. Some of the best ones include BBWCupid and WooPlus, yet they are far behind BBWDesire. You can also try your luck finding big and beautiful ladies on eDating, Match, or Tinder.

Contact Information

  • Company: BBWDesire
  • Email: use the form on the site
  • Phone: 800-564-9432, (+1-727-755-7249 outside USA)


As a short conclusion, BBWDesire is the most reputable website for big and beautiful women, as well as people interested in this category. It boasts an impressive number of users, and there is plenty of content for those moments of breaks. You can also get into cams or even adult movies. Quick matches and a detailed search function should keep you busy for a while, though.

The best part is that it makes no difference where you are or how old you are. The BBWDesire website welcomes people looking for love or casual dating from all over the world. Moreover, it has a good number of members in pretty much every age category, so there is someone for everyone out there.

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