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What Are the Best Hinge Questions to Answer

What Are the Best Hinge Questions to Answer

Have you heard of Hinge prompts? This is a wonderful feature that allows the users to connect a bit differently from how you would in other dating apps. The thing is, on most hookup platforms, you will need some sort of conversation starter, to break the ice. However Hinge prompts makes this sort of awkward activity a lot easier, especially for those new to the dating scene and a bit unsure how to get the convo going.

With Hinge questions, users may create smart and intriguing prompts to grab the attention of other potential partners. But here’s a trick, if you want the best chance to catch the attention of your match, you have to come up with a really funny/clever answer to those questions. And certain Hinge suggestions (or inquiries) are destined to fail, while others might just be the cheat code to another person’s heart.

So then to make sure that you have a good chance, here are the greatest Hinge prompt tips and hacks to make you succeed!

Ready to increase your match rate?

Let’s begin with these Hinge app questions:

  1. Two truths & a lie
  2. I’m a regular at
  3. I geek out on
  4. Believe it or not, I
  5. Best travel story
  6. I’m a regular at
  7. Typical Sunday
  8. This year, I want to
  9. My simple pleasures

Those specific questions provide you with a chance to express an interest, a goal, or a personality characteristic in a manner that encourages others to connect with you as well.

However, if you understand what makes a response appealing, you can make almost any of the more than 80 prompts work for you.

Funny Answers to Hinge Questions

Because your Hinge responses share the limelight with your photographs, anything you write does significantly affect your match prospects.

If your profile is not good enough to tempt them to “like” or remark on anything in it, they will click the “X” button, and you may have to bid farewell to that match before anything flirty could even start.

Your Hinge prompt responses should always emphasize one of your most endearing characteristics, and you’re going to discover how to accomplish just that as you will go through this article.

So let’s look at some fascinating instances that can assist both men and women in coming up with unique, humorous, and best Hinge answers!

Quirky and Witty Responses to Some Hinge Prompts for Women

Here are some of the best hinge answers for girls, which definitely will attract the man of their dreams to send them roses and take the conversations a step ahead.

  • Dating Me is Like
  1. Discovering an old tune while listening to the radio.’
  2. ‘Obtaining euphoria without becoming intoxicated.’
  3. ‘Traveling without leaving your house.’
  • A Shower Thought I Had Recently
  1. Will I spend the rest of my life in the same shower?’
  2. ‘Whose toothbrush was I using the whole time?’
  3. ‘How come I like a hot shower?’
  • We’ll Get Along If
  1. You like my crazy family
  2. You can publicly show your love
  3. You and I land up discussing the same author and book
  4. You strike the ideal balance of wildness and humility.
  • Typical Sunday
  1. A typical Sunday consists of tantrums, hunger, and mood swings.’
  2. ‘A typical Sunday includes a cup of coffee in the morning, weekend plans, and the sensation of being alone with my dog.
  3. ‘Typical Sunday: hating the fact that Sunday just reminds me of Monday.
  4. ‘Brunch, gym, dinner, pajamas, and Netflix equals Sunday feeling
  • Let’s Debate This Topic
  1. Oddities of life
  2. Putting pineapple on pizza
  3. Soulmate is myth

Sample witty responses to Hinge Prompts for Men

  • Dating me is like
  1. Remembering you had leftover pizza and realizing that you are already home
  2. Feeling Orgasm and Headache at the same time
  3. Like an old wine, which gets better day by day
  • My most irrational fear
  1. Sea spiders are enormous. I’m amazed at how many people continue to enter the water despite seeing their spidery limbs writhing in the waves.
  2. Having a whole room sing me happy birthday.
  3. Wasting the wish from a genie
  • My biggest date fail
  1. An unintentional and Accidental fart in the midst of kissing
  2. I was skating to meet my date. I noticed her. Waved; I lost my balance and tumbled, my board flying towards oncoming traffic.
  3. I happened to date a girl who kept telling me for the first 15 min about her sex life with her ex.
  • Worst idea I’ve ever had
  1. Walking to a nude beach to realize everyone is above 60
  2. Rewriting Harry Potter into a smutty novel
  3. Putting egg in the microwave because I was lazy to boil it
  • Weirdest gift I’ve given or received
  1. Green lipstick
  2. A body pillow that looks like a human
  3. At the age of 11, my high school crush gifted me a pack of condoms

How to Choose the Questions

With 80 questions on Hinge prompt, it may not be easy to select ones that can put you on a great spot.

Even if you’re a very creative person capable of coming up with a response to any topic, how would you select the ones that would truly boost your creativity and make people want to speak with you more? Here are three key tips based on the experiences of successful couples

  • To begin, you should consider the questions that best describe your preferences or show some part of your personality. For instance if you’re quirky and humorous you can use appropriate questions; and if you’re someone more thoughtful and cerebral, you can use more philosophical questions that make other people think.
  • They should be something that enables the other person to think “Not bad” or “That’s pretty cool” – basically any question that will show you from the bright side.
  • You should choose the questions where your potential partner can ask a follow-up question, e.g., My Sunday is like traveling to an unknown destination. The fact that you have traveled to multiple destinations will open the box of questions.
  • And it makes no difference if you are talking about your exceptional culinary abilities, your ever-wondering intellect, your adventurous spirit, or whatever else you may demonstrate via these responses.

Therefore, since each like on your photo, answer, or remark counts like a swipe right on other apps, you should pick your questions carefully and craft your responses in such a manner that the other person will respond or initiate a discussion with you.

The truth is that you only have 150 characters to respond to these questions; therefore, you should attempt to be as creative as possible to draw the attention of another person.

Common Hinge Profile Mistake

According to Hinge’s statistics, small alterations to messaging, swiping e.t.c you spend browsing on the app may actually have a significant impact on your long-term outcomes. Sharing some of them so that you can fix or avoid these mistakes:

Being Apologetic

If you begin your conversation with the phrase “I apologize,” you are 56% less likely to exchange contact information, says Hinge. As a result, please do not express regret for the delayed answer. Even worse, never use that term in your first communication with a new acquaintance. Sending notes that include the word “sorry” communicates an apologetic undertone. And that’s not a very good first impression.

Not Adding Professional Qualification

Fill it out completely! 80% of couples who found their soulmates via Hinge included information about their jobs and education in their profiles and said it was essential when assessing a prospective match. Even while you don’t have to go into great depth, it’s important to share some basic details like what degree you have or who you work as. Plus, it gives other the person more info about who you are, and opens for more conversation topics.

Keep Pushing the Meeting Plans

In the words of Hinge, “suggesting imprecise and random periods to meet up, such as “this weekend”, “soon,” or “next week” are indications that the conversation is stalling and that you are 40% less likely to get brownie points in their diaries.

To test out your feelings for someone, check if they’re available on Saturday afternoons for a leisurely walk around the park. Those who cannot make it but still want to meet will counter-offers after being informed of their inability. If you toss about vague dates and times, it might be possible that both of you will get bored or burned out with the process of arranging plans and will decide to ditch.

Not Being Humorous

An argument in favor of peppering your speech with additional chuckles or acronyms is as follows: “Conversations that included terms linked with laughter, such as ‘haha’ and ‘lol,’ resulted in a 17 percent increase in the number of phone numbers shared,” Hinge reports. To avoid coming off as too simple or not intelligent enough, include some of these amusing remarks in your messages and get your date going. You should add funny hinge answers on the hinge prompt and attract compatible matches towards you with these responses.

Not Calling Your Match By their Names

Ever heard those awkward stories people share of how they forgot their date’s name? Ouch. What you need to keep in mind, is that one of the first signs that the person is actually interested in you, is that they remember major details about you – like your name! When you keep using vague nicknames “honey”, “sweetie” or anything else, this might give your match a redlight that you’re a) not interested enough to remember their name b) communicate with so many other people on the platform that you can’t remember everyone’s name. So don’t forget about such a small but very important detail like the name of your match!

Exchanging Numbers Immediately

In Hinge’s research, the optimal time to exchange numbers is about three days, after around 25 messages have been sent back and forth. While you shouldn’t hold off on exchanging numbers indefinitely, you shouldn’t give out your digits immediately, either. Create a sense of trust – that is the best strategy.

Not Interacting Enough

Of course, you can’t develop relationships if you constantly ghost people. Otherwise, the other person will simply think that you’re not interested anymore, and will move on.

Ignoring Sundays

Sundays win the messaging prize, with a 36% boost in response rates on weekend nights over the rest of the week. Make a point that you log in every Sunday, engage with your matches, and hurl some of your quirkiest comments.


Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the most common questions, from those that want to create Hinge profile:

How Can You Create an Effective Hinge Bio?

Dating Profile creation may be a bit daunting. You want to ensure that you’re sharing the best version of yourself to entice others, and that too on a teeny-tiny dating profile.

For those unfamiliar, Hinge is the latest entry to the dating app world that distinguishes out due to the absence of swiping. Rather than swiping on someone who piques your interest, you interact with the information that catches your eye on the app.

Unlike other dating apps where photos play an important role in profile standout, on Hinge you should be writing insightful, playful, witty, and honest prompts, and answers will go a long way. Photos are secondary but still a great place to start.

In general, you’ll want to include some information, such as a link to a profile. Don’t respond to prompts with a single word or without context. Include examples. Short, evasive responses are a sign of laziness and can detract from your attractive dating photos.

What Information Should I Include in My Hinge Profile?

So, here are a few simple things that should be part of your Hinge profile to make it more appealing:

Select Photogenic Photographs

Regardless of what dating app you use, your profile pictures matter! So use your most flattering, cool photos, especially ones that shed some light on your personality, hobby, e.t.c. For instance if you’re a musician, you can use a photo of you playing an instrument.

Develop Your Narrative

Hinge enables daters to choose from three questions that urge you to share your story. The more effective your answers, the simpler it is for others to connect with you and understand who you are. There are many prompts available, so pick one that reflects you. Maintain your individuality while attempting to be intriguing! You’ll want to ensure that you’re expressing an aspect of yourself that will entice a prospective match to learn more about you.

Add Your Narrative

It’s essential to keep your dating profile somber since it’s frightening to think that someone may judge you instantly based on how you choose to express your vulnerabilities. For example, are you unsure if you want to marry? Are you a sober person? Incorporate it! It is preferable to demonstrate who you are than to attempt to conceal your identity. Aren’t you looking for someone with whom you click, correct? If you subscribe to Hinge’s premium service, you may filter by these choices.

Be Humorous

Include at least one light-hearted prompt question to demonstrate your sense of humor. While it’s admirable to respond to some of those questions thoughtfully and honestly, dating is meant to be some fun, too, so go crazy with at least one response.

Pose Provocative Questions

Now, what we mean by that is use the questions that can make you contemplate the answer, debate about it. However! Consider the questions themselves: avoid real controversial topics that can break your relationship – such as politics. Instead go with something more harless and fun – like which is better – winter or summer, whether you would like to live forever, or the classical one: are pineapples and pizza a good combo?

Consider Premium

Another approach to maximize your Hinge profile’s potential is subscribing to their premium membership. After upgrading to a premium membership plan, you’ll get up to 300 percent more matches than you would with the free version.

What Are the Questions on the Hinge Profile?

Hinge is available for download on iTunes and Google Play. After installing and using the app, you will need to account. You are required to provide your phone number or access to your Facebook account to do so. If you choose Facebook (which most users do), information is immediately extracted and uploaded to the various sections of your Hinge profile. If any information is missing (or establish an account using your phone number), you must manually add it. Please be mindful that if you intend to join up through Facebook, Hinge now demands that you have a minimum of 60 Facebook friends to verify your account is legitimate. When you join up for Hinge, the following information is requested:

My Basic Information

  • Initials and Last Name (not required)
  • Your gender and the gender you’re looking for
  • The geographical location (based on your neighborhood)
  • Plan for Children and Families (not required)
  • My Characteristics, Place of Employment and Job Title Education (not required) Religious Beliefs, Hometown, Political Stance (Liberal, Conservative e.t.c).

My Flaws

Consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or legal drugs.

My Photographs

Select from your photo collection or connect through Instagram or Facebook. You will need six photographs or video clips.

My Responses to Prompts

Choose a prompt and share your quirky response. For this you need three of these.

Several examples include the following: My Life Goal, The Best Halloween Costume, My heart’s key, and so on.

Most profile characteristics allow you to choose “Prefer not to say,” and several will enable you to determine whether or not they are displayed on your public profile. All new users have a free account that gives them access to almost all of Hinge’s features. It includes the ability to see and receive matches, as well as exchanging chats with the partners.

What Can I Do to Make My Hinge Stand Out?

Hinge included a new function that allows users to create witty and entertaining prompts tailored to other users’ interests in a recent update. This feature is referred to as the “standouts feature.”

Every day, the newest standouts tab on Hinge curates a collection of prompts from other users updated with the most recent ones. This tab contains no photographs, only responses to questions that attract users to click on the profile and find a match based on their shared personality characteristics. Hinge claims that its “Standouts” are selected for you from among the individuals who provide the most interesting & rapid responses.

Your Standouts are selected by an algorithm. It essentially implies that a group of extremely intelligent machine learning and software developers got together and devised the most effective approach to forecast who swipers will like based on their previous behavior.

You won’t discover a single sort of user in your Standouts, whether it’s based on appearances, interests, or prompt responses, because the selections are made on thousands of data points and a variety of actions you’ve carried out on Hinge in the previous month.

While that may be true in some cases, it is also a popular fact that Standouts are, well, stone-cold hotties, since Hinge can see how other users interact with other users’ profiles and thus how long they spend reading, engaging, responding with their answers. They could also see how in-depth the answers are.

How Can I Know Whether I’m a Hinge Standout?

When you click on the standouts page, you will see handpicked prompts from other individuals that are tailored to your personality type. It is because, as Hinge points out, these profiles are chosen daily.

However, there is a catch: once you have selected a prompt profile that you like, you must then send a rose to the other person to indicate your interest in them.

Hence, it means once you start receiving the roses, your Hinge profile is on standout! So don’t wait; it is your time to collect roses via Hinge prompts!

And with that said, it’s obvious now that creating a Hinge profile can be a lot of fun. So keep these guidelines and you shall see your date very soon! Happy Hinging!

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