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Hinge vs Bumble: Which One Is Better?

Hinge vs Bumble: Which One Is Better?

If you are looking for the best dating app, this Hinge vs Bumble review might help. You will get access to information to help you decide which service can work to your best advantage.


Hinge Pros:

  • Well-designed
  • Free for everyone
  • Open for all sexualities
  • Large userbase
  • Helps make genuine connections

Hinge Cons:

  • Doesn’t offer great special features
  • Paid subscription only adds few tools

Bumble Pros:

  • Great design
  • Matching/arranging dates is quick
  • Women have control over matches
  • All sexualities are welcome
  • Many members from all countries

Bumble Cons:

  • You can get a match but never receive a message
  • Bumble Unlimited is expensive

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Before reading this complete Hinge review, here are the Hinge app’s main characteristics:

  • The members are looking for serious relationships.
  • Unlike other dating sites, on Hinge, you can chat for free.
  • There are very few fake profiles.
  • Profiles are detailed, making it easier to filter out the people you want to get in

touch with.

  • Hinge is available only as a mobile app.
  • It claims to have more than 5 million members worldwide; 500,000 of them are from the USA.
  • Most members are young people.
  • You can’t chat through the Hinge official site.

The same goes for the Bumble review:

  • Bumble is available as an app, and you can access its web version too.
  • Women are put in charge and have more power than men in deciding who they want to communicate with.
  • Its interface is one of the most user-friendly among dating apps today.
  • You can easily register with Facebook or your phone number.
  • Profiles include only basic information.
  • If you register through Facebook, you can allow the app to import info from your FB account.
  • To get into conversations, you need to get a match first.
  • Bumble claims to have over 11 million members.
  • A web version is available on the Bumble official site.

Hinge vs Bumble: Overall Reputation


Hinge wants to stand out from the rest. Instead of delivering mindless swiping to users, the developers make people connect. Because of that, Hinge suggests that users should delete it after they find a partner.

The app has full profiles where users can know something about the other person before they start talking. The design is fresh, appealing to young people who are up for serious relationships.


An ex-Tinder employee developed the Bumble app. It becomes clear now why both services share many functions and core philosophy, which is swipe and match.

The biggest difference is that on Bumble, women are in control. That means when a match happens, ladies can message first. He can chat with her only after she makes the first move.

The feature is supposed to help build a better online community. The reason is that most times, men feel like they are responsible for communication or that they should be.

Website Overall Reputation Link
Hinge Hinge has a solid reputation among those who seek a serious relationship. Check it out
Bumble Bumble has a great reputation among young people looking for hookups. Check it out

Expert Opinion

Both apps have different goals, and because of that, deciding which is better is up to the user. If you want to find a serious relationship, Hinge will help you with that. On the other hand, if you are a woman looking for hookups with gorgeous men willing to let you lead, Bumble is all you ever dreamed of.

Hinge vs Bumble: Popularity and Success Rate


Since Hinge focuses on serious relationships, it is natural for the site to have fewer users than hookup apps. Still, it has a large community, meaning you can easily find people to date and live a happy life with. It has whopping 5 million members, with 500,000 of them living in the USA.

As for the Hinge success rate, data shows that 90% of matches result in a date. 72% of those dates result in a second date.


Bumble has more than double the userbase of Hinge. Being focused on casual relationships, people feel more attracted to the service. 11 million users are registered on the site and have swiped through it at least once. That is popularity to consider, given that there are tons of applications offering pretty much the same experience.

As for the Bumble success rate, data shows that 80% of matches result in a date.

Expert Opinion

The success rate for each app is impressive individually. Choosing one or another is up to the type of relationship you are looking for. However, if you are not sure and any relationship sounds great, your best option is Hinge.

Hinge vs Bumble: Target Audience and User Demographics


Hinge is a dating app mostly targeted at young people looking for serious relationships. In that sense, it stands out from the mainstream services available these days.

Most of the users on Hinge are men and women between 18 and 34 years old. Still, you will find older people looking for romance too.

There are users from all around the world on Hinge, meaning you can take a shot no matter where you live. As for sexuality, you don’t need to worry. There is room for straight people and LGBTQ+ too.


Since Bumble applies the swipe-and-match feature, it is even more focused on young people than Hinge. It appeals to the youth that doesn’t want to commit just yet. Because of that, most of the users are between 18 and 34 years old.

However, since there are tons of members, older users actively communicate here too. It is a no-brainer to find a match on Bumble, no matter how old you are.

With 11 million users on Bumble, you can find matches in any place. Because of its focus on the younger generation, all sexualities are welcome.

Website Target Audience and User Demographics Link
Hinge Hinge is aimed at young people of all sexualities looking for serious relationships Check it out
Bumble Bumble is aimed at young people of all sexualities looking for casual meetings Check it out

Expert Opinion

Both apps are pretty even when it comes to demographics. It is clear that Hinge is less popular, but that is only due to its different approach. That way, it is impossible to make a direct comparison in this round of Hinge versus Bumble. It is necessary to consider each dating app from a different point of view.

Hinge vs Bumble: Profiles


It is a common characteristic of sites focused on serious relationships to feature profile layouts with plenty of information. Such a thing is also present on Hinge. You can use the profile search to look for seemingly lovely people and learn lots of precious things about them. You can see photos, answers to questions designed by the app’s developers, as well as personal details such as tastes, religion, hobbies, jobs, etc.


Bumble is utterly different from Hinge in the profiles category. Since you are not looking for a serious relationship on Bumble, it matters little to know everything about your match. The most important thing is to get a match and have a swell chat that leads to a date.

Thus, Bumble profiles only contain superficial information to help you decide if the person seems minimally attractive to you.

Website Profiles Link
Hinge Hinge offers detailed profiles Check it out
Bumble Profiles on Bumble include only basic information Check it out

Expert Opinion

If profile quality is a tiebreaker for you, then Hinge will be your choice. It is one of the sites where you can read the person’s bio and have a subject to break the ice. On Bumble, you have to be a good chatter in all situations to get laid easily.

The advantage of Bumble, though, is that you give away less information. That is good both for online security and to let your match find out things while you both talk.

Hinge vs Bumble: Is There Scam?


Any dating app or site nowadays has some fake profiles trying to scam people out. There are few fake profiles or Hinge spam. However, once you find them, you can easily report them so that staff can delete their accounts.


Swiping apps sometimes feature fake profiles that are easy to spot on sight. You may find them on Bumble, and you should report Bumble spam immediately.

Website Is There Scam? Link
Hinge Hinge features few fake profiles Check it out
Bumble Bumble features few fake profiles Check it out

Expert Opinion

In the scam/fake profiles category, there is no difference between Hinge or Bumble. Most profiles on both apps are legit, and people are looking for meaningful connections.

Hinge vs Bumble: Signing up


At Hinge, the sign-up process requires that you have a Facebook account or a valid phone number. After that, you also need to upload six pictures of yourself. Information that you can add is optional and separated into categories: vitals (gender, ethnicity, if you want kids, etc.), virtues (education, religion, occupation, etc.), and vices (drinking, smoking, etc.).

Moreover, you are required to write three prompts of up to 150 characters each. This helps people notice you when they visit your page.


To register on Bumble, you also need to have a Facebook account or a valid phone number. The six-picture requirement exists here too. However, on Bumble, you don’t have the option to write detailed info on categorized sections.

What you have to write on Bumble consists of up to 300 characters for a bio. It gets shown when people are swiping and find your profile. Thus, this is where you have to be creative to hook people right away.

Website Signing Up Link
Hinge Hinge requires you to fill in meaningful information upon registration Check it out
Bumble Bumble sign-up process is very quick Check it out

Expert Opinion

Requirements to register on each site are pretty much the same, so if you are worried about sharing too much data, no app will compromise you. However, when considering how much time you take to set up the profile on each site, Bumble is the winner. Since you don’t need to write a lot of info, your page gets done in a few minutes, and you are ready to find matches.

Hinge vs Bumble: Convenience and Interface


Many dating sites are clunky, especially some older dating sites designed to bring people together in serious relationships. Hinge is the complete opposite of that when it comes to its design. The app is made for young people interested in healthy relationships, and it relies on a charming interface to truly appeal to this audience. Everything is easily found on the app, and the whole design looks very fresh.


Swiping apps already have a standardized look, and that applies to Bumble too. It looks functional and delivers users all they need to have the best experience.

Website Convenience and interface Link
Hinge The design is very appealing Check it out
Bumble Bumble’s design looks really fresh Check it out

Expert Opinion

There is no way to decide which app is better in this category. Both Hinge and Bumble are smashing the competition with their great designs. Developers of each service should be proud of their work, and users are the ones who truly benefit from it.

Hinge vs Bumble: Features


Who Liked Me: At Hinge, the Who Liked Me feature lets you know who visited your profile and sent likes to you. However, you need to become a premium subscriber to see the members’ faces.

We Met: The We Met feature enables you to give feedback to the staff about your date. It helps them improve their match recommendations.


Making friends and business contacts: Even though the main focus of Bumble is to find matches and hookups, you can also use it to make friends. If you are not in the mood to date but rather find new people to talk to, you can switch from the regular mode to BumbleBFF. Thus, you can get business connections when you change to the Bumble Bizz mode.

SuperSwipe: When you are genuinely interested in a person, you can purchase a SuperSwipe with Bumble coins. When you do that, the person will get a notification that you SuperSwipe’d them.

Bumble Hive: From time to time, Bumble sponsors events through the Bumble Hive feature. It helps members meet in real life to form new connections. All you need to get into these events is to have a Bumble profile.

BeeHive: BeeHive is a sort of blog where you can find dating advice, tips, and guides to help you build your profile in the right way to make it appealing.

Backtrack: By updating to premium, Bumble lets you get back accidental swipes.

Virtual Dating Badge: Bumble features voice and video chatting, and if you get a Virtual Dating Badge on your profile, you let other people know you are ready to chat with them virtually.

Expert Opinion

Bumble is light-years ahead of Hinge when it comes to the implementation of different features to help users connect. While Hinge only offers basic tools, Bumble truly puts the effort to deliver a unique experience to users. In this round, Bumble wins by and large.

Hinge vs Bumble: Quality of Matches


On Hinge, you can take a good look at each person’s profile before you decide to engage in conversation. Also, since the focus is on long-lasting relationships, there is no hurry to arrange a date immediately after the first message. That makes for fruitful conversations and real exchanges.


Bumble is a fast-paced app designed for young folks to find quick hookups. That means most members are not interested in talking for long days before arranging a date. That is a double-edged sword. As much as it leads to quick meetings, it can also lead to frustrating dates.

Website Quality of matches Link
Hinge You can get the perfect match with patience and dedication Check it out
Bumble It is hard to get the perfect match on a swiping app Check it out

Expert Opinion

There is barely any comparison between Hinge and Bumble. The slower pace of Hinge makes for better matches and better enjoyment of your time chatting with other people and going on dates with them.

Hinge vs Bumble: Best App for Hookups?

This one is effortless to decide. While Hinge is an app dedicated to bring people together and connect in long-lasting relationships, Bumble is made to find quick matches by swiping. On Bumble, you want to meet people every day and try your shot at arranging a date.

Thus, the verdict for the best hookup app is this: Bumble.

Hinge vs Bumble: Best App for Relationships?

On Hinge, things are slower because its developers intend to deliver an app that helps people connect genuinely. You can edit your profile to include all info you consider essential, and you can chat with matches for a long time before you ask them to go out. On Hinge, users have the mentality of finding a life partner instead of just hooking up. If that is what you want right now, go for Hinge.

Hinge vs Bumble: Price Comparison


If you want to access premium features on Hinge, you can pay for a subscription. If you wonder how much is Hinge a month, here are the plans you can subscribe to:

  • 1 month costs $9,99
  • 3 months cost $20,97
  • 6 months cost $29,94


Bumble also has features that are only available to premium subscribers. If you wonder how much is Bumble a month, here is its pricing:

  • 1 week costs $10,99
  • 1 month costs $24,99

If you want to have access to all features of Bumble forever, you can buy a lifetime plan:

  • A lifetime subscription costs $149,99

Some Bumble perks can get acquired with Bumble coins:

  • 1 coin costs $1,99
  • 5 coins cost $8,99
  • 10 coins cost $14,99
  • 20 coins cost $24,99
  • 30 coins cost $37,99
Website Price Link
Hinge Hinge is very cheap compared to most apps Check it out
Bumble Bumble is expensive compared to most apps Check it out

Expert Opinion

Both apps can serve the purpose of finding partners without paying a single penny. However, if you feel like you need an extra push, Hinge is much cheaper.

Hinge vs Bumble: Fee-Based Services


The features available on Hinge, once you subscribe to a premium plan, are:

  • The ability to send unlimited likes
  • See everyone who likes you
  • Set advances filters to look for matches


Since Bumble premium is expensive, it has many features that help users get the most out of their matchmaking:

  • Extend connections for 24 hours
  • Re-match with expired connections
  • SuperSwipe
  • See who liked you
Website Paid features Link
Hinge Paid features on Hinge truly help you meet that special person you have been looking for Check it out
Bumble Paid features on Bumble will help you get as many matches as possible and enjoy casual dates Check it out

Expert Opinion

Both apps offer very similar special features for premium users. Determine what you are looking for (hookups or serious relationships?).

Hinge vs Bumble: Free Services


Hinge doesn’t have any great features for free members. All you can do is the basics, like seeing pictures, profiles, and chatting.


The same applies to Bumble. It doesn’t have fantastic features for regular users. As a swiping app, you will receive match suggestions, and you can swap right or left.

Website Free services Link
Hinge Other than seeing profiles and chatting, there is nothing impressive on Hinge if you don’t pay Check it out
Bumble The same applies to Bumble Check it out

Expert Opinion

None of the services truly require you to pay for a membership to get lucky. All essential features are available right when you register for a free account.

Best Alternatives to Hinge vs Bumble

If you want to check out some other sites or apps other than Hinge vs Bumble, there are plenty of alternatives. Here are some of them, so you have various dating sites to compare:


eHarmony is an immensely popular and well-designed dating site for people looking for serious relationships. It has millions of users from all around the world.


With a complete opposite proposal to its users, you can find AdultFriendFinder. It is a huge site with people from all countries. You can find all types of sexual relationships, from casual hookups to threesomes, couples looking for other couples, and orgies.

Hinge vs Bumble: The Final Verdict

Since Hinge and Bumble each offer a different method and overall experience, you need to think about what you truly want. While Hinge is there to help you find a genuine love relationship, Bumble exists to help all singles have some fun with others. Love still can be found on Bumble, but many people there only want sex and no commitment, which is fine, of course.

Thus, the verdict is that either app is fine. Hinge or Bumble is a matter of taste and expectations.

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