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Cougared Review: Great Dating Site?

Cougared Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 16%
Reply rate 85%
Popular age 39-53
Beauty 35%
Profiles 159 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is completely free to use
  • Superb usability
  • Perfect for hookup dates
  • The user base is not large
  • No mobile app

Not all men are into women of their age. Some take more interest in older ladies. It is so because they find older women quite appealing and experienced in sex. Finding such hot cougar dates can be pretty tricky offline. You might have to face uncomfortable situations while approaching an older lady in real life, and it isn’t easy to set up a date in such a scenario. However, now, you can keep calm and try online dating sites that can cater to all your sexual desires without putting you in an embarrassing situation. One such platform that you can join to meet sizzling cougar ladies is the Cougared website.

It is a comparatively less popular site; hence, you will see a low member count here. But keeping that aside, there are some incredible benefits that you can enjoy on Cougared—the first being the 100% free! Are you wondering what else you can find on this website? Keep calm because we have got you covered on this Cougared review. Our experts have personally joined the site to see how it functions. Therefore, in this guide, you will get to read both the advantages and the disadvantages of the site. So, without any further delay, keep reading until the end!

Cougared Website Overview

The overall website is quite simple to use and comes with a straightforward design. Moreover, it seems like the dating platform was made in the 2000s due to its old-school vibe. However, it won’t disappoint you because you connect with hot women at zero price here. When you are paying nothing, it is fair to enjoy fewer benefits. The Cougared website has more members from the populated parts of the USA. Hence, if you live in rural areas, this might not be the best for you. But those who live in dense states can log in to this site. The usability is pretty handy and has no complexities whatsoever. We will discuss more Cougared features further. Stay hooked!

How Does Cougared Work?

Cougared, like most other dating sites, helps in the matchmaking of men and women. Here, the brand explicitly serves those young boys interested in dating or hooking up with older ladies and vice versa. This formula of dating is popularly known as ‘Cougar romance.’ All you need to do to use this platform is sign up on the website, confirm the verification mail, and get started with your lady love hunt. Using this website is super easy due to its straightforward layout. As you get to use everything for free, there are no additional charges for using any feature. However, the site shows a lot of ads, which might be a problem for some. But moreover, our experts like the working pattern because, in this world of money, Cougared is one such rare website that lets you enjoy without paying a single penny!

Signing Up at Cougared Website

Signing Up at Cougared Website

The registration process can be completed in 5 minutes or less. One has to provide very few details about themselves while logging in to the Cougared website. A few general data that the site asks for is your name, gender, age, location, email address, etc. And the other details that you need to fill in include your wild fantasies, expectations in a date, a short bio about yourself, etc. Once done, you will receive a verification mail that you must confirm for further using the platform. As the team manually verifies each account, it will take a few hours before you can finally start using the site. The team will notify you when your profile gets approved by them. The manual verification process ensures fewer fake accounts!

How to Contact Members?

Cougared offers several ways of contacting the members, which makes it exceptional in terms of communication. Firstly, you can apply the search filters to shorten the elaborate search process. There are several filters related to the physical features and profession of a member. You can use them to quicken the hunt and make sure that you find the best cougar match. Now coming to the ways of getting in touch with the users, you can initiate the conversation by sending them winks, which work as a modern ice breaker. If you want to talk with them, you can either text them using the chatting feature or mail them by clicking the email icon in the member profile. Our experts suggest using the chat feature because it is more convenient than emails. Communicating with beautiful ladies on the Cougared website is no big deal!

Cougared Profiles

Cougared Profiles

Here, the member profiles are moderately detailed depending on how much info a user wants to provide. If you wish, you can fill your account with details like your personality traits, expectation, likes, dislikes, and so on. You can also skip providing such info and upload a few pictures to get matches. But please take a bit of time to give the details because they will improve your chances of getting matched. Also, it is a good idea to choose those members who have excellent information in their profiles. Are you wondering why? It is so because profiles with less info are generally fake. There are a few more tactics for identifying a bot account. We have shared them on this Cougared review. Read on!

How to Avoid Fake Profiles?

Cougared has a member base of just 100k users, which is relatively smaller than the other dating platforms have. That is why there are fewer fake accounts found on this site. However, there are still chances that you might encounter a bot account when hanging out here. Hence, it is best to learn how to avoid them before becoming prey to their evil intentions. If you don’t know anything about tracking fake profiles, keep calm because our experts have shared a few tips below. Have a look:

  • Read the profile info: As said before, you must be smart enough to understand that fake accounts skip providing detailed information about them. They create profiles with many sexy nudes to grab the boys’ attention. But we don’t want you to fix a date with such a bot account! That is why we suggest you read their profile info before jumping on a conversation with them.
  • Check their images: Can you see a gallery full of naked pictures and no face? Well, no matter how intensely hot it looks, it’s shady! A genuine cougar lady will not hide her face and shift the focus to her body. So, if you see someone doing otherwise, it’s a red flag, and you should move on to some other profile!
  • Chat with them: The following precaution you can take to save yourself from the clutch of a fake profile is by talking with them over chat. Please note that we do not mean sexting; even though it is enjoyable, we suggest talking to them about general stuff. Try asking them a few questions about their likes and dislikes. A bot account will avoid such conversation, which again is a red flag!

These are some of the best safety tips one can follow to avoid any fraud on Cougared or any other dating site, for that matter. Undoubtedly, you can find great sex partners online, but it comes with a few risks. However, you can avoid them if you keep your senses alert and follow the tips shared above. Trust our experts and your intuition for the best protection from fake profiles!

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

In accordance with Cougared reviews by our experts, we would like to give the design thumbs down. It is so because it looks very plain and traditional. It seems like the design hasn’t been updated for ages. The other dating sites in the competition have a much sleeker pattern compared to the Cougared website. Even though the design looks a bit old-fashioned, it is easy to understand. The traditional layout makes the site more manageable for the newbie in the dating world. Due to this reason, the usability of the platform is fantastic. Users might not be pleased with the website look, but they are definitely in love with the usability!

Cougared Mobile App

The brand does not have a mobile app. Users feel that using an application is more convenient when it comes to online dating. However, you can quickly get access to the website from the phone browser. The site does not have a huge member base at the moment, which might be why they haven’t introduced a Cougared app so far. Till then, you can enjoy dating older ladies from the website!

Special Features of the Cougared Website

In this ever competing market, every dating site tries to stay ahead of the rest, and to do so, they make sure their platform is full of fantastic special features. Similarly, Cougared, too, has some awesome benefits to provide.

Search Filters

Search Filters

There are thousands of members on the platform, and it is impossible to scroll through all of them without getting tired. The Cougared website understands your pain, and hence, they have included a bunch of search filters to help you out. Applying these filters, you can make sure that you get the best cougar dates. It saves a lot of effort and helps you find several matches in a short span!


You don’t have to think hard and come up with lame ice breakers because Cougared has solved your problem by providing Winks. You can send a wink to the member you like, and they will take the hint that you are interested in them. It is an excellent way of connecting with strangers online!

Chatting Feature

A good dating site is probably the one that allows you to chat freely with other members. On this website, it is possible to engage in unlimited chatting for free. This feature attracts a lot of attention, and the users love it. Most other dating platforms charge for the messaging benefits, but gladly this ‘all free’ website is different. Cougared allows you to enjoy hot sex without straining your pockets!

Blogging Section

They have a panel of experts who contribute to the site by writing some of the best love and sex blogs. If you want to learn more about the art of having the best cougar date, then these blogs can be your savior. The articles are pretty informative and help the members stay updated on the recent cougar dating methods.

Dating Tips

The dating experts of Cougared not just contribute to the blogs but also share some incredible dating tips with the members. They want every user to enjoy the most when connecting with strangers on this site. Hence, they try and provide the best dating tips and solutions regularly!


There are various forums on the platform. You can join the ones that interest you and hang out to connect with more members. Engaging actively on forums can boost your profile visibility, which in turn will increase your chances of getting laid.

The Cougared website provides all of these superb features. If you are genuinely looking for a site that gives much more than just cougar dating opportunities for free, this should be your choice.

Cougared Pricing Details

Do you want to know how much the premium memberships costs and the features you get with them? What if we say the rice is zero? We know it’s jaw-dropping, but that’s what the truth is! All the unique features that were described above are available for FREE. It is the best part about the Cougared website.

Traditionally, we have two more sections called ‘Basic Membership’ and ‘Premium Membership,’ where we describe the benefits of the unpaid and paid plans. But as Cougared is a free website, we are skipping the parts. So, enjoy this excellent free dating platform and find your dream cougar match today!

Cougared Coupons

Coupons are used to get a premium plan for a dating site at a discounted price. As the Cougared website is free to use, you do not need to look for discount vouchers. It will prevent you from spending extra time in search of coupons. You can straight away sign-up on the platform and get started with its best features immediately!

Verification and Safety Provided by Cougared

Verification and Safety Provided by Cougared

The verification process on the Cougared website is simple yet strict. You will have to provide your email while registering on the platform. After that, the site will send you a verification link that you must use to confirm your profile before using the website further. The platform’s admins check every member profile manually before verifying. That is why there are fewer chances that a user with a fake account gets through verification on this platform. Hence, it is an absolutely safe site for cougar dating!

Is Cougared Website a Scam?

No, Cougared is not a scam website. It might show you many ads related to some other adult sites, but that doesn’t make it anywhere close to being a scam. You can find real cougar ladies here who genuinely want to have sex with younger boys!

Is Cougared Legit?

Yes, it is a legit platform that keeps all your private info and pictures safe. You can use this site to connect with sizzling women for free!

Is Cougared Anonymous?

No, the Cougared website does not permit anonymous chatting. One has to reveal their actual identity to connect with the members on their site. Our dating experts believe this is a good step taken by the platform because anonymity gives rise to fraud. So, we provide an agreement nod to this feature!

The Problems with Cougared

You must have already guessed the site’s problems because we have talked about those in a few sections. But to give you a clear idea, we have jotted down the disadvantages of the Cougared website below. Have a look:

  • The member base of the site is too small for daily matches.
  • The brand lacks a mobile app, which causes hindrance in comfortable dating.
  • You will get to see a lot of ads when using the platform.
  • The design of the website is outdated and should be improved.

Help and Support

As discussed above, there might be some significant issues with the site, but they deserve all our praise when it comes to help and support. The customer support team can be contacted via mail at any hour of the day, and you can expect to get a response within one day. Users love the support team!

Cougared Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives of the Cougared website that you can try are as follows:

  • Ashley Madison
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • XXX Dating
  • Horny Affair
  • eHarmony
  • Tinder

Try out these alternatives and let us know which one you like the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the FAQs related to Cougared are answered below. Read on!

What is Cougared Used for?

Cougared is a dating website that focuses on the sexual union of a young man with an older woman. It is a pro at matching couples for cougar dates!

Is Cougared a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Cougared is a real dating platform where one can look for some of the sexiest dates ever. This site is indeed incredible!

How to Delete Cougared Account?

Follow the steps below to delete your Cougared account:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on profile status
  • Click on deactivate option
  • Choose confirm

How Long Does Manual Approval of Cougared Take?

The manual approval time of a profile is around 5 hours. So, after you register on the platform, you will have to wait a minimum of 5 hours before using the website.

How to Change Profile Picture on Cougared?

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on the existing profile photo
  • Choose edit picture
  • Select a photo from the gallery
  • Confirm the image

Final Word

If you are new to dating and unsure whether you should be spending any money on it, we will suggest you try Cougared first. As you have to spend zero bucks here, you can find out whether you enjoy online dating. So, when will you join the Cougared website? Do share with us!

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Customer reviews
by Marlow Jan 09, 2022
Signing up for this dating internet site is the good thing that actually ever happened to me within my sex life. As you can imagine, I'm younger and perhaps not too adept as much different previous daters. In any event, my own perceptions include positive. There are plenty horny customers on this site! Occasionally, we even don't give information but simply savor photo. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into informal matchmaking for now. I reckon it's a tad very early for my situation to invest in a single person. I enjoy studies and keep on my eye open. I'm always prepared to try something totally new in a relationship, and also this website will help a whole lot in seeing my own objective and preferences.
by Collin Jan 07, 2022
Remarkable software, matchmaking seems to do easily, don't need enough time to begin. It is possible to arranged your account and a dashboard in a couple of minutes and employ the web page effortlessly. A number of people were groaning in regards to remunerated ongoing, but there is no these types of thing as a no cost lunch, for me. For me personally, I'm enthusiastic about the service. We satisfied among my top picks in the real world, but We haven't opted for that special someone subsequently. I like to fancy, living, and customers I've have any time subscribed to this app. By the way, additionally, it is beneficial on cellular devices, actually without installing application.
Sally Young
by Sally Young Jan 05, 2022
This app happens to be actual, and I'm support proof of its ability. I can not whine concerning this application due to the fact provided me with the latest dates with my existence. Extremely, I've delighted to enlist they and also a whole lot enjoyable. Definitely, there are definitely not started without not successful fights, but i believe this really fairly an all natural steps. You will not understand all-in an instant, and some weeks of texting is normally needed to plan a meetup.
by Hove Dec 28, 2021
Enjoy this specific service. We manufactured preparations to meet someone for a coffee and also a party. I presume they walked quite very well. You will find definitely not resolved nevertheless concerning the following that goes, but I'm on my approach to select the one that will be really specific. Okay, want me opportunities, all.
by Foldager Dec 20, 2021
I used to be honestly amazed decide this type of a versatile relationships app. I've already been signed up for each year currently. After numerous average times, i came across my great complement. It happened a couple of months back, and we're however feel great together. I am not appearing beyond that nowadays. Continue to, I will be delighted if the relationships establish. Extremely for now, I'm pleased and wish to give you thanks for this application for getting people jointly.
by Balslev Dec 19, 2021
Close provider all standpoints. I had a lot of good and bad has formerly, and many consumers actually bust my favorite emotions. I'm 46, and it's not easy for my situation to generally meet people on line for matchmaking. This app renders every thing spontaneous and normal. As soon as happened apon they very first, I happened to be pleased to see some available choices and a pleasant-looking interface. I prefer this type of a method and, besides, personally i think secure there. We don't have actually unnecessary associates because I'm active in my own life. I like to make my own mall interior range, and also this site produces all positions for comfy socializing.
by Ada Dec 13, 2021
The smartest commitment I've ever produced is signing up for and employing this website. I'm dating right now, and thanks to the application for this fortune. We are now along for monthly together with an astonishing time with each other. Thus, I guess I became lucky in order to satisfy my best friend because the whole system is extremely good on the webpage. All the choices provide you with the possibility of decide a good deal concerning partner prior to getting the first go steady. On the internet talking is truly beneficial to catch an individual who matches the criteria and aspirations. My existence on this website added very much pleasure and ventures to living. Thus, I'd suggest they to all or any individuals interested in excellent fights.
by Donovan Dec 04, 2021
As a novice user, The way we wish relish the knowledge. It's easy to socialize, as long as you are generally effective and admire different users. It's exhilarating. Whether I'll come across my own excellent match? We don't take care of at this point. Some good periods is sufficient in my situation so far, and I'm appearing and looking forward to a whole lot more ventures before centering on a prospective life partner. We ensure this web site are completely worthy of our dreams. Town is actually okay, and no one tries to become using your skin. So, i'm cozy having on the web a lot of fun combined with my friends. We get a few things to speak about, together with the times I've obtained happened to be really fascinating. Thus, I'm pleased with my personal pub, and an affordable price is definitely an additional benefit.
Kathy Mitchell
by Kathy Mitchell Nov 29, 2021
I did son`t see someone to day since it is ahead of time I think nevertheless . I am just a beginner on the webpage. Continue to, I'm happy with just how this software isn't hard to make use of. All things are intuitive, but achievedn't really have to spend your time and figure things out when I signed up for the web page. Furthermore, I want how write pages are prepared. It's extremely easy to take a look at footage, deliver information, prefers, and read about users' appearances and heroes. We arranged the position since travel time is critical personally and had been very happy to find out lots of meets that include folks nearby myself.
Mark Scott
by Mark Scott Nov 26, 2021
I like this particular service. After being an authorized customer for up to 2 months, I stumbled onto new friends, so there is nothing to grumble about. The screen allows you to produce a unique page with several appealing pics. If you don't think they necessary to fill out every one of the industries, you'll forget any of them. I guess that images will be the a key point because others you can actually expose while messaging and speaking. I don't need somebody for going out with now, but I'm on my strategy. I reside in a rural region, and a lot of suits include faraway from me. However, considering my own newest faves and our very own online conversation, I will go forth pretty soon. Anyhow, the app functions, and the society is awesome. We refused some freaks, but I've found no body therefore terrible in respect of stop them from contacting me.
Marsha Carlson
by Marsha Carlson Nov 22, 2021
The web times on this particular website became an outstanding and attention-grabbing adventure I think. It does the job properly for my own self-respect and brings making latest relationships. They're not interaction so far but take a look appealing. Additionally, it's pleasant to me to get rid of the snow and talk to individuals from any state I enjoy. Scanning profiles is participating, sometimes. It's often intriguing ascertain how anyone promote themselves while searching for closeness.
Jennifer Woods
by Jennifer Woods Nov 14, 2021
Excellent assistance if you are not afraid of dating online and open dialogues. The application was well-organized and it has most signed-up individuals. Texting will be easy, and all of additional options are really easy to use and comprehend. Concerning me, I've currently realized partner with who the chemistry is basically hitting.
by Beryl Nov 09, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved getting another opportunity at romance. Thanks a lot our site for support since I have had gotten my favorite wish. We do not build far too many long-range campaigns and merely savor 1. We evening, vacation, and discuss a wide range of strategies. Here is the most beautiful thing in our personal relationships. I like simple mate and hope that the romance will develop and drive to the next stage. A number of people are looking for couples at relationship web firms, and in most cases, that kind of things try awkward because you seem like items in store microsoft windows. This application is significantly diffent. Perhaps you may start out with speaking and end up in the ceremony. Needed has good techie back ground. I prefer the website primarily to my laptop computer, but often We correspond with individuals and check my personal techniques from my favorite iphone 3gs. No troubles whatever. I've mentioned no pests . almost everything is beneficial, without glitches. Once I sign in, i take advantage of this site assuming i'd like without disruptions and aggravating reloads. I hope they stays this way, in addition they maintain good quality. If only everybody good luck since simple has now determine myself.
by Deshawn Nov 07, 2021
The dating internet site is easy, and navigation is a breeze. I use an adequate few information and ideas for individuals that seem popular with me. In reality, I do love due to being on this incredible website. I possibly couldn't come across my personal latest buddy yet. Still, I recently uncovered a few inquisitive individuals speak with. I believe free of cost and casual while chatting with them. I urge our site to any or all that is looking great friendship, no matter the types of romance.
Darlene McGuire
by Darlene McGuire Nov 05, 2021
I want various other daters to know that this service 100percent does its job without methods. People that undoubtedly long for to obtain in contact with a special someone won't feel dissapointed about her alternatives if signing up for the working platform. The main thing will never be to quit. I've previously found my personal beloved, and now we are satisfied. I believe arousal and consistency, and therefore ways plenty. Extremely, we're in love, and its never too-late for anyone of any age and needs. I will suggest this great site, thus merely sample.
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