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DateHookUp review in 2021 – A Complete Analysis

DateHookUp review in 2021 – A Complete Analysis
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 96%
Popular age 24-35
Beauty 70%
Profiles 140 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.7
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free users have many things to look forward to on this platform.
  • The search engine of DateHookUp is quite decent, with useful algorithms to match its users.
  • It has a game called 'Let's Meet' that breaks the ice in meeting new people near you.
  • The sign-up process for this platform is very simple and straightforward. There are no complications as to becoming a registered member.
  • The premium version of DateHookUp comes at a little cost.
  • The platform has many ads, which can get very irritating and disturbing.
  • You don’t get much about the personality of a user from their profile.
  • The low cost of premium membership does not have much to offer.
  • There are many concerns as to the safety and privacy of the users as they claim the right to use the content you post for their excellent.

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DateHookUp is an online platform for dating and hookups. The platform used to be a place where people could find any type of relationship they wished for. DateHookUp website offered anything from casual hookups to long-term relationships. However, it shifted its focus from an all-purpose dating platform to an open hookup platform. This was the reason why people started getting attached to this website with each passing day.

You may find many DateHookUp reviews on the internet. However, this review will give you the most accurate account of this platform. Read ahead to know whether the site is something the dream dating and hookup site you were looking for.

Is DateHookUp available in multiple languages?

The website does not support any language other than English. However, there are a few languages available through the app. It can also be seen from the fact that most members of this site are from the US, and they get maximum traffic from here.

Which company operates DateHookUp?

The parent company of this platform is InterActiveCorp. The company has many other dating sites to its credit. It owns other dating sites like Match.com and People Media.

What is the location DateHookUp?

The online location of DateHookUp is DateHookUp.dating. There is no physical location for the company. However, the parent company of this platform is situated in New York.

When Did DateHookUp Hit the Market?

The platform went online in 2002. At that time, there was only a DateHookUp website for accessibility. The brand was earlier catering to all types of dating, from casual hookups to committed relationships. However, in 2014, it decided to shift its focus to hookups and casual dating.

Is DateHookUp available in multiple countries?

DateHookUp is an online platform, which can be accessed from all around the world. This means that you can become a member of this platform irrespective of your location.

Exclusive Features

DateHookUp Exclusive Features

The website has many features that set it apart from its competitors. This DateHookUp review will bring before you all elements that make it the platform it is today.

Let’s Meet

You will be shown the profile cards of different users. You can either like to manifest or interest or dislike to show your disinterest in the profile. It is a method of speed dating in DateHookUp.

DateHookUp Forum

The forum is that place where random members from all parts of the world come together for discussions. The forums undertake discussions on any random topic. However, there is a small concern as the talks are unsupervised.

Chat Groups

Chat Groups are very similar to the forum. However, unlike the forum, the chat groups are based on some criteria. The chats are divided on a certain basis like age, religion, dating preferred, etc. It is a good way to meet like-minded people.

Member Composition

More than 6 million people visit the platform in a month, but more than half of it comes from the US. DateHookUp usually experiences members who are up for casual sexual encounters. The members don’t try to connect emotionally. The site is not for those who are looking for members to walk the aisle with them. The number of male members to female members is 6:4, which is a very healthy ratio.

Age Composition

There is no precise information about the age composition of the members. Most casual dating and hookup platforms have the majority of their members between the age bracket of 25-34. However, any adult over the legal age of 18 can make an account with DateHookUp.

Fake Profiles

The brand poses some questions when it comes to fake profiles. It is because even after you make an account, it is not mandatory to verify the account. It gives an easy loophole for fake profiles and scammers. It is good to interact with members with caution for the DateHookUp website, and the app takes little effort to ensure genuine profiles.


DateHookUp Accessibility

This part of the DateHookUp review will look at the means through which the services of the platform can be availed. It is essential to know the points of accessibility. It is also crucial to look at whether the aspects of openness are simple enough to use.

DateHookUp Mobile Application

DateHookUp has an app in place. The app is available for download in both Android and iOS smartphones. However, it is unfortunate that the app looks very outdated. The overall look of the app stands nowhere near other dating platforms with an app.

DateHookUp Desktop

DateHookUp Desktop

DateHookUp has also got a website in place. However, the site is not very impressive. It is filled with broken links that have no function at all. The app looks like a significant improvement after looking at the website. Overall the site looks like it has never been updated since its launch.

Can you use the app using my computer?

There is no provision to use the app through your PC. You can either use the app through your smartphone or use the website through your computer.

Which browsers are compatible with DateHookUp?

The website is accessible through any browser. It is even compatible with Safari for those users who have a computer from Apple. Moreover, the site also works in standard browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Why are you finding it difficult to access the website?

There are times when you may not be able to access the website. The website itself is very outdated, and many things have not been optimized. It can lead to a delay in the opening of the site. You may not access your account in case of wrong passwords.

Design and Usability

DateHookUp Design and Usability

This section of the DateHookUp review will focus on the technical aspects of the platform. As far as the design is concerned, both the app and the website looks outdated. The app version looks far better when put it against the site. However, even the app doesn’t look impressive if we compare it with other dating apps. On the plus side, the shoddy design paves the way for rather simple and easy usability. It is effortless to operate the app as well as the website. There is nothing complicated about navigating through both platforms.

Sign-up process

The sign-up process is rather simple. You can either do it through the DateHookUp website or the app. It hardly takes 5 minutes to become a registered member of the platform. First, you have to provide your gender and the gender of the person you are interested in matching with. Then you have to provide your email ID and create a username and password for your account. You also have to provide your pin code. After this, you are done with your registration.

How to unmatch a member in DateHookUp?

You can simply stop talking to a member by putting him/her on the ignore list. You can do so by accessing the Account Options of the app or website. It is also a way to block your user.

What is the minimum age limit for becoming a DateHookUp member?

Any adult above the legal age of 18 can become a member of the dating platform. You cannot become a member if you are below the age of 18.

What are the ways to verify my account?

There is only one way to verify the account. You can verify your DateHookUp account through the email ID you gave while making the account.

What is the process to verify my account?

Once you make your account with DateHookUp using your email ID, the site sends a confirmation mail with a link to your email id. You just need to click on that link, and your account gets verified. However, the verification of the account is not a mandatory process.

What are the consequences of registering through Facebook?

There is no provision in the DateHookUp website or app to make a website through Facebook. You can only register using your email ID. Even that process is fundamental and does not require much effort.

Is there an option of using the platform without registering?

Unfortunately, there is no option of using the platform without signing up. It is a smart way through which dating apps inflate their membership base.

How to set up your Profile?

DateHookUp How to set up your Profile?

The next part of the DateHookUp review is about setting up your profile. While you register and go through the first step of setting up your account, it is followed by specific questions. These questions give an insight into what you prefer in a relationship. You also get the option of uploading your photo. Apart from what you provide during the registration process, there is a feature called your Biography. You can use this space to talk about your personality. The loophole here is that it is not mandatory to fill the Biography section. Therefore, you don’t get much about the other person if he/she doesn’t supply it.

How can you delete an uploaded photo in DateHookUp?

You can delete your photo by going to the Account Settings of your profile. The website or app will guide you from thereon to delete a photo that you have uploaded.

What are the steps to edit my username in DateHookUp?

You can change your username by clicking on ‘My Profile’, which is on your screen’s left side menu. Make sure to sign up for this. Then go to the option called ‘Change Profile’. Now you can easily change your username and save the changes.

How can you delete my DateHookUp profile?

In DateHookUp, you have the option of deleting your profile. All you have to do is click on the My Home option and then go to All Account Options. There you will find the Delete account option. By clicking on that, you permanently delete your account.

What happens when you disable my visibility in DateHookUp?

Other than deleting your profile, you also have the option of making your profile invisible. You can do this by going to Edit My Profile option and unchecking the box that says ‘Profile is Visible.’ You can always come back and make it visible. The only change that happens is that other users will not be able to find your account.

How can you delete the information provided in my DateHookUp account?

You can delete or edit any information you provide by going to the ‘My Profile’ option. There you will find an option called ‘Change Profile.’ You have to click on that option and delete the necessary information. Do not forget to click on ‘Save Update’ to ensure that your profile gets deleted.

Search Options

Now the DateHookUp review will dig deep into the different search options available. The more the number of search filters, the more refined is the search result. Moreover, multiple ways to search for profiles help in finding the maximum number of potential matches.

Is there an option in DateHookUp to see the profiles you liked?

There is no such list on this platform where you can check the profiles you liked. You will be notified in case there are any developments relating to the profile you liked.

What are the search options available in DateHookUp?

The way to search for a match in DateHookUp is fundamental. It will only show you users that are currently online or are new members. It is not very impressive as it misses out on people who could have been a perfect match for you. The filtering options are very basic, which are gender, age-range, and location. The minimum search radius for location is 50 miles. There is also a feature called Find People, which is the basic swiping system in other dating platforms.

Is there an option to see the profiles that liked your DateHookUp profile?

Members have an option where they can see the users that liked their profiles. Going after these profiles gives a higher chance of connecting with someone. However, you need to be a premium member to get access to this feature.


DateHookUp Communication

Making contact with other members is an essential element of any dating platform. The DateHookUp website and app has minimal methods to contact other members.

What are the different methods to contact other members in DateHookUp?

The platform has three ways you can communicate with other members, and The first option is the simple private messaging system. Here you can have one-on-one conversations with other members. The second option is the DateHookUp forum. It is like a big common room where people can have discussions on any random topic. The last option is the chat groups. These chat groups are differentiated based on religion, dating preference, etc.

What are the steps involved to message a user?

You can send messages to other users by visiting their profile and clicking on the option near the user’s picture called ‘Send Email’. You can also click on the messages option of your profile and write the username of the user and send a message.

Is there any charge on sending messages?

There is no charge for sending messages. It is not restricted to free members, and every member can use it to the full extent.

How can you view the messages you receive in DateHookUp?

You can view the messages by going to your profile and going to the messages option. There you can see the users who have messaged you.

What are the steps to use the camera in DateHookUp?

There is no specific camera feature in DateHookUp. You can upload photos from either your mobile phone or your PC.

How can you control who can message me in DateHookUp?

The only way to stop a user from messaging is to block the user. You will find this in the Accounts section of your profile as the Ignore List.

Subscription Types And Price

This DateHookUp review will now focus on the free and premium features along with what it costs to get you the membership. You can pay for these offers using credit or debit cards. The subscription types, along with their prices are:

Duration Cost Per Month Total Cost
1 Month $9.95/month $9.95
3 Months $7.62/month $22.85
6 Months $5.95/month $35.70

Features of Free Membership

  1. You can register within the brand for free.
  2. You can create and update your profile without incurring any cost.
  3. You can message other users without a premium membership.
  4. You can find matches without any restrictions.
  5. You are free to join chat forums.

Features of Paid Membership

  1. A premium member enjoys all features of free membership.
  2. Paid members get a VIP badge, which brings credibility.
  3. Paid members can know who liked their profile.

Is there an option of paid membership in DateHookUp?

The brand offers a paid subscription through which free users can become paid members.

How can you cancel my premium membership in DateHookUp?

A paid member just needs to visit the account settings to cancel their subscription.

Does the subscription get auto-renewed in DateHookUp?

After getting a premium subscription, the brand automatically deducts the cost from the credit card when the next cycle starts.

Can you get a refund for unused time?

Once a cycle starts, you cannot get a refund for that cycle. You need to cancel the subscription before the start of the next cycle.

Does the subscription get auto-renewed every month?

The subscription gets renewed every month if you had earlier paid for a monthly subscription. Otherwise, it depends on your package.

Can you get my money back if you am not satisfied with DateHookUp?

DateHookUp has no refund policy. Once a cycle starts, you cannot ask for a refund. You can only cancel the next subscription.

What will be shown in my credit card bill when you make payment to DateHookUp?

All payments made to DateHookUp appear in your credit card bill as DateHookUp.dating.

Can you pay for other members at DateHookUp?

There is no restriction on making payments for other members using the same card. However, the other member’s account also gets auto-renewed on the expiry of a cycle.

Can you subscribe to premium membership for just a month?

A member can subscribe to a premium membership for just a month. Choose the one-month subscription and remember to cancel the auto-renewal after one month.

Are the members safe in DateHookUp?

Are the members safe in DateHookUp?

There are some horrifying issues relating to the safety of the members. The site holds all the rights to use our profile to their advantage. Our information can be given to third parties. Moreover, there is no system in place to verify the legitimacy of the members.

Do the members enjoy privacy in DateHookUp?

Do the members enjoy privacy in DateHookUp?

The platform members enjoy very little privacy as the brand can use their information for ads in their favor.

Does DateHookUp use encryption for messages?

The site provides no information about the security of the chats. You must be alert about what you talk about with others.

Is there any way for DateHookUp to track me down?

DateHookUp can use your IP address or GPS to track you. That is how they use the location filter.

Can the police trace DateHookUp?

The site and app have been out in public for years, and so the police can easily trace DateHookUp.

Where can you ask about my doubts regarding privacy in DateHookUp?

You can either read the Privacy Policies of DateHookUp or contact customer care.


The security and safety of members is a big concern. The safety and security policies of the app are scary. Even though DateHookUp reviews every account, it does not verify in any way about whether the information provided is true or not.

Does DateHookUp Forums have thread moderation?

The brand provides no information regarding whether the forums come with a thread moderation or not.

What action does DateHookUp take against people who try to solicit money?

The site takes no action for fraud profiles. In its safety policies, it mentions that the site is not responsible for any such action and expects its members to use their common sense.

Banned account

The site generally does not ban accounts. However, it does so under some exceptions. DateHookUp takes minimal effort to provide a safe experience to its members.

Why are you unable to access my DateHookUp account?

You might not be able to access your account if you are declared guilty of spamming the message box of other members or if too many users report your account.

What is the duration of a ban in DateHookUp?

Once the site bans you, your account gets permanently banned. You cant access the site anymore with that account.

What are the steps to reactivate an account?

You will have to make a new account in case your previous account gets banned. Since there is no verification process, you can easily make a new account.

Measures to be safe

Do not provide any personal information to any user. While meeting a user in person, always choose a public place with a lot of crowds. Read the safety guidelines of DateHookUp to get more clarity regarding this.

What are the steps to block and report a suspected scammer?

You can easily report or block a suspected scammer. You just need to visit the profile to block the user.

What information should be refrained from posting in DateHookUp account?

Do not provide your contact number in your account by any case. You may have to block your number from all the creepy callers out of irritation.

Aid and Assistance

DateHookUp has a customer care number that is available at all times to assist you. The number of customer care is provided at the end of this review. Do not hesitate to contact customer care in case of any doubt or irregularities. Moreover, make sure to go through the safety guidelines of the DateHookUp website and app. It will provide you the information about what to do and what not to do.

Reviews of Genuine Users

Reviews of Genuine Users

The safety and privacy policies of DateHookUp is feeble. The site takes no interest in providing a safe service. It expects its users to have the same sense and caution they take while meeting strangers outside the online world. You are all on your own after registration. The platform makes no special efforts to remove fake profiles and scammers.

Can DateHookUp be called the best dating app?

There is no way you can call DateHookUp the best in its league only due to its loopholes in safety and security.

How safe is DateHookUp?

In reality, the platform is only as safe as how cautious you are. As far as the people behind the brand are concerned, they make no effort to protect users other than issuing guidelines.

What type of an app is DateHookUp?

DateHookUp used to be an all-purpose app and website. However, it shifted its focus to casual dates and hookups in 2014.

Can DateHookUp be called as completely free?

The platform is not completely free. However, you can easily connect and contact members as a free user.

What is the working system of DateHookUp?

You can find members using the search feature or through ‘Find People.’ You can message any user you like without even as a free member. The site also has chat groups and a Forum for discussion.

Does DateHookUp have fake profiles and scammers?

DateHookUp has got many fake profiles and scammers. It is because the site does not have a verification system to check the authenticity of its members.

Competitors of DateHookUp

The biggest competitors of any dating site are apps like Tinder and Bumble. Apart from that, DateHookUp also has competitors in Match.com, OkCupid, Hinge, CofeeMeetsBagel, The League, etc. These sites may overtake the platform due to its many apparent loopholes.

Contact Details

Company: MatchGroup

Address: 555 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011

Phone: (214) 576-3272

Email: support@DateHookUp.com


This DateHookUp review has covered every small aspect of the platform in detail. This review will be far better than any other review. As far as the brand is concerned, it is only suitable for those who are up for casual dates and hookups. However, you need to be more careful and responsible, particularly for DateHookUp, as it has a fragile safety policy and even weaker privacy policy. Use the services of the platform at your own risk.

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