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eHarmony vs. Match: Which site is the best for dating?

eHarmony vs. Match: Which site is the best for dating?

eHarmony and Match recommended themselves as the sites that truly want to help unite singles all over the world. Sometimes they are equally praised and criticized. We aim to consider all the essential factors and finally decide which one is the best! So let’s see.


eHarmony Match
Perfect for serious relationships A site for dates and marriage
Simple and cute design 20+ years experience
15,000,000+ members worldwide The site has an excellent mobile app
Precise searching engine Over 8,000,000 paid members
Premium account guarantee a better search 21,000,000 members overall
– No monthly subscriptions – Sending messages isn’t free

eHarmony vs. Match: Overall Reputation

Expert Opinion

eHarmony is a successful dating site aiming to unite people worldwide for relationships and hookups. It uses an innovative and swiftly matching method to know what member is on the side of your likes and dislikes. This site allows you to find a comparable person within a few minutes without any stress or worry. It uses an intelligent search and has a long history of committed members. The site’s goal is to provide accessible and fair dates for everyone in need. It works worldwide. eHarmony was created in 2000, and ever since, it has been one of the most successful dating platforms in history. The site was created by Dr Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist whose goal was to understand what leads humans to click on specific topics.

Match is a site for single ladies and gentlemen who are looking for love or hookups. It is one of the oldest websites known to history dedicated to dating. This site is operated and run by Match Group, holder of many dating platforms worldwide. Match was created in 1993, back when online dating was nonsense. And even though back in the days, not many people had internet, computers, or the desire to trust a stranger on the web, it wasn’t a problem. In 1995, proved to be one of the first miracles in the world of dating. It acquired various devoted users from different countries and thousands upon thousands of positive testimonies since that time. Match aims to provide dating material for those who experience difficulty talking in real life and people who don’t want to waste their time attending random dates with contestants who might not be acceptable otherwise. This platform is interested in the united hearts and working on the world’s population.

eHarmony vs. Match: Popularity and success rate

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According to an eHarmony review, this site has now collected around 15 million matches. More than half a million couples got engaged and proven to date successfully after attending this online platform. It is an impressive number that eliminates the need to think that long-distance relationships wouldn’t work. As stated before, to the present day, eHarmony now has more than 15 million members accounts, and this number continues to grow every day. With modern-day technologies and an advanced search system, the site’s algorithms allow people to find each other quickly, which makes the number rise exponentially. eHarmony has an outstanding reputation among people of different age groups, and its popularity is hard to question.

Match is a site that is made to help people find new friends, meet acquaintances, search for casual dates and hookups, and of course, settle down with a trusty better half. It is secure and uncompromised in its policy site that allows you to feel safe and protected at all times. According to the Match review, this site now has more than 21 million people worldwide, which is an astonishing number. This site’s popularity and ratings are positively unmatched because of its long history, making this platform an intense competition for more contemporary successors. Therefore, the Match success rate is relatively high.

eHarmony vs. Match: Target Audience and User Demographics

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When it comes to eHarmony’s target audience and demographics, it is various and unique. Because this platform positions itself as a dating site that provides many services, people worldwide and of various ages pursue different goals. Overall, a membership capacity reaches 66 million people in more than 200 countries worldwide.

eHarmony has fair and equal demographics between males and females, but the male prerogative is 6% more than female. Most members are young and middle-aged people from 25 to 35 years old if we’re talking about the age composition. Different age groups use this site for various purposes. As you can imagine, younger individuals like to use eHarmony as a way to find dates and hookups, while the elderly generation is aimed at building a stable relationship. When it comes to eHarmony official site, other nationalities are represented. Most of the people are Caucasians, which is 77%. However, you can try Jewish dating, Black, Asian, Latina, European, and other dating groups. When it comes to religion, most of these people are Christian. However, some of them are protestants, Buddhists, atheists, and people who prefer to abstain from religion altogether. When it comes to sexuality, eHarmony is a great site for gay and lesbian, bisexual, trans, and non-binary dating.

Most of the Match online members live in the United States of America. Match has excellent results when it comes to gender distribution because the capacity of men and women is highly proportional. These stats are fantastic news for people seeking an arrangement and are tired of seeing one group prevail. When it comes to the age range, all the demographics are represented, but most people seeking commitment are middle-aged, from 34 to 45, respectively. But it doesn’t mean you cannot come across elderly citizens or youngsters. When it comes to nationality, Match is represented by 77% of Caucasian people. However, it is popular among Asian people, Black people, Spanish, European, and other nationalities. Here you can date a person with every skin color without discrimination or fear of bullying.

A successful dating site needs to represent all of the groups regarding gender, age, nationality, and sexuality. The latter is represented perfectly as a site that welcomes gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and trans people. As for 2024, it is highly recommended that all the dating sites have diversity and tolerance towards minorities and different ethnic groups. Match is also body positive.

Match official site does not condone third-party situations, preferring to stay on a more traditional side when it comes to relationship models. Many users of this site are divorced and looking for a new relationship. Some people open up that they were never married, are in separation, or widowed. But overall, all people on Match are looking for a serious, committed relationship with continuation, and hopefully, marriage.

eHarmony vs. Match: Profiles

Expert Opinion

eHarmony has an outstanding quality, which makes millions of people worldwide attracted to this app instantly. The site’s easy navigation and intuitive interface are all you need for maximum comfort to explain it in simple words. eHarmony has a simple yet understandable list of questions provided for newcomers to help them with registration. These questions are more than precise to make algorithms understand what you need in a partner, specifically at the site. Although these questions take not more than 1 minute, they instantly reveal everything about your personality, which is a fun quiz.

And yes, the results of these tests will be reflected on your eHarmony profile. In the section with “About Me” information, you can adjust preferences concerning your future partner and list things you would like to avoid. For example, if you don’t like a smoking date, you can state at-risk qualities or your dislikes list. Therefore, you will not waste any time scrolling through people who are not in your best interest from the beginning.

When you go through other user profiles, you can see that most people take their time filling out the section with precision and thought. What an outstanding quality about eHarmony is that it provides a compatibility percentage. For example, if most of your interests coincide, you will have a higher rate. Therefore, more people with similar interests will see your page. You can check compatibility based on social values, outgoingness to loneliness, readiness to cooperate, emotional and physical intimacy. Also, people can agree or disagree on personal values, intellect, hobbies, altruism, athleticism, romance, etc. A profile search feature is something that positively highlights eHarmony from the mass of modern dating sites.

When it comes to the Match dating site, profiles here are always detailed and full of information necessary for building strong relationships. Yes, all members have to write a short story about themselves, answer a couple of questions from the questionnaire concerning their personality, upload a photo, and share their interests. Comparing to modern dating sites, people can see their future dates not for looks but for something they have in their minds. So this is called a genuine soul connection. Match also has a percentage of compatibility. The profiles which would be beneficial according to the algorithm will be highlighted and promoted more.

eHarmony vs. Match: scam

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So, what is the difference between eHarmony or Match? Where is it easier to come across nasty scammers, and which site has more genuine people? Let’s start with eHarmony. Does eHarmony spam affect its users?

eHarmony has a combative battle with scammers of all sorts and is ready to detect fraudulent activity even before registering a specific user. The majority of the eHarmony members are indeed looking for a genuine connection. However, there are some scamming people on the site. Despite that, you can always report an alleged scammer. Just go to someone’s profile and choose the “Report this match” feature.

Although Match doesn’t have a verification system, there are not many fake accounts on this platform. It simply corresponds to the fact that sending messages is a paid feature, so there is no point in scamming people after paying for a membership. Of course, paid messages may seem like a great inconvenience to some users, especially those who are not ready to commit to online dating and just want to check out whether this site corresponds to all of their needs. This way, Match frees itself from scamming people who pray for innocent clueless singles. Additionally, you are free to report suspicious accounts and talk to support. Just use the three dots on someone’s profile and choose to report an alleged scammer. However, before you send a report, you need to confirm your account with a photo. Overall, Match spam doesn’t concern users of this site.

eHarmony vs. Match: Sign-up Process

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The registration on eHarmony is about as easy as the user interface. All you need is to provide some basic info about your residence, age, and so on. However, it is not the only feature as eHarmony allows you to choose an email address or a Facebook page to facilitate registration. Also, you have already heard of eHarmony personality tests, which are presented at the registration. Compatibility quizzes are questions that rely more on how you would like your Match to be. Apart from that, you can indicate the specific attributes of the features you want. You can specify the size, body type, nationality, and other features of your future date in your correspondence preference. After that, you can successfully upload a photo and finish your registration process.

The signup process on Match takes only a few minutes. First, you need to state your name, give your email address, birthday, the country you reside in, your gender, sexuality. That concludes your first stage of registration. After that, and you can go to a second stage where you come up with a username and password, after which you will be redirected to an online instructor. It is a precise process that automatically fills your information with essential details such as your height, weight, body type, complexion, marital status, and other personal information. Here you can also state your preferences. An ‘About Me’ section consists of 100 words of written text that will help you open up about current emotions, share your story to attract more people, and stay genuine on the site. After this, you should provide a beautiful picture of yourself from a nice angle. You shouldn’t avoid this step to keep maximum engagement on your page and become famous. At Match, you don’t need to verify your page, so logging in without hesitation should be an excellent advantage for the beginner. Further, you can comfortably use this site without hesitation or fear of getting scammed as all the members are checked twice daily.

eHarmony vs. Match: Convenience and interface

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So, what app has a better interface, eHarmony or Match?

eHarmony has a simple yet user-friendly interface, both fitting for younger and elderly users. All the icons and features comfortably sit in the menu bar.

eHarmony has a minimalistic design that is made for comfort. It only shows your name, place of residence, age, and a blurred profile photo. Although this site has a slightly outdated design, the navigation is top-tier. It is clean and crisp and decluttered. The features have been changing through the years, allowing users to best interface, made to grab attention instantly, you need to upgrade your account to stop seeing ads, but they are not too annoying.

The Match website users to clear and crisps design. All the features are seen in the top menu and with the help of mobile icons. Want to know the dating site comparison? The Match website’s minimalistic design significantly impacted all users of this platform, including the elderly generation.

The only colors used in the site are white and blue, making it look very professional and easy-going. This friendly design makes it easier to understand what is going on the screen and encourages users to stay on this site for a little longer because they are eyes are not hurting from the plethora of colors.

eHarmony vs. Match: Features

Expert Opinion

eHarmony unique features include:

  • Smile

A tiny smiley face icon will appear underneath each profile picture when viewing the list of matches. When you press this button, the individual will receive a smile. It is a method of making contact with people you like.

  • Send question

You may ask people automated questions to start or continue a conversation. Everyone can send questions, and there is no limit to the number of questions you can answer or give in a day.

  • Add to Favorites

You can create a list of favorite profiles by clicking the star icon on the profile pages, just like any other account on eHarmony. Yes, you can only see the match list on the website, but you can narrow it down to only the matches you want to see.

  • What If?

It is a paid option that adds 30 additional matches to your preference list. It means you’ll get more matches, giving you more options.

  • Video Date

Video Date, as the name implies, allows you to meet people through video. You can spend time getting to know a match using this feature, even from the comfort of your own home.

Match also has a significant number of features, such as:

  • Real Talk

Some people struggle to come up with interesting discussion topics. They can use a variety of suggested conversation starters and ice breakers thanks to this feature.

  • Boost

“Boost” is a common add-on unique feature for Match dating. Your profile will be the top recommendation on ‘Matches’ and ‘Discover’ if you use this feature for one hour.

  • Reverse Matches

‘Reverse Matches’ is a list of people with whom you are incompatible. If you want something different, you can look at your ‘Reverse Matches’ list and communicate with them.

  • Likes

The ‘Likes’ button displays all of the Match members you like, as well as those who like you. It costs money to see who likes you.

eHarmony vs. Match: Quality of Matches

Expert Opinion

All in all, eHarmony has fewer possible matches regularly than Match, but the quality of those matches is usually higher in the experience. Perhaps it has something to do with the 29 compatibility features, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. It’s hard to tell which site has better companionship, eHarmony versus Match. The first dating platform will narrow down each person’s Match to a smaller list of potential matches using a compatibility matching system, which makes it a quicker and more refined way to find a date.

eHarmony vs. Match: Best app for hookups

Match members are searching for long-term partnerships, hookups, and dates. Match delegates the search to the members individually. Users that are new to the site build a profile and enter search criteria. Based on these criteria, the site pairs them with other participants. Members, on the other hand, have the option of performing their searches using search filters. Overall, since the age is younger than of eHarmony, this site suits better for hookups.

eHarmony vs. Match: Best app for a relationship

On eHarmony, most people are searching for long-term relationships. To enter, users must complete a lengthy questionnaire. eHarmony carries out all searches for its members; users do not have the option of searching or viewing profiles independently. The website is used by members to connect. Though, its search system is directly designed to find matches specifically for a long-term relationship, making it a better choice.

eHarmony vs. Match: Price Compare

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Light, Plus, and Extra are the three types of subscription memberships offered by eHarmony. These subscriptions are for six, twelve, or twenty-four months. For six months of a Light plan, you’ll have to pay $59.90. A Year Plus membership will cost you $35.90. Two years of an Extra plan will be $ 25.90 in total. How much is eHarmony a month? The site doesn’t provide monthly plans.

Match has two types of memberships: Standard and Premium. Both plans are available for 3, 6, or 12 months, so choose what works best for you. Match also provides two independent features: Match Me and Boost, in addition to these subscriptions. Three months of a Match subscription will cost you $44.97, while half a year will be just $68.94. Additionally, a year of using a Match app will cost you $ 107.88, making it more expensive. Although an eHarmony app doesn’t cost so much, it doesn’t provide credits. How much is Match a month? The site also doesn’t provide monthly plans.

eHarmony vs. Match: Fee based Services

Expert Opinion

Below you can see the premium services at the eHarmony platform:

  • View the images
  • Take a look at who has added you to their favorites list.
  • See who has been watching you.
  • Messages are unlimited.
  • Browse in complete anonymity.
  • Find matches that don’t suit your tastes.

    Below you can see the premium services at the eHarmony platform:

  • Messages sent via Instant Messenger
  • See who’s been looking at you.
  • Notification that your email has been read
  • Take part in regular matches to earn a spot.
  • MatchPhone feature.

    eHarmony vs. Match: Free Services

Below you can see the free services at the eHarmony platform:

  • Registration and the creation of your profile
  • Send winks to members who have caught your attention.
  • Check out a member’s page.
  • Send five questions created by the web.
  • People can be added to your favorites list.
  • Look for matches that don’t fit your tastes.

Below you can see the free services at the Match platform:

  • Registration and making a profile
  • Send your likes
  • Look at the list of members.
  • Take part in a matchmaking session.
  • SingledOut matches.
  • Check out the profiles of the members.

Best alternative for eHarmony vs. Match

  • Bumble

Bumble was developed to allow women to send messages to men. It’s an alternative for all the hetero couples.

  • OkCupid

An app similar to Tinder that pays attention to personality, not only looks.

  • Happn

Happn lists all the people you come across every day. You have a chance to meet them in the app.


This app is perfect for people who don’t like to waste their time, giving them 2 hours to connect before meeting each other.

eHarmony vs. Match: The Final Verdict

Both eHarmony and Match have a track record of making substantive interactions that go beyond hooking up, and they’ve proved it. Your buddies who aren’t ready to commit to a relationship will prefer not to sign up for Match or eHarmony, but for those who are looking for marriage, it’s the best choice. However, since Match is a site that caters to a younger audience, it is more oriented towards hookups, making eHarmony the best site for building a serious relationship.

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