Buddhist Dating Sites 2021: Insight into the Nature of Life & Love

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  2. Good for Be2 is one of the best international dating websites for a real and lasting relationship. Be2
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Why Is Buddhism One Of The Wisest Religions To Help You Out With Dating Life?

Buddhism is believed to be one of the wisest religions when it comes to finding your own path. What is a better way to get close to someone other than knowing yourself first?

In this article, you are going to understand why people try Buddhist dating even though they confess to another religion, what are the main rules of Buddhist online dating. You will learn about some of the best Buddhist dating apps and realize that Buddhist dating sites are one of the friendliest places you’ll ever see.

What Makes Buddhist Dating So Great?

Buddhist dating is the best choice you could ever expect. Why? See, Buddhists always practiced freedom above all. And even if you find its promises ridiculous for now, with time, every adult gives up the idea of absolute possession and starts practicing independence, because it is much more efficient than clinging onto someone you will never fully obtain. Buddhism is all about independence and feeling great even alone.

In Buddhism, love should not depend on the idea of a perfect partner. One should not create a fake idol, setting up a clueless person for a fail. The key to a successful relationship in Buddhist dating is to detach from the idea of existing ideals, accepting your partner as a natural being with all their advantages and disadvantages.

Buddhists do not like to attach marriage to the idea of status, wealth, and a social norm. Marriage is a soul unity, not a formality or a necessity. A key to a happy marriage is the fulfillment and personal growth.

Why Is It Easy to Try Buddhist Dating Online?

Buddhist dating sites are made for people of different confession. For many of them, Buddhism is a great ideology and a non-conformist way to build a family. Buddhist online dating is not against divorces or same-sex relationships; that is why many people find these sites a friendly community where acceptance and tolerance are key. Again, Buddhism was always forward and liberal.

Buddhist or not, it is easy to merge with the community for many reasons:

  • Buddhists are chill people who don’t tend to judge as long as you lead a soulful way of living;
  • Buddhists are all about casual dating as long as you present inner value and help them with spiritual growth;
  • Buddhist dating doesn’t know borders sexually, nationally, and spiritually;
  • Buddhists are people with history and experience, that is why everyone’s journey with spirituality is different.

How to Make Buddhist Dating Sites Work for You?

How does Buddhist online dating work? Generally, a Buddhist dating app doesn’t differ from any other dating site based on religious views. Any similar app works in the same way, with only four steps:

  1. Profile creation. To start engaging in Buddhist online dating, you have to begin with a profile. First of all, complete basic requirements from the site, providing a login and a password, filling in information about your age, country of location, and agreeing with the site’s terms and policies.
  2. Provide some personal information. Just like with any other dating site, you need to talk more about your story. State about your preferences. Give visitors a full view of your personality, or just a good hint if you want to stay mysterious. Talk about your personal journey with religion, how long you practice it, your main expectations from a partner, and possible goals (although we’ve talked that attachment is not very Buddhist). Complete a questionnaire whenever the site provides it.
  3. Search partners by your criteria. Everyone has their own preferences and turn-offs, so state it in your bio if you have something to say. Use searching tools to find people by tags.
  4. Get your proposals and friend requests. With this, you need to spend some time. Talk to multiple people and check the site daily. Try to be as friendly and active as possible. All in all, isn’t it a goal of any dating site?

Are There True Buddhist Dating Apps?

Yes, Buddhist dating sites sure exist. Here are just some of them:


It is one of the first sites that come to mind if you mention Buddhist online dating. Dharma can be roughly translated as “be our best selves every day.” You might understand from the name of the site that its members practice purity, mutual respect, spiritual growth, and everything nice. The site has a refund policy and a very friendly community.


Although EHARMONY is not a site for specifically Buddhist online dating, it has over 10,000 000 active users. Since Buddhism is the fourth most popular religion, you have a pretty good chance to link up with a mindful partner. Besides, EHARMONY has a separate community for Buddhist dating specifically.

Can I Find a Completely Free Buddhist Dating Site?

Completely free Buddhist Dating Sites are not a fairytale. They exist. Some of them are not specifically for Buddhist people, but this religion is prevalent among people on the following sites:

  • Mingle2
  • dharmaMatch
  • Match
  • OKCupid

How Do I Select a Perfect Buddhist Dating Site?

Just like Buddhist scriptures say, listen to your heart. The only path you should choose is one that brings you fulfillment and enlightenment. But for real, what should you do when scrolling through Buddhist dating sites?

Make up a list

To know what to choose from, you need to lay out all the choices. Start from the most promising Buddhist dating site and finish with the “meh” category. Make sure to give each one of them a try. Begin with the most pompous and advertised site and compare it with the least known ones. Do they differ in anything aside from the design?

Listen to your gut

Sometimes it is enough to take a look at the site to evaluate how good it will be. When trying to find a perfect Buddhist dating site, make sure you check every option and give a good try to each contestant. Pick three to five sites and be active on them for a week or so. If some members give you an icky feeling, this might not be your perfect one.

Do not set yourself for failure.

Although Buddhists are fairly lovely communicative people, not all of them can reply to you the same time they got a friend request. Didn’t get an answer from the person you genuinely liked? Don’t worry, chill, listen to some music, and try to do other stuff meanwhile. Still haven’t gotten a reply? Remember that everything happens for a reason in Buddhist dating, and at the same time, nothing does.

What Are The Coolest Buddhist Dating Tips?

Buddhist dating presupposes total rejection of one’s ego for the sake of spiritual growth. But aside from that, are there any essential tips that will help you find a soulful partner?

Be prepared to obsess less

Being overly attached is pure evil for your brain and soul. Why? In obsessions, there is no objectivity. It is like having an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Patients with OCD are often caught up in projections of altered reality. Similarly, people who religiously please their partner to stay taken are in denial. No, you will not die if they go away from your life. Buddhist dating is based on the acceptance of the worst-case scenario. Don’t build unrealistic expectations and obsess over a person if you do not want to be disappointed. Do not let the fear of abandonment control you.

Be prepared to lose

Why is Buddhist dating so pessimistic, you ask? In reality, there is nothing you didn’t know. Loss is a natural stage of every relationship and from the start, be ready to release the person at any time. You might find it surprising, but the moment you realize a relationship is finite, the same moment you will find peace in your head, concentrating on the current moment, not setting any goals, unrealistic expectations, or standards. This will teach you to love like there is no tomorrow.

You are a child of the Universe

You cannot manifest a perfect soulmate whenever you decide to have them. The Universe doesn’t work like that. In reality, a perfect partner will come into your life when you least expect it. So be sure you concentrate on personal growth. Don’t sit still, contemplating if your current date is the one. Be sure to receive positive emotions and learn lessons from them.


Dating for Buddhists is another way to build a strong, positive, and meaningful connection without an urge to go outside and join groups in real life. Buddhist online dating is all about trust, security, and personal growth. Buddhist dating doesn’t know borders and limitations; that is why it is easy to find a suitable site (often, completely free of charge) and start looking for harmony.

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