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EuroDate Review: Great Dating Site?

EuroDate Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 25-40
Profiles 3 250 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You could get your compatible partner in two simple clicks.
  • The platform offers personalized experience; you get hooked up to other singles concerning your preferences.
  • The entire membership remains active most hours of the day.
  • The EuroDate website undertakes regular checks to ascertain the legitimacy of the thousands of profiles.
  • All the members on the platform are verified.
  • You can chat in real-time with other singles on this site.
  • It is ideal for those seeking long-term affairs.
  • The process of signing up on the app is quite straightforward.
  • You can decide to use the free version or go for the premium one.
  • A lot of ads may make your navigation slow, especially if you are using the free version.
  • It is not an ideal spot for anyone looking for a casual hook-up.
  • You could quickly come across a fake profile.

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Many people are out to find someone to get acquainted with and finally date. Such people find EuroDate worth their time and money. Nonetheless, not everyone who comprehends how exactly the platform works. But the lack of know-how about the site should not worry you as long as you are here reading EuroDate reviews. Therefore, even before you could hit the registration button.

Indeed, times have changed, and traditional settings on dating are becoming less reliable. A lot of individuals do not get time to go out and mingle with potential singles. See, lifestyles have changed. Businesses are becoming more and more demanding. Thus, most guys don’t even get time to pay a visit to social places where they could possibly meet other single ladies or gents. But with the inception of the internet, everything changed. Everything is now more convenient and comfortable to handle even from home. So, online dating with EuroDate is here to stay.

EuroDate is widely known for its handiness in matching potential partners. It is popular in the European market, but people from other countries are also welcomed. Thus, anyone looking to date a European woman finds this a resourceful online spot. If you intend to become a member of EuroDate and enjoy the thrill offered in there, stay around. This EuroDate review will give you essential info about the site. All the information revealed in this review is from credible sources.

EuroDate Review: Great Dating Site?

Does EuroDate Support Multiple Languages?

This dating website is available in English. It does not possess a feature to translate the text written in English. However, you could make use of your browser translation feature to see if you get to read the text in your language. However, since its popularity prevails in countries that speak English, then no need to have it in any other language.

Who Is The Owner Of EuroDate?

It is not well-known as to who really owns this dating site. Such info is not available on any online or print media platform. In most cases, they only offer an email address that you could use to reach them. But they do not have any other info with regard to its ownership.

So Where Is EuroDate Located?

An On-land location of this website is not known. Seemingly, most of the undertakings of the site are done by operators working remotely. It is purely an online community where singles will find potential matches.

When Was EuroDate Incepted?

EuroDate was introduced back in 1993. This connotes that the website is 27 years old and still going strong. Its presence has spread to over 23 countries. This means that you can make use of it despite your location. As long as it is available in your country, then you can leverage its excellent services.

Is The EuroDate App Available Globally?

To begin with, this dating app is exceedingly popular in European countries. In Europe, the website is widely used by both youngsters and the old. And indeed, the site is an international site, which then shows that anyone can use it from wherever they are. So, you can easily find a European woman right on EuroDate with less regard to where you come from.

What Are Some Of The Special Features?

This site has convenient features that you should leverage.

Video Chat

You can make use of the video chat element to call your matches. It is a great way to have a glimpse of how your match looks like. Also, you can just have fun with fellow members.

Search Tool

This portal has a great search tool for finding matches. It entails the use of search filters aimed at giving you a perfect match as per your preferences.


You can send flirts to the people you are interested in. That way, they will know that you would want to chat with them.


What About The Audience Quality

A large portion of its members hails from Europe. The portal welcomes all those that have attained 18 years of age and are ready to find love. However, with a large number of users, a particular percentage of them may not have much knowledge of how the site works. They are just boys and girls who are trying out new adventures. Geographically, the portal covers an extensive area. It has many participants from Germany, Spain, England, Belgium, plus many other European countries. Every person has their sexual preferences. And to make this clear to everyone, make an effort to include your sexual orientation on your profile. It makes it easy for other members to look for your type of preference.

When it comes to the membership, it is good to know who tends to become a member of the portal. So, who are you likely to meet on EuroDate? The first thing you need to know is that most users of EuroDate are looking for something real. They want to get a serious person they could date and, if possible, settle down for marriage. You may have to look for an alternative site if you are looking for a casual hook-up. A one-night-stand hook-up may not be possible here. Great stuff is right here for all those looking for a match ready to date or start a long-term affair that could lead to marriage.

How Is The Age Distribution

Most of the members in this dating portal are 18 years and above. However, you will find more members lire between the ages of 20 and 35 since that age comprises guys ready for marriage. Anyone below the minimum joining age, which is 18 years, may not be allowed even to become a member, let alone dating. Simply, they encourage people who feel like they are ready to take up serious commitments such as serious affairs, marriage, among others.

Does The Site Suffer From Fakes And Scammers?

Indeed, most dating sites have scammers and many fake profiles. This aspect makes the sites unreliable and reduces their credibility. But on EuroDate, you may not come across such profiles. See, this site strives to ensure all its users are safe and secure. With regard to the safety requirements, the site employs a verification tactic to make sure all members are real. This helps filter those profiles that are not verified. The site’s moderators have the mandate to ban and even get rid of any accounts proven to be fake.

Does The Site Suffer From Fakes And Scammers

Mobile App And Website

People love dating sites that offer a mobile app. Truly, EuroDate is a fantastic dating platform since it provides a mobile application for android users. Indeed, the app is a pretty great experience for all members. You see, it gives the privilege to stay signed in. But if anyone finds the app unsuitable, though it offers the same features as the EuroDate website version, they can opt for the mobile site. So, for your information, the mobile app guarantees the same elements just as the mobile site. However, the reason most people love the app is because of its convenience and ease of use. So, there are multiple options as to how anyone can interact with this dating portal.

EuroDate App

This dating portal is quite easy to utilize. Indeed, the best way to enjoy the multiple features of this site is by becoming a member. That way, you can even tell your friends how the portal is handy when it comes to dating. This dating platform offers an excellent opportunity for all European guys to date people from other countries. It also provides a community where people from different countries around the world can find European nationals to date and even walk down the aisle together. And most people love the design of the EuroDate website and the multiple features it hosts.

EuroDate Website

What must you know about the website? First, you need to understand that the website is easy to navigate using your PC. Then you would have no excuse for not using this fantastic site if you own or can access a PC.

Can You Use The App On Your PC?

The site can be utilized on any device as long as it is internet enabled. Truly said, the compatibility of the website on all devices of various sizes and operating systems makes the site phenomenal. Thus, you can use the website to find a match using your PC.

Which Browsers Support EuroDate?

The app does not pose limitations as to which browsers one should use to navigate it. All browsers are capable of using the EuroDate website to fulfill your desires. Just make sure the browser you intend to use is up-to-date. Also, you can make use of the browsers installed on your mobile phone. iPhone users may find it hard since they do not have an app dedicated to their operating system. However, they are free to use different browsers on their phones.

Why Are You Having A Hard Time Logging Into The Site?

There could be various reasons as to why you experience glitches when logging in to EuroDate website. It could either be the use of wrong login credentials, or unstable internet connection. In such a scenario, you should check out your connection as well as ensure you are using the correct details to log into your account. If the problem persists, then you may have to contact the customer support right away. Or you can make changes to your password.

How Is Its Design

EuroDate boasts of a beautiful design. Indeed, the portal is straightforward to browse. See, the layout is intuitive, straightforward, and, most importantly, user-friendly. If you cherish cleanliness and elegance when choosing dating portals, this one would be your perfect choice. No hundreds of ads popping up or even disruptive music or strange sounds.

How Is Its Design

The Sign-Up Process

It is free to sign up on EuroDate. Nonetheless, the amount of details required is a bit higher than those needed in other sites. The reason behind that is because the site focuses on serious relationships. You see, casual hook-up sites never require much of your personal details. But here, the details are highly needed to give you an excellent match. As always, you must reveal your gender and that of the person you are interested in. The ages of you and the person you want to meet must be given. Just make sure you fill out all the fields correctly.

Alternatively, you can make use of your google account to become a member of EuroDate. But thus, links your email to the portal. You will, therefore, start to receive updates from the site. This process does not involve too many fields. You cannot sign up using your Facebook account. But you can always use the two given alternatives.

Can You Unfollow An EuroDate Member?

It is always possible to unfollow a member if you lose interest in them. The option is available once you click on their profile. That way, you can keep those that you deem as compatibles.

Which Is The Minimum Age Accepted On EuroDate?

This portal is meant for adults. The content on the various pages is ideal for viewing and consumption by those above 18 years of age.

Are There Options On Account Verification?

The best way to verify your account is through the use of an email address.

How To Verify Your Email?

A verification link would be sent to your emails with further instructions or say guidelines on how to complete it. In most cases, you are just required to click it, and once approved, you can log in again.

What Happens If You Use A Facebook Account To Join?

This dating portal does not offer the option of joining via Facebook account. However, one can join using the Google account. Also, you can fill out the various spaces on the site’s homepage.

Can Anyone Use The Portal Without Registering?

You cannot enjoy the services of EuroDate website without registration. However, you can access the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use pages.

Can Anyone Use The Portal Without Registering?

How To Set-Up Your Profile

You are first required to visit the homepage. And before you could proceed, remember the portal focuses on long-term relationships. so, you will be required to give more info. It may seem a lengthy procedure to some. But it is worth it. See, putting more effort into providing the required info increases the chances of success on this site. Make sure you complete all the questions on the EuroDate sign up process. The more info you provide, the higher the chances of receiving likes, messages, and clicks. All the information provided helps them give you a more compatible partner. A basic profile may not get much attention. So, make yours as attractive as you can.

Can You Delete Your Photo On EuroDate?

It is possible to get rid of a photo that you had uploaded to your EuroDate profile. Alternatively, you can replace it with another photo.

How Do You Make Changes To Your Username On EuroDate?

You may not be able to make tweaks to your username. However, you can make changes to your login password.

Can You Delete Your EuroDate Profile?

You can get rid of your EuroDate account anytime you want. To achieve this, you can use the delete option on your profile settings. Similarly, you can contact the support team via email, letting them know that you intend to delete your account, and they will do it for you.

What Happens When You Swipe Off The Visibility Option?

Once you hit the button to hide your profile on EuroDate, no one would be able to see your profile. Even if they search for it, the profile won’t appear in their results. This means that no one will reach out to you because they do not if you exist on the portal.

Can Anyone Delete The Information On EuroDate Profiles?

Your personal data that you provide to EuroDate is very crucial. It helps them find great matches for you. However, it is okay to request for its suspension or permanent deletion. Just send a deletion or suspension request to the customer care team, and they will do it right away.

Can Anyone Delete The Information On Eurodate Profiles?

Member Search Tips And Insights

Once you are fully registered on the EuroDate portal, you can start looking for compatible partners. You can use the various filters available to find the exact person you intend to get from the site. However, you will need to be a premium member to utilize the cutting-edge search filters.

How Do You See The EuroDate Members That You Liked?

Yes, the members you like will appear in your list of favourites.

Are There Different Options Of EuroDate Search?

You can use filters such as age, gender, location, and body type. However, there are more aspects that you can include in your search to receive reliable results.

Can Free Members See Who Liked Them On EuroDate?

The portal has allowed free members to find out about those that like them. So, it is not a feature limited to premium account owners.

Contacting Fellow Users

To find a match on this site, you will have to search and strike a conversation with the one you deem cute. However, you’ll need to have a paid subscription to enjoy unlimited messaging.

How Can You Begin A Conversation With A Member On EuroDate?

Use the search element that reveals all members online. then, you can send an instant message to the one you like.

How Can You Contact Other Users?

Just use the chat elements on the profiles of the person you find cute. Feel free to message more than one person so that you can choose your selection later based on who is quite responsive.

Is It Free To Send Messages?

Sending messages on this portal is not free. You need a paid plan to be able to send flirt and texts to other members.

How Can You See Messages Received From Other Users On EuroDate?

You can see the messages received from fellow users on the dashboard. You will see the messages icon, and once you click, you will view the messages.

How Can You Use The Webcam On EuroDate?

This portal does offer webcam services but only to paid users. You can video chat with your matches to plan for a date. This feature requires credits.

How Can You Restrict Who Can Contact You On EuroDate?

You can make restrictions on who can reach out to you. You can block any members who never interest or keep disturbing you with unnecessary messages.

Portal’s Costs And Other Payment Method

Membership to this portal demands 9.99 USD. However, you get a discount for your first month. After that, the standard fee applies, and it is renewed each month.

What Does The Free Plan Offer Users?

  • View profiles of fellow members
  • You can develop your profile and even add a photo
  • Search for matches but may not be able to chat with them.

What About The Premium Plans?

  • Basic Chat — 1 credit for every minute
  • Video Chat — up to 6 credits for every minute
  • Email — 10 credits each
  • Send/view photos or videos — 15 credits each

Does EuroDate Offer Premium Plans?

Yes, this portal has payment plans. See, owning a free account may pose limits. So, always consider a paid plan to enjoy all its features.

What About The Premium Plans?

How Do You Cancel Your EuroDate Subscription?

Anyone who wishes to cancel their payments should reach out to the support team. They will cancel it for you, but this option is only for those that use credit or debit cards. PayPal users can do so in their PayPal accounts.

Is The Subscription On EuroDate Auto-Renewed?

Yes, the subscription to this portal gets an auto-renewal. So, no one struggles with monthly payments.

Can You Receive A Refund For Unused Time?

The refund policy for EuroDate requires that you reach out via email. They will evaluate your request and help you accordingly.

Is Your “Funding” To EuroDate Auto-Renewed Monthly?

The EuroDate system makes most of its payments automatically. So, this is auto-renewed.

Can You Get Your Funds Back If Not Satisfied With EuroDate?

Here, you need to contact the customer support team. They possess a policy on any refunds and eligibility.

Will Your EuroDate ‘funding’ Appear On Your Credit Card Bill?

The appearance of your support to EuroDate may not show in your bills. However, in your bank statement, the name of the firm will appear.

Can You ‘fund’ Other EuroDate Users?

You can deliver flirts and some virtual gifts to fellow users. Once you get hooked up with someone, that’s when you can support them.

Can You Send Funding For Just A Month?

This entirely relies on your subscription. The length of the plan translates to the frequency of your support.

Is It Safe To Use EuroDate?

EuroDate is a safe dating platform. It protects all its members and their personal info through the use of advanced security systems.

Privacy On EuroDate

All the info provided to EuroDate is kept private. No other member or third parties can access it.

Are All Chats On EuroDate Encrypted?

The portal uses a reliable encryption system that protects all chats. So, you should never worry, even when using public WIFI.

Can EuroDate Track Down Its Users?

The only details collected by the systems are your location, pages you visit, the type of your browser, device, etc. It does not monitor any other info that they shouldn’t.

Can EuroDate Be Interfered By The Police?

The cyber-crime police will track down those using the internet to scam others or perform illegal activities. They do not have access to your chats on EuroDate.

Who Should Be Reached Out To If You Have Questions Regarding Privacy?

You can reach out to the support team via this email support@eurodate.com.

Who Should Be Reached Out To If You Have Questions Regarding Privacy?


Safety is very crucial, and EuroDate prioritizes this. So, feel safe when using it.

Are Eurodate Forums Posts Regulated?

Since it is an adult site, most of its threads are explicit. And no one checks on the posts.

What Will Happen To Those Asking For Cash From Other Users On Eurodate?

The member will eventually be banned from the site.

Banned Account

What do you know about EuroDate accounts that get banned? Or how do you even know your account has been banned by the moderators? Well, here is how to know.

Why Can’t You Log Into EuroDate?

Your account may have been banned due to suspicious activities.

How Long Do Bans On EuroDate Last?

There is no length as to how long a banned account can become active again. They are banned permanently.

How Can You Reactivate Your Banned Account?

You can reach out to the support team to help you reactivate it.

See How You Can Protect Yourself

It is good to protect your info. So, keep highly personal details to yourself. Only reveal what you should.

How Can You Block And Report A Suspected Scammer?

You can open their profile and click the block button. That way, they will no longer message you. Hit the report user button to let moderators know that the person is disturbing you.

Which Information Doesn’t Qualify To Be Posted On EuroDate Account?

You should not post any info concerning your credit card or bank details. Just post what you deem right.

You Can Get Help And Support

You can reach out at support@eurodate.com if you have any questions. The team will get back to you within 48 hours.

Real Life Review

A lot of its former and current users say that the site is reliable and has no bots posing as humans. Scammers and fake profiles are swiftly dealt with. So, do not be afraid to join. You’ll be protected by the safety system that the site uses.

Is EuroDate The Top Matchmaking Portal?

EuroDate is among the top dating platforms. However, it is still rising and promising the best services to its users.

Is EuroDate Really Safe?

Yes, the portal is safe. The site’s database is highly guarded by top security systems.

Is EuroDate A Dating App?

Yes, EuroDate is an excellent dating portal.

Is EuroDate Free?

Yes. Anyone can create a free account. But you’ll need to upgrade to enjoy all elements.

How Does EuroDate Operate?

EuroDate is a top dating portal. You just need to register, develop an awesome profile, and begin to hunt for matches. Use email, video chat, or any other communication element available to contact your matches. The portal is credible; thus, you can be free to join.

Are There Fake Or Scammers On EuroDate?

There are very few scammers since most of them get filtered even before they could extort members.

Are There Fake Or Scammers On EuroDate?

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Contact Information

Company: EuroDate

Email: support@eurodate.com

Phone: Customer support number 1 (800) 283-0545


In conclusion, this portal is ideal for anyone looking to find a match to date that could lead to marriage. So, if you are that person, it is about time to join this excellent site. You can use a free version, but you will need a pain plan to enjoy the full benefits of EuroDate.

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