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Fastflirting Review: Great Dating Site?

Fastflirting Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 98%
Popular age 25-35
Beauty 64%
Profiles 110 000
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Visit rate 5.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The chat is not only for text. You can send all kinds of animations and images too.
  • They ask very little information from users in the sign-up form.
  • It is very similar to Facebook when talking about usability.
  • This is a site intended for fast and straightforward interactions.
  • You can rate other people's pictures.
  • You can have fun and flirt with anyone regardless of your gender.
  • You can immediately identify a user's location by the flag below their picture.
  • When signing up on Fastflirting, you can only choose "Guy" or" Girl," so trannies may have some issues there.
  • This site is mainly for flirting and mindless interactions; if you want something more, you may want to try somewhere else.
  • They do not offer an application for mobile devices yet.

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Even though Fastflirting was initially envisioned as a speed dating platform, it has since evolved into a more complete dating experience. Now you have the option to look for long-term love or all kinds of relationships, but this is still a mainly fast-paced dating experience. Most people using the platform have that rush of firing up quick questions and meeting people in that care-free manner.

Fastflirting website reminds you a lot of Facebook, which makes a lot of sense since it appeared around 2018. They most certainly took inspiration from the most popular social network at the time. That makes the experience very easy to dive into; practically everyone knows how Facebook looks and functions, even those who claim never to use it. That means that people coming on this platform feel very comfortable and at home from the get-go.

Another point to touch in this Fastflirting review is that this platform shines for its simplicity. There are no complicated forms to sign up or long, intricate menus to go through. All you have are lists of people you can meet, the chat itself to communicate, and some basic search options. Everything you need to have fun and nothing else makes the experience feel heavy.

How many languages does Fastflirting support?

Fastflirting support

They support most languages, but, of course, most users communicate in English or Spanish. There is no reason to worry, though. If you want to set it up in other languages, you most likely can.

Who owns Fastflirting?

Fastflirting reviews should include information about who owns the company. In this case, they are associated with Jumbuck Entertainment, a company that dates back with 2001. Jumbuck’s primary goal is to give single people new and exciting ways to communicate with one another. Logically, they came up with the idea of this platform.

So where is Fastflirting based now?

They, just like their parent company, are based in Australia.

When was Fastflirting founded?

This site appeared in 2018, which makes it a little over two years old. Nonetheless, in that time, they have gathered an avid follower base and many happy users.

Is Fastflirting available worldwide?

Yes, you can enjoy this platform almost anywhere in the world. It does not matter if you are in Asia, Europe, or the new continent; you can sign up and meet lots of people in an enjoyable and care-free way.

Special Features

Special Features

FastFlirting is many people’s choice due to how simple it is. Here you do need to think much to meet people. They offer you fundamental functionality, but somehow it is more than enough for engaging with awesome strangers and flirting, which is the whole point of the site. With that said, they do have some exciting features.

A great way to start is their chat functionality. Most sites only allow users to send texts. However, here, you can share all kinds of images and animations, which makes the experience much better. It also offers excellent, but yet again, straightforward search filters and options. You can find people based on their location, gender, or age. Of course, you can filter those who are at the moment online or have no pictures.

Audience quality

The kinds of people using this platform vary wildly. You can find all sorts of individuals with a variety of tastes and inclinations. The one common theme here is that they want an easy and quick dating experience. Though Fastflirting’s main target is English speaking countries like Australia, the United States, and Canada, but you can still find tons of users from Europe and Latin America like Uruguay.

Age distribution

The Fastflirting website has not unveiled its data about the exact percentages and age brackets of their users. Nonetheless, based on the profiles and pictures, one can infer that the site is mainly frequented by males aged twenty-eight to forty and females in their twenties and thirties. Still, you can use the search to find guys and gals from almost any age gap, of course, starting at eighteen years old.

Fakes and scammers

This is mainly a free site that asks close to nothing when it comes to information and verification processes. For that reason, there tends to be a fair number of fakes. Nonetheless, you can easily report them, so they do not bother you. Moreover, it is not that common to come across those profiles.

Mobile app and Website

Mobile app and Website

For now, they do not have a mobile app, but their website can be proudly described as “very functional.” It offers users versatility and very smooth experience. It is not oversimplified by any means. At the same time, it provides only the basic stuff and leaves everything else out the door. That makes for a very light and seamless experience where users do not have to think much to use it.

Fastflirting App

For now, they have not come up with a mobile app, but that should not be a concern to anyone. The Fastflirting website works great. It is very well optimized for mobile phones, tablets, and practically any device you have with a browser on it.

Fastflirting website

As mentioned above, the website is all about simplicity and ease of use. It is charming to the eyes and reminds you of Facebook a lot in the way it works. This is yet another positive thing because anyone who has used Facebook feels confident using this platform due to the similarities.

Can you use the app using your computer?

For the time being, you are better off using the website they offer because they have not yet launched any mobile application.

Which browsers support Fastflirting?

This Fastflirting review should also talk about compatibility. They offer a very light and well-optimized experience that any browser can handle. For that reason, you have no reason to stress about it. The service can be used in virtually any browser you have at hand.

Why are you having a hard time entering the site?

That can be linked to a poor connection or something related to your keyboard. Make sure your internet is working correctly and that your caps lock is turned off before trying to sing in again.



You can describe the whole experience, interface included, in two words, convenient and functional. First, you have the layout in white and soft blue tones that makes it very pleasant and easy on the eyes. There are very few buttons and menus, which makes it easy to use. Overall, one can notice that while designing it, the folks at Fastflirting wanted to create a very light experience where users can effortlessly take full advantage of it.

Registration process

This is one of the highlights of Fastflirting. The registration process asks close to nothing from the people creating accounts. You have a straightforward form to fill up, which consists of no more than seven questions. You are not expected to include all kinds of personal stuff or describe yourself to the teeth. Just add your basic contact info, create a username, and you are good to go.

Can you unmatch a Fastflirting member?

Sure, you can unmatch anyone on the platform. Moreover, you can easily block someone so they cannot reach you anymore.

How old should you be to register on Fastflirting?

Fastflirting is a place for adults only; for that reason, you need to be at least eighteen years of age to have an account.

Which ways can you verify your account?

You can use the email you provided while signing up or contact them directly. In any case, this is not required by them in order to use the service.

How do you verify your email?

You do not need to verify it, but if for any reason you need to, just contact Fastflirting so the support team can guide you through the process.

What happens if you register using your Facebook Account?

Then the sign-up process becomes even simpler. After selecting Facebook as the way to register, the system pulls your info from there, so you do not have to fill up the forms yourself.

Can you use the site without signing up?

No, as a measure of privacy and security, only people who have accounts in the platform can explore and use Fastflirting.

Profile set-up

After providing the general contact information during registration, there is not much you can do on your profile. Of course, you can include some extra info and add descriptions, but the best thing to do is find your most flattering photographs and upload them so other users can check you out.

Can you delete a photo that you uploaded on Fastflirting?

You can easily do that from your gallery on the Fastflirting website. Just find the pic you want to get rid of and use the extra options to delete it.

How do you edit your username on Fastflirting?

You can manage all your information from the settings page that is located on your profile.

Is there an option to delete your Fastflirting profile?

Sure, at the very bottom of the settings list, you can find the option to delete your profile. You have two options there. You can either deactivate your current account or entirely remove it. If you go for deactivation, then your profile is hidden from other users, and next time you sign in, it gets reactivated, and everything will be as you left it. The other option is a full deletion, which erases all your info, and after that, you have to create a new account if you want to use Fastflirting again.

What happens if you disable the “Show me on Fastflirting” option?

Here it is called “deactivate,” and that pretty much hides your profile from other users, so it seems like your profile was deleted. Nonetheless, next time you enter your profile, it “wakes up,” and you can take off from where you left it last time.

Can you delete the information that you already submitted to Fastflirting?

Yes, they give you lots of freedom to change or delete any info on your profile. All these can be done right from the settings pages.

The search in Fastflirting is much simpler than the options you will find on other dating sites, but despite that, its every bit is as useful. After all, the primary purpose of this platform is to create a speed dating experience online where people do not need to think much to meet others. The search gives you various options to filter out results. Those include age, location, gender, and whether a user is online or has pics on their profile.

Is it possible to see the Fastflirting members who you liked?

Sure, they offer some basic listing options, like adding users to your favorites. That is an excellent way to keep those you like close and easy to find.

What are the different options of Fastflirting Search?

They are basic but very powerful. The main ones are location, gender, and age.

Can you see if someone likes you on Fastflirting if you are a free member?

Yes, there is a tab that shows you people who liked you, and this is open for every user on the page.


This is an essential point for this platform. Their messaging tools are fundamental but impressive. You have practically no hick-ups, the chat is stable, you do not get thrown out of the system, and your messages always get delivered. Moreover, this is not a simple chat like you see in most similar sites. You are not limited to text; there are options to send all kinds of images and even pictures. In the same manner, you can send super cool and funny animations.

How can you start messaging with someone on Fastflirting?

You can start by contacting your matches, but if you are feeling adventurous, you can just find users with the search tools and send them private messages. Taking the first step is always a good idea, and you are more likely to find someone awesome.

How can you message someone?

To start a chat with another user in Fastflirting is very easy. All you need to do is find the user you want to message, go to their profile, and there you can see the button to start a conversation.

Is sending messages free?

Yes, this platform offers the incredible possibility to chat and interact with all users via the chat without having to spend any cash for it.

How do you see who messaged you on Fastflirting?

You should go to your messages page, and there you have all the information you need. Your chats are well organized, and you can see who the sender is.

How do you use the camera on Fastflirting?

For now, the Fastflirting platform does not offer video messaging options, but rumor has it that functionality may be coming very soon.

How can you filter who can message you on Fastflirting?

You can set that up in your preferences as well as in the search. If you do not want specific users to reach out to you, it is effortless to block them.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

This platform, as well as all their tools, is offered without charge. This is a very refreshing take on dating sites since most, if not any, take money for memberships or at least specific functions like the chat. Here the story is different where you can get the full experience without being forced to spend a dime.

Free Membership Features

As mentioned already, free members are the only kind of members, and they get all the impressive functions Fastflirting has to offer.

Premium Membership Features

Since they do not offer premium memberships, you could say that their free accounts are “premium” and include practically everything.

Does Fastflirting offer premium membership?

They do not offer any premium memberships for the time being, and hopefully, it will stay that way.

How do you cancel a Fastflirting membership?

Since they do not offer paid memberships, you do not need to worry about canceling subscriptions because there aren’t any.

Is Fastflirting membership auto-renewed?

No, as stated before, Fastflirting does not have memberships; therefore, they cannot be renewed.

Can you get a refund for unused time?

Everything goes for free, so the only thing you are investing in is your time.

Is your “support” to Fastflirting automatically renewed every month?

No, on this platform, there are not any kind of renewals for payments.

You are not satisfied with Fastflirting. Can you get your money back?

Since the experience is free of charge then you could just close your account, or even better, give it one more chance, you have nothing to lose and many awesome people to meet.

How will your Fastflirting support appear on your credit card bill?

It does not since the service does not charge anything to your card.

Can you give support to other Fastflirting members?

No, this is strongly discouraged since other “members” asking for money are nothing but scammers. The best thing you can do is report them and hopefully, they get banned.

Can you send support for just a month?

Fastflirting does not ask you for money, so you can save your well-earned cash for all the dates you are likely to have with people you meet here.

Is Fastflirting Really Safe?

Since it is free and signing up is relatively easy, scammers tend to get attracted to this site. That is no reason to worry, though, you just have to be vigilant and report anyone asking for money. That way, you can have a safe experience.

Privacy in Fastflirting

Fastflirting uses SSL processes and various security measures, which means your information is well kept. At the same time, only registered users can see your profile, which puts an extra layer of privacy in place.

Are Fastflirting chats encrypted?

All the information that goes through their servers has to pass an SSL connection, which, in theory, makes it secure, and attackers cannot target it.

Can Fastflirting track you down?

They can potentially use tracking technology, but that is to improve your experience and suggest you users that are close by, nothing to be concerned about.

Can Fastflirting be traced by the police?

This company is registered and legally running, so that should not be a problem.

Who should you contact if you have questions regarding privacy on Fastflirting?

You can easily reach out to their awesome support team that is always very glad to give answers to all your questions.


Fastflirting is a safe site if you use it with caution. Keep your eyes open, and do not share private information. With those measures in place, you should experience a safe environment.

Are Fastflirting Forums threads moderated?

The team keeps a close eye on most activities on the platform to ensure all regulations and rules are respected.

What will happen to a member who uses a Fastflirting Account to solicit money?

Anyone using the service to scam others eventually gets banned and removed from the platform.

Banned account

Any account breaking the rules and agreements of the service can be banned and eventually removed from the platform.

Why can’t you access Fastflirting?

There can be several reasons for this. The best option is to reach out to Fastflirting support team and find out the answer to your specific situation.

How long are Fastflirting bans?

This is a tricky question. It pretty much takes as long as it takes a user to prove that their profile got banned unjustly.

How do you reactivate your banned account?

You need to reach out to the support team so they can guide you through the process of proving that your account was banned by mistake and eventually gets reinstalled.

Protect yourself

Regardless of how safe a platform is, you should always look after yourself and do not share private information with strangers.

How can you block and report a suspected scammer?

You can quickly and easily do it by entering their page where you can find the buttons to do so.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Fastflirting Account?

You should abstain from posting any information that can put you in jeopardy. Things like your financial information or your address should not be published in open pages on the internet.

Help and Support

The support team on this page is very responsive and instrumental. You can get all your doubts cleared and problems fixed in no time, all you need to do is reach out, and they will help you.

Real life review

Fastflirting is an excellent platform. It has many advantages over most others, even compared to those you have to pay to use. This site has a transparent approach, and they want to make the experience as simple and care-free as possible. That is why this is the perfect corner for those who does not want to think much but just interact with fun people and do hookups.

Is Fastflirting the best dating site/app?

It may very well be, starting by the simple but powerful point that this is a free site. Even though it is free, you still have lots of impressive functionality and an incredible amount of real users. If you are into casual relationships and flirting, this is probably one of the best sites.

Is Fastflirting safe?

Yes, Fastflirting is safe as long as you take care of your information and follow some simple rules. Examples are not sharing your private information with strangers and never giving money to users asking for it.

Is Fastflirting a hook-up app?

Yes, this is a corner for those who want freedom and prefer flirting and casual encounters rather than long-term stuff that eventually gets too complicated.

Is Fastflirting free?

Yes, this site is fabulous in that they give all their tools and great platform without charging a penny for it.

How does Fastflirting work?

Fastflirting is a straightforward platform in which you do not have tons of options or overwhelming menus and buttons. You can find people using their search and then interact with them via the chat. Simple, easy, and fun, like any dating site, should be.

Are there fake or scam members on Fastflirting?

Yes. You may encounter the casual fake profile here and there, but those are not that big of a problem. All you have to do is report and move on; the system will take care of them.

Alternative sites like Fastflirting

Alternative sites like Fastflirting
  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • OKCupid
  • Hinge
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Happn
  • The League
  • Her
  • Clover
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Match
  • eHarmony

Contact Information

Level 5 347 Flinders Ln, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

+61 3 9620 3839



This Fastflirting review can be resumed in a couple of words. This is a perfect corner for all people who do not want complications, for those free souls who just want to have fun, flirt, meet awesome people, and have no strings attached. If you are interested in those kinds of casual encounters, you will love Fastflirting.

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