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FCN chat Review: A Complete Review of the Famed Platform

FCN chat Review: A Complete Review of the Famed Platform
About Girls
Date with older guy 15%
Reply rate 99%
Popular age 25-35
Beauty 49%
Profiles 168 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • All forms of communication are free for all users on FCN chat.
  • Free live sex chat
  • Users can upload personal pictures to the gallery.
  • No strings attached relationships
  • Ability to host personal chat rooms free of cost
  • Users from around the world
  • Unobtrusive ads
  • Users can find partners according to their desired location.
  • More male users than female users on the platform.
  • Not all users are verified while registering
  • The interface of the website doesn't look worthy of its promises
  • Limited mobile support
  • Fake profiles

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This is an online adult dating site consisting of beautiful women and available gentlemen looking for nothing but light and casual. Sex is a basic human need, and this FCN chat review will list down all ways, tips and tricks to use on this platform that bridges the gap between two people and make it easier for adults to find others interested in having casual sex with them online through text or video call and even ultimately meeting them physically and fulfilling their deepest desires with obviously no strings attached. Escalations from this site’s chat room can lead to possible hook-ups as well as regular casual flings. Hence this website is not recommended for anyone looking for a serious or a long term relationship.

This website has been in the works since 1998 and is one of the oldest platforms that is continuing with its set goal of bridging the gap between people who can’t physically meet each other and finding them a way to get their sexual poison out. Some people find this idea of virtual sex chats a bit off and unappealing, but it’s just them, there are many past and active users of the website who have reaped its benefits taking full advantage of its features and perks. In this FCN chat review of the site, you’ll get to know all there is to make an informed decision about the website’s workings.

How many languages does FCN chat support?

Since most user traffic on the platform comprises people in the United States of America, the website operates entirely in English. Users who are unable to read English properly can also have the website translated into the language of their choice by opening the website through Google and its applications.

Who founded FCN chat?

This information is currently unavailable.

Where does FCN chat operate from?

This information is currently unavailable.

When was FCN chat founded?

The platform came into existence back in 1998 and has since gained a massive audience.

Can FCN chat be operated from all over the world?

Users flock FCN chat websites from around the world, and the platform is available in most parts of the world.

What makes FCN chat so special?

What makes FCN chat so special?

Some features and perks make this online dating website so appealing and special that the users tend to come back to avail of its services again to benefit themselves romantically or sexually. Some of the things that make the website so special according to one of the most informative FCN chat reviews are:

Communication is Key: Messaging

To pursue someone and find an affinity between both of you, making contact is essential. This can be done through the instant messaging feature, which can be used by all members of the website; anyone can send messages to anyone without even being matched first.


The users have a medium of expressing themselves on the website by writing blog posts. This information could be a question that other users can read and answer if needed, a general viewpoint of the site, its effects on people, or even one’s personal experience with FCN chat.

Live Shows

One of the most useful features that the platform has is the ability to host live shows. Users can start their live show, where other users can join and enjoy the visual treat. This way, both parties on the platform enjoy, and the host can make a little bit of side money. There are a few requirements that the user has to match to be hosting a live show.

Video Calling

Users can avail of the video calling feature free of cost on the website. To some extent, video calls bridge gaps between people who are far away from each other or live in separate cities altogether. They use video calling to feel more connected and close.

Freedom of Sexual Expression

Be it online texting or video calling, FCN chat brings its users the platform to express their sexual desires freely without physically meeting their partners. This feature helps the users to reveal a much more intimate and vulnerable side of them in front of the other, initiating a level of trust between them and building a relationship with their partner online.

No need to Pay

No matter how many FCN chat reviews you look at, usually, the websites that offer online adult chat services always charge some amount of money from its users either in the form of membership plans or in the form of continued longevity of usage. And even though it has been over 22 years since the start of the website, the website has remained true to its promise of keeping its features and perks entirely free for the users to make the most out of.

Quality of profiles

Quality of FCN profiles

Most users on the website have just one intention in mind, and that is to find some quick sex around them. If that cannot be done physically, due to restrictions like the Covid19 pandemic, people can find some hot and sexy action online through the modes of text chats and video calls. To receive more attention from other users, one should aim to make their profile look as genuine as possible. This can be done by uploading personal pictures to their profiles on the FCN chat website, talking respectfully yet with a charm that makes the user opposite the screen, trusting them, and sharing their sexuality with them. Since verification isn’t taken seriously, one should be aware and should stay cautious of any strange activity on the platform.

Age distribution

Although it is well known that the gender ratio on this platform is a bit uneven. There is more number of users of male origin than of the female origin.

To use the platform or any of its services, one must either be

  • 18 years of age or
  • the age of consent under the laws of the territory for which you reside or are using or accessing FCN chat.

Fakes and scammers

As on all online dating platforms, there is some amount of fake profiles present on this platform as well, some of which are inactive but also some whose intentions are to scam users via fraudulent techniques. The amount of the latter profiles is very less, and the support specialists run constant checks on all profiles that either seems inactive or automated, like many fake profiles on the platform. Out of all the FCN chat reviews, this one requests that its user not send anyone any money or personal information, not even something as familiar as an e-mail address.

On what platform is FcnChat available?

Unfortunately, only the desktop version is available for using the platform, and no mobile application has been launched yet.

Is there a Mobile Application?

Unfortunately, the platform does not have a mobile application of its own that serves the same purpose as users. Although the mobile version is pretty perfect as it is, users can open the site on browsers on their mobiles, and it would work perfectly fine. Users can enjoy the same features on the mobile version as they do on the website version and even get some perks. Hence till the mobile app is developed, users can make use of the equally perfectly functioning mobile version of the platform. We promised to let you in on all the workings of the platform in this FCN chat review, and we’re doing just that.

Is there a Desktop version?

The platform started as a desktop version back in the day when apps weren’t that popular. The desktop version is neat, clean, and is visually appealing. Although a little restoring the website wouldn’t be a bad idea since this is 2020 and people are drawn to things that they can relate to and are appealing. The design part of the website could do much better than it already is, maybe redesign it again; this review is here to give you an honest and comprehensive review of the platform.

Does the app work on a computer?

There is no app of the FCN chat website as of now. The site can be easily accessed on a computer.

Which browsers support FCN chat?

The platform actively supports the latest stable version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Not able to enter the site?

Often, when a user cannot enter the site, it is either because one has violated the rules and guidelines of the website or acted against its policies, which has blocked the user from entering the website. It could also be the aftereffect of being reported by several members of the website, maybe because of profanity and obscene behavior. If you’re sure you haven’t been a part of any of the possibilities mentioned above, you might consider checking the information you have entered. Either you haven’t confirmed your e-mail ID while signing-in or you have forgotten your password.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability of FCN

FCN chat’s website interface is a bit of a turn off since it looks like it was designed in the early 2000s and hasn’t been upgraded or changed ever since. It has a more old school vibe, which gives the whole site a more rustic feel. The home page to which the website opens in its entirety is a long scroll. It takes more than a couple of scrolls to get to the bottom, and information shared on the platform looks like the works of an amateur professional. The font is unappealing, and the word sizes are too small to be read properly, making it purposely hard for the users to retain any of it. On the contrary, the benefit of having such a website in use is that it ultimately makes surfing through the website and using it much easier. There are a few basic options to choose from, and the user can effectively navigate the website and start making the most out of it.

Sign-up Process and Login Info

The homepage of the website is host to a plethora of online sex chat options. There are options like Adult Chat, Sex Chat, Singles Chat, Video Chat, Roleplay Chat, and many more. On clicking any of the buttons mentioned above links on the home page, the user is brought to a new page where the rules and guidelines of the particular room are specified, and the user must be aware of them. The next consecutive page offers the user the option to choose between:

  • Signing-in: the user can log into their previously existing account on the website
  • Signing-up: the new user can create an account for themselves by providing a few necessary information. The users have to provide their username, password, name, and gender.
  • Guest user: users can skip the previous two options and enter directly in the chat room without any verification, as a guest user.

Post this, a very brief amount of information has to be entered, which includes username and gender, and after a quick manual verification, the user can enter the room. This is all there is to sign up on FCN chat.

How to un-match a FCN chat member?

There is no need to un-match a member since the platform doesn’t require its users to match with others in the first place.

What is the minimum age required to register?

The minimum age required to register on the platform is 18 years.

How to verify FCN chat account?

The only way to verify your account on the platform is through e-mail verification.

How to verify E-mail?

There is no need to verify E-mail.

Is registering through Facebook a viable option?

No, there is no option to sign-in through Facebook.

Is signing-up mandatory in order to use FCN chat?

No, it is not mandatory. Users can make use of the platform as a guest also.

How to Create a Profile

After the sign-up process is done, creating the profile is the next and arguably the most important step on FCN chat, actually on all dating sites. Users can upload a good quality picture or more of their choice accordingly after the sign-up process. The only details required to register on the platform as a registered user are name, e-mail, password, gender, age, and a captcha fill-in to prove that the user input isn’t automated and voila, you’re a registered user of the famed website.

How to delete an uploaded photo on FCN chat?

Any photo that a user uploads can be deleted by simply clicking on the ‘delete’ option present near the photo.

How to edit username on FCN chat?

Editing one’s username is a very simple process on the platform. All users need to edit their username by opening their profile and clicking the place where their username is mentioned and editing it manually.

Is there an option to delete FCN chat profile?

One can delete their FCN chat account by doing so in the account setting.

What happens if one disables the “Show me on FCN chat” option?

There is no such feature available on the platform as of now.

Is the information submitted on FCN chat deletable?

Yes, it is. Like how one can edit their user information on the app, a user can delete any information if they wish to by doing so in the profile/account settings option.

Although there is no feature where one can specifically search for other users since it is a platform that shows profiles to people automatically according to its algorithm and hence doesn’t offer the feature of manually being able to search for other users online; there are many other special features which are exceptional and unique to this brand only. This FCN chat review aims to provide proper transparency about the platform’s workings.

Is it possible to see the liked FCN chat members?

No, there is no such feature available on the platform.

What are the different options of FCN chat Search?

There is no such feature available on the platform.

Can you see if someone likes you on FCN chat if you are a free member?

No, not everyone can see who liked them.


To pursue someone and find an affinity between both of you, making contact is essential. This can be done through the instant messaging feature, which can be used by all members of the website; anyone can send instant messages to anyone without even being matched first.

How can you start messaging with someone on FCN chat?

You can directly start messaging anyone on the platform, given that you have registered yourself.

How to message another user?

You can directly start messaging anyone on the platform, given that you have registered yourself.

Is sending messages free?

Yes, sending messages on the FCN chat website is free.

How to see who messages on FCN chat?

You can check your messages in the message box present on the platform.

How to use camera on FCN chat?

One cannot use the camera in any way on the platform unless they are pre-clicked pictures.

How to filter out who can message me on FCN chat?

There is no such feature available as of now on the platform. One can always block another user if need be.

How much does FCN chat cost and Payment Method

As its name suggests- Free Chat Network Chat is an online adult website that is free of cost for its users. All features and perks on the site are free for the member’s usage. Although there is no need to pay anything upfront, this FCN chat review assures you that you need not worry about the modes of payment, which is an easy task. This is an international website, and there are always numerous modes of payment available such as domestic wallets, credit cards, and debit cards. So you need not worry about the mode of payment if you are willing to pay. Like other websites, this website is similar, and you just have to click on the mode of payment and enter the credential details like your security number, card number, OTP, etc. It depends upon the mode of payment that is chosen by you.

Free Membership Features

There is absolutely no difference between the free access and the premium membership since the whole platform is all open and free for all users to make use of. All features and perks on the website are free for the member’s usage.

Besides being able to block users, all features on the website are free and can be availed by all, even the guest users. Users on the website can be assured that they are in control of what they see on the website, which is vital since many users on the site may use language and images profanity, which is not accepted.

Does FCN chat offer premium membership?

No, it doesn’t.

How to cancel FCN chat membership?

There is no membership scheme on the platform.

Is FCN chat membership auto-renewed?

There is no membership scheme on the platform.

Is there a refund available for unused time?

No need for a refund since all features and perks are free for the users.

Is the “support” to FCN chat automatically renewed every month?

No need to get renewed since there is no membership scheme on the platform.

Not happy with FCN chat? How to get the money back?

FCN chat doesn’t ask for money from their users.

How will the FCN chat support appear on my credit card bill?

There will be none since there is no membership scheme on the platform.

How to give support to other FCN chat members?

Other members can use the website free of cost.

How to send support for just a month?

The website is free for users to use.

Is FCN chat Really Safe?

Is FCN chat Really Safe?

Although the verification process lacks intent, it has published all the documents related to their protection concerns. There are terms of use of the cookie policy and everything. It has been made easy for its users to report any other user who is found abusing and showing danger. The technical team is always vigilant of all the on-goings on their website and app and monitors them throughout the day.

Privacy on FCN chat

User’s confidential information and conversation are always protected on the platform.

Are FCN chat chats encrypted?

No, they are not encrypted.

Can FCN chat track you down?

With the user’s IP address, anyone can be tracked down.

Can FCN chat be traced by the police?

With the user’s IP address, anyone can be tracked down.

Who to contact in case of need and requirement?

One can either turn to this FCN chat review for details or look up the blog on the platform for contact.

Safety of Users

The staff of the platform is devoted to maintaining the given reputation, and for long. One of their core areas of focus is making sure no profile on the platform is a fake or has been inactive for too long.

Are FCN chat Forums threads moderated?

Although the forum threads may not be moderated as strictly as one wants, if a user reports another user, it is taken with utmost seriousness.

What will happen to a member who uses an FCN chat Account to solicit money?

Such a user will be blocked and banned from using the platform in the future.

Banned account

Users that violate the guidelines set up by FCN chat will be blocked and banned from the website in the future.

Why is it so difficult to get access into FCN chat?

A lot of times, when a user cannot enter the site, it is either because one has violated the rules and guidelines of the website or acted against its policies, which has blocked the user from entering the website.

How long are FCN chat bans?

If a user has been banned from the website, they are banned forever.

How to reactivate a banned account?

Once an account has been banned, a user cannot reactivate that particular account at any cost.

Protect yourself

One should always be aware of people trying to scam them or fraud them. This usually happens when someone starts asking for money or sensitive personal information on the platform.

How to block and report a suspected scammer?

One can easily report a suspected scammer by reporting or blocking them through the option available on the user’s profile.

Which information shouldn’t be posted on your FCN chat Account?

Any sensitive information like your address, debit/credit card number, mobile number, etc. shouldn’t be posted on the platform.

Help and Support

The technical team is always vigilant of all the on-goings on their app and monitors them throughout the day. The staff of the platform is devoted to maintaining the given reputation, and for long. One of their core areas of focus is making sure no profile on the platform is a fake or has been inactive for too long.

Real life review

Real life review

The platform has been proven useful by many individuals looking for a romantic or sexual encounter without physically seeking them.

Is FCN chat the best dating site/app?

According to this FCN chat review, the platform is one of the best in its league.

Is FCN chat safe?

Yes, it is although one should always stay aware of potential scammer and frauds.

Is FCN chat a hook-up app?

Yes, it can be classified as one.

Is FCN chat free?

It is entirely free to use.

How does FCN chat work?

It works like any other online dating website, but with a simpler interface.

Are there fake or scam members on FCN chat?

As on all online dating websites, there are scammers and frauds on this website, but their numbers are relatively small.

Alternative to FCN chat

Some alternatives to FCN chat are 321chat, ChatVille, Kinkster chat, et cetera.

How to Contact

One can either turn to this FCN chat review for details or can look up the blog on the platform for contact.



All in all, Fcnchat is one of the best online adult dating sites to find a potential partner to hook-up, have casual sex with. With a little improvement in the website’s interface and structure, the platform can hit the bars and become more popular. Point to note is that this is not a cam site, and if someone is interested in using a cam site, they should look elsewhere. – For the perfect match to happen, the forces of the world unite and work together to make something beautiful come alive in a reality where this dating platform plays a vital role. We hope you found what you were looking for in this FCN chat review.

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