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Hi5 Review: Great Dating Site?

Hi5 Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 25-45
Beauty 63%
Profiles 250 000
About Site
Visit rate 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Great communication features.
  • It provides gaming options apart from the general chatting.
  • It creates various methods of meeting new people.
  • Some of the games cannot be accessed freely.
  • There are many users with fake profiles.
  • It is not fixed on dating, which was its primary purpose.

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Hi5 is a dating and social networking site that has been in existence even before Facebook, Instagram, and some other popular websites today. The hi5 name was gotten from the idea of connecting with friends and sending them virtual high-fives.

In our 21st century, social networking sites can be seen as a viable means of connecting with people from all over the world. As recently discovered, more than fifty percent of adults now have access to one or more social networking sites and many are benefiting from these sites today, whether in finding a chat partner, a date, game buddy, or a lifetime mate.

Hi5 ranks among the 25 top web-visited sites, including Facebook and other popular networking sites. Now, while other dating sites present online dating as an avenue whereby people from across the world can come together to enjoy a mutual dating experience. An added advantage is the fact that hi5 offers other unique features like games and applications available for users to keep themselves entertained.

Hi5 dating site/app experienced a huge growth spurt in 2007 when it became one of the few popular websites across America. Hi5 is targeted explicitly towards singles aiming to relax and simply have fun by meeting new people, making friends, and building a social connection.

How many languages does Hi5 support?

Hi5 dating network is multilingual, available in over 50 languages worldwide, among which are English, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

Who owns Hi5?

The site is under the ownership of The Meet Group, a mobile tech company based in the United States which also owns the Tagged app.

So where is Hi5 based now?

Hi5 dating site currently has its primary location-based in San Francisco, California, the United States, where it has a majority of its members.

When was Hi5 founded?

The Hi5 dating site was founded by a man called Ramu Yalamanchi in 2003, and in just about three years after, it became the 8th largest social networking site in the world, although it is no longer so.

Is Hi5 available worldwide?

Although the site is based in the US, it is considered an international dating network that is not limited to the United States and having over 50 million members from about 200 countries across the world.

Special Features

Hi5 Special Features

Hi5 is highly distinguished from other dating sites due to the additional entertainment options provided for users through the gaming feature, which can mostly be accessed without or with minimal cost. With hi5, you can also choose to write a journal, own a scrapbook to document your daily lifestyles. You can add music or video to your profile for chat-ups as well.

You can update your status daily on the site to enable other users to get to know you and follow-up on your special activities and moments. You can also access some applications to derive a better dating experience. Some apps like RockYou Pets allow you to choose and collect pets, while some other apps help you in tracking down other users.

Communication options

There are different communication options made available on the site ranging from messaging, status updates, the flirt option, creating a game avatar, etc.

The hi5 advanced search allows you to find old friends and acquaintances by providing their names, your old school information, graduation year, location, etc. It helps you to invite friends identified for a reunion or connect with them on the platform. Advanced search also enables you to locate members by their status e.g., whether single or married or by their interests on the site, which can be to find a date, make friends, or just have fun.


The site is designed similarly to LinkedIn with its 1st degree and 2nd-degree connections, the 1st-degree friends being your direct friends and contacts, and the friends of your direct friends as 2nd degree.

Compatibility functions

The app was specially built to be compatible with different devices that make it possible for various users from different countries to connect.

Account Improvement

You can improve your hi5 account by updating your profile information like photos and statuses to connect with other users.

Audience quality

Hi5 Audience quality

The site is targeted towards creating a dating platform alongside a social networking platform by enabling users to make friends, search for dates as well as entertain themselves in the process. Hi5 was specially designed for users to get to meet new people, unlike other sites where you can only connect with friends previously known and friends of friends.

Age distribution

The site does not have any restrictions on age but can be accessed by both young males and females, adults considered to be 18 and above and have passed the age of minority, whether single, married or divorced.

Fakes and scammers

It is possible to find fake accounts with scammers on any dating website, especially if the site is open to new people daily as hi5. The site, however, protects against the invasion of privacy of other users, which results in banning accounts of violators.

Mobile app and Website

Hi5 Mobile app and Website

The mobile app is available for download free on Android and Apple phones, although mobile carrier’s charges and rates may apply. The website has as many features as the mobile app and is fun and easy to use.

Hi5 App

To make use of the app, you can download from Google Play Store for Android users or Apple Store for iOS users. The app has specific and unique features, and it is compatible with smartphones and free for download.

Hi5 website

The Hi5 website design is simple and easy to navigate through for old and new users. The website is catchy and inviting, capable of inducing new users to stay and connect.

Can I use the app using my computer?

Yes. You can as well make use of the Hi5 app on your desktop PC. It functions as much as it would on smartphones and can be downloaded and installed easily.

Which browsers support Hi5?

You can access the site with Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, or other browsers like Safari and Firefox on your desktop.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

You are probably having issues logging in to the website because you have been blocked by another user or have had your account banned for suspected violations.


Hi5 Interface

The site is designed with a great user interface which makes it easy for members to use and navigate through.

Registration process

You can register on hi5 by going through the following steps. First, you would be required to sign up to create a new account with your email address and the password attached. Next, a confirmation code would be sent to you via email, which you have to input in space provided to log in or confirm directly from your email. You would be redirected to the login page wherewith you may have to sign in to begin connecting with friends. Options are also available for you to sign up with Facebook.

Can I unmatch an Hi5 member?

Of course! You can choose to unmatch a hi5 member whom you are no longer willing to connect with by removing or deleting friends from the profile section.

How old should you be to register on Hi5?

Anyone who is of age and mature enough would be allowed to register on the site as long as the person is not minor or mentally unstable.

Which ways can I verify my account?

You can verify your account by clicking on the notification email, which would be delivered to your inbox, and you would be required to verify if it is indeed your account.

How do I verify my email?

You can also verify your email by confirming if you received the notification email sent to you, and the account on hi5 was created by you to check the authenticity.

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

By registering with your Facebook account, you get your profile automatically updated, and your Facebook friends may also get the chance to add you up or join you on the site for a wonderful dating experience. This, however, is totally dependent on your settings.

Can I use the site without signing up?

Only users who have completed the sign up on the site would be able to connect with other users and access the site’s unique features. However, you can gain access to a few pieces of public information on the site without signing up.

Profile set-up

You can set-up your profile immediately after the signup processes have been completed. Your profile may include your photos, age, gender, hobbies, and a short description of you. You may also include other information such as languages, hometown, religion, relationship status, etc. You can choose to hide your profile from public views and limit views to friends only.

Can I delete a photo that I uploaded in Hi5?

You can indeed have your profile photo deleted after it has been uploaded on hi5 by clicking on the delete photo option in account settings and selecting the photo you want to delete.

How do I edit my username in Hi5?

This is a simple process. Since hi5 does not require a specific username when signing up, you can add your desired username and edit it at any time from the edit profile page.

Is there an option to delete your Hi5 profile?

Yes, you can delete your profile and profile information if you are no longer interested in the hi5 dating community. However, information that has been copied by others cannot be located and deleted.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Hi5” option?

By disabling the “show me on hi5” option, you prevent other users from seeing your profile and gaining access to you by messaging or other communication options.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Hi5?

Well, you can easily delete information submitted to the website by clicking on your account settings and then the delete profile information option.

Hi5 Member search

You can do searches for other available users and also use the hi5 Groups Feature, which allows you to search out other users. You can search for members by age, sex, or by relationship status.

Is it possible to see the Hi5 members who I liked?

You can see the hi5 members whose profile you liked through their profiles and the ‘Meet Me’ feature, which includes the ‘Matches’ and ‘Likes You’ section to see members who like you.

What are the different options of Hi5 Search?

Quite interestingly, different search options are made available on the go to enable members to search based on relationship status (e.g., married, single, widowed); relationship type (e.g., gay, lesbian) or relationship you are looking for such as friendship or dating, etc.

Can you see if someone likes you on Hi5 if you are a free member?

Definitely! Hi5 dating site offers unique and excellent free features, which include messaging, viewing and editing profiles, doing searches, accessing the applications, and playing some games.


The messaging option on the site/app can be accessed through the inbox, or you can use the flirt section to meet new people by going through the profile of other users and indicating with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to show interest or disinterest. You can also make messaging more fun by sending gifts to friends in the form of clip-arts, purchased with gold coins. These make chatting more interesting. You also get to see who is online and by the paid feature allows you to see friends who have read your messages.

How can you start messaging with someone on Hi5?

To begin messaging with another user on hi5, you can send a flirt request to the user or send a gift instead of the usual text messages to begin a conversation.

How can I message someone?

The gifts and flirt section can be used to send private messages to other users. You can also ‘find friends’ by interacting with other users on Groups and sending messages directly to anyone you like on the group.

Is sending messages free?

Sending of messages on hi5 is free, but certain features like gaming or sending gifts require payment, which is in the form of coins or direct payments with your Credit Card.

How do I see who messaged me on Hi5?

You get to see whosoever messaged you on hi5 through your profile, which gives you updates when a member hi-fives you by sending you a message, gift, or flirt request.

How do I use the camera on Hi5?

You can use a webcam for photos upload directly on hi5 if you do not have a suitable one for upload from your gallery by clicking on the ‘take photos’ on your profile and the camera option available.

How can I filter who can message me on Hi5?

You can add a filter to control who gets to message you by going to your account settings and selecting who you would like to see your profile, status updates, send and receive messages from you.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Membership on hi5 does not require payment, but certain features aren’t free and are needed to be purchased on the website to gain access. Sending of gifts is not free, but you can obtain the gifts with virtual coins, which are earned after a marketing survey or pet sale has been completed or by purchasing the coins with Credit Card.

Free Membership Features

Hi5 offers free features to users to access the website. The gaming feature, however, requires payment and sending of gifts to users.

Premium Membership Features

The premium upgrade allows you to play online games or download some others for as low as possible, although there are game trials available free for you to make a suitable choice before purchase. There are several gaming options on the site, which include puzzles, strategy, sports, etc.

Hi5 premium membership provides additional features for paid users such as:

  • Ability to see who says yes to you on ‘Meet Me.’
  • The advantage of access to new users before others.
  • Seeing who likes your profile.
  • Getting in contact with the hottest users on the site.
  • Receiving priority in email support.
  • Get to see if your messages have been read.

Premium Cost

  • 1 month subscription – $9.99/month
  • 3 months subscription – $6.99/month
  • 6 months subscription – $4.99/month

Does Hi5 offer premium membership?

Yes, Hi5 offers a premium membership as an upgrade to its free features. Prices are in US dollars except as otherwise stated and are different according to location, time, and point of access, i.e., whether through the website or the app.

How do I cancel my Hi5 membership?

You may choose to cancel your membership on hi5 at any time. If your subscription was made via an external service such as Google Play or Apple ID, you could only cancel through the externals service. To cancel, click on the Subscriptions and Payments tab, select to cancel a subscription. This must be done at least three days before the next automatic renewal.

Is Hi5 membership auto-renewed?

Yes, there is an auto-renewal of members’ subscriptions on the site, which can be changed via account settings to prevent future renewals.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

No, you cannot get a refund for time unused on the hi5 dating site, but if your subscription was done on an external service like Apple ID, refunds would be determined on the external services and not on hi5.

Is my “support” to Hi5 automatically renewed every month?

Subscriptions are set to renew every month on the website or app automatically, but you can disable automatic renewal and set support to once every month.

I am not satisfied with the Hi5. Can I get my money back?

You cannot be refunded money paid for a premium membership on hi5 if you end up not satisfied with the premium upgrade, although you can prevent future renewals.

How will my Hi5 support appear on my credit card bill?

If you purchased the hi5 premium membership with your Credit card instead of the accumulated gold coins, your support would be made to reflect on your Credit card coupled with receipt of valid payment made if successful.

Can I give support to other Hi5 members?

Hi5 does not allow giving of support to other members, and you cannot transfer coins or Gold to other users because they are made available only for personal use. However, you may use your Gold to buy gifts for other users instead of transferring support to them.

Can I send support for just a month?

You can subscribe for just one month and find out if you would be subsequently interested in the premium membership after a month trial.

Is Hi5 Really Safe?

Is Hi5 Really Safe?

The safety of users on hi5 is highly guaranteed. However, users are also encouraged to be cautious in displaying their personal information on the public website, which is accessible to everyone.

Privacy in Hi5

You can personally customize your privacy settings on hi5, block an unwanted user, and determine who gets to see your status and profile updates.

Are Hi5 chats encrypted?

All chats and conversations on hi5 are encrypted to provide and ensure the total safety and privacy of users on the site.

Can Hi5 track you down?

It might prove difficult for hi5 to track down users due to lots of fake profiles on the website whose location cannot be traced easily. Also, the site does not, in any way, conduct criminal background checks.

Can Hi5 be traced by the police?

Hi5 is a well-known user base, and the Police can easily access its location in case of fraud or scammers on the site.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Hi5?

You can contact the hi5 support team at support@themeetgrouo.com or view the contact page for information regarding your privacy on the website.


By taking extra precautions and protecting your personal information from being leaked, you can guarantee the safe use of the site and be able to avoid risks to your safety.

Are Hi5 Forums threads moderated?

Thread forums, group discussions, and interactions are monitored on the site to prevent misuse of information, inappropriate messages or interactions among members.

What will happen to a member who uses a Hi5 Account to solicit money?

Any member who fraudulently solicits financial information from other users would be banned from using the account or from the hi5 website in general when discovered.

Banned account

Hi5 bans accounts, which in its view have violated any of the privacy options or not been compliant with other users’ privacy information. The use of explicit or suggestive contents on the site may also result in an account ban.

Why can’t I access Hi5?

You might be unable to access the site if your account has been banned, blocked, or you have been suspended for such reasons as a suspected scam, violation of the privacy of other users, and noncompliance generally.

How long are Hi5 bans?. T

The accounts ban may last as long as the user does not move to appeal the ban, which can be done with enough good reasons such as unfair ban or discrimination.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

You may reactivate your banned account by making an appeal that would be considered for reasons for the ban in the first place and if it would be safe to lift such ban.

Protect yourself

You are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring your security and safety on hi5 due to the high rate of scammers on different dating websites. You should be careful by protecting your private information and identity. You should not respond to any email demand requiring you to send any of your personal information on the site.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

You can block or report a suspected scammer on the hi5 dating website by contacting the support team and reporting abuse or using the block feature on your profile to block the user permanently.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Hi5 Account?

Your private information should be well protected and not be the subject of conversation among other users. Some information is not expected to be included on your “share list” and should be kept personal.

Help and Support

For needed assistance, questions, or confirmations on the hi5 website or app, you can contact the support team at support@themeetgroup.com.

Real life review

Real life review

Hi5 dating site keeps receiving both positive and negative reviews from users. Samples of such Hi5 reviews are:

Although the site has contents that are good on some person, the notification aspect, however, is so fake…

I wouldn’t say the site is bad in itself, but the majority of ladies on the sites are fakes and scammers. There are so many fake profiles that are outdated and are allowed to remain on the websites without being deleted…

Hi5 has proved to be an excellent social networking site where you can stay connected with family and friends and enjoy unique features without having to pay a dime.

Is Hi5 the best dating site/app?

Well, at one time or the other, the site was considered very popular, and the best dating site before Facebook, MySpace, and some other social networking sites were created. You can say it is a perfect website which supersedes others but incomparable with Facebook and some popular social networking sites.

Is Hi5 safe?

It is not unusual to find fraudulent persons on social networking sites; you are advised to report any abuse and block users sending inappropriate messages immediately.

Is Hi5 a hook-up app?

Indeed, apart from the gaming feature available on hi5, which serves as a valuable diversion and source of entertainment for users, the primary purposes for which the site was created are dating and networking.

Is Hi5 free?

The site offers free membership and access to interested users. Most of the features on the site are free except for some extra specifications for an upgrade to access special features.

How does Hi5 work?

The hi5 dating site/app allows you to meet new people through the Meet Me feature where you fill specific details about your sexual orientation (straight, gay or bisexual), and after which, you would be matched with other users with similar interests. By clicking the ‘Play’ under the Meet Me feature, you either indicate a ‘No’ or ‘Like’ for a suggested profile. The ‘Likes You’ shows the number of likes you have received.

With the ‘browse’ feature, you get to choose out of numerous suggested users to connect with from location close to you and get to explore and make new friends. The ‘inbox’ section is where you receive messages and check whoever is online.

The ‘play’ feature allows you to buy and sell Pets you like and increase your cash and value when you are bought. You can also add a photo to sell your pets faster.

Are there fake or scam members on Hi5?

Well, it is not uncommon to find fakes and scammers on different dating websites, and hi5 isn’t an exception. You are expected to take precautions by ensuring your privacy and safety when accessing the site.

Alternative sites like Hi5

Other dating sites or social networking sites bearing similarities in function and features with hi5 include Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.

Contact Information

Company: The meet Group, Inc. 100 Union Square, New Hope, PA 18938.

Address: Hi5.com

The telephone information of the hi5 website contacts is unavailable, but you can send an email to support@themeetgroup.com for further assistance.


Hi5 Conclusion

Hi5 dating site is suitable for you if you are out on the search for a mixed blend of fun and entertainment, or seeking to have a casual fling, simply flirt or have flawless dating experience. Then you might want to consider giving hi5 a try. It does not lack in fun, relaxing and joy.

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