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How to reset Tinder: Solved with this guide

How to reset Tinder: Solved with this guide

Most Tinder users would love to learn how to reset Tinder, especially after experiencing challenges using the service. There are many things you can do to recover your lost account. In this article, we introduce some of the best tips to reset Tinder’s account. Watch out for ideas on resetting your ELO.

The Risks & Rewards Of Resetting Tinder

Arguably, Tinder is the world’s ideal dating site with higher chances of finding love. But happens when you can no longer enjoy this service? The good news is that you can get a new Tinder account by resetting it. This step comes with many benefits. Some of the rewards of resetting your Tinder account include:

  • Another chance of finding new matches: Remember Tinder’s matchmaking algorithm that pairs users who swipe right on each other’s profile? Resetting your profile allows you to match with profiles who initially swiped left. So if you had missed a match by swiping left, setting another account provides an opportunity to match such profiles.
  • Get increased visibility with a new account. Tinder will calculate the ELO score suing your new profile. As a result, you will earn extra exposure and attract new Tinder matches.
  • You have another chance of not repeating the same mistakes. For instance, Tinder suspends users who keep swiping right on every profile (it’s presumed you could be a scam or bot). Also, Tinder bans profiles that might have been reported for inappropriate behavior like abuse, threats, or even asking for information that might be sensitive. Your information is only available on Tinder for three months after suspension or deleting your account. Ideally, you can use the platform once again after three months. Restoring your account is a new opportunity to correct your mistakes –you’ll have learned what to do and not to do.
  • You can reset Tinder matches with a new profile. Since Tinder matches people based on location, you can find new partners with a new profile by changing your location.

However, there are risks associated with restoring a Tinder account. Some of the downsides include:

  • Shadowbanning –this happens when you create a new profile immediately after suspension. The assumption is that it could be a bot or hackers trying to access the platform. What does this mean to you? Shadowbanning means that you can use Tinder, but you won’t find matches because other users cannot see you.
  • Some claims have it that Tinder is working on measures that detect such trends. The latest 9.00 version detects and bans reinstating older accounts using new tricks. Though there is nothing to lose in trying, the practice seems to be against Tinder’s policy.
  • You must wait for three months before creating a new account with the same data, such as contact number. It takes three months for Tinder to erase your data in their servers. Although there are account restoration alternatives like burner number and Google voice, the algorithm doesn’t seem to give reliable results for every trial.
  • You might miss on previous hookups. Creating a new account means Tinder reset swipes. So, if you hoped to find the same matches you previously had, chances are you won’t.
  • You will lose your previous paid membership. There is no way to transfer your premium subscription if you create a new profile. If you were suspended for violating policies before the expiry of your premium membership, you would lose its advantages. Plus, there are no refunds whatsoever. This means that you will have to upgrade again to get the same benefits.
  • The process is time-consuming; you have to go through several steps that require more time before using the site. Creating new profiles will take some time. For instance, you need a credible Facebook profile to proceed. This means that you must add new friends to authenticate it. Otherwise, you can wait for 90 days to elapse before creating a new Tinder profile.
  • You risk suspension. Imagine going through all the resetting steps, and within some days or weeks, you lose your account! Tinder might still catch such practices because it is working around the clock to ensure that there is no creation of multiple profiles on the platform.

Now that you know the benefits and downsides of resetting your account, you can make an informed decision. That said, resetting a Tinder account is a matter of chances –you might benefit or lose in the long run.

How to reset your Tinder

Resetting your account can be ideal if you don’t want to miss out on the benefits and privileges of being a Tinder member. You can reset your profile if:

  • You have run out of options and are looking for a new romance.
  • You prefer local matches for dates.
  • You’ve been shadowbanned –chances are, there are no visible profiles.
  • There are no new profiles to view –you still bump into the profiles you dislike. Though you might have a catchy profile, your ELO might still not be impressive. Improving it might take longer and still not provide reliable views.

If you wonder why all the beautiful girls and hot men are no longer visible on your profile, here is how to delete Tinder account and start over.

For Facebook users, you must deactivate the account first by doing the following:

  • Visit the ‘Settings’ tab, scroll through the menu, and click the ‘Delete Account’ function.
  • The next prompt requires you to confirm the action, which consequently deletes your account.
  • Check your device and uninstall the app.
  • Log in to the Facebook account you had linked to Tinder.
  • Check the ‘Settings’ function and look for the Apps and Websites tab
  • Choose logged in with Facebook and click Tinder.
  • Scroll the menu and select remove app.
  • Finally, confirm the action to delete Tinder account.

When done, do the following to reset Tinder:

  • Create a new Facebook profile with a different email address. You should factor in other details that make a credible social media profile –let it not appear like you only wanted to use Facebook for Tinder.
  • Choose a different Apple ID or Google Play account and install a Tinder account.
  • Open the new Tinder app and sign up with Facebook (remember to use the new Facebook profile).
  • Sign up with a new phone number for verification purposes (don’t enter a phone number you’ve previously used.
  • Create a profile and enjoy your time on the platform. Note that you should use new details when creating a profile to avoid suspending your new Tinder account.

Note that if you used a phone number to sign up, you need to remove your account by checking the ‘Delete Account’ function and uninstall the application before proceeding. Like Facebook-Tinder subscribers, you must use a different Google Play Account or Apple ID and a different phone number to restore Tinder’s account.

You should know that you can only successfully restore Tinder if you use new details that don’t match previous ones. Following all these steps provides the system with new data to reset Tinder matches. You can know if you successfully reset your account by checking the following:

  • Can you view new profiles? The best way to know this is to request your data from Tinder. Check the activity (messages, activity log, and swipes). The data should not match your new account.
  • You should receive the automatic boost reward that comes with new profiles. If you don’t see this, know that your details are still on the server.

How to create a new tinder account

If you have never used Tinder before, you are missing out on a lot on the leading dating site. The good news is that you can create an account by signing up. What do you need to create a new Tinder account? Follow these steps:

  • Check Tinder’s homepage (
  • Download and install the app
  • Select Log in -there are two options; log in with phone number or Log in with Google.
  • If you prefer signing up using a phone number, you must submit a valid phone contact. You will receive a confirmation code that you must provide to continue with registration.
  • Using Facebook to sign up is straightforward because all your data is copied to your Tinder account.
  • Agree to terms and conditions and allow all the permissions to proceed.
  • Set up your profile by submitting the necessary details as per the prompts.
  • Join the community and enjoy the incredible experience on the platform.

How to reset matches on Tinder

Usually, Tinder pairs its users based on proximity and location. The good thing is that you can reset your matches by resetting your profile. You can follow the above steps to restart Tinder and get new matches. Alternatively, upgrade to a premium subscription, which unlocks the Tinder passport feature. This paid function allows you to change your location and find partners in other geographical locations.

How does Tinder’s passport work? This feature displays profiles with the difference in location, factoring in how far you are from each other. You will change your location on the profile. The server records at least five select countries where you can find hookups. Using Tinder passport boosts your profile, attracting more matches in the preferred locations. This function can be helpful if you will be visiting another country and wish to meet new hookups.

Here is how to access the Tinder passport feature:

  • Check the settings icon and click swiping in
  • Click tap new location
  • Enter cities you would love to find matches from
  • The next prompt will display some cities; tap the blue icon to confirm the new location.

How to reset Tinder likes

Initially, Tinder users would swipe without restrictions. However, this is no longer the case; there are restrictions to how many likes you can send daily. The idea is to make sure users are mindful of liking profiles. Should you exhaust your likes, it will help if you upgrade to Tinder gold or Tinder plus. Upgrading gives access to more likes. Otherwise, you can wait for new matches after 12 hours and send new likes.

How to reset Tinder swipes

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to reset Tinder swipes, especially for free subscribers. Tinder gold unlocks the rewind function, which allows you to view profiles you accidentally swiped left. How does the rewind function work? The yellow icon on profiles allows you to undo swipes by viewing the profile again and decide if you like it. Alternatively, check the unswipe function and cancel swipes you didn’t mean to. Remember to work on your profile and stand out to earn more likes –this could be the best way to reset Tinder matches.

How to reset Tinder ELO

Though this is a common question, resetting ELO for better ranking is almost impossible. The following can help reset ELO:

  1. Your activity

Your first few days on the platform determine your ELO score. New members are more visible in other profiles. You will also be presented with countless profiles, but that doesn’t mean you should like each profile. The ELO score works on one principle; the more likes you get, the higher you rank. This means that you shouldn’t give likes to any person in your queue –if you mind dating that person in real life, swiping left is the trick. Remove interests from Tinder profiles you view if you find them unappealing. Be mindful of your swipes –you should be selective on who you like.

  1. Photos

Check your profile photos; they should be credible and visible to attract more matches. A potential partner is likely to swipe right on your profile if you upload a credible picture. Avoid blurry images, photos with a ‘busy’ (other items) background, a group picture (no one wants to guess who you are in a photo of two or more people), and poor-quality images. Instead, your profile picture should have high resolution, show at least your face and the upper third, and without other people or things in the background.

  1. Your bio

You can reactivate Tinder but forget to modify your bio. Since resetting your profile presents an opportunity to undo the previous mistakes, consider it an opportunity to compose a catchy profile. Working on your profile increases your ELO score and visibility, thus attracting more matches. It would help if you stood out among the thousands of profiles naturally. Ideally, highlight the things that might attract other users and earn more right swipes. Remember to stay positive, avoid hinting that you are into hookups, and fix grammatical errors. Consider your bio as your selling point and make it as attractive as you can.

  1. Hire experts

Suppose all the three tips seem tiresome (or you fear you might not do the right thing, you could seek professional services. Some experts specialize in making dating profiles; you could benefit from such. While you might pay some dollars, this shouldn’t be a concern considering your work is to show up under a ready profile and enjoy dating.


Online dating comes with challenges; you might offend someone and be banned or fail to attract matches. The best way to counter this is by deactivating your profile and reset a new one. For Tinder users, we hope you have an idea of how to reset Tinder and make the most of this incredible platform.


Some of the commonly asked questions on resetting Tinder are answered below.

Are there advantages of resetting Tinder?

The question ‘should I delete Tinder’ is quite common among daters using this dating site. Yes! Consider resetting it whenever you feel like you are not making the most out of your Tinder profile or lost it due to suspension. This action is a new opportunity to avoid repeating mistakes that led to a suspension, such as forwarding scam links. You also have another chance to use the platform correctly (hooking up) and not forwarding abusive links.

Mostly, you could be banned because of offending other users. The good thing is that there won’t be a record of offenses when you reset your Tinder profiles. Besides, restarting your Tinder account creates an opportunity to meet new partners. This could be helpful in your dating pursuit if you didn’t find someone interesting during the first round.

Does resetting Tinder make you lose the gold membership?

Resetting Tinder makes you lose any of your premium membership. There is no way you can retain it or access all the premium features after restoring your account. Unfortunately, you must upgrade again by buying a new Tinder subscription package.

Is there a way to fix Tinder’s algorithm?

Sadly, no! You cannot come up with tricks that will change Tinder’s algorithm. Some people say you can clear Tinder cache, but this doesn’t guarantee to change the algorithm. If you are looking for new matches, consider upgrading and use Tinder Passport to get new matches in other locations. Otherwise, you can find new matches by resetting your profile.

How can you reset Tinder age restriction?

Sadly, Tinder factors in age on subscription plans. This might be a downside on users above 28 because they’ll pay slightly higher. Unfortunately, there is no way you can modify your age. If you are unwilling to pay more to find love, consider resetting your profile. Be sure to enter your preferred age when resetting, as it will determine how much you will pay for premium services.

Can you change your location on Tinder?

Yes, you can! Upon upgrading, check your Tinder settings and click swiping in. Next, click ‘new location’ and enter preferred locations –choose from the available cities. Finally, tap the blue banner to confirm the new location.

Is there a way to change your username on Tinder?

Unfortunately, Tinder doesn’t allow users to change their usernames. If you are contemplating a new account, it will be best to reset your account. Resetting allows you to submit new data, including a username.

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