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Huggle Review: What Makes Site Unique?

Huggle Review: What Makes Site Unique?
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Reply rate 85%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 18-35
Profiles 8.769.000
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Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free and easy signup process;
  • Huggle mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices;
  • Plenty of messaging options;
  • Effective search tools.
  • One has to be a Facebook user to join the dating app officially;
  • The site is not responsible for any incident that occurs after you have found a date;
  • There have been some cases of fraudulent and scamming activities;
  • Location filter is not very easy to use, and it often takes a long time;
  • The mobile app for this matchmaking platform may fail to download sometimes.

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Huggle allows users to find and connect with people based on the places they go and show places they have in common. The platform match filters are based on the places members visit and their lifestyle in general.

Huggle was launched in 2016 by blogger Valerie Stark and Tina Sanders, a model after they’ve tried to use Instagram geolocation to connect with other people. In contrast to other location-based apps, your matches are based on the locations you have recently visited. It can connect people who love the same coffee shop, walk around the same park or people with similar lifestyles. This Huggle review gives a detailed explanation of how the platform works.

Does Huggle Support Multiple Languages?

The main language of the site is English; however, members can select the languages they speak. The About, Contact Us, Blog, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy pages are available in 42 languages, including English, French, and Arabic.

Under Which Company Does Huggle Operate?

Huggle was initially established by model Tina Sanders, and blogger Valerie Stark, before being purchased by popular dating platform Badoo in March 2018.

Where Can Huggle Headquarters Be Found?

The site is based in London, United Kingdom — at the Headquarters of Badoo, who acquired the dating app in March 2018.

In What Year Was Huggle Established?

Huggle was created in 2016 to establish a common avenue for individuals online and offline.

Can Huggle Be Accessed Across the Globe?

The platform can be accessed by people from around the world, irrespective of their location.

Special Features

Special Features

Here are some of the features that will blow your mind while using the app.

The Ability for Users to Automatically Import Places

This feature allows you to discover people who go to the same places you go by importing your social media accounts’ geolocations. You can choose to import from Facebook, Foursquare, or Instagram.

The One Minute Image Verification as a Security Measure

Huggle has added a creative photo verification process. The app shows you a pose that you have to copy as you take a selfie. They will then analyze your selfie in a minute and reveal whether you got verified or not.

The Amazing Content of Users Timeline

The timeline has a record of the places you have been to. It shows you new check-ins from people who have recently been to your favorite locations.

Sending Videos and Photos to Matches

Unlike other apps, where basic text messaging is the only option, Huggle lets you send images and videos to your matches anytime.

Audience quality

Huggle was inspired by the story of how the founders – Tina Sanders and Valerie Stark met. It is dedicated to individuals with similar tastes when it comes to travel and lifestyle.

Which Age Brackets Are Allowed on the Platform?

Huggle accounts can only be created by individuals 18 years old and older. The application for registration from a minor is terminated automatically.

How Easy Is It for Scammers to Create a Profile on the Platform?

Huggle Does not do background checking of members. However, any members whose actions contradict the site’s rules are banned.

Mobile app and Website

Mobile app and Website

This section will discuss the comparison between the desktop and mobile app version and on which of two platforms the site can be accessed.

Everything to Know About the Huggle Mobile App Version

The app inspired how the founders met and created an app that finds people based on where they are. It took the developer about six months to complete the project. It was initially launched in 2015 but became official in 2016.

Features of the Huggle Website

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about the Huggle desktop version.

Can Huggle Be Accessed on Personal Computers?

Huggle can only be accessed with the app. When you visit the site on your PC, on the homepage, you will be prompted to download the app before using the dating platform.

Is Huggle Optimized for Mobile Browsers?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the site on your phone browsers. You would have to download the application before you can sign up and start interacting with other members. However, with your phone browser, like Google Chrome, and Safari, you can browse through the About page, the site’s contact details, privacy, terms and conditions, and many more.

Why Am I Finding It Difficult to Sign In?

This outcome may be because you have not undergone email verification or have connection issues.



The app was developed in 2016, with recent web technology. Huggle’s website has a blue and white color on the first page, where you will be prompted to download the app.

The mobile app has a similar appearance to Badoo, with the settings icon and search filter on the top section of the app, while on the bottom part, you will see the icons for chat, profile, and match suggestions.

Overall, the app is simple to use; one does not need to be tech-inclined.

Registration process

Everyone must register via Facebook for Huggle. So you better build one before signing up for Huggle if you don’t have a Facebook account.

In Huggle, it is as simple to create an account as tap a button (literally). By clicking the “Continue With Facebook” button, you allow Huggle to capture and use the necessary information from your Facebook account. The app uses only your first name, age, and image profile. You can then choose to spice up your profile or find matches immediately!

How to Delete a Match From Huggle?

To delete a match:

  • Open the connections menu
  • Swipe from right to left on the profile you want to unmatch

What Is the Acceptable Age Bracket for Huggle?

The dating platform is for individuals aged 18 and above. People under the age of 18 are prohibited from joining the site. The administrators will take the necessary steps to remove an underage who registered on the Platform.

What Are the Available Verification Methods?

The app features a one-minute image verification. Huggle asks members to take selfies, which are verified by the administrators to filter fraudulent profiles first by comparing the images that are loaded using 160 points on the face. The phone, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail account, and LinkedIn may also be used for verification. To prevent fake checks-in, Huggle employs hyperlocal technology.

How Can Members Authenticate Their Email Addresses?

Emails are automatically verified if they are connected to Facebook profiles.

What is the Procedure of Registering Through Facebook?

Registration via Facebook is easy. The site imports your pictures and other relevant information from Facebook, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. After logging in, you can add other information.

Can Someone Use the Platform Without Registering?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the app without signing up, but you can access pages like the Blog, Contact, About Us, and Privacy Policy on the site.

Profile set-up

Profile set-up

Although Huggle aimed to be different, it made common ways of setting up a member’s profile. As joining the app means signing up via your Facebook account, you no longer have to manually enter your basic info. The app syncs and copies your Facebook account information into your Huggle profile. Your picture on Facebook will also be your default profile image. But after registration, you can change it and add more photos.

The app is strict, and the images you upload must be unique. This must be a photo of your face, and you must not be nude or in evocative lingerie. This also bans children’s pictures, graphic images, and party photographs.

How to Remove an Uploaded Photo?

Users can delete a picture they uploaded. To do this:

  • Click on the edit profile, and select the picture you want to remove
  • An option will appear on the image, select the ‘delete,’ and remove the picture

Steps to Edit a Username on the App

It is not possible to edit the username in the app. Since the registration process is done via Facebook, the app collects the members’ details, including their name. So to change the Huggle username, one might want to change their Facebook username.

Does Huggle Provide an Option for Deleting a Profile?

You can find the option for deleting a Huggle account on the “Settings” page. After deleting your profile, the moderators temporarily deactivate your account for 30 days, after which your profile will be deleted permanently.

How Can a User Delete the Details They Submitted on Huggle?

Users cannot delete the information they have submitted on Huggle.

Member search

You can search members using parameters such as age, their reason for joining, and the number of places they have in common with you.

Is It Possible to See the Huggle Members Who I Liked?

Premium account holders can see the members who they like and who like them.

What Are the Different Options of Huggle Search?

Huggle offers two search options: standard and advanced. While the standard search allows you to look for members by age, username, and location, advanced search allows you to use more specified parameters like academic and ethnic background, hobbies, and many more.

Can You See If Someone Likes You on Huggle If You Are a Free Member?

One has to activate the Premium membership to see who liked them.


Once you open the app, you’ll see people who check-in your favorite location. From there, the pictures of your matches can be swiped. If you want to pass, go left and swipe right if you like a user, then read more information.

You can send a message and hold a conversation when you find a match. You can also send photos and videos of your previous locations to them.

How to Initiate a Conversation on Huggle?

Once a user has created their profile, on the Encounter section, they will find a list of suggested users for whom they can vote Yes or No. If two members like each other, they will have a match and can start chatting with each other.

How to Contact a User on the Platform?

Users can communicate if they have a match. Premium members can initiate a conversation with others at will.

Is Sending Messages a Free Service?

Free users need to have a match before they can chat with each other. To message anyone anytime, one needs to activate a premium membership.

How Can Users View Their Received Messages on Huggle?

Upon clicking the chat icon, you will see a list of conversations with other members, with the new discussions at the top.

How Does the Huggle Video Chat Feature Work?

To have a video chat with another member, one needs to have already had a chat with the person.

  • Select the conversation,
  • Hit the video icon on the top right part of the page

Different Membership Options and Their Prices

Huggle is free to register. Joining the Platform allows users to set up a profile, upload pictures, and find new people in the area to connect. To enjoy more perks, one has to upgrade to a premium membership. To know more about the prices, you need to check the app. While some Huggle reviews insist on some paid options in the app, the official information is controversial. So, you better check yourself, though it might be useful enough without any charges.

What Services Are Considered Free on the Platform?

The standard membership features include the following:

  • Creating a profile
  • Uploading images
  • Find new people nearby to chat with every day

What Services Are Considered Premium on the Platform?

The premium membership gives users the ability to:

  • See who said” Yes” to them in Encounters
  • Undo their “No” votes in Encounter
  • See who likes them the most
  • Browse anonymously
  • Initiate conversations
  • Chat with the most popular members on the Platform

Does Huggle Provide VIP Services?

The platform offers a premium membership, which comes with additional services, and a price tag.

How Can Someone Disable Their Subscription Packages?

It’s quite simple if you want to cancel the current plan. Just talk to their customer service, and they cancel your subscription with pleasure.

Is membership auto-renewed on Huggle?

Is membership auto-renewed on Huggle?

This information is currently unavailable.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

There is no information about refunds on the site.

Is my “support” to Huggle automatically renewed every month?

A lot of dating services have such a feature to provide you with uninterrupted services. So, if you are not ready to be billed automatically, turn this option off.

I am not happy with Huggle. Can I get my money back?

The Huggle platform does not promise any refunds.

How will my Huggle payment appear on my credit card bill?

You’ll see a standard bill with the name of the company.

Can I give support to other Huggle users?

There is no such option.

Can I send support for just a month?

The period you want to subscribe to is up to you.

How Does Huggle Protect Its Members?

The platform does its best to provide users with a safe environment, paying a lot of attention to strict verification.

A Huggle account can be verified in several ways. On the “Edit profile” tab, you will see the following methods of account verification:

  • Photo — The app shows an image of someone pose-playing, and you must take a photograph of yourself by copying a pose. Once your photo is submitted, the app analyzes it and determines whether or not you qualify.
  • Phone number — Users are required to enter their phone numbers in the field provided. After the app calls the phone, the users will be required to enter the last four digits of the number that called. If everything goes right, the profile will be verified.
  • Facebook — Joining the platform is done through Facebook. In the registration process, the site verifies your Facebook details.
  • Google+ — Another way of verifying a Huggle account is Google+. For this method, the member has to sign into their account. If Multiple Google accounts are logged in, the app will allow members to decide which email you will use.
  • Twitter — Twitter account is an option if you a Twitter registered member. Click on the Twitter icon. Please sign up for your Twitter account with a popup appearing.
  • Instagram — One can also verify using Instagram.
  • LinkedIn is also a verification option. Once you get a premium membership, you will automatically be verified.
  • Huggle Premium — Once you upgrade to premium, your profile is automatically verified.

What Does Huggle Privacy Policy State?

At Huggle, they take users’ privacy very seriously. Their Privacy Policy explains the type of information they collect and how they use and protect it, including sharing information with third parties, such as Foursquare.

Does Huggle Provide an End-To-End Encryption?

The networking site is a subsidiary of Badoo, a reputable dating platform. Huggle has end-to-end encryption, so none of your info or chat can be accessed by third parties.

Is It Possible for the Huggle’s Administrators to Track Members?

Location is part of the information Huggle collects from people during registration. With one’s location, the moderators can track them down.

Can Huggle Be Traced By the Police?

Can Huggle Be Traced By the Police?

Huggle is a registered dating site and, therefore, can be traced by the police.

Who should I Reach Out to Regarding My Privacy in Huggle?

Huggle has a team of trained professionals who would be glad to answer questions you may have. This customer support department takes care of questions about subscription purchases, privacy, and other issues with the usability of the platform.


To protect Huggle and its members from bad guys, the app uses cookies and other methods. They can use persistent cookies to ensure that they have identified a correct account with the same device. It helps people in Huggle to keep their accounts as safe as possible.

Do the Moderators Regulate the Huggle Forum?

Huggle takes every sector of the site very seriously. The administrators moderate it to ensure scammers, abusive, offensive, pushy, and threatening members.

What Is the Penalty for Soliciting for Funds on Huggle?

Huggle usually gives a warning to its members when they breach a rule. A repeat can lead to banning one’s account.

Banned Account

Huggle is very strict about their rules and very dedicated to providing a safe environment for genuine members. Keep reading to find the reason why the site bans its members and what to do about it.

Why Do Members Sometimes Have Difficulty Accessing Their Huggle Account?

The administrators ban its members for several reasons. Inability to access their account could be due to a breach of one of the site’s rules. In such cases, the member should contact customer support to have a clear picture of the problem.

What Is the Duration of Huggle Bans?

There is no specific duration; Huggle decides. Contact customer support for more details about banned accounts.

How Can I Reactivate My Suspended Account?

Huggle can decide to revoke the right of a user to access their account. They can also opt to reinstate such an account whenever they feel it is appropriate.

Protect yourself

Protect yourself

While Huggle has a significant role in providing a safe environment, the members need to apply caution while using the site. There are safety tips on the app that will help one steer clear of danger on the site.

What Happens When You Report or Block Another User?

To report or block a user, tap the ‘Block or Report’ button at the bottom of their profile pages. The same button can be found at the top of the conversation window.

When you block a user, they can still see your profile, but they cannot send you messages.

When you report a user, you have to write a brief description of your reason. The moderators will review the complaint and take the appropriate actions.

Which Details Are Users Advised Not to Post on Huggle’s Profile Pages?

The following are not allowed on a user’s profile:

  • Pornographic and tasteless materials
  • Contact details
  • Pictures of children

Help and Support

When you are stranded, where can you seek help? We noticed that this love connector support is of exceptional utility and functioning. Contact your customer support system if you experience any dilemmas or problems with your profile. These experts handle every situation you might encounter.

Real life review

Huggle makes use of cookies and other resources, including CAPTCHAS, to keep spammers and fraudsters at bay. Cookies help make sure the same device logs into the correct account, thus preventing unauthorized login.

Can Huggle Rank Among the Best Dating Platforms?

Huggle is somewhat a new dating app, but it grows to become one of the best out there. Its unique mode of operation is what makes it interesting.

Can One Get a One-night Stand on Huggle?

Huggle is not a hookup app; it is a social networking app for dating and friendship.

Is Huggle Completely Free of Charge?

Registration and creation of a profile are free. The use of search tools also comes at no cost.

What Is Huggle’s Mode of Operation?

Huggle isn’t a typical app and functions differently as compared to other love networks. Via a special geolocation sensor to select check-in points, members are matched. If you’re in London, for example, the Huggle app matches you with people in this city. The best thing is to still have someone to meet up with when you’re traveling. Members get to connect and send images to potential dates through the chat feature.

How Many Fake Profiles Are There on Huggle?

The number of fake profiles on the platform is quite a few due to the strict security enforced on the app. The one-minute photo verification ensures that the profile picture is the same as the user.

Which Sites Have Similar Mode of Operation As Huggle?

Which Sites Have Similar Mode of Operation As Huggle?

Hinge: The site’s mode of operation doesn’t revolve around swiping. Hinge’s format lets members concentrate on a few profiles at a time.

Coffee Meets Bagel: It is a dating app whose objective is to connect people through a mutual friend on Facebook. It’s available on iOs and Android devices.

The Contact Details of the Site

  • Company: Huggle App Limited
  • Address: The Broadgate Tower, Third Floor, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2RS.
  • Email: feedback@huggle.com


Huggle is an interesting mobile app that helps you connect to people who like the same places as you. It helps you find better ‘faster’ matches, but it also locates people you may meet. However, it’s more commonly known as an app to find friends; it might not be the app for romantics. Although it has a large membership base and a lot of interesting features, it is unlikely to find your true love here. Yes, you might find new connections, but mostly platonic (or short-term). With the right mindset, Huggle can be just what you need.

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