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LonelyWifeHookups Review: Great Dating Site?

LonelyWifeHookups Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 29-36
Profiles 670 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A massive number of charming local women
  • Breezy registration process
  • Effortless navigation
  • Lots of interesting features
  • Unpaid registration
  • A large number of online users
  • Global scope
  • Advanced search options
  • Relatively pricey premium subscription
  • Annoying pop-up messages for upgrading the subscription
  • Constant bugging to make you buy packages in the form of Online Cuties, which are LonelyWifeHookups fakes

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LonelyWifeHookups is a one-stop-shop for all those males and females who want some spice in their sexual life. This 13-years old dating site is a perfect place for bored people with their everyday sex. Registered by Moniker Online Services LLC, the LonelyWifeHookups website encourages couples who feel that sex with their spouse is more like a ritual. The service advocates liberated sex for all such people. It invites open-minded individuals to the party!

You must be curious to know how LonelyWifeHookups is different from the mushroom growth of dating websites in the town. So, let us tell you that it has a bundle of cool and exciting features to your satisfaction. It has multiple means of communication, which include live streaming too. It has chat rooms, advanced search options, and a massive database. It means you will have many users online, no matter which part of the day you sign in for your entertainment. Above all, it has milfs too!

A standout feature of the LonelyWifeHookups website is that it does not display charming women’s pictures on their homepage to attract people, as the other sites in the dating world do. Instead, it focuses on providing the best quality service to the users. LonelyWifeHookups is, in fact, an outstanding service for those women who remain busy in their daily chores or spend much time at work and come back home tired and want some entertainment. It provides several opportunities for such women to have an adventure with men and bring a twist in their sexual life. The site believes that spice in sex routine refreshes pretty wives’ minds and energizes them for their duties ahead.

LonelyWifeHookups Review: Great Dating Site?

How does LonelyWifeHookups work?

Suppose you have already been visiting an adult dating website to search for a potential partner. In that case, you must have an idea that most of the authentic websites in the dating world do not let you in unless you register for the website by providing your credentials. The same goes true for LonelyWifeHookups, and the fact that without registering yourself, you will be unable to navigate freely makes many people grin.

However, you don’t need to worry much as the registration process is not long. It would hardly take 5 minutes. But, yes, you will have to respond to a few questions which might annoy a few of you. The primary purpose of these questions is to know your purpose of visiting the website and your partner’s preferences. They help the AI on the website match you with like-minded individuals and make the subsequent search process quick and effortless. It also lets the matchmakers on the website recommend you the best matches.

Once after setting up your basic profile, you need to enter your email for verification. After creating your account on the website, LonelyWifeHookups offers you to buy the paid packages for the forum’s relatively better utilization. However, it is entirely up to you whether you accept or decline the offer. But remember, as an unpaid user, you will not be able to enjoy most of the features the site offers. You will only be viewing other users’ galleries. LonelyWifeHookups will repeatedly send you messages to apply for a premium membership to enjoy the rest of the site’s features.

The site layout appears to be outdated, and you should not expect appealing graphics while navigating on the site. Moreover, likely, the customized photographs on the website do not pass moderation. It would be best if you remembered that while browsing through the profile photos.

LonelyWifeHookups service provides its users with the facility to private and group chat as for the communication ways. You may participate in the conversation in the chat room or invite someone whose profile matches your personal chat preferences. The forum also offers a video chat service to its premium users. The people on site are free to share photos.

LonelyWifeHookups has no app. However, the mobile version of the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Signing up at LonelyWifeHookups

We have already talked about the necessity to register for LonelyWifeHookups. Precisely, signing up is essential to enjoy the premium features. You may get the maximum benefit from the service. However, here we have good news for you! Signing up for LonelyWifeHookups is just a breeze and doesn’t bite much of your precious time. Additionally, it is free as the website requires only email verification for the purpose.

All the administrators require from you is to enter your essential bio to generate an identity profile. During the sign-up procedure, the site asks you to provide a username, password, and email address, and indeed your gender, sexual orientation, and the purpose of signing up. Take some time at this stage and write your preferences and purpose in detail. You will find your match quickly as the system uses AI to match preferences and sends you recommendations daily.

We highly recommend using your email address so that you may respond to the confirmation email and activate your account to enter the site.

How to Start Contact?

As mentioned earlier, LonelyWifeHookups has multiple options to contact users. There are chat rooms for audio and video chat. You can also access live streaming as a paid member.

The users usually start contacting their partners by first searching for their preferred matches in the search option. You can apply various search filters about age, gender, locality, body build, and religion. After searching for the preferred matches, the users start communicating with them via various communication tools.

You also have the option to search using the status of users—for example, online, offline, or the users who have recently logged in to their account. Depending upon your requirements, you can apply a set of filters in advanced search options and contact your desired matches in no time.

How to Start Contact?

Profiles on LonelyWifeHookups

Outlining the quality of profiles on LonelyWifeHookups is one of the best things we can offer you in this review. Most of them do not have enough photographs to give you a complete idea of their personality. However, they have detailed information to provide you with a full pen picture of their characters. In sum, LonelyWifeHookups profile information and photographs give you an idea of the person’s personality before you contact them.

Males and females on the site are usually married and belong to a widely distinct social and economic class worldwide.

As for the proportion of genders, recent analysis reveals that LonelyWifeHookups users’ profiles lack balance – over 70 % of them belong to males, while merely 30 % are females. However, this fact alone doesn’t determine the advantages of the service.

If you join the service to meet a woman, the best way is to search for the profiles of women who are most active on the site or have recently joined the forum. However, at times by applying these filters, one can be directed to the fake profiles. A definite way to reach the women you want to meet can be searching using the region and age range. The results you will get for this search will show over 50 % of reliable profiles. However, this search often leads you to the women hunting for a permanent relationship and wants to establish a relationship with a husband. The clients who are on LonelyWifeHookups for a one-night stand get disappointed this way.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

There isn’t a sure way to avoid falling prey to fake people on any dating site, to be honest. However, this review would advise you to use your intuition to smell fake people and report the administration as soon as you suspect something wrong. A useful tip could be to go for paid subscribers. They are usually serious darers searching for real partners for their entertainment.

Design & Usability of LonelyWifeHookups

The layout of the site is highly intuitive. Therefore, you don’t need to be an expert internet user to navigate through the site. The website’s comfortable design makes navigation effortless for household women and mature men who are not tech-friendly. A few sections on the home page are quite appealing and quickly attract the attention of new subscribers. These sections include Newest Hotties, which is for the new users who recently joined the service. Then there is a section with the name Featured Members, which shows the status of famous members. Above all, there is a section where you can update your status and check other users’ status.

LonelyWifeHookups App

Unfortunately, LonelyWifeHookups has not yet launched the LonelyWifeHookups app. However, to facilitate its users on-the-go, the site has a cellular website that may be adapted on your mobile or tablet easily. This mini version of the LonelyWifeHookups website is another valid excuse to sign up for the service today!

This mobile version of the site keeps you connected with your partner at any time, anywhere. Let us tell you here that for using LonelyWifeHookups on your phone, you will first have to change the profile settings to mobile view.

LonelyWifeHookups App

Special Features

The site has the following standout features to offer:

Easy Navigation

The most prominent feature of LonelyWifeHookups is that its layout is easy to the eyes and intuitive. This feature makes navigation super easy. We mean that you do not have to be a navigation expert or dating sites expert to browse through the LonelyWifeHookups website. The mature individuals who never got a chance to get around any website can also easily navigate LonelyWifeHookups. It makes communication with hot women more enjoyable.


Privacy is of the utmost importance when it comes to finding entertainment on adult sites. For LonelyWifeHookups, it is essential to protect the users from the sideways glances of by-passers. The website ensures that everyone on the board is united and has one common interest. This cooperation makes the experience truly memorable.

No Unregistered Member

This feature might make many users grin at the website. However, the primary security in the form of email verification is mandatory while registering with LonelyWifeHookups. More on the registration process is already mentioned under the ‘How to Sign Up?’ section. Although the security provided in email verification is quite basic, it speaks of the website’s reliability.

Large Database

Once after getting to the website’s homepage, you will find yourself crowded with messages popping up from left and right from the online users. It is because LonelyWifeHookups is not a static site, with most of the profiles inactive. LonelyWifeHookups has an extensive database, and straightaway, you will find some mature hotties waiting for you with the explicit photographs displayed on their profiles.

Direct Media Messages

LonelyWifeHookups makes sure you are receiving the best value as a paid member. The premium packages offer to send and receive messages through thematic chat rooms. They represent the common fetishes of the users. And you would love to know that as a paid member, you are at liberty to attach media files with the messages you send to your partners. Isn’t it amazing? It adds fun and excitement to your conversation and removes boredom.

List of Favorites

Being a dedicated community, LonelyWifeHookups offers its users a handful of features that give users a sense of value. You can add users to the list of your favorites. It is very like your friends’ list on any social media website. You can view the updates of your favorite users regularly in your news feed and check their status.

Live Cams

Another worth mentioning feature is live cams, which LonelyWifeHookups offers to its paid users. It is for those users who enjoy virtual entertainment with their partners.

LonelyWifeHookups Costs

With LonelyWifeHookups, you cannot hunt for a partner tonight as an unpaid subscriber. It becomes the main reason for the websites’ dubious repute. All that the website offers to its unpaid users is to watch the galleries of other users. You cannot check the detailed profiles of the women who are the paid users of the service. Moreover, as an unpaid subscriber, you will only be allowed to send 10 messages in 3 days. To communicate freely with the other users and enjoy the company of experienced hot women, you will have to pay. Depending upon the type of subscription, there are three paid plans. They range from 11.65$ to 29.95$ per month.

  • 3-day trial – $2.97 per day
  • 1 month – $29.95 per month
  • 3 months – $16.65 per month
  • 6 months – $11.65 per month

Basic Membership

The basic membership on LonelyWifeHookups does not offer anything more than viewing galleries of other users. That is why the site keeps reminding unpaid members to buy a paid plan. At times these messages become quite bugging. However, you will have to buy a paid package if you want to make the most of your time on the site.

If you first want to check the website’s features, you may go for a 3-day trial, which has a restriction of 10 messages a day. With this trial plan, you may also view 3 profiles per day. The other packages range from $11 to $29.95 per month. You can subscribe for any, depending on your requirements.

Premium Membership

Premium members are at liberty to enjoy unlimited messages, unlimited profile views, and even video chat using a cam. The review would undoubtedly advise you to get a premium membership and enjoy your time on the site virtually. Get potential partners to spice your nights now! The details about the premium packages are given later in this review.

LonelyWifeHookups Coupons

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t offer any discounts or coupons.

Verification & Safety of LonelyWifeHookups

As already mentioned in this review, LonelyWifeHookups gives excellent value to its users’ privacy and security. The site has hired the services of a trained moderator. These moderators’ sole responsibility is to ensure that each member on the site feels safe and that their privacy is unharmed. This sense of protection is unique to LonelyWifeHookups, and the members enjoy their adult dating journey fully. Given the nature of service, the moderators keep a vigilant eye on the activities going on among users and move to action if something suspicious is going on. The customer service is also quite active. The support comes to act as soon as a member reports an untoward incident.

Additionally, LonelyWifeHookups ensures that the financial data of the users are safe. The site allows all transactions through an encrypted payment system named 128-bit SSL. This unique system safeguards the financial data and doesn’t reveal the billing information of the users. At the same time, they pay for any plan on the site.

Is LonelyWifeHookups a Scam?

No, it is a real dating site with mature household women searching for adventurous dating.

Is LonelyWifeHookups Legit?

Yes, you can meet real mifs on the website and enjoy their company for discreet casual sex.

Is LonelyWifeHookups Legit?

The Problem with LonelyWifeHookups

The only quibble we could find with this great dating site is registration via an email. However, it should not appear to be a problem for real users. Instead, providing your email address and becoming a registered member on the site would earn you more opportunities. It is because email verification speaks of your originality and reliability as a dater.

Help & Support

Support at LonelyWifeHookups is quite responsive. It responds to the emails, calls, and messages of the users within a couple of hours. The customer service then takes prompt action in case of any trouble. It also keeps a check on the users’ activities and regulates their actions.

LonelyWifeHookups alternatives

Woman Girl Housewife and Lonely Housewives are the alternatives we could find for LonelyWifeHookups.


There are many useful questions about the site’s functionality that we try to reply to.

What is LonelyWifeHookups Used for?

LonelyWifeHookups is specifically designed for mature women who are in search of casual sex with other men. However, there are many singles registered on the site. The members spice up their life by breaking the monotony of boring sex with their spouses.

Is LonelyWifeHookups a Real Dating Site?

Yes, it has an extensive database of real women in your locality who are seeking some respite in casual sex to spice their life.

How to Delete LonelyWifeHookups Account?

For deleting your account on the site, you will first have to go to the Settings tab at the top right corner of the page in your profile. Select the option Delete Account, and your account will be deleted. If you want to deactivate your account, you can choose the feature in the setting menu.

Which Kind of Profiles are there on the LonelyWifeHookups Website?

The website has diverse profiles. The database is large, with users from various nationalities. One can expect to meet both young and old singles and married individuals with different sexual orientations. Most of the people on the site are sexually liberated and broad-minded.

How do I Add Pictures on LonelyWifeHookups?

For adding pictures to your account, you must buy a subscription package and then go to the Settings menu on the top right corner of your profile page. Go to Add More Pictures option and follow the subsequent instructions to upload your photo.


Address: 2320 NE 9th St. Second Floor, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304, USA.

Phone: +1-954-585-91-86

Email: support@lonelywifehookups.com


LonelyWifeHookups website is an appealing site for adult daters. It makes dating an exciting and adventurous experience by adding a lot of spicy features to the website. Also, it caters to the discretion needs of mature men and women. It provides them with security and privacy to satisfy their sensations in the best possible way. We hope our exhaustive LonelyWifeHookups review has given you all the information you were looking for regarding the service. So why wait! Sign up today to top up your sexual life with something exciting!

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