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ChristianConnection ReviewーThe Facts You Need to Know Before Hitting the Sign-Up Button

ChristianConnection ReviewーThe Facts You Need to Know Before Hitting the Sign-Up Button
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Date with older guy 9%
Reply rate 77%
Beauty 82%
Popular age 22-35
Profiles 8.765.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site provides free access to every feature with a trial period of three days.
  • Find your best match from a large number of Christians across the world.
  • The site allows every member to send messages for free.
  • The dating platform keeps an eye on every profile to ensure there is no scam.
  • You can upload unlimited photos.
  • Dedicated mobile applications for Android as well as iPhone users.
  • Members are not very active.
  • Customer support is available only over email.
  • Premium membership is a little expensive.

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It is critical to know all about the ChristianConnection dating app when you want to join it. This ChristianConnection review will help you learn the crucial factors about this dating platform.

There are hundreds of dating sites on the Internet these days; however, if one site stands out in the crowd, it is ChristianConnection. When it was founded in 2000, even the developers did not know that it would gain immense popularity. After two decades, this dating platform is equally popular as it was when it started its journey. The site has won several awards as the best niche dating site and provides the best customer service. It speaks volumes about the quality of this dating site.

This dating site was designed to help single Christians worldwide find a friend, partner, or soulmate. The site is based on Christianity, so the conduct of the members is monitored by the administrator. The site has many success stories of bringing Christian singles together. However, as an active member or a potential one, you would like to know every detail about the site that can influence your decision to join.

Most of the ChristianConnection reviews only give you superficial information; however, this review is different from others. So, tune in to know how every detail unfolds in this ChristianConnection review.

Languages Supported By ChristianConnection

The ChristianConnection app is available only in English as of now.

Who Is the Owner of the ChristianConnection Dating Site?

ChristianConnection is owned by Jackie Elton. She is also in the core committee that takes the decision.

Where Is ChristianConnection Based?

This dating platform is based in London, United Kingdom.

When Did ChristianConnection Started Its Journey?

ChristianConnection was launched in 2000, and since then, it has never looked back.

Does ChristianConnection Have a Global Reach, or Is It Limited to a Specific Region?

ChristianConnection was launched in the UK initially; however, it expanded across all the continents. The site is accessible from Australia to the USA.

Special Features

Special Features

ChristianConnection has a lot of unique features that will surprise you. It makes browsing and connecting to your potential partner a unique experience. Here is a list of those features.

Free Messaging

Unlike other dating sites, ChristianConnection lets every member send messages for free.

Hide From Searches

This feature lets you hide your profile from a member without blocking that person.

Add the Prospects Partners to Favorites

You can shortlist your potential partners into your favorites and add or remove members whenever you want.

View Board Posts

The site has a forum where you can see other members discussing a particular topic or event. You can also participate in the discussions and express your opinion.

Audience quality

The site connects single Christians from across the world to find a match for them who believe in Christianity. The members are highly religious and believe in the Christian way of life. They intend to find a partner for friendship or marriage who has faith. You can find Christians from across the world looking for a potential match.

The site is for the people who want a meaningful relationship within the ambit of Christianity. The members are not interested in hooking up or casual encounters. If you are looking to meet someone to sleep with, you will find yourself in the wrong place.

How Diverse Are the Members in Terms of Age?

ChristianConnection welcomes everyone above 18 years of age to join. There is no upper limit for the members. The most active members fall in the age group of 25-35, looking for someone to marry.

Fakes and scammers

Fakes and scammers

The site is for people who want a long-term relationship with fellow Christians. Almost every profile has pictures and detailed information. They look genuine; if you read the description, you can determine why they have joined the site. Most of the members are religious and do not intend to scam someone. However, there may be some black sheep. You can identify them if you are prudent and conscious. The scam profiles don’t have many details, and they usually use anything as a profile picture rather than their photo.

Mobile app and Website

The ChristianConnection website looks like a typical dating site. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward; you can find the functionalities easily on the website. The mobile app is a compact version of the site that has all the features of it. The mobile is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

ChristianConnection Mobile App

The ChristianConnection mobile app has the same functionalities as the website. The menu is organized, and you can find all the functions easily. The mobile application lets you use the service on the go. You can always stay connected as you don’t need to log in whenever you wish to access the dating platform. It makes the mobile app more convenient than the website.

ChristianConnection Website

The ChristianConnection website is a perfect place for the religious Christian to find a soulmate. The site has many success stories about how it helped many Christian singles find their life partner. You can read the stories on the website itself. Nevertheless, the website is pretty organized and user-friendly. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to use it. The search function has a lot of filters that you can use to find your potential partner easily.

Is the Mobile Application Accessible on Your Computer?

The ChristianConnection app is compatible with the mobile phone and tablet only. You cannot use it on the computer.

Is ChristianConnection Compatible With All the Browsers?

Yes, the website is compatible with all the browsers. You can access it using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Why Are You Facing Difficulty in Accessing the Website?

The login process for the ChristianConnection website is simple; however, you might be using incorrect login details if you face issues. You also may have been blocked temporarily or permanently for violating the website rules.



The Interface of the ChristianConnection website and the app is user-friendly and straightforward. Even if you are a first-time user, you can use the website easily. The search and other functionalities are well organized. You can use different filters like age, location, etc., to shortlist your search. The advanced search lets you find a potential partner according to lifestyle, body type, etc. The profile icon gives you the option to edit your profile. The design and layout of the app are similar to the website. Overall, the website and the app are clean and straightforward; you can easily navigate.

Registration process

The registration process on the website is an easy task to do. It takes only a few minutes to register on the site. You do not have the option to sign-up using the Facebook account; however, you can use your email address to sign-up.

You need to enter your email address and country name first. Then enter some basic details like name, date of birth, location, ethnicity, etc. After that, the site asks you to describe yourself briefly and answer some questions like your education, work, interests, etc. You can skip a few questions; however, it is better to answer all of them. It will increase your chance of finding the best match.

Is It Possible to Unmatch a Member on ChristianConnection?

The site does not provide an option to unmatch a member. If someone annoys you, you can block or report the member.

At What Age Can a Person Register on ChristianConnection?

You need to be at least 18 to register on this dating site. There is no upper age limit.

Is It Possible to Verify Your Account on This Platform?

As of now, the site does not conduct any ID verification.

What Is the Process of Verifying the Email?

When you register, the site sends an email to the email address you provide. You can click the link on the email to verify your email address.

Does This Platform Provide an Option to Register Using Your Facebook Account?

Unfortunately, you can register using your email address only. The site does not provide you the option to register using a Facebook account.

Is There Any Way You Can Use the Site Without Signing Up?

No, you cannot use this dating platform without signing up. You need to sign-up with your details to use this platform.

Profile set-up

Profile set-up

When you sign up, you need to provide some mandatory information, and you cannot skip that. However, some information is not essential, and you can choose to skip that or provide it later. It is recommended that you provide all the details as it helps the site to find the best matches for you. A detailed profile has more chances of getting the best match.

Is It Possible to Remove a Photo That You Uploaded in ChristianConnection Earlier?

Yes, you can delete a photo you uploaded earlier.

Is It Possible to Change Your Username in ChristianConnection?

Yes, you can change your username in ChristianConnection. You need to visit your profile and change the username from there.

How Can You Delete Your ChristianConnection Profile?

You can delete your profile on ChristianConnection. You need to visit your profile and then go to Settings. You will get the option to close or hide your account there.

What Happens If You Hide Your ChristianConnection Account?

You can hide your account on ChristianConnection; doing so will hide your account from other members, and they will not be able to find you.

Is There an Option to Delete the Information That You’ve Already Updated on ChristianConnection?

Yes, you can delete or change the information you shared on ChristianConnection.

There are a lot of search options available on this dating site. This ChristianConnection review will help you know all the filters you can use to shortlist your potential matches. You can search using location, age, online, etc. You can also use advanced filters like lifestyle and physical appearance to narrow down the search results and find potential partners who match your preference.

Can You See the ChristianConnection Members Who You Have Liked?

Yes, you can see the members you liked on this dating platform.

What Are the Different Search Tools Available on ChristianConnection?

The standard search option lets you search the members according to the location. However, you can search using different filters to find your perfect match. These filters allow you to match the important details like ethnicity, race, lifestyle, etc., which are very important for some people.

How Can You See If Someone Is Interested in You on ChristianConnection as a Free Member?

ChristianConnection lets you see who likes your profile even if you are a free member.



Sending messages is free for paid members. It is the best way to communicate with another member on this platform.

How to Strike a Conversation Via Message With Someone on the ChristianConnection?

You can send a message to another member even if you have free membership. The point is, being a free member, you can just reply to what you receive. You can send a message by visiting the profile of that member.

How Do You Send a Message to a Member on This Site?

To send a message to another member for the first time, you need to visit the profile and click on the message icon. You can respond to someone’s messages from the message icon on the site.

Is It Possible to Send Messages for Free on This Platform?

You can send unlimited messages once you upgrade to a paid membership.

How Can You See Which Member Has Messaged You on ChristianConnection?

You can see who sent you a message by clicking on the message icon. Once you click on it, you can see the messages you have received as well as the sender.

How Can You Use the Camera on ChristianConnection?

The camera allows you to take and upload photos on your profile.

Is It Possible to Filter the Members Who Can Message You on ChristianConnection?

There is no option to filter the messages; however, you can block or report a profile.

What Are the Membership Costs and Payment Method on This Platform?

What Are the Membership Costs and Payment Method on This Platform?

Many ChristianConnection reviews claim the cost is a little pricy; however, as a user, you should know about the costs and the quality of service in detail to ensure you can decide for yourself. Here is the costs of the premium plans:

  1. 1 Month Plan ー 16.00 USD
  2. 3 Month Plan ー 32.00 USD which is 10.67 USD / Month
  3. 6 Month Plan ー 48.00 USD which is 8.00 USD / Month

Payment Option

The site accepts payment through Credit Card. It accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Credit Cards.

Payment Methods on ChristianConnection

You can make the payment using a credit card to upgrade to the premium plans. The site accepts payments using a whole range of credit cards.

What Are the Features of Free Membership?

The free members on this site also enjoy some of the notable features. Here are some of them:

  1. The free members can send a limited number of messages. It’s five per day limit for the members on trial and just the responses for free members.
  2. Option to hide your profile from other members.
  3. Get access to view and post on Board.
  4. View all the photos of other members.
  5. Add other members to your favorite.

What Are the Features a Premium Member Can Access?

The premium membership of this site comes with some special features that make your browsing experience unique. Here are the premium features of the site.

  1. Send unlimited messages to any member on the site.
  2. View online members.
  3. Priority customer support.
  4. Respond to messages from your email.

Does ChristianConnection Have a Premium Subscription Plan?

Yes, ChristianConnection comes with premium subscriptions that give you access to all the premium features. It enhances your browsing and dating experiences.

What Is the Process of Canceling Your ChristianConnection Membership?

You can cancel the premium subscription from the Settings, selecting the Cancel membership option. You can enjoy the premium membership till the end of your billing cycle if you cancel it in the middle of the billing period.

Does ChristianConnection Premium Subscriptions Renew Automatically? Can You cancel It Anytime?

The premium membership of ChristianConnection renews automatically. However, you can cancel it anytime you wish.

Does This Platform Refund Money for Unused Time?

Does This Platform Refund Money for Unused Time?

No, ChristianConnection does not refund for the unused time. You can use your membership plan till the end of the membership period, though.

How to Renew Your “Support” to ChristianConnection?

All kinds of subscriptions on ChristianConnection will auto-renew once its validity ends.

Refund Policy in Case of Dissatisfaction With the ChristianConnection Services

Unfortunately, the ChristianConnection has no refund policy.

How Will the Payment to ChristianCupid Appear on Your Credit Card Statement?

The payment to ChristianConnection appears as www.ccsub.info on your credit card statement.

Can You Help Other ChristianCupid Members?

Yes, you can support another member on ChristianConnection.

Can You Help Other Members for a Month?

Yes, you can support another user on ChristianConnection for one month. The way of providing it should be discussed with the other user privately.

Is ChristianCupid Safe?

There are many ChristianConnection reviews on the Internet; however, you might be confused about the ambiguous information. This review will help you understand the safety feature of the dating site.

This dating platform is a safe place for single Christians looking for a partner for a meaningful and long-term relationship. The site is for religious people who have deep faith in Christ. They join the platform in search of a match who also has the same religious beliefs. The administrator monitors the activities of the members to ensure there is identity theft and spamming. Due to such stringent measures, this site has earned several accolades. So, if you are concerned about safety, this ChristianConnection review will surely help you to make the decision.

Is Your Privacy Protected With ChristianConnection?

Yes, your privacy is protected with ChristianConnection. The site also does not store your payment details once you stop the premium subscription.

Does ChristianConnection Encrypts the Messages?

Yes, the site encrypts the messages between two members so no one else can access them.

Is It Possible That ChristianConnection Can Track You?

Yes, the site can track you if it is required.

Can Police Trace ChristianConnection Under Any Circumstance?

Yes, police can track the site. In case there is any complaint, the police can track the site.

Who to Contact If You Have a Query Related to Your Privacy in ChristianConnection?

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, you can refer to the website’s privacy policy. You can read about the privacy policy in detail. If you still have questions, you can write to the customer service at help@christianconnection.com.


Many people don’t like to join a dating site as they are concerned about safety and security. If you are also one of them and think about joining ChristianConnection, you should know about this dating platform’s safety feature. The site itself monitors the activities of the members. So, there is very little chance of misuse of your data. The site has been recognized as the best dating platform multiple times. There are very few dating sites like ChristianConnection, which are so secure.

Does ChristianConnection Keep an Eye on the Members’ Conversation on the Forum?

Yes, the site watches the members’ conversation on its forum, and they respond in case some member complains about something.

What Happens to a Member Who Uses Their ChristianConnection Account to Solicit Money?

The site takes action against such members. They can block or suspend the account. You should also report such people from your end.

Banned account

Banned account

Yes, the dating platform can ban a member’s account if it violates the website’s policies.

Why Are You Facing Trouble in Accessing Your ChristianConnection Account?

You might have entered an incorrect username or password. Otherwise, your profile might be blocked or suspended.

For How Long Does ChristianConnection Ban a Profile?

The site can ban your profile permanently or for a short period depending on the reason.

Is It Possible to Reactivate Your Banned Account?

The site may or may not reactivate your account, depending on the reason. You need to write to the customer service of the dating site at help@christianconnection.com.

How Can You Protect Yourself From Scammers on This Platform?

The Christian dating site moderates the activities of the members. So, the chances of spammers on the site are minimal. Most ChristianConnection reviews show the same as well. However, you should be alert from your end. If you suspect any spam account, you must report it immediately.

What Is the Process to Block and Report a Suspected Scammer?

To block a member, you need to visit their profile and click on the Block link there. You can also find the option to report the member.

Which Information Should You Not Reveal in Your ChristianConnection Account?

To protect yourself and your information, you should not disclose any sensitive information to anyone as you can’t predict someone’s intention.

Help and Support

The site is known for its customer service. You can contact the award-winning customer service by sending an email at help@christianconnection.com.

Real life review

Real life review

You can see and read the real-life ChristianConnection reviews on the website. There are a lot of success stories about how people found their soulmate on the website.
Most of them agree that the platform is safe to use and is the best choice for Christians to meet new people. The chance of meeting a fake user is very low, and most users feel safe and protected.

Is ChristianConnection the Best Option for Christians Who Are Interested in Dating Online?

Yes, this site has earned the reputation of the best dating site for Christians, which no other dating site can match.

Is ChristianConnection Good for Finding Partners for Casual Meet Up?

No, this site is for religious Christians who want to find a partner for a meaningful relationship.

Is ChristianConnection a Free Dating Site?

No, the ChristianConnection website is not free, though you can go for a free membership and use it with limited features.

How Does ChristianConnection Operate?

The ChristianConnection website is a platform for religious Christians to find a match and communicate. You can search for members using different filters and try to connect with them using messages.

Does ChristianConnection Have Fake or Scam Members?

The moderators monitor the site to ensure there is no scam profile; however, you must be alert and report any suspicious activity.

What Are the Alternative Sites of ChristianConnection?

This site is probably the best platform to find a single Christian for a long-term relationship; however, some alternatives are ChristianMingle, Catholic Match, Christian Dating for free, etc.

Contact Details of This Dating Platform

  • Company: Widernet Communications Ltd.
  • Address: The Pillbox Studios, 115 Coventry Road, London.
  • Phone: Not disclosed.
  • Email: help@christianconnection.com

Final Words About This Dating Website

True Christians are very religious, and they are honest, sincere people who look for a life partner as spiritual as they are. If they enter a relationship, they want to maintain it till the last breath. The site hosts a lot of success stories. Now, coming to the feature, the best thing is that the site provides a 3-day trial for new members to get an idea about the site. It is safe, and so it is trusted by a huge number of members. The top news agencies like BBC, The Guardian, etc., have endorsed its services. The members look genuine and ready to commit to a meaningful relationship. Hopefully, this ChristianConnection review has answered some of the pertinent questions that come into a potential user’s mind regarding ChristianConnection.

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