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OasisDating Review: Great Dating Site?

OasisDating Review: Great Dating Site?
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Pros and Cons

  • OasisDating features a lot of search criteria.
  • The mobile application is suitable for both Android and iOS phones.
  • The database is global and offers thousands of profiles.
  • The design is nice and convenient.
  • Most of the features are free and do not require any subscription.
  • There is no email verification.
  • You may encounter some scammers here, but this can be easily reported.

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OasisDating is an international dating platform that helps people to find other individuals and build relationships with them. Men and women visiting the website are looking for various types of relationships. These can be casual meetings and hookups, friendship, and serious relationships that can end up as marriage. This OasisDating review will analyze every aspect of using this platform in detail.

OasisDating Review: Great Dating Site?

What Languages Can Be Found on OasisDating?

Since this is an international platform, it supports several languages that are most popular in the world. Namely, these are English, both American and British variants, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. This way, you can choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

Who Is the Owner of OasisDating?

The dating service belongs to 3H Group Pty Ltd. It is a part of the Oasis Network, a group of dating platforms with a common database. This information is accessible on their main website and was last updated in 2013.

Where Is OasisDating Located?

The current headquarters of the platform is situated in Sydney, Australia. This means that this platform is managed from this country. However, it does not mean that most of the users are from Australia as this is an international company.

What Can Be Said About OasisDating in Terms of History?

According to the information from the OasisDating website, the company was founded in 2008. It can be assumed that the platform was launched the same year. Therefore, one can conclude that this is a service that has substantial experience in the field of dating and has much to offer.

Is OasisDating a Global Platform?

This platform is available for worldwide usage. This means that you will be able to search for a decent partner globally. You can be from the United Kingdom or America and seek your love in China or Spain. Nationality means nothing here.

Special Features Offered on This Website

Profile Customization

For a certain amount of tokens on OasisDating, you can customize your profile and make it more like yours. With the help of this feature, you will be able to render your personality. You will be sure that a person who likes your profile will like your individuality as well.

The search system of the platform provides a vast number of filters. This is a convenient option for those who like specifying their search on OasisDating.


My Maybes is a great feature that allows you to add profiles of people who you like to a specific list. This list will help you to keep these individuals for later.

Shout Outs

This is a bulk mailing feature, which is very useful if you do not want to spend much time searching for a partner. With the help of this feature, the system will send a certain message from you to one thousand matches. However, it can be used only once a week.

Shout Outs

Kinds of People Here?

OasisDating is a safe community for different types of individuals. Therefore, you can find a lot of people with different interests here. You can meet people from virtually any country.

A Few Words About Age Distribution

This dating platform is developed for the young population. Therefore, the biggest share of the members belongs to individuals aged between 25 and 34. The number of users of 18-24, 35-44, and 45-54 age groups are almost equal. However, it hardly comprises half of the 25-34 years old population.

Are there Many Fake Profiles and Scammers?

OasisDating does not provide email verification or other types of personality identification. Therefore, this leads to a high risk of encountering scammers. According to the reviews of real users, there are some cases when people with unverified profiles were trying to get money from them. However, you can always report such cases to the support team, which is always trying to solve such issues as soon as possible.

Difference Between the Website and Mobile Versions

In fact, the only difference between the OasisDating website and mobile application is that they are used on different devices. As such, if you prefer using your PC, the website version will be more comfortable for you. And vice versa, if you spend most of your time using your mobile phone, then the app is the best choice for you.

OasisDating Application Characteristics

The application is efficient and works smoothly and quickly. It is clear that the developers took proper care when creating it. It features the same functions and services as the browser analog does. The good point is that it is suitable for both Android and iOS phones. This means you can use the application virtually on any mobile phone.

OasisDating Website Characteristics

The website of OasisDating has the same features as other sites of Oasis Network. It operates quickly and is quite convenient in terms of navigation. The website is comprehensive and very user-friendly. Even a newbie will be able to understand how the site works.

Is It Possible to Use the App on a Computer?

There are some ways how you can do this, but it will require you to install additional software. Therefore, using a browser version would be much simpler. Still, you may use the app on your Android or iOS tablets.

Do All Browsers Support OasisDating?

Sure, the website can be used in any browser. All you need to do is to enter the link to the website in the address bar. Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, and other browsers will redirect you to the website easily. However, it should be noted that the operation of OasisDating in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox may be somewhat difficult due to the fact that these browsers are a bit old-fashioned.

What Can Prevent You from Entering the Website?

The inability to log in often happens if the CAPSLOCK is on (or off, it depends whether you use it for entering your password or not) when you type in your password. Also, the language chosen should also be checked. These are the most widespread problems. If this is not your case, you need to contact the support team.

What Can Prevent You from Entering the Website?

It Has Decent Interface

OasisDating design is extremely convenient. The colors used in decoration are very fresh and modern. All fonts and text styles implemented are organic and pleasant to see. The text boxes, forms, and lists are organized in a comprehensive way, which contributes to the simplicity of navigation.

Ways How One Can Register Here

There are two ways how you can sign up for OasisDatng. The first one is with the help of the registration box on the main page. Here you will have to enter such information as your gender and the gender of your potential date. Next, you will have to create a unique username and think of a reliable password. After this, you will be asked to provide your email address. Your date of birth will also be required. The last thing you will need to do is to write your postcode. And after clicking on “Create my profile” you become a registered member of the platform.

The second way of registering on OasisDating is via your Facebook account. This is a quicker option and it will additionally upload your pictures from the Facebook account to your profile on the dating website.

Can You Unlike the Members of OasisDating?

There is no way how one can get their likes back if they changed their mind. Once you send a like, you will not be able to unlike a profile.

What Is the Minimal Age for Registration on OasisDating?

This dating website may contain adult content, and this is why you must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for registration. You should not sign up if you are under 18.

How Your Account Can Be Verified?

This dating platform will not oblige you to pass through the verification procedure on OasisDating. Therefore, it is not necessary and you do not have to do this if you do not want to spend your valuable time on this. However, this can be done with the help of your Facebook account.

Are There Any Ways to Verify Your Email?

Though you need to provide your email address when you register, you will not be asked for confirmation. This is simply not needed.

Is It a Good Decision to Register with Your Facebook Account?

The good point is that your pictures will be uploaded to OasisDating automatically and you will not have to spend additional time uploading them. The bad point is that if you prefer to remain anonymous, it will be impossible with this means of registration.

Is Registration Necessary to Use the Features of the Website?

Yes, the registration is indeed necessary. Though the website is mostly free, you need to create a personal account to use the services of OasisDating.

Profile Creation Is Not Difficult

Though filling the fields in your profile is optional, it is desired to add some information about yourself. This will take you several minutes but will contribute to better search results.

Is It Possible to Delete a Photo From OasisDating?

Yes, it is possible. You just need to choose “Delete Photo” from the drop-down menu on the picture.

Can One Change Their Username on OasisDating?

No, you cannot change your username. The only way you can have a new name is by deactivating you current account and creating a new one.

How Do You Delete Your OasisDating Account?

You can do this by hitting the respective button in the Settings. Moreover, if you do not use your account for a long period, your profile will be deactivated automatically.

How Do You Delete Your OasisDating Account?

What If You Go Invisible on OasisDating?

If you profile is hidden, you will be able to browse the pages of other members freely. However, it will be impossible to contact them.

How Can You Change or Delete Information on OasisDating?

You can delete or edit any information in your profile at any time. To do this, just click “Edit My Profile” and make necessary changes.

The Search Process Is Conducted Easily

The search process is very developed here. You need to go to the Search section and adjust filters to your taste. Then you should click “Search” and enjoy browsing the profiles of other people.

Is There a List of People You Like on OasisDating?

You can add interesting individuals to the list of your Maybes. You will have a permanent access to this list and can add or delete profiles at any time. However, there is no option for seeing all people you liked.

What Filters Does OasisDating Offer?

You can choose multiple filters to find your best match. All fields from any profile can be filtered, such as age, location, sexual preferences, information about appearance, etc. Thus, the search filters are very convenient.

Can Free Members See Who Likes Them on OasisDating?

You will see who likes you right after they show interest in you. You will receive a respective notification that will be stored for three days.

What About Messaging?

The messaging process is simple on this dating platform. This is the main means of communication that you will use a lot if you are interested in finding a partner. Therefore, below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about messaging and interaction.

How to Initiate Texting with a Person on OasisDating?

You can contact only those users who have a match with you. This means that you will not be able to write an individual who does not like your profile. Therefore, if you want to message someone, like their profile and wait until they like yours back.

How to Send Messages to the Members?

To text someone you like, you need to go to their profile and hit the “Send Message” button. You will be redirected to another page where you will be able to type in your text. Everything is user-friendly here.

Do You Need to Pay for Texts?

What differentiates this dating website from hundreds of others is that messaging is free here. You do not need to spend a great amount of money to simply say “hi” to someone. This is a significant advantage of this platform.

Where Can You See Message Notifications on OasisDating?

All notifications about new contact requests will be shown on the page of private messages. To see them, you will just need to follow the link to this page and check who writes you.

Where Is Camera on OasisDating?

If you want to upload your profile photo from your camera, not gallery, you need to choose the respective variant between the options suggested when you update your pictures.

Is It Possible to Filter Individuals Who Can Contact You on OasisDating?

Yes, you can do this by choosing the option that is called “Do not allow members to contact me if they don’t match my criteria above.” This function is available in the Seeking Criteria.

Is It Possible to Filter Individuals Who Can Contact You on OasisDating?

What Do You Need to Know About Prices and Payment?

The system of tokens is viable on this platform. For example, if you want to purchase tokens to go ad-free for a month, you will need to pay about four dollars. A one-time Shout Out will cost you the same money but it will last only a week. As you can see, the website is rather cheap.

Features That Are Available for Free

Almost all of the features do not require any payments. Therefore, one can say that the website is almost free to use. There are only few things that require payment, but one can go without them easily.

Features for Which You Need to Pay

The two features you will need to pay are Shout Outs and the Ad-Free feature. If you want to, you can purchase them with tokens.

Is There Any Premium Subscription on OasisDating?

No, there are no subscriptions and memberships on this platform. Though some consider it a disadvantage, it may appear rather useful.

How Can One Stop Using Paid Features on OasisDating?

This is simple and convenient. You just need to quit paying for tokens.

Can Payment Be Auto-Renewed on OasisDating?

Since this platform offer a token system, it does not provide auto-renewed withdrawals. If you want to buy tokens, you will need to do it manually.

Is a Refund Possible for Unused Features?

The owners of this dating platform do not guarantee you any refunds. Therefore, you need to spend money wisely.

Are There Monthly Auto-Renewals on OasisDating?

No payments are auto-renewed on this website. You should consider this fact before joining.

Can You Get a Refund If You Are Not Satisfied with the Services on OasisDating?

According to the information from their website, the owners of the dating platform do not provide refunds in case you are not satisfied.

How Can You Track Your OasisDating Payments?

The tracking options depend on the payment method you used. You can monitor your money expenditures in your PayPal account or credit card account.

How Can You Help Other OasisDating Members Financially?

The policy of this dating website does not expect you to provide any monetary support to other users. Therefore, you do not have to pay anything to other members.

Is It Possible to Purchase Paid Service for a Single Month?

Yes, it is. Since there are no auto-renewals on the platform, you can opt to pay for premium services just once.

Can You Trust OasisDating?

This is a website with a long history that takes its roots from creation of a famous international network. No company will exist for so long without a good protection policy. Therefore, one can assume that this is a reliable dating service and you can trust it your personal data.

Can You Trust OasisDating?

OasisDating Protects Your Privacy

The creators of the platform provide a Privacy Policy that states that your personal information will not be disclosed without an extreme need. The cases when your data can be shared is described on the website.

Can You Trust The Encryption of OasisDating Chats?

All message threads are encrypted and safely protected on this platform. You may be sure that no one except you and people with whom you communicate will get access to your conversations. However, the support team may want to check your texts as per your request.

Can You Identity Be Defined on OasisDating?

No one can locate where you are and who you are unless you allow doing so. For example, if you register with the help of Facebook, a lot of personal data will be automatically provided to the dating website.

Do the Police Check OasisDating?

Usually, the police do not have access to the platform’s database or other services. However, on a court request or in other cases related to law and eligibility, access to such information can be provided.

Who Do You Contact About the Privacy Issues on OasisDating?

The platform provides a separate section called “Contact Us” where you can describe you problem to the support team. The care team members will reply you as soon as possible.

Safety Means a Lot Here

The developers of this dating website strongly care about the safety of their members. Therefore, they took certain steps to ensure their protection. These steps will be described below.

Is There Any Moderation on OasisDating?

Since there are no blogs and forums, the dating platform does not offer moderation to its users. However, if you see some suspicious or abusive behavior, you can report the issue to the support team. Each case is investigated attentively.

Will A Scammer on OasisDating Be Punished?

If someone’s behavior is detected as a scam, the account of this person will be penalized. To be more precise, the person’s profile will be blocked, and the account will be banned permanently. This is made for the protection of the platform’s visitors.

What Do You Need to Know About Account Banning?

An account is banned only in case of proved abusive or scamming actions. Each case is checked and investigated manually by the support team, so there will be no mistakes regarding the issue. Therefore, if you do not want your account to be banned, you should avoid such behavior.

Why Cannot You Log In to OasisDating?

This may be due to several reasons. You may have entered a wrong username or password. In such a case, you should simply check the username or restore the password. Next, your account has been banned. And the last one, your account may have been deactivated. In these two cases, you need to contact the support team for further instructions.

How Long Does OasisDating Banning Last?

The banning on this platform is permanent. This means that you will not be able to restore your account unless you prove the reason for banning was irrelevant. Such cases are solved with the support team individually.

Is It Possible to Restore a Banned Account?

In most of the cases, the restoration of an account on this dating website is impossible. To appeal for the restoration, you need to persuade the support team that the reason for banning is invalid and the case should be investigated one more time.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

There are many ways how you can secure yourself and protect your data from scammers. Moreover, the developers of the website provide a whole section with the tips about safe dating. If you are unsure you know everything about safety on dating platforms, it is advised to read this section carefully.

How Does One Blocks or Reports a Suspicious Member?

A special button in the form of a whistle on each profile’s page serves as a reporting button. If you see inappropriate behavior, do not hesitate to hit this button so the support team knows this person requires their close attention.

What Information Should Not Be Placed to Your OasisDating Profile?

You should not indicate your real address as well as real name and surname. Moreover, you should not provide your credit card number and other important information related to your money savings. You need to avoid sharing any of your data that may result in a scam.

What Can Be Said About Help and Support Here?

OasisDating seem to take proper care about its members’ security. The developers ensured decent SSL protection and encryption of messages. Thus, you can be sure that you may are safe in this OasisDating community.

Real Life Check Up of the Platform

When one hears that a dating platform is totally free to use, he or she may doubt the quality of its protection from bots and scammers. However, modern technologies allow appropriate security of databases and information stored in profiles. OasisDating uses such technologies and provides strong defense of your data.

Can OasisDating Be Viewed as the Best Dating Platform?

According to numerous OasisDating reviews, this website is not the best one, but it is among of the most popular Japanese platforms. Users of this venue rate it quite high.

Can One Consider OasisDating to Be Reliable?

Sure, this dating website corresponds to multiple requirements. A great database and good data protection contribute to this fact. Moreover, free membership looks extremely appealing.

Can You Seek Hookups on OasisDating?

The platform serves a lot of purposes. Helping people with casual dating is one of them. Therefore, the answer is yes.

Can You Use OasisDating for Free?

This is another question with a positive answer. All necessary features for finding a partner are completely free. You can use the website without paying a single cent.

How Does OasisDating Achieves Its Goals

The main goal of this community is to assist individuals in matching with other people. This can be done for friendship, one-night stands, or serious relationships. The website appreciates all types of relationships.

How Often Can One Encounter Fake Profiles on OasisDating?

Since the dating platform does not require verification, there is always a high risk of encountering fake profiles. For this reason, the owners of the website provided a substantial guide on what to do about the issue. It is advised to read it carefully.

Does OasisDating Have Any Alternatives?

Despite an overwhelming popularity, OasisDating has serious rivals that may serve as good alternatives. The most well-known are Match.com, BeNaugty, Zoosk, Elite Singles, AdultFriendFinder, and Flingster. All of them have both pros and cons that need to be considered.

Contact Data

Company name: 3H Group Pty Ltd

Company address: Suite 310, 46-56 Kippax St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia

Final Opinion About the Website

OasisDating is an interesting place for various kinds of people. It does not matter whether you are looking for a serious commitment or making new friends sites, it is a place where you can find both. Anyone who is older than 18 years old will find what they seek here. Though one may encounter scammers here, he or she can easily avoid their bad behavior and report such cases. However, the fact that the website is completely free is an extremely good point. Therefore, one can say that OasisDating is a worthy website!

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