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OkCupid vs. Match: Who Is Number One on the Dating Scene?

OkCupid vs. Match: Who Is Number One on the Dating Scene?

The OkCupid review highlights features and discloses issues of one of the most famous and the largest dating platform worldwide. It is well known as a highly professional service that connects people together for anything they want. Freedom might have become its philosophy since it allows people to use the site for free, choose one of 20 (!) gender identities, search partners for any purpose. Enjoy no investments, no limits, no stereotypes.

The Match review aims to compare this portal with OkCupid to find essential differences and similarities. It deals with a service that presents itself as a medium for love-seekers and those looking for marriage. However, experts note that the platform got stuck somewhere between marriage-centric focus and hookup trends. The following dating site compare will show which website has more chances to win the battle.

Website Better prospects Link
OkCupid Relevant self-presentation Read the review
Match Serious but not too serious Learn more

Expert opinion

OkCupid is a winner since it positions itself according to its real status, without any exaggerations.


OkCupid appeared in 2004 as a brainchild of 4 Harvard University students. Their goal was to connect people for love, whatever they understand by this word. That’s what happened. Gary Kremen, an engineer and entrepreneur from the USA, created Match in 1993 and launched it in 1995. belongs to Match Group, Inc., the same company that manages OkCupid.
The fast-growing resource managed to collect a multi-million userbase, providing high-quality dating services. The pioneer in the daring industry. It covers 25 countries and is available in more than 8 languages.
The site welcomes straights, queer women, gays, TS, TG, bisexual, bi-curious daters, swingers, and dozens of other folks. Today, it’s one of the most popular dating services on the Web focused on serious relationships.
The communicative tools include messages and video chats. This is enough to know a person better and get an actual date. The site is noteworthy for its unique features and a wide range of options.

OkCupid Pros & Cons:


  • It’s a trustworthy site with a solid reputation.
  • The community is massive.
  • It’s free to use, including sending messages.
  • The overall design is excellent.
  • The mobile app works well and has a full set of functions.


  • Paid features are nothing special.
  • It’s challenging to find objective stats.
  • The site could look more modern.
  • Lengthy registration may become a deal-breaker.

Match Pros & Cons


  • The site is known for its advanced matchmaking algorithm.
  • The service arranges offline dating events worldwide.
  • The users get 7 matches every day.
  • Its mobile app is perfect.
  • There is an impressive set of in-depth filters.
  • One can see members online and their last activity time.
  • The user may figure out someone’s preferences from their profile.


  • The system doesn’t verify accounts.
  • You cannot send messages for free.
  • Nothing indicates whether you contact a free or premium user.

OkCupid vs Match: Overall Reputation

The OkCupid vs. Match comparison starts with their reputations. It’s crucial to know what other people tell about a dating site to understand whether it’s the right place for you. got the Gold Dating Sites Reviews Single’s Choice Award in 2015. The expert also recognized it as the Best Overall Dating Site and the Best Dating App.

The service has 4 stars on People appreciate the opportunity to describe themselves, many photos to upload, and extensive search filters. However, it gets only 3 stars on Sitejabber. Most people complain about cheaters and high pricing.

OkCupid also features 4 stars on, where many users share their successful love stories. Others are just pleased with flirty chatting. However, some note tech support problems. App Store gives 4.5 stars and Sitejabbar rewards with 3.5 stars based on actual members’ reviews. They write about the website’s affordability, the large number of active members, and meaningful communication. At the same time, some people think that OkCupid is “a good way to kill time,” but nothing more.

Website Reputation Link
OkCupid 3.5–4.5 Jump into details
Match 3–4 Learn more

Expert Opinion

OkCupid wins again by a small margin. It has managed to get more positive reviews on many third-party platforms.

OkCupid vs Match: Popularity and Success Rate

The OkCupid success rate is high, according to the stats from third-party resources. Its average engagement ratio is 49.8%, and the market share of monthly users is 10%. The site has managed to collect over 50 million members until 2020, and 100,000 of them are online every day. It is a top-rated platform since 9% of Americans over 18 use it to find fun and love.

The Match success rate is off the charts. It connected 517,000 couples for relationships that resulted in 92,000 marriages. The site covers 25 countries and generates 415 million messages annually, proving its members’ high activity. According to the research in 2012, 46.7% of Match’s connections turned into marriages. However, does it really work in 2024? Its annual revenue constantly grows, reaching $2.4 billion in 2020, meaning the sites’ busy work and development.

Website Success Rate Link
OkCupid High Jump into details
Match Higher Learn more

Expert Opinion

Match looks more successful, considering its constantly growing revenue. However, OkCupid might win if it provided more statistics.

OkCupid vs Match: Target Audience and User Demographics

The OkCupid app targets an international audience from the USA, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Asian regions. Generally, it is available in over 100 countries. It provides over 20 gender and 13 sexual identity options, resulting in many users from the LGBT community. There are only 35% of females on the site, while the rest of the audience are males. Most profiles belong to the age group between 25 and 34. However, its mature pool is also significant: 10% of women and 15% of men. Note that 11% of users have over $100,000 of annual income. The site provides equal chances for singles from large cities and those living in rural areas.

The Match app is accessible in 25 countries. It can boast impressive statistics disclosed on independent resources. Over 31% of millennials and 36% of Gen X prefer There are 28% of Boomers on the site and 44% of single parents. Besides, it is full of educated daters: over 90% of them attended college. 45% of the audience are females, while there are 55% of men. The main age group is from 18 to 29, but you will also meet tons of members between 30 and 44.

Website Target Audience Link
OkCupid Massive Jump into details
Match Vast Learn more

Expert Opinion

OkCupid is pulling ahead thanks to the audience with a wide range of interests and values.

OkCupid vs Match: Profiles

The OkCupid app feature detailed profiles, but standard users have access to several sections. They specify basic info and upload photos, 100% of which are public. New tabs in a profile card are available after they answer the questions. The quiz helps you make a profile eye-catching. Self-summary is its most crucial part, where people can reveal their true selves.

Match profiles are similar to those on OkCupid, having the summary sections and some tabs with essential information about the user. It’s possible to upload up to 26 pictures and create an impressive gallery. The system is linked with other Match Group’s sites, providing a chance for increased matches. The feature is optional and possible only on the initiative of a user.

Website Profile Link
OkCupid Detailed Jump into details
Match Detailed and advanced Learn more

Expert Opinion

The profile cards on look more efficient than on OkCupid. Besides, they show compatibility with a potential partner in percentage terms.

OkCupid vs Match: Scam

OkCupid spam occasionally happens since it’s impossible to get rid of bots when millions of people are on the website. However, you can always report and block fake profiles once you’ve identified them. Many scammers hide behind real people. It’s crucial to check your potential partners on social media platforms and through other sources available.

Some people on the Web complain about Match spam. They continue to get emails after they’ve removed their accounts from the platform. Nevertheless, this is more often a question of technical errors rather than intentional spamming. Both platforms are legit and completely safe.

Website Spam Link
OkCupid Rare Jump into details
Match Rare Learn more

Expert Opinion

Both sites have a moderate amount of scammers. Actually, they are hard to remove even for the most reputable dating resource.

OkCupid vs Match: Sign-up Process

Both platforms have a lengthy but intuitive registration process. OkCupid boasts elegant graphics, legible, friendly, and manageable signup quiz. Amusing cartoons and witty popup messages enhance the experience, making it unobtrusive, pleasant, and straightforward. The entire procedure may take 15–30 minutes, depending on how much time you will hesitate to answer each question. However, the quiz on Match includes more questions concerning your expectations, values, etc. Besides, the site requires a 24-hour timeframe to approve your account and activate it.

Website Sign-up Link
OkCupid 15–30 minutes Jump into details
Match 15 –60 minutes + 24 hours for verification Learn more

Expert Opinion

OkCupid wins in this round since it takes less time for the registration.

OkCupid vs Match: Convenience and Interface

Let’s move the OkCupid vs. Match review to their designs’ comparison. After hundreds of daters are tired of overwhelming and chaotic fraud sites’ layouts, OkCupid and Match are a breath of fresh air. Match looks more attractive. OkCupid, somehow, is proud of its classic appearance and doesn’t consider it necessary to change anything.

Website Design Link
OkCupid Simple and classic Jump into details
Match Intuitive and modern Learn more

Expert Opinion

Match rocks, as it keeps pace with the time. The company is not afraid of experiments and innovations.

OkCupid vs Match: Features

The OkCupid official site is not the sharpest tool in the box, providing just enough functionality and almost zero of entertainment:

  • It allows the users to make notes on their profiles.
  • Some filters make it possible to contact local singles quickly.
  • Messaging is free.
  • Advanced search is onboard.
  • The roulette-like Double Take looks excellent for those into swiping.
  • Boost highlights your profile.
  • Stacks help categorize matches to create a system and not miss a chance.

The dating experience on the Match official site is diverse and customizable:

  • The MatchWords feature (Platinum membership) provides you with more matchmaking tools.
  • An in-depth profile search is available.
  • You’ll get matches every 24 hours without a break.
  • Real Talk helps choose a topic for conversation.
  • Profile Boost is also present.
  • Reverse Matches allow you to try your luck with incompatible users.
  • Voice Calls make it possible to contact partners by phone.
  • The company arranges trips to dating events.
Website Features Link
OkCupid Practical Jump into details
Match Unique Learn more

Expert Opinion

Frankly speaking, the Match’s last three features in the list leave OkCupid no chance of victory. They are really fantastic, useful, and entertaining at the same time.

OkCupid vs Match: Quality of Matches

As a rule, people join dating sites to find a partner. They can achieve their goals only if they get high-quality matches. Match scores against OkCupid from this point of view. Actually, OkCupid loses quality because it is entirely free, while Match has only freemium features. Besides, OkCupid caters to any types of relationships that make it generate less accurate suggestions. is a love-oriented portal, striving to be as precise as possible. So, Match users pay money and try to be sincere in their profiles to ensure faster results.

Website Matches Link
OkCupid Various Jump into details
Match Accurate Learn more

Expert Opinion

Match’s suggestions look more valuable. OkCupid should reduce free access to enhance its matches’ quality.

OkCupid vs Match: Best App for Hookups

OkCupid rocks the market when it comes to casual dating. It offers security and privacy for those into no-strings-attached meetups. Still, many other adult sites are scammers. Match focuses on relationships, meaning romantics and love. However, both websites invite people with a wide range of desires, from kinks to traditional marriages. Anyway, OkCupid welcomes and greets its members’ sexuality in all its forms.

Website Hookups Link
OkCupid Best Jump into details
Match Good Learn more

Expert Opinion

OkCupid is better for hookups thanks to the open-minded audience.

OkCupid vs Match: Best App for Relationships

If OkCupid is the king of safe and quality hookups, overtakes it in long-term relationships. Although the website is open to any type of romances, most of its users are monogamous and with traditional values. Unlike OkCupid, this site ignores modern sexual trends and provides options only for men and women.

Website Relationships Link
OkCupid Good Jump into details
Match Best Learn more

Expert Opinion

Match is better for relationships since it keeps traditional values in the line.

OkCupid vs Match: Price Compare

How much is OkCupid a month?

Basic Subscription

  • 1 month: $7.95.
  • 3 months: $6.35/month and $19.05 totally.
  • 6 months: $3.95/month and $23.70 totally.

Premium Pack

  • 1 month: $24.90.
  • 3 months: $22.90/month and $68.70 totally.
  • 6 months: $19.90/month and $119.40 totally.


  • 1 credit: $1.99/credit.
  • 5 credits: $1.89/credit and $9.45 totally.
  • 10 credits: $1.69/credit and $16.90 totally.

How much is Match a month?

Standard Plan

  • 3 months: $12.99/month ($38.97)
  • 6 months: $9.99/month ($59.94)
  • 12 months: $7.99/month ($95.88)

Premium Plan

  • 3 months: $14.99/month ($44.97)
  • 6 months: $11.49/month ($68.94)
  • 12 months: $8.99/month ($107.88)


  • 1 credit: $0.99/credit
  • 5 credits: $0.80/credit ($4.00)
  • 10 credits: $0.60/credit ($6.00)
Website Pricing Link
OkCupid Affordable Jump into details
Match Average Learn more

Expert Opinion

Match features cheaper credits and plans. However, OkCupid is still more affordable since one can use it free, while Match requires money for messaging.

OkCupid vs Match: Fee-Based Services

Does OkCupid or Match feature more value for money?


  • Keep an eye on those who like you.
  • Enjoy Read Receipts.
  • Your dashboard is free of ads.
  • In-depth search option.
  • Daily boosts are available without paying credits for them.
  • You can get messages and respond to them.
  • Public question answers are available.


  • You can receive and send messages.
  • Instant Messenger.
  • Those who viewed your profile are visible.
  • You’ll be notified about read messages.
  • The system delivers guaranteed daily matches.
  • MatchPhone is at your disposal to call your partners.

It’s possible to switch on incognito mode to browse other members.

Website Paid services Link
OkCupid Common Jump into details
Match Exciting Learn more

Expert Opinion

Match is worth money since it offers incredible options that are rare for many dating websites.

OkCupid vs Match: Free Services

Let’s see the difference between OkCupid and Match in terms of their free options.


  • You are free to open an account and create a profile.
  • Full-fledged messaging is free!
  • Tons of search options are available.
  • See who likes you.
  • Don’t pay for browsing.
  • Take part in Double Take to have fun and matches.


  • Profile is free.
  • You can send likes.
  • Browse other members to choose favorites.
  • Matchmaking game is accessible.
  • SingleOut matches are also free.
Website Free services Link
OkCupid Great Jump into details
Match Poor Learn more

Expert Opinion

As you can see, OkCupid is more generous, while Match is similar to hundreds of other dating platforms, charging fees for communication.

Best Alternative to OkCupid and Match

The OkCupid versus Match post is about two platforms operated by the same company. If you want to try your luck somewhere else, it’s possible to join other services from this network. It comes to Tinder, Meetic, Hinge, Plenty Of Fish, Ship, and OurTime. All these websites have much in common with OkCupid and Match, meaning target audience and features. Those looking for new experiences may try the sites outside Match Group. Badoo, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel are popular resources with vast communities and flexible pricing.

OkCupid vs Match: The Final Verdict

Summing up the OkCupid vs. Match review, let’s remember that you choose the best from the best. Whoever will win according to expert opinion, the final decision is yours. Those on a budget prefer OkCupid for its free messaging. Queer people and casual dating may choose this site as the safest and most comfortable place. will be number one for its high-quality matches and love-oriented policies. Anyway, the experts vote for Match because of its allegiance to traditional values, relevant connections, and a more significant amount of mature daters.

Website Final Verdict Link
OkCupid Great Jump into details
Match Perfect Learn more

Expert Opinion

Match has won, but OkCupid still remains the decent website for those looking for a legit hookup platform.

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