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Pink Cupid Review: Is it a Cool Dating Site?

Pink Cupid Review: Is it a Cool Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 98%
Popular age 26-34
Beauty 71%
Profiles 860 000
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Visit rate 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Pink Cupid has been in the online dating sphere for long; this brings expertise and a loyal user base.
  • It has a lot of support from its parent company Cupid, which makes it even more trustworthy.
  • This is a niche website, making it even easier to find what you are looking for exactly.
  • Pink Cupid gives you options to select the type of relationships you are looking for.
  • You can find love, but also make friends using this service.
  • You can create your profile and use essential tools without any charge before buying a membership.
  • It has several hundred or even thousands of successful love stories in its books. Many lesbians found love using this site, so you can too.
  • The process of creating an account is straightforward, and you can start using this platform in a matter of minutes.
  • This platform is used by millions of women worldwide, so your chances of meeting someone are incredibly high.
  • The users are active on the site and chat.
  • Pink Cupid is mainly used by those seeking serious relationships so you can easily find a partner for life.
  • If you are more casual about relationships and maybe just want some fun, it has options for that too.
  • It has incredible chatting functionality that includes one of the best-in-class translate functions, so language is not a barrier to meeting interesting people.
  • Having pictures on your profile is mandatory, so you always know what users look like.
  • Anyone can send messages, even free users.
  • Pink Cupid has super intriguing and enjoyable chat rooms that you can use to meet people even more efficiently.
  • You need a subscription so all the tools and functionality become available to you.
  • Not all users are lesbians; some are using the platform just for curiosity.
  • Most of the users are super active in the chats, so if you are not used to that level of attention, it may seem a little much at first.
  • The creation of a personal profile can take you several minutes due to all the information you need to enter.
  • You need to share a valid ID with the Cupid team so your profile gets verified.
  • If you are using the service for free, you cannot read the messages you receive unless a premium user sends them.
  • As of now, Pink Cupid does not offer an application for those who have iPhones.

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This Pink Cupid Review is designed to arm you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision. There are way too many websites of this kind that promise to help everyone find partners and dates. Yet, not every dating platform is as efficient as promised. Pink Cupid is one of the few that delivers well on what it promised.

In this Pink Cupid Review, you will be able to learn about advantages, but there will also be mentions of the not so great stuff. You can find all the information you need to make up your mind about this specific service.

How many languages does Pink Cupid support?

Pink Cupid has support for most of the major languages worldwide. Of course, the main one used is The English Language because most of the user base comes from places like The United Kingdom and The United States. Nonetheless, they support most languages, and even better, they have built-in translation functionality into their messaging. For that reason, you do not need to worry about the language barrier; they have thought of that already.

Who owns Pink Cupid?

Pink Cupid is in a high position because they operate under the umbrella of the renowned Cupid company. If you have spent any time in the online dating sphere, you have most likely heard about them. Cupid is one of the biggest and most trusted online dating companies. They have lots of niche dating sites, and every single one of them is very successful. Their expertise, experience, and brand name shine wherever they go. If having a renowned company backing up your products is a significant factor, this site is the best way to go.

So where is Pink Cupid based now?

Cupid, the parent brand of Pink Cupid, is based in Australia. For more detailed data, including their address, you can check the last sections of this Pink Cupid Review. There you have the full direction.

When was Pink Cupid founded?

This extraordinary project of helping lesbians, and women curious about their sexuality, started in 2006. Even back then, this company knew there was a need for this kind of website, and they created an excellent one. With over ten years of experience, Pink Cupid offers the best platform for women who want to explore their sexuality as well as lesbians who know very well what they want.

Is Pink Cupid available worldwide?

Pink Cupid is not only available worldwide, but it actively helps people meet and communicate with others all over the world. They have users from practically every corner of our planet, and those users are very active. You can interact and meet people from places you may have never heard about before. The best part is, with the Pink Cupid messaging functionality, you get a translation, so the difference in language cannot stop you from chatting.

Special Features this Platform Offers

Special Features this Platform Offers

Pink Cupid has lots of unique tricks under its sleeve. They started by creating a platform with all the basics right and then added some handy; yet, not so standard goodies on top.

The theme of this site is “nailing the essentials,” plus, the site gives you something more to keep the experience fresh and useful.

Moreover, they have exciting and useful tools that other analogous sites lack. Their messaging functionality is one of the best in the industry; one could argue that this site is worth checking out for that reason alone. They also have stringent policies that create an excellent environment, so everyone feels safe, and scammers get weeded out quickly.

Unique Messaging Functionality

If you look at the messaging functionality they offer, you notice how stable and easy to use it is. But that is not all; you have live chats, you get personalized notifications, and on top of that, you have built-in translation functionality. That is one of the best implementations you can find for that kind of tool. You can chat with literally anyone on the planet, and the platform does the translation for you.

Excellent Implementation of Profiles

Profiles have tons of information that is laid out in a very digestible way. Browsing and checking out profiles is quick and very smooth. Overall, this platform is an absolute joy to use and very efficient too.

A Big Emphasis on Keeping a Friendly Atmosphere

This site goes the extra mile with strict measures to ensure you are not likely to be harassed. The whole system is set up, so every user gets an uncompromised experience. This approach means that you can enjoy all the spicy and impressive interactions you expect from a dating site without suffering unwanted approaches, harassment, or anything of sorts. That is one of the most overlooked features in most dating sites.

The Audience Quality you can Find in this site

The Audience Quality you can Find in this site

Taking a glance at this platform and its users, it becomes clear that there is a variety in the audience. The fact that Pink Cupid lets you select what kind of relationships you are interested in also helps. Here you can find people to spend a night with up to marriage and even friends. The number of users allows for this kind of choice; there is someone for almost everyone on Pink Cupid.

As mentioned before, this site is used by people from all over the world so that you can find individuals from all ethnicities, races, faiths, etc. This is great because you can make friends in places you want to visit or just talk about the culture and intriguing aspects of a country. Pink Cupid is a place to find dates and to meet fascinating and exciting individuals in the process.

Age distribution of the Users In the Platform

Pink Cupid has an excellent age distribution. Even though you can find women of all ages using this service, the vast majority of users are younger than thirty-four. To be more exact, the majority of users fall into the twenty-four to thirty-four age bracket. Those are closely followed by users in the eighteen to twenty-three age bracket and then older individuals in fewer quantities.

Fakes and scammers – How they are dealt with

Pink Cupid has stringent policies, and it enforces them in the same way. As a dating site, they want to create a very safe experience for everyone, so they pay close attention to activities inside their service. If a fake account is found or someone trying to scam others is uncovered, those accounts get banned. If the profile is proven to be malicious, then the ban, in most cases, is permanent.

The Mobile app and Website Experience

The Mobile app and Website Experience

They have one of the best experiences cross-platform of any dating site. It is easy to understand why so many individuals praise them. The website is gorgeous, and their android application is just as beautiful and useful.

Pink Cupid App and how it Works

The mobile application Pink Cupid developed is very good. They managed to pack most of the main tools and things you need to enjoy the experience on the go. Just keep in mind that the application is intended for use on the go and not as the primary and only way you interact with this platform. Some options, like editing your information are not available for the app. However, most features you need, like checking out other profiles and messaging work great from your smartphone.

The app has a beautiful and minimalistic design that creates a very easy to comprehend interface. Users enjoy a lot the way this app works and how well it uses the space on the screen, which is a big plus when using it on a smaller screen.

Pink Cupid website – How Good it is

Pink Cupid website -  How Good it is

The website version of Pink Cupid is where you find all the tools and functionality you could imagine for having a blast while meeting people. There you can fully edit your information, add media, use the various communication tools, and more. The website is beautiful and super well organized. Menus are straightforward to see and locate. Buttons are bright, well-labeled, and logically placed on the interface. Overall the website is top-notch in terms of usability and even more so when talking about design.

Can one use the app from a computer?

If you are interacting with the Pink Cupid platform from your computer, it is much better to do it via the website. The team at Cupid did an excellent job designing it in a way that makes interactions with a mouse and keyboard very smooth. For that reason, you would not want to use an app version of this platform on your computer.

Which browsers support Pink Cupid?

Pink Cupid did a fantastic job adapting its website to any kind of browser, even mobile ones. You can open and enjoy all the great tools they offer from any computer and browser you have. Not only that, but you can do it on mobile devices too. If, for some reason, you do not have the app, just open the mobile version of the Pink Cupid website, you land on an optimized version of it for smartphones.

Why are you having a hard time entering the site?

There are lots of things that can interfere with the process of entering the site. First, you should check your internet connection. Sometimes you get disconnected and do not even notice it. Another thing to check is if you are entering your credentials correctly. Check caps lock before writing your password.

The Interface This site Offers – How Intuitive it is

The Interface This site Offers - How Intuitive it is

The design of Pink Cupid makes many fall in love with it. They use very readable fonts, right contrast colors, and bright backgrounds to make sure you can easily see all the buttons and menus. They also managed to place every transition and link in visible and logical positions, so you do not have to look around for simple things like your profile. Everything is very intuitive and a pleasure to use.

Registration process – Is it Easy to Create an Account?

Registration process - Is it Easy to Create an Account?

The creation of your new Pink Cupid profile is not complicated, but it can take some time. If you are creating it from scratch, you need to enter your contact info and answer any questions. Those include your preferences, physical characteristics, etc. They ask for that to better match you with other users and make the process better. After you are done with the registration, an email confirmation is required. This is one of the methods they use to verify users.

On the other hand, you can use your Facebook to sign in. Then the process is much shorter because you do not need to fill up so many forms, and the system pulls most of the info from your social media.

Can one unmatch a Pink Cupid member?

Sure, Pink Cupid has many lists to better organize with whom you interact. One of those is people you have matched. You can go there and unmatch any user in whom you are no longer interested.

How old should you be to register on Pink Cupid?

Since this is a dating website, by law, users should be of legal age so they can create an account and use such a service. In most countries, you should be at least eighteen years of age to register.

Which ways can one verify an account?

The primary method, as mentioned in the registration part, is by using your email. You can also upload an ID, so the team at Cupid checks the information you provided and then verify your account.

How do you verify your email?

After entering your credentials, which include your email, you should receive a letter from Cupid. Sometimes it falls into the spam folder, so you may want to check there. In that letter, they send a link to verify your email.

What happens if one registers using Facebook Account?

In that case, the process becomes much more straightforward. Your Facebook account gets linked to your Pink Cupid one, and your information is pulled from there. That can save you time because you do not need to fill in all the information yourself.

Can one use the site without signing up?

To explore the site and its capabilities, you need an account. The right approach is to start with a free account and check out Pink Cupid before going for a paid membership.

Profile set-up

During the registration process, you are asked some questions about yourself, your tastes, and your preferences. Nonetheless, you can further add data later on from your profile. You can add all the things you like, what you do not like, activities you are into, and so on. Also, you can include information about your beliefs and hobbies. The more data you share, the better because that way, you can get better matches and suggestions.

Can one delete a photo previously uploaded on Pink Cupid?

You can very quickly and easily delete any media you uploaded. Just go to your profile and find the one you want to get rid of from the menu, delete it, and you are done.

How does one edit the username on Pink Cupid?

For that, you need to go into your settings and there find your personal info page.

Is there an option to delete your Pink Cupid profile?

At any moment, you can get rid of your page; just keep in mind that you cannot get it back after a certain period. After that, you will have to create a profile from scratch, and your matches will be lost.

What happens if you disable the “Show me on Pink Cupid” option?

There are many options and tools you can use if you do not want to be seen on the platform. Anonymous liking and checking other profiles is an option for premium users.

Can one delete the information previously submitted to Pink Cupid?

You can edit or get rid of most things you have uploaded. That’s all managed from your settings page. Just go there and find the specific content you want to change or delete.

The search functionality is one of the best in the online dating space. Here you have all kinds of filters and tools at your disposal. It is easy to get extremely specific about a search and get even the smallest details filtered. As a result, you get exactly what you were searching for.

Is it possible to see Pink Cupid members that you liked?

This is yet another list you can check out. Among others like your matches and favorites lists, Pink Cupid allows you to have the people you interact with organized in various groups.

What are the different options of Pink Cupid Search?

There are so many that you could easily spend the whole day trying to name them all. Just as a quick run-down, they have filters for appearance, beliefs, hobbies, likes, preferences, and more. Pretty much anything that comes to mind can be filtered using the search tools.

Can you see if someone likes you on Pink Cupid if you are a free member?

That is an option only premium users can access.

Messaging Functionality they Offer

Messaging Functionality they Offer

The messaging functionality gives you lots of options to interact with. It is very smooth without major stutters, and you have extra goodies like integrated translation when you need it.

How can you start messaging with someone on Pink Cupid?

You can just send them a like or go straight for a message. Anyway, confidence is essential, so do not doubt yourself and go for it.

How can you message someone?

Just go to their profile, and there you will see the button to start a chat.

Is sending messages free?

Yes, anyone using the platform can send messages, which are great for free users.

How do you see who messaged you on Pink Cupid?

Just go to your messages page, and there you have all your chats. Also, you can get notified via your email whenever someone messages you.

How does one use the camera on Pink Cupid?

The mobile application asks you for access to the camera. Whenever you want to video chat or upload some selfies, it launches automatically.

How can you filter who messages you on Pink Cupid?

You can easily block users or make sure certain types do not find your profile. Pink Cupid gives you various tools to do that.

Membership Price and Other Payment Method

Duration Total cost
Gold membership
1 Month 24.98 USD
3 Months 16.66 USD
12 Months 8.33 USD
Platinum membership
1 Month 29.98 USD
3 Months 20.00 USD
12 Months 10.00 USD

Free Membership Features

As a free member, you can freely check out other people’s profiles and send messages. Most other functionality is reserved for users with a membership.

Premium Membership Features

A premium account unlocks all the impressive functionality we have discussed. Also, based on your type of membership, either platinum or gold, you get better ranks in the search, and extra goodies like that translate functionality that users enjoy so much.

Does Pink Cupid offer premium membership?

Yes, they offer two options for premium memberships. A gold one to get you most of the excellent tools they have, and a platinum one that straight-up unlocks every single thing they offer.

How do you cancel a Pink Cupid membership?

If you do not want to use premium features anymore, you can easily cancel your subscription. That is done from your settings page, where you can find the subscription section and cancel it from there.

Is Pink Cupid membership auto-renewed?

Yes, to make the experience more convenient for you, Pink Cupid auto-renews memberships. You can stop that renewal at any moment.

Can one get a refund for unused time?

Even after you cancel the subscription, you can still use all the premium features you paid for up until your subscription ends.

Is your “support” to Pink Cupid automatically renewed every month?

Yes, the payments are renewed based on your plan. It can be every month, every three months, or however you set it up at the beginning.

You are not satisfied with Pink Cupid. Can you get your money back?

They do not offer reimbursements, but If you are not happy with the service, the best thing to do is contact the team so they can help you out with your issues.

How will your Pink Cupid support appear on credit card bills?

It just shows as usual payment for software services. There is no reason to worry about it appearing as something suspicious.

Can you give support to other Pink Cupid members?

There are many scams going around, so it is strongly discouraged to give away money to other users even if they ask for it.

Can you send support for just a month?

Absolutely, you can sign up for a month and then cancel the auto-renewal if you want to.

Is Pink Cupid Really Safe?

Is Pink Cupid Really Safe?

Based on how much effort they put into scanning profiles and keeping the service free of fake accounts, one could say this is a safe option for online dating.

Privacy on Pink Cupid

Your privacy and data are essential for the team at Cupid. For that reason, they do not intend to sell your data, and they try to keep it safe from attackers.

Are Pink Cupid chats encrypted?

The team at Cupid tries their best to keep information safe within the platform, and that includes messages.

Can Pink Cupid track you down?

To suggest you better matches and set you up with close-by users, they ask for your location. If you allow them to access your GPS, they can better serve you with matches.

Can Pink Cupid be traced by the police?

Cupid is a company legally established, which can be easily traced if needed.

Who should you contact with questions regarding your privacy on Pink Cupid?

You can go to their support page, and from there, get in touch with the team at Pink Cupid; they are very fast to respond.

Safety – How They Keep The Experience Safe

They do their best to weed out all fake profiles by using advanced methods of verification, monitoring of the site and its users.

Finishing up this part of the Pink Cupid Review, it is essential to mention that all profiles are revised before being enabled. That means that after creating your profile and filling up all your info, it may take a couple of days before you start using it. The waiting time is usually much shorter, but it is better to be prepared for that. Do not get anxious if your profile is not verified right away; give it some time. After all, there are thousands of individuals creating profiles every day, so it takes some time to check them all.

Are Pink Cupid Forums threads moderated?

Yes, they employ people to make sure the rules are followed, and no one is being abusive or breaking the rules in any way.

What will happen to a member who uses a Pink Cupid Account to solicit money?

Scam profiles are banned from the service, so others do not have to deal with them.

Banned account

If an account is proven to engage in scams or any other activities against the rules of Pink Cupid, it gets banned.

Why can’t you access Pink Cupid?

If you believe that your account may have been banned for any reason, you should reach out to the support team so they can help you sort out the situation.

How long are Pink Cupid bans?

If you can prove that your profile was banned unfairly, you can get it back quickly.

How do you reactivate your banned account?

You should contact the team at support, find the reasons, and then based on that, you can have an estimate on how long it will take.

Protect yourself

Be always vigilant because even though Pink Cupid tries to filter out all bad profiles, some can get through. If someone is asking for money, then that profile should be labeled as a scam and be reported.

How can you block and report a suspected scammer?

If you feel someone is breaking the rules of the site, being abused, or scamming people, you can help. Right on that user’s profile, you can find both the button for blocking and reporting them. Go ahead and do so to help the platform get rid of such profiles.

Which information shouldn’t be posted on your Pink Cupid Account?

You should not be posting financial information or anything that can put you at risk, like an address.

Help and Support

The team at Pink Cupid works around the clock to ensure quick and effective responses to anyone who needs assistance.

Real life review

Pink Cupid is one of the best dating sites. They have fantastic features and unique tools, but that is not all. They invest a lot in security and making sure the users enjoy an excellent and trouble-free experience. For that, it is easy to recommend this platform to anyone.

Is Pink Cupid the best dating site/app?

For many people, it is. After all, there are not many similar sites that offer this level of security and functionality.

Is Pink Cupid safe?

With all the measures they have in place, one could easily say yes, this is a very safe site for what it offers.

Is Pink Cupid a hook-up app?

You can use it as such. There are options to find people who are explicitly interested in those kinds of encounters.

Is Pink Cupid free?

You can use it for free, but that comes with many limitations.

How does Pink Cupid work?

You explore the site and find people you like; from there, you can contact, meet, and even develop relationships with them.

Are there fake or scam members on Pink Cupid?

Sadly, there are some. But the site is very efficient in getting rid of them, so you are unlikely to come across those.

Alternative sites like Pink Cupid

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  • EliteSingles
  • Her

Contact Information

Cupid Media Pty Ltd

PO Box 9304

Gold Coast MC QLD 9726


+61 7 5571 1181


This Pink Cupid Review focused not only on the good but also the not so good of this platform, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Overall, this is an outstanding and functional service. They mostly deliver on what they offer, and by having such a vast user base, you are very likely to find someone to meet and date.

This is, by far, one of the best options for lesbians. With best-in-class functionality and an approach to security that most users appreciate, Pink Cupid is fabulous for meeting people and developing relationships.

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