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Pure Review: Great Dating Site?

Pure Review: Great Dating Site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 9%
Reply rate 82%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 22-35
Profiles 7.895.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Straight-to-the-point hookup
  • Quick and easy profile setup
  • Like back starts a conversation
  • Mobile version available
  • Membership can be cancelled
  • You are incognito on the site
  • Chats and profiles are not saved
  • There are more men than women on the site
  • You only have one hour for discussion with your potential hookup partner
  • Desktop pricing varies from the mobile app

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Pure is a hookup site that is designed to bring men and women who are interested in casual sex together. Just as the name implies, the site is designed purely for quick meets. Users are men and women who want to meet and have fun without long talks.

Who owns Pure?

Getpure Inc. owns Pure in incorporation with a Cyprus based Company, Misterico Ltd.

So where is Pure based now?

Pure is based in the city of Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus.

When was Pure founded?

Pure was developed by a partnership of Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko in the year 2012 but was first launched in October 2014. It can be said to be a recently developed hookup site.

How many languages does Pure support?

Pure was designed in the English language from its onset in 2012. A Russian version was released in 2014. So, the site can brag the support of two languages.

Is Pure available worldwide?

Pure is designed in English and Russian versions, so there is a linguistic limit to the availability of the site. The site can be visited from almost any country except some countries that block the service of the site.

Special Features

Special Features

Instant Chat

The Instant Chat feature allows you to message a profile directly without having to wait for the usual like back to initiate a chat. This feature is a paid feature; you will be charged to use this feature every time you use it with a different user. It costs just 3.49USD to use.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a feature that places your profile at the top of the bio list. It helps you get discovered much faster than other users. The price to use this feature is 1.99USD.

Aside from the Instant Chat and King of the Hill, getpure.org does not offer any additional site functions. No filter, no advanced search option. The basic function of the site is purely to put you up for a quick hookup and collapse your profile within the hour.

Audience Quality

The big interest of Pure is casual sex on a quick hookup upon request. The goal of the site is getting horny men and women with mutual sexual interests to meet and please their burning desires without wasting time and talks. Pure has more than 600,000 English and Russian speaking users from several countries.

Age Distribution

Pure does not keep profiles up for long, and so, it does not categorize users by age. You can be assured, however, that every user of Pure is at least 18 years of age. Matches are made basically by the mutual interests of users on each other.

Fakes and Scammers

The pure website contains fewer women than men. This has opened a window of opportunities for scammers and fake users to flood the site posing as women. A simple way to detect scammers is when a profile requests some amount before he/she would agree to meet. It should be noted that actual hookers are using the site as well. It is not uncommon for fake users to send out links for you to meet them outside the site. You should watch out for these indicators to be self-secure in the use of the site.

Mobile App and Website

Mobile App and Website

Pure is a modern platform, and as expected, there is a mobile app version of the platform, which is expected of a mobile application. There are slight conflicts in the usability of the website and that of the mobile app. In the bid to secure the encryption of the site, some measures have been put in place, which is not seeming to flow well with the mobile app version of Pure.

Pure App

The Pure mobile app interface is still very much similar to that of the website. The app design is straightforward and easy to navigate. Unlike many mobile apps today, the app is designed with very few interactive buttons that would not bug users. Just like the website, the app is designed for quick meets and no unnecessary features; this should explain the very plain look of the app pages. The latest update of the app contains an AI that monitors chats and alerts users when the person they are chatting with uses words that are used by scammers as a safety measure. The app is more suitable for Android smartphones, and you can easily download the app on Google Play Store and App Store.

Pure Website

getpure.org is the official Pure website address. The website has straightforward but appealing graphics; white background, black texts, and minimal arts. The straight-to-business look will encourage users to be direct and precise with their objectives for getting online on the site. The site is also designed to open a dialogue between two users of mutual likes, start a countdown, and destroy the dialogue after an hour. Running the site on a desktop is the best way to use Pure.

Can I use the app using my PC?

There is an app version for a computer which can be easily downloaded from the site, but using the Pure mobile app on your computer will require the use of a third-party application. You can install Bluestacks to help you run the mobile app on your computer.

Which browsers support Pure?

You can run Pure on virtually all browsers. The site is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and every other browser.

Why can I not enter the site?

Having a hard time entering getpure.org could be due to a ban placed on your account for violation of the regulations guiding the use of the site. You could also be locked out if you try to log into your Pure account on two different browsers or devices simultaneously.



The design of the interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. There are no unnecessary graphics or buttons. The site is so easy: it can be used efficiently by 8 years old. Note that Pure is not suitable for persons under the age of 18.

Registration Process

It takes less than 4 minutes to sign up on Pure. Signing up is free and simple. For a successful registration:

  1. You should install the app on your device and open it;
  2. Grant app permissions with filled-in payment information;
  3. Chose to register with your email or phone;
  4. Select your gender;
  5. Input phone number/email;
  6. Verify email/number;
  7. Choose between creating an account or using an old one;
  8. State who you are interested in;
  9. Turn on your location;
  10. Upload your photograph.

Is it possible to unmatch a Pure member?

You cannot unmatch a member on Pure. But the good news is that you can choose not to match. The site does not use physical feature filters to determine a match. Matches are only determined by location and distance. You will get to see adverts of the closest users to you just as they see yours. You only match by like and like backs, so no like means no match.

How old should you be to get registered on Pure?

To be able to use Pure legitimately, you must be at least 18 years old. The site is designed for sexual encounters between members, and it is not suitable for minors.

How should I verify my account?

The verification of your account comes as part of your registration process. To be able to create an account, your email or phone must be verified. The verification of your email serves as the verification of your Pure account.

How to verify my email address?

To verify your email on Pure, you have to submit it in the course of your account registration. A confirmation will be sent to the email as a link to your account. Your email will be verified when you trace this link to your account by clicking on it from your email inbox.

What if I register using my Facebook account?

Pure is not interested in the details of your Facebook account. It will only serve as a means of verifying the legitimacy of the user of the account and nothing else.

Can I use the website without registration?

To use the Pure website, you will have to sign up as a member. Otherwise, you will only be limited to the introduction page of the site, and that does not count as use.

Profile set-up

Profile set-up

Setting up your profile on Pure after registration of an account is cheesy easy. You do not need more than a single photograph of you. Your name or any other personal detail is not required. This keeps you discreet. So, you should upload a super-hot picture of you to be noticed and liked. Your profile collapses after an hour, so there is no need for all the cute little introductions.

Can I delete a picture that I uploaded to my Pure profile?

Yes, you can delete the picture; but there is no need for that except for a case where you mistakenly uploaded a picture that is not very suitable to help you to your objectives for activating your account on Pure. Your profile will self-destruct on the hour anyway.

Can I edit my username on Pure?

Pure does not use usernames on profiles. All you need is a good picture, so there is no username present there to edit.

Is there an option to delete or terminate my Pure profile?

There is no option to delete your profile picture on Pure, you can either change it, or you can wait for it to self-destruct after you have used it to serve your purpose.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Pure” option?

You can disable yourself from being seen on the site. What is good is that you will still be able to see other users who have their advert still on the site. You should put in mind that to be liked on the site, you have to appeal to other profiles, which will not be possible when you are invisible.

Can I delete my personal data that is submitted on Pure?

The only information submitted for your profile is your picture. The other information that was submitted is your email or phone and payment information, and they will become obsolete after your session on the site.

Member Search

You do not have to search for a match. You will be notified of all the hookups available that are closest to you. There are no usernames nor personal information. All you have to do is like profiles and hope to get liked back. When there is a mutual like, the conversation will open between the two, and you have an hour to fix your meet and please.

Can I see the Pure members who I liked?

Yes, you can see members you have liked; more obviously, when they like back your profile, and a dialogue opens.

What are the options of Pure search?

There are no search options on Pure. Matches are based on nearness to locations, and hookups are based on likes and like backs.

Is it possible to see if someone likes me on Pure if I am a free member?

Pure is free for ladies, and they are not deprived of any of the services of the site. They sign up, create profiles, like, and they also chat when they are liked back. Men, upon registration, get a three days free trial where they can use all the features of the site for free except the special features. So yes! You can see if someone likes you if you are a free member.


Pure allows private chat between members of the site where they discuss their meeting right on the site.

How can you start chatting with someone on Pure?

To start messaging with someone on Pure, you can use the free approach, which is liking his/her profile and waiting for a like back from him/her. The like back opens a dialogue between you and the person that liked you back.

The paid approach is employing the service of the Instant Chat feature, where you do not have to wait for being liked back to start messaging.

How can I send messages to someone?

You can message someone on Pure by waiting for the dialogue to open after you have both liked each other. Or you can just use the Instant Chat to bypass the wait.

Is sending messages a free option?

Aside from the subscription to be able to use the site, messaging on Pure is free. If you use the Instant Chat, on the other hand, you will pay for the service.

How to see who sent a message to me on Pure?

Seeing who messaged you on this site is easy: you find that the dialogue with that person is open with a new message notification. You should be quick; the message vanishes after an hour.

Does Pure support video chats?

Does Pure support video chats?

Pure does not support video feed. The only thing you need a camera for with this site is to snap a picture to upload on your profile. To upload a photograph on your profile, you will get the option to choose from your gallery or to snap immediately on the site. Snapping on the site helps you to use the camera for your profile picture only.

How can I filter users messaging me on Pure?

You cannot filter who can message you on Pure. The site only filters your matches automatically by how close they are to your location. You can choose who to respond to by being selective of who you like back, or better still, you can choose to remain undetected by other users around.

Membership Price and Other Payment Methods

Except you are a lady, to become a member on Pure, you have to pay. Pure is not a free site for men, but you will get a 3 days free trial. The subscription for the service varies. The packages for the desktop version are different from that of the mobile version and are as follows:

Mobile App:

  • One week subscription for 10.99USD
  • One month subscription for 21.99USD
  • Three months subscription for 43.99USD
  • One month subscription for 59.99USD


  • One week subscription for 9.99USD
  • One month subscription for 19.99USD
  • Six months subscription for 39.99USD

Free Membership Features

As a free member of Pure, you can use all the regular features except special features. You can create a profile, like, get liked, and chat. Free membership is for ladies and newbies.

Premium Membership Features

Pure is a paid network, especially for all men. To use the site, any man must pay. However, some features make you pay extra if you so wish. You can use Instant Chat, which allows you to chat with a lady without them liking back your profile, or you can use the King of the Hill if you want to be seen ahead of other men by a lady. You do not have to be a special member to use the two features. Just pay, and you can use them. They cost 1.49USD and 3.49USD respectively.

Does Pure offer premium membership?

Pure does not offer premium membership to users. The only thing that can make you ahead of other users is an instant payment to be ahead of other users. To use any of the special features again, you must pay again.

How to cancel Pure subscription?

To cancel your membership, there are instructions for you to follow under the “Manage Subscriptions” page present in your “My Account.” Or you should just send your Google Play payment receipt with your order number to android@getpure.org for a refund of your used payment, and just wait for your account to collapse automatically after one hour.

Mobile App and Website

Is Pure subscription auto-renewed?

Pure membership can get automatically renewed if you log into the site again. But if you do not open the site, your membership will not be renewed.

Can I get my money back for the unused time of my premium subscription?

To get a refund for your unused time, send your Google Play payment receipt with your order number to android@getpure.org, and the Pure management team will get back to you shortly.

Is my “support” to Pure automatically renewed every month?

Your support to Pure does not get renewed monthly, except you make use of the site after your monthly subscription has ended. Should your support be renewed automatically without your activeness, you should contact the Pure management team.

Can I get my money back if I’m not satisfied with the service?

Yes, you can get back your payment; all you have to do is send your Google Play payment receipt with your order number to android@getpure.org.

How will my “support” be shown on my credit card bill?

In the course of you registering on Pure, your payment information will be requested. This information will be used to charge you automatically for services. It will be sent to you with a tag containing the name “Pure” and support website.

Can I give money to other members?

No, Pure is not designed to allow you to give your unused “support” to other members of the platform.

Can pay for just a month?

You can easily send your support for just a month. It will not be renewed after its expiration without your use of the site.

Is Pure Really Safe?

Is Pure Really Safe?

Safety on Pure is strongly dependent on you. There should be none of your personal information for display on the site but your picture. You can report a user, too, should you encounter abuse of the site by another user. But you should beware, as there are likely to be scammers whom you can easily detect with some precaution.

Privacy on Pure

Pure keeps you very anonymous. No name, no exact address, no physical information, just a picture, a chat, and a ticking clock that self-destructs your profiles and conversation after an hour. To put your picture and bio up for an advert, you will need to grant permission to the site to access your location.

Are Pure chats encrypted?

Pure provides end-to-end encryption for your chats and also self-destructs your messages when you are done with it.

Can Pure track you down?

Pure does not invade your privacy. For the possibility purpose, we will say Yes! You can be tracked using your location and picture, which are the most required information required in setting up your profile.

Can Pure be traced by the police?

Pure can be traced by the police in times of emergency. This is a relief, right?

How can I contact the customer support regarding my privacy on Pure?

You can contact Pure by sending your mail to feedback@getpure.org should you need answers.


On Pure, your safety is guaranteed. The site does not require or use your social media links, and all chats are well encrypted from end to end.

Are Pure forums threads moderated?

Pure does not run online forums. It is a straight-to-the-business styled platform. Just meet, and do you do.

What happens if a member uses a Pure account to solicit money?

Using Pure to solicit money is against the regulations of the site. It can lead you to be banned from using the site.

Banned Account

Banned Account

Why do I have problems with access to the Pure website?

One of the reasons you may not be able to access the site is if you have been locked out for trying to access from two devices. Also, you may have been banned for breaching your agreement with the regulations of the site.

How long are Pure bans lasting?

Your account ban will last for 24 hours, after which it will be returned to normal.

How to reactivate my banned account?

Just wait for 24 hours, your account will be restored. But you must be careful as another ban may close your account for good.

Protect Yourself

How to block and report a suspected activity?

You can easily forward your complaints to report a user to feedback@getpure.org

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Pure account?

For security reasons, you should not post your personal information on the site.

Help and Support

You can contact Pure help and support at feedback@getpure.org

Real Life Review

I appreciate the site for its job on secrecy. Probably the only hookup site I know that is so good at this; it saved me a lot of trouble. But to consider the site, get ready for a journey. – Rick

Is Pure the best dating site/app?

Pure is not yet a full-blown dating site. It does not have the biggest number of users, but when it does, it will be among the best.

Is Pure really safe?

Pure is very safe if you are careful. You do not need your details, but do not pay a user you have not met.

Is Pure a hook-up app?

Pure deserves the word “hook up” more than most sites on the internet today. It is basically for a straight-to-the-point meet and hump.

Is Pure 100% free?

Pure is free for ladies but not for men. A man can only benefit from the free service as a newbie, and it only lasts 3 days.

How does Pure function?

Pure works by putting up your profile as an advert to the view of the closest ladies that are online on the platform just as theirs is displayed to your view too. When you like a profile and you are liked back by the same person, you are allowed to chat with that person for an hour and fix a meeting. When one hour is over, the site destroys the chat and your profile. Ghost-like right? That is how discreet it works.

Are there fake or scam members on Pure?

It can be said that there are a few scam accounts who would like to con you of your money, there are hookers as well, but in the latest version of the Pure mobile app, there is an AI that helps you detect when a user is using words that are commonly used by scammers.

Alternative sites like Pure

Similar sites and apps like Pure are Flingster and eHarmony

Contact Information

You can visit Pure headquarters at Misterico Ltd, 73 Methonis Tower, 7th floor, Flat/Office 703, Nicosia, Cyprus 1070. Or you can contact by sending a mail to feedback@getpure.org


Pure is very desirable for anyone who would love to get quick hookups for sex. It is express fast and easy. Another reason why you will consider this app for a hookup is the fact that it operates by keeping you incognito. All details and evidence are destroyed after every session. You do not have to beat around the bush to get a no strings attached sex. You should give it a try soon. Pure is not suitable for persons under the age of 18.

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