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Secret Benefits review: Great dating site?

Secret Benefits review: Great dating site?
About Girls
Date with older guy 15%
Reply rate 97%
Popular age 28-35
Beauty 46%
Profiles 230 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Perfectly clean interface
  • Free access for the young ladies
  • Unique and flexible payment system
  • Fake profiles in check due to video verification
  • Excellent customer service
  • Sugar daddies have to buy credits to access basic features
  • The site has no mobile app
  • The wealth status of sugar daddies isn't verifiable
  • You have to activate the messaging feature for each user

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Imagine walking up to a handsome older man in the bar and asking him to be your sugar daddy. Not really a good idea, right? We all know how difficult it is to find someone interested in such a unique arrangement. So, are you in search of a sugar daddy? Or do you want a young and sweet sugar baby to care for? Well, not to worry, the Secret Benefits dating site is custom made for you.

Secrets benefits site is specially designed to cater to people who desire to engage in sugar dating. The good thing about this is everyone on the site wants this kind of arrangement. And with over 2 million users, your choice is unlimited.

Just signup and find someone that suits your taste! Let’s unveil all the benefits you are to gain from this site.

How many languages does Secret Benefits support?

This dating site supports only English. However, some non-English natives can still access the features and effectively function on the site with a translator’s help.

Who owns Secret Benefits?

No information about the owner of Secret Benefits.

Where is Secret Benefits located?

Secret Benefits is located in New Zealand, specifically in Auckland. The location does not influence the site’s popularity in other regions like the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.

When was Secret Benefits founded?

This dating site was founded in 2015 and has grown to become a reliable platform for wealthy men and ambitious young ladies.

Is Secret Benefits available worldwide?

Secret Benefits dating site is available to millions of users in a few selected regions. It’s available to users from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Special features

Special features

There is more to Secret Benefits than an attractive and easy to use interface. You should look forward to useful features that make a single visit unsatisfactory. Let’s get you familiar with these features.

Profile Highlight

You know what they say; nothing good comes easy. Well, let’s just say awesome goodies aren’t always free. This feature prioritizes your profile when a search is launched. But it comes with a price and two options; you either verify your account to get this benefit or access it with credits. Either way, it’s a feature you shouldn’t miss out on.

Blog experience

This is a little spicy addition to this dating site. You will have access to beneficial content from the blog. Here you can read about sugar dating or find valid information to give you an expert’s edge on the site.

Secret Albums

Now, this is a secret benefit you can choose to offer another user. You don’t have to pay to access it. So, the idea is, you don’t necessarily have to share your album with everyone on the site. You can grant a few users an exclusive view of your photos.

Prioritized Customer Service

With a verified account, you would get prompt customer support. Accessing top-notch customer support requires only verification.

Payment Service

The system of payment on the Secret Benefits website is using credits as a currency. You purchase credits whenever you want and use them to access any premium feature. This flexible payment service remains one of the top features of the site.

Audience quality

Secret Benefits  Audience quality

The site is a network of about 2.4 million wealthy men and ambitious young ladies. Although there are more men than ladies, the matchmaking rate is surprisingly high. The audience you will find on Secret Benefits is in search of a mutually beneficial luxurious relationship. Although English is the only language the site supports, it has gained recognition in about 5 countries.

Age Distribution

The age distribution ranges from 18- 55+. However, the majority of the population falls within the range of 55 and above. Adults between the ages of 45 and 54 are the second-highest age bracket in Secret Benefits. And of course, young adults ranging from 25-34 also form a substantial part of the population.

Fakes and scammers

This turns out to be the major issue of dating sites. And, of course, one of the main factors to consider when picking one. A dating site that can successfully cut down on fake accounts and scammers is a rare case of success. Secret Benefits is one of the few dating sites that have grabbed this prevalent problem by the horns.

The introduction of video verification has served as an effective scam repellent. The number of fake profiles and scammers are few. However, this shouldn’t be seen as an invitation to let your guards down. The saying, “looking well before you leap,” never gets old, you know?

Mobile app and Website

There is no mobile app for this dating site yet. It’s still being developed. The absence of a Secret Benefits app hasn’t left a noticeable gap.

Secret Benefits app

There is no app for this dating site yet. Even though this may seem like a great disadvantage, it’s not a major setback.

Secret Benefits website

Secret Benefits website

This is the only choice users have. Getting started is easy as pie; you will have no issue getting started. Just signup on the site and start surfing through the great number of users.

Can I use the app using my computer?

While there is no Secret Benefits app, the desktop version of the site is the only available option. You can choose to access the dating site with your computer or phone.

Which browser supports Secret Benefits?

It’s supported by virtually all the browsers you could think of; Chrome, Explorer, Opera mini, etc. The truth is, the speed of each browser varies.

Why am I having a hard time entering the site?

If you skim through the terms of use of this website, you will find the rules guiding this online community. A breach of any of these rules/guidelines can cause the suspension of your account. So, a login denial could be a result of your failure to abide by the rules. You can also experience such difficulty when another user reports your account.


Secret Benefits Interface

The look of the Secret Benefits website is admirable. Undoubtedly, this has kept some users hung on the website. For a dating site novice, there wouldn’t be a single challenge getting acquainted with it. The navigation is simple and obvious. The icons are familiar and comfortably located. All the features are displayed for ease of access.

Registration process

It takes about 10 minutes to get your account running. You have to answer a couple of personal questions to get started. First, you need to confirm your sex and then input your email, username, password, location, and other personal details.

Finally, your photos are essential for the completion of your registration. Each user has a public album and a secret album. The public album should contain pictures you wouldn’t mind sharing with everyone, while the secret album comes with the exclusivity of views. You also need to put a tagline (captivating words to attract people).

And of course, for accurate search results, you have to describe your interests and preferences, including everything you want in your match.

At the end of the signup process, you will gain access to the home page, where you can initiate a search.

Can I unmatch a Secret Benefits member?

One good thing about the Secret Benefits website is that you can easily get matched and unmatched. The easiest way to unmatch someone is by blocking the user. Immediately you block someone, the user’s name leaves your message list, and your name will equally disappear from the member’s message list.

How old should you be to register on Secret Benefits?

The legal age for registering on Secret Benefits is 18. Any user below 18 cannot own an account.

Which ways can I verify my account?

There is a verification badge that differentiates a verified account from an ordinary one. To verify your profile, you’d have to go through video verification.

You can get it done within 10 minutes. Just take a selfie video, ensure your face and head are visible. You’d be asked to repeat a phrase during the video verification. Once you are sure you’ve met all the requirements, open your profile and tap the verification tab. Upload the video and wait for approval. This shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. Immediately after your video gets approval, your profile will be marked with the badge.

How do I verify my email?

After you signup, an email will be sent to you. The link in the letter is the verification method you need to get through. Just click the link to verify your email.

What happens if I register using my Facebook account?

Although this option is common for dating sites, Secret Benefits, doesn’t offer its members this type of registration.

Can I use the site without signing up?

No, you can’t because your access to the website would be limited. You can only check out the terms of use, the FAQ, and information about the dating site without signing up.

Profile set-up

Profile set-up

To make the most of the Secret Benefits dating site, you need to have a complete profile. The best way to land a sugar daddy or sugar baby soon enough is by putting out all the necessary info. Filling out your bio also goes a long way in getting you closer to finding your dream match.

All you need to do is answer more questions in detail. You will be asked to fill in information about your physical appearance, your lifestyle, your location, interests, hobbies, and details about your interests. Avoid the use of sexually explicit terms while filling out your profile.

Can I delete a photo that I uploaded in Secret Benefits?

You can delete any picture you want to get rid of from your profile. Click on the image and tap the options icon, select delete.

How do I edit my username on Secret Benefits?

You can’t edit your user name manually on Secret Benefits. You’d have to file a formal request to customer support to demand a change of username.

Is there an option to delete your Secret Benefits profile?

You can permanently delete your account if the need arises. It’s a very simple process. Open your profile, select the gear symbol on the top bar, tap the ‘membership’ option, and select ‘delete account.’ Your account will be deleted.

What happens if I disable the “Show me on Secret Benefits” option?

Once you hide your profile on Secret Benefits, your profile becomes invisible. This option also makes your name disappear from the list of members you have been conversing with. It means you can simply make yourselves unavailable anytime you want.

Can I delete the information that I’ve already submitted to Secret Benefits?

Adding or removing any information from your profile is simple. Open your profile and tap the edit icon; you’d be able to delete any information from your profile.

The search feature is one of the most important features on all dating sites. It’s the best shot you have to get your dream match.

Is it possible to see the Secret Benefits members who I like?

Liking someone is expressed by adding the person’s profile to your favorite or sending a message. You can view your messaging list anytime you want. However, a user can disappear from your list if he turns off his visibility.

What are the different options of Secret Benefits search?

Your search options are diversified by the search filter available. So, asides from the location-based search, you can make the scope of your search even narrower. The filter provides you with numerous options like age, body type, verification, and ethnicity.

Once you search, your search results will include the profile and tagline of all your search results.

Can you see if someone likes you on Secret Benefits if you are a free member?

Two main lists signify matching on Secret Benefits; Admirers and Favorites. Your admirers are people that have you on their favorite list. Even as a free member, you have access to your admirer’s list. However, to send a message, you will need to make a one-time payment of 10 credits.



Messaging is crucial to making a successful match on this site.

How can you start messaging with someone on Secret Benefits?

Once you login into your account, initiate a search or go through the daily matches suggested by Secret Benefits. As soon as you pick a suitable match, open the profile, and tap the message icon. To start a conversation, you need to pay ten credits.

How can I message someone?

Immediately after you pay the one-time fee required to start a conversation, you can access the chat page. Sometimes, it’s cool to favorite the profile of an exciting user. This can help you find out if the feeling is mutual.

Is sending messages free?

Messages are not free on the Secret Benefits dating site. Although you only need to pay once to start a conversation with another user. Unlike the usual conventional payment means, you pay with credits.

How do I see who messaged me on Secret Benefits?

As soon as someone makes your profile a favorite, you get notified. The same goes for messages. A notification pops-up on your profile to notify you of a new message.

How do I use the camera on Secret Benefits?

You can either choose to upload pictures from your gallery to your album or take new pictures directly. To access the camera on Secret Benefits, open the profile page. Click on photos; you’d see a camera icon, tap the icon, and enable camera use.

How can I filter who can message me on Secret Benefits?

There are two ways to deal with it. You can block a user to deny them access to your profile completely. You can also hide your profile. This makes you invisible to other members. The good thing about blocking people or hiding your profile is that your name disappears from the other person’s messaging list.

Membership Price and other payment method

Secret Benefits Membership Price and other payment method

There are paid features, and there are free ones. While a free account offers signup and few features, a premium membership helps you maximize your use of the site.

Free membership features

Free membership favors sugar babies more. For a sugar daddy interested in landing a partner, this is not an option. Well, there are a couple of features available for free. With a basic membership, you can get:

  • Signup and registration
  • Free access to the search feature
  • Checking out other user’s profiles

It’s no secret that a premium subscription offers advanced benefits; Secret Benefits is not an exception!

Premium membership features

There are more unique functionalities to enjoy in a paid membership. Let’s run you through the features.

  • Free access to other users’ hidden photos
  • Ability to send direct messages to someone
  • Ability to unveil secret albums.

The mode of the subscription is unconventional. You pay for credits and use them to pay for premium features you intend to use. This payment service is highly effective and relatively fair. The premium plans available on Secret Benefits are:

  • 100 credits, which cost $0.59 per credit and amounts to $59.
  • 500 credits at $0.34 per credit and $169 in total
  • 1000 credits cost $0.29 per credit, and it sums up to $289.

The Secret Benefits website subscription is less pricey than on some other dating sites. Considering the features, the price is average.

Does Secret Benefits offer premium membership?

The deal is crystal clear. If you want to explore advanced and more result-driving features, the premium membership is available for this purpose. You’d be sure to get a bang for your buck!

How do I cancel my Secret Benefits membership?

Because of the unique payment structure, you won’t have to cancel any subscription. All you need to do is purchase credits to gain access to advanced benefits.

Is Secret Benefits membership auto renewed?

This is also not applicable to the Secret Benefits dating site. You pay for credits whenever you run out of it. No auto-renewal, no monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Can I get a refund for unused time?

Purchasing credits come with finality. Your money can’t be refunded. You have two options; use the credits or leave them. We doubt you’d want such an opportunity to go to waste, though.

Is my “support” to Secret Benefits automatically renewed every month?

Support for Secret Benefits isn’t monthly. It’s based on each purchase. You could give support to Secret Benefits as many times as possible.

I am not satisfied with Secret Benefits, can I get my money back?

You can’t get refunded for mishaps. You can only choose not to buy credits anymore. However, asides from making this decision, you can’t get a refund for the credits you have bought.

How will my Secret Benefits support appear on my credit card bill?

Secret Benefits utilizes a billing feature which hides the name of the service. Consequently, your support only reflects “CCBill Base Ltd” on your credit card bill.

Can I give support to other Secret Benefits members?

Secret Benefits don’t support the transfer of credits to another user. To emphasize this, the option isn’t available on the website.

Can I send support for just a month?

Support isn’t calculated monthly on this website. Hence, your support is dependent on how much you intend to expend.

Is Secret Benefits really safe?

Is Secret Benefits really safe?

The issue of safety is a major concern with dating sites. Due to the specificity of the target audience, the service covers just a chunk of the dating pool. This still brings us to the lack of functional wealth verification for the sugar daddies. So, is it safe?

The answer is yes, at least to a large extent. The video verification has further raised security bars on the site. You can decide to relate with only verified users. This will dim the chances of getting scammed or running into fakes on the website.

Privacy on Secret Benefits

You can skim through the privacy policy of this site to confirm how safe your personal information is. To be candid, your personal information is top-secret and would be treated as one. However, other users on the site will have access to your information depending on your privacy setting.

This is where you come in; all information from you should be given with security consciousness. Do not reveal information that is best kept private.

Are Secret Benefits chats encrypted?

All messages sent have personal security locks and are encrypted from end to end. This means all information or messages contained in your chat are safe and private.

Can Secret Benefits track you down?

To aid a more accurate match, your location must be turned on. This helps you get suggested users or search results based on people near-by. This feature can also help Secret Benefits track you down if need be.

Can Secret Benefits be traced by the police?

In case of a criminal crime or an urgent need to trace this website, the police would take necessary actions, especially when it concerns security threats.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my privacy in Secret Benefits?

Whenever you have questions about your privacy, contact the support team via support@secretbenefits.com.


Your safety comes first before dating. Don’t forget to avoid revealing your details until you know the person means no harm. All first and second meetings should be at a public place.

Are forum threads moderated?

The forums are all moderated. The activities are monitored to ensure formidable security always.

What will happen to a member who uses Secret Benefits account to solicit money?

Based on the terms of use, this isn’t acceptable on the Secret Benefits website. A member who indulges in such a dubious act will be banned from subsequent use.

Banned account

Flaunting the terms of use of the site is rewarded with a ban. Some acts are highly frowned upon and won’t be accepted in this online community.

Why can’t I access Secret Benefits?

You can lose access to your account when you breach any of the rules you are expected to obey. Once your account is banned, you wouldn’t be able to access it anymore. If you get reported by another user, and an investigation shows you are guilty, you could be banned from the site as well.

How long are Secret Benefits bans?

The length of a ban can be determined by the nature of the breach incidental to the ban. However, a chat or conversation with customer support can revert the ban if you have a valid reason.

How do I reactivate my banned account?

To reactivate your banned account, it’s advisable to seek the advice of the customer support team. If the issue that led to the ban gets resolved, you can have your account running again.

Protect yourself

Again, your protection is second to nothing. Be cautious with your conversations and abide by all the safety rules of online dating. Check out the necessary safety tips, and don’t put yourself at the mercy of a stranger.

How can I block and report a suspected scammer?

The best way to react to a potential scam threat is to nip it in the bud. Once you sense a user might be a scammer, do not hesitate to hit the block and report button. To block a scammer, open the profile, click the three dots at the top right corner and select the block option.

Which information shouldn’t be posted in your Secret Benefits account?

Information like your address, social security number, credit card data, etc., should be private. Don’t reveal too much on your first meeting; neither should you disclose everything about yourself online. Online dating is a world on its own; you don’t know who’s who.

Help and support

The customer support service of Secret Benefits is top-notch. There have been numerous positive reviews to this effect, and the fact that there is a 24/7 response is applaudable. You can contact the support team through the website.

Real life review

Real life review

Reviews are the best judge of the effectiveness of any product or website. Secret Benefits reviews are both in the good light, while a handful is negative. Here are some great reviews about the dating website:

I have to share this; I met a man on Secret Benefits. The relationship started gradually, but it was evident we got hung on each other instantly. You should be careful while meeting people online, but I enthusiastically approve of this website! I wish you luck in your endeavor to find someone special! – Julia, F.

I have grown so fond of Secret Benefits. I enjoy chatting with guys, and they make me laugh. I have come to trust some of them, and I have gone on a couple of dates with some guys. Things have even gotten steamy at some point! Thank you for gifting me with a website that helps me turn my boring days into ones I look forward to! – Pricilla C.

I am married, and I am in search of side fun. This attracted me to this site. I purchased credits and started a conversation with 12 beautiful women, but they never responded! The profiles looked attractive, but there were fake, or isn’t just right for a married man who needs side fun.- Alex B.

Is Secret Benefits the best dating site?

Secret Benefits assert it’s the best sugar daddy and sugar baby website out there. Many Secret Benefits review verifies this claim. Hence, it’s fair to say it’s one of the best online dating sites.

Is Secret Benefits safe?

Strong video verification has heightened the safety of this site. Your safety gauges should corroborate these safety measures. You owe it to yourself to stay safe; never forget that.

Is Secret Benefits a hookup site?

It’s largely a hookup site. Most of the users require beneficial hookup relationships. Although a minority still wants friendships and relationships.

Is Secret Benefits a free service?

Sugar babies can access a few features for free, but you need to get some credits to make things work on the website for the sugar daddies.

How do Secret Benefits work?

It’s pretty much like most dating sites. You signup, update your profile and get started. It’s that simple. Registration is free, and initiating a search is free.

Are there fake or scam members on Secret Benefits?

Do you want the truth? Yes, there are fake and scam members. This is the case for all dating sites, but few have successfully reduced it to the barest minimum. Secret Benefits are one of the few.

Alternative site like Secret Benefits

There are other sites, just like Secret Benefits. Here’s a list of some:

  • SeekingArrangement
  • Millionairematch
  • SuggarDaddyMeet

Contact Information

Company Name: Secret Benefits

Email: support@secretbenefits.com


If the high success rate of Secret Benefits isn’t encouragement, then nothing would ever be! This site offers you a rare opportunity to achieve your fantasies without discrimination and with ease. Hey, it’s time to get all the sugar you’ve always wanted into your system. What are you waiting for? Signup on the Secret Benefits website and get you a sugar daddy or sugar baby today!

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