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Tastebuds Review: Great Dating Site?

Tastebuds Review: Great Dating Site?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 96%
Popular age 25-35
Beauty 36%
Profiles 14 950
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Visit rate 5.8
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Active and friendly user base with a shared passion for music;User verification keeps scammers away;
  • Users can share wall posts and comment on photos similar to Facebook;
  • Messaging on Tastebuds is free;
  • There is a search by vicinity option;
  • Members can share their favorite songs with other users;
  • There are forums and conversation threads;
  • Customer support reacts speedily to any complaints;
  • There is an incognito mode;
  • The portal is LGBT friendly.
  • It can be complicated to find matches in your neighborhood;
  • Profiles contain little personal information;
  • There is no money-back guarantee.
  • A mobile app is available only for iOS users;

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Tastebuds is a unique dating niche for music fans worldwide. The portal unites males and females by their shared interests in music, artists, and favorite songs. Tastebuds is more than a matchmaking platform; it is a perfect place for like-minded individuals to make new buddies. The portal is LGBT friendly and welcomes people of different sexual orientations. It is also suitable for people in relationships who search for mates rather than for dates. Users can share their favorite songs and their music with other members. If you do not have a companion to go to a concert together, you can try to find a date on the site. Of course, this music portal has some disadvantages that we will discuss in this Tastebuds review.

Is Tastebuds a Multilingual Dating Niche?

The Tastebuds website is not a multilingual platform. It is available solely in English because a leading part of its audience is English speakers and the UK and US residents.

Who Is the Owner of the Tastebuds Website?

The portal belongs to Tastebuds Media Ltd. The company is legitimate and operates in the UK market for more than ten years.

How to Find Tastebuds on a Map?

Tastebuds head office has the following address: 33 Inkerman Road, Kentish Town, London, United Kingdom.

What Is Tastebuds Launch Year?

The portal is not an amateur in the UK dating market; it dates back to 2010. During the last decade, the website user base reached about 600,000 subscribers.

Is Tastebuds Available in All Parts of the World?

Tastebuds has a global user base and welcomes music lovers from all parts of the world. Its primary audience comes from the United Kingdom and America.

The Site Peculiarities: Search Options, Accounts, Compatibility Functions

Tastebuds Review

When people want to register on a dating site, they first collect information about it. This Tastebuds review features the site peculiarities that make it not like the rest of matchmakers.

Specific Search Features

Tastebuds allows searching both for mates and dates. Moreover, it is suitable for LGBT users. The primary condition is that all subscribers should have one shared interest – music. It does not matter what kind of music they listen to; all members should not imagine their life without a beautiful melody or hard rock.

Accounts With Music Elements

User accounts are the other specific feature of the Tastebuds website. Though they are not detailed here, they contain a lot of information regarding users’ music preferences, favorite songs, artists, and even concerts they would like to attend.

Compatibility Functions

Tastebuds applies a unique matching algorithm to connect members, i.e., their music interests. There is even a specific field in the sign-up bar dedicated to this theme. When you register on the platform, you will need to reveal your favorite artist or music band. The site will record your answers and present you with a list of matches who have the same preferences.

Audience Quality: Preferences, Geolocation, Relationship Goal

Tastebuds Audience Quality

During its ten-year presence in the dating arena, Tastebuds could get around 600,000 global users. A dominant segment comes from England and the United States. There are also many users from Ireland and Canada. In general, the qualitative overview indicates that all members are smart, creative, and intelligent people. Most of them do not even search for dates when registering on Tastebuds but want to get new music impressions and share their favorite songs with other music lovers. There are plenty of people in current relationships who want to diversify their music gallery with something new and trendy.

Age Range of the Site Community

A dominant audience ranges from 22 to 35 years old. The most active users are 30-35. Tastebuds policy has a strict condition that you should be over 18 to receive a membership.

Presence of Scammers

If you look through the Tastebuds reviews in social networks, you will see that in their majority, subscribers love the site. One of the reasons is Tastebuds safe environment and a limited number of scammers. The portal deals with fake accounts by applying email verification. There is also an option to prove that you are a real person but not a bot by registering via Facebook. This method is also safe because the portal never posts anything on your page that will let your friends find out about your membership on the dating website.

Dating Application, Mobile and Desktop Website

Tastebuds Dating Application

Tastebuds is available on desktop and mobile, plus there is a mobile app. Let’s take a precise look at all these options for accessing Tastebuds.

Tastebuds App: How to Get It on Your Phone?

If you are an Android user and want to get the Tastebuds application on your phone, we need to disappoint you. The app is available solely for iOS. In general, the app has a trendy design and forbids explicit content, though numerous advertisements here are rather annoying. The app installation will take a couple of minutes; it works smoothly and does not eat all phone memory. You can swipe profiles, participate in discussion threads, and share your favorite songs without any additional skills.

Tastebuds Website vs. Mobile Site

Tastebuds has an attractive design in light-blue colors. The signup window is at the top of the home page near a link to the Tastebuds app on the App Store. The site is super informative and structural; all necessary buttons and panels are at the left and right sidebars. Some tabs show users activity, tastes, and songs. There are safety buttons to contact customer support to block/unblock a user or report misbehavior. The mobile site has all the same features and details as the desktop version. Its usability depends on how good your phone works and what screen it has, as it is more convenient to view photos on a large screen. The best thing is that you can download your favorite songs directly from your phone media gallery.

Can I Download the App on My Computer?

Users cannot download the app on their computers, but they can use a desktop version of the Tastebuds website. They can install the mobile app on their phones, but this option is affordable purely for iOS owners.

Does Tastebuds Support All Browsers?

The website operates well on all popular browsers. The Tastebuds reviews indicate that the site works faster on Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome.

How Does It Come That I Cannot Enter the Site?

If you cannot enter tastebuds.fm, the first thing you need to do is check your Internet connection. If your Internet works fine, then make sure that your username and password are correct. If none of these helps, another explanation may be an account ban. Moderators could ban your account if they think that you violated the site policy. In this case, it is better to contact customer support for help.

Interface: Trendy or Old-Schooled?

Tastebuds Interface

People’s opinions divide 50:50 when it comes to the Tastebuds interface. Half of the subscribers admit that they love the site and think it has a trendy and attractive design; another half states that the portal looks dull and old-schooled. Everyone has a right to express his/her opinion. Still, no one will deny that the website is super informative and user-friendly. It has a clear division on sections and even shows an exact number of sent messages during the previous month. Sometimes this number exceeds 1 million messages.

Sign-Up Process: How to Do It Fast?

Registration on the Tastebuds website is straightforward and takes about five minutes. Daters need to fill in some personal details in the sign-up bar, including their city of residence, to match the locals. Then, they need to add a photo that will be visible on their profiles. A unique feature of the Tastebuds registration is filling in your favorite artist/band and song. It proves that the portal is suitable for music fans worldwide. The final stage is to agree to the terms of use and wait until a moderating team verifies your email. This step helps reduce fake accounts and spammers.

The Tastebuds website allows you to register via your Facebook account. In this case, email verification is not necessary. Users should not worry that Tastebuds will post something on their newsfeed on Facebook because the portal never does that. After you finish registration, you will receive a list of potential matches in your neighborhood who have the same music favorites.

Can I Unfollow a Tastebuds Member?

It is up to the members to decide whom they like on the site. If you do not like someone from a match-list, you can skip his/her account.

How Old Should I Be to Access Tastebuds?

Daters need to be at least 18 years old to register on the portal. The Tastebuds review showed that a dominant share of subscribers is 24-35 years old.

How Can I Verify My Account?

There are two ways users can verify their accounts on Tastebuds. The first is email verification. Second, they can register via their Facebook accounts.

Why Do I Need to Verify My Email?

Email verification helps protect your privacy while using the website. Verification is useful for detecting scammers and fake accounts.

Why Is It Better to Register Via My Facebook Account?

Registration via a Facebook account is a bit faster compared to a standard sign-up process. Still, both these options will not take more than five minutes of your time.

Can I Use the Portal as an Unregistered Member?

As an unregistered member, you can use the site solely for informative purposes. If you want to search for mates and dates, share music, and socialize with other users, you need to complete registration.

Profile Set-Up: What One Needs to Know?

Profiles set-up on Tastebuds requires three simple steps. First, daters need to fill in some details, i.e., orientation, marital status, nationality, appearance, ethnicity, etc. The second step relates to your music preferences. In this field, you can specify what music you like, mention your favorite artist and song, describe what concerts you attend, etc. Some users wonder whether they can add their music to the profile. The site allows adding links to your music records so that other users can check them.

The final step relates to photo downloading. Users can create a photo gallery to share their favorite memories with other subscribers (for example, from concerts). The Tastebuds review clarifies that profiles on the site are not in-depth regarding personal information, but they are precise considering music preferences and similar stuff. Once you finished a profile creation stage, you can see how many percents your profile is complete. It is better to make it 100% to improve your status in the search ranking. There is also an option to switch on an incognito mode to make your profile invisible to the public, but it is a prerogative of premium daters.

What Should I Do to Change My Profile Photo on Tastebuds?

You can edit your profile photo anytime by clicking on it and selecting Edit. You can also delete and add photos to your gallery for free.

Can I Change My Username and Password on Tastebuds?

Members can change their passwords on the Tastebuds website, but they cannot edit usernames. Thus, it is better to think twice while selecting a username at the registration phase.

Can I Renew My Tastebuds Account If I Deleted It?

If you deleted your account on Tastebuds, you need to come up with a new one.

What If I Deactivate a Visible Mode on Tastebuds?

Premium users can apply an incognito mode to hide from the public (free user cannot do it). As a premium member, you can manage your profile visibility anytime by switching on/off an incognito mode.

Can I Delete the Information in My Tastebuds Profile?

Tastebuds users can edit their profile data anytime, i.e., delete/add some information. Please note that you cannot change your username on the website.

Partner Search Features

Tastebuds Partner Search Features

Tastebuds offers an impressive variety of searching functions for all music fans. Subscribers can search for mates and dates using the following filters: newest, most popular, last online, concert fans, etc. All these options are available in addition to standard filters, like gender, age, orientation. Search by people in your neighborhood allows connecting solely users that are close to you. It may be suitable for daters who hunt for a partner to attend a concert together. LGBT people will like to find out that the Tastebuds website is LGBT-friendly and welcomes daters of all orientations and gender identities.

The portal has one more unique function known as Get Lucky. It helps users who do not want to search for partners manually. Members need to click on this button, and the app will automatically present them with a list of matches with shared music interests. Premium members can search for dates and swipe profiles, applying an incognito mode. Both free and paid daters can view photos of all members.

How Can I See Tastebuds Users Whom I Liked?

Both free and premium daters can view profiles of other members whom they liked. They can also see when each user was last online.

Are There Any Differences Between Free and Paid Search Filters on Tastebuds?

There are no differences between search functions within a free and paid subscription. All members can search for partners by online status, newest, and music preferences (in addition to standard filters like gender, ethnicity, body type, etc.).

How Can Free Users Check If Someone Likes Them on Tastebuds?

This option does not require a premium membership. Free members on Tastebuds also can like profiles and view photos of other subscribers.

Making Contact With Other Music Fans

Tastebuds Contact With Other Music Fans

Tastebuds offers several efficient options to make contact and break the ice. The easiest way to show interest is to like someone on the site or commenting on his/her profile. Messaging on Tastebuds is gratis, but there are some restrictions. Premium members can enjoy a full set of messaging functions, including sending and reading IMs. Free daters cannot do this at full, but they can activate a Message bomb function to send IMs to eight people for free.

Another way to show interest in someone is presenting this person with a virtual flower. Tastebuds users have one more original feature to get in touch with others: they can send songs. This feature is a brilliant solution by the site creators because nothing reveals more about your music preferences than your favorite song.

What Is the Easiest Way to Start Messaging With Other Tastebuds Members?

The best way to make the first step and get in contact with someone on Tastebuds is liking his/her photo or sending a virtual gift.

How Can I Message Someone I Like?

As a premium subscriber, you should not worry about a lack of communication functions: you can text someone and read messages from other subscribers without any limits. If you are a free member, you can use the Message bomb to send instant messages to eight people from your match-list.

Is Sending Direct Messages Free or Not?

Technically, messaging on Tastebuds is free, but free members have some restrictions. As a gratis user, you can activate a Message bomb to get in touch with eight matches.

How Can I See Who Texted Me on Tastebuds?

You can see this information in the Inbox bar. It shows all received messages and members who send them.

Can I Connect Someone on Tastebuds Via Webcam?

Unfortunately, there is no video chat on the Tastebuds website, but you can reach someone via IMs, comments, or by sending a song.

How Can I Filter My Messages on Tastebuds?

You can filter messages by incoming, read/unread, and trashed. Users can block messages from particular daters if they do not want to get in touch with them.

Subscription Cost and Payment Methods

Tastebuds Cost and Payment Methods

All music lovers can register on the site for free or purchase a paid subscription known as a Backstage pass. It sounds original and corresponds to the website peculiarities, but what are the benefits of the Backstage pass to subscribers? One can find the answers below.

Free Membership Functions

Free daters on the Tastebuds website can enjoy these gratis functions:

  • Manual search for dates and mates;
  • Receive a list of prospective matches;
  • Participate in discussion threads;
  • View photos and send likes;
  • They can apply a Message bomb to contact other members.

A significant disadvantage of free membership is plenty of distracting advertisements that appear while using the app.

Backstage Pass Functions

Owners of a Backstage pass subscription have the following bonuses in addition to free functions:

  • Absence of ads;
  • No restrictions in messaging;
  • Incognito mode;
  • They can hide their online status.

The cost of the Backstage pass depends on its duration.

One-month Backstage pass cost


Three-month Backstage pass cost


Six-month Backstage pass cost


The price of the premium subscription on Tastebuds is lower than average. It is more beneficial to purchase a package for six months at once and get a discount of 50%. Payments are via PayPal and credit cards. The portal has no free trial period or a money-back guarantee.

Does Tastebuds Have a Premium Membership?

Tastebuds offers a premium membership called the Backstage pass. Its cost varies depending on its term.

How Can I Call Off My Tastebuds Membership?

You can call off your membership in the Account settings. Although, if you cancel your membership before its expiry date, you will still get premium bonuses until your Backstage pass package expires.

Do I Need to Renew My Tastebuds Membership Manually?

No, your Tastebuds membership auto-renews. The portal takes money from your account automatically unless you switch off the auto-renewal.

Can I Get a Refund If I Stop Using the Site Before My Subscription Expires?

The site does not guarantee a refund if users decide to cancel their membership before the expiry date.

Do My Donations to Tastebuds Auto-Renew Monthly?

User donations to Tastebuds usually automatically renew at the end of the expiry date.

Can I Get My Money Back If I Fail to Find Dates or Mates?

The platform does not have a money-back guarantee; although, the cost of the paid membership on Tastebuds is much lower than the average market price.

How Can I See My Donation to Tastebuds on My Credit Card Bill?

One can see a transaction in a monthly account statement. The name of the payee will be Tastebuds Media Ltd.

Can I Donate to Other Tastebuds Subscribers?

There is no option to donate to other Tastebuds members via the site. You can only do that in private communication. Although, dating experts recommend keeping credit card details private from other daters and beware of gold-diggers.

Can I Send Donate for Any Period?

You can donate for any term, but not via the Tastebuds website directly.

Safety Concerns: How to Indicate That Tastebuds Is Safe?

Tastebuds belongs to a legitimate media corporation and unites daters for more than ten years. The site creators (two musicians) claim that the portal is safe for use. They take some measures to make it safe.

Few Words About Privacy on Tastebuds

Tastebuds policy states that the site members can be sure that a single piece of personal and financial data will pass to unrelated parties. All music fans either need to pass email verification or sign up via Facebook to prove they are real people but not bots.

Do My Chats on Tastebuds Pass Encryption?

All chats on the Tastebuds website pass a standard SSL encryption that ensures the privacy of communication on different devices between several users.

Does Tastebuds Track What I Do on the Portal?

Tastebuds can track your actions on the portal solely to improve its operating algorithm.

Can Cyber Police Monitor My Actions on Tastebuds?

Tastebuds cannot guarantee that cyber police monitor the website, but members can be sure that Tastebuds never passes personal information to the police.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Concerns About My Privacy on Tastebuds?

You can appeal to customer support if you have any concerns about your safety and privacy on Tastebuds. You can text them on hello@tastebuds.fm.

Safety Tips for Daters

When people decide to register on a dating portal, they should realize that they can meet scammers and gold-diggers there. Thus, it is vital to follow safety measures to protect yourself from thieves. The fundamental lesson you should learn is never passing your credit card details to suspicious users. If you notice suspicious or illegal activity on the website, contact customer support immediately and notify them about it.

How Does Tastebuds Moderate Discussion Threads?

If you notice that someone from the site community posts illegal, offensive, or abusive content in the discussion threads, you need to report a case to customer support.

How Does Tastebuds Punish Members Who Solicit Money?

If someone tries to solicit money from you on the Tastebuds website, disclose this member to a customer support department, and they will ban his/her account (in case you give enough proof).

Banned Account: How to Reactivate It?

Tastebuds moderators ban accounts in two cases: if members violate the site policy or act abusively with other daters. There is a chance that they will reactivate your banned account if you provide proof of your innocence.

Why I Cannot Access My Tastebuds Account?

It may happen if moderators ban your account on Tastebuds when they think that you violated terms of use. You can contact the help center and ask why they ban your account.

How Long Can My Tastebuds Account Stay Banned?

It will stay banned until moderators check your case and find proof that you did not violate the site policy. As a rule, it takes several days, depending on how busy a moderating department is.

How Can I Reactivate My Banned Account Faster?

A moderating team will resolve your case faster if you provide enough proof of your innocence.

How to Protect Oneself From Scammers and Thieves?

A golden rule to protect yourself from scammers, gold-diggers, and thieves is to follow safety rules and not to get in touch with suspicious members. If some of the site community violates the rules, solicits money from you, or acts aggressively, contact customer support, and ask for assistance.

How Can I Block Suspected Scammers and Report Violation?

If you suspect a scammer or want to report rules violation, you need to appeal to the Tastebuds support center. If you need to block an annoying user, you can do it manually by selecting a corresponding option when clicking on his/her profile.

What Information Is Forbidden to Post in My Tastebuds Account?

Tastebuds forbids posting illegal, abusive, and explicit content. The same refers to illegal and nude images. The portal allows users to share their music by attaching links to their profile data.

Customer Support Department

Tastebuds customer support team is always helpful and able to assist with any trouble regarding the site. Tastebuds reviews written by its members make it clear that customer support representatives react quickly to all claims and try to respond to everyone. You can contact the help center via email or phone available on the website.

Real Life Revision: How the Site Protects Its Users?

Tastebuds Real Life Revision

Tastebuds applies several methods to protect its users from scammers and criminals. The first is email verification that allows separating real people from bots. The same refers to signing up via Facebook accounts. Second, an SSL encryption protects all chats on Tastebuds and ensures users’ privacy when they text with other members. Third, members should feel free to contact customer support if someone violates their privacy, threatens, or solicits money from them.

Is Tastebuds the Leading Dating Portal for Music Lovers?

Tastebuds offers a variety of original functions that will make all music fans fall in love with the platform. Members can share their favorite music, discuss famous artists, and search for partners in their vicinity.

Is Tastebuds Efficient for Finding Hookups?

The portal is not suitable for people who hunt for casual hookups. It is a reputable platform for men and women who connect through their love for music.

Is Tastebuds Gratis for Daters?

Daters can register on the Tastebuds website for free, but if they want to enjoy premium privileges, they need to purchase the Backstage pass.

How Good Is Tastebuds for Matchmaking?

The portal offers various search filters to guarantee that members will connect with the best matches in their neighborhood. The site is LGBT-friendly and welcomes people of all orientations.

Are There Scam Accounts on Tastebuds?

Like most of the matchmaking platforms, Tastebuds has a certain number of scam accounts, though their amount is not critically huge.

Tastebuds Alternative Websites and Apps

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Contact Details

Company: TasteBuds Media Ltd.

Address: 33 Inkerman Road, Kentish Town, London, UK

Phone: +44 7770 892146

E-Mail: hello@tastebuds.fm

Final Impression: How to Find Partners Through Music?

Tastebuds review shows that it is possible to find mates and dates through music. The website is suitable for artist men and women who cannot imagine their life without music and want to share their favorite songs with like-minded singles. Even though the portal cannot boast of its vast user base worldwide (about 600,000 users), its members are super active, creative, and friendly. If you fail to find your lovebird on Tastebuds, you can make new friends through similar music preferences.

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